Misadventure of Bharat Keshar and Heroic Policing of Timilsina

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Abhushan Timilsina Arresting Bharat Keshar Singh

Isn’t this a historical photo? YES. This is what is called democracy perhaps. Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina drags a brat royal honorary ADC (on June 20) who thought he could do anything he wished on the streets of Kathmandu. This was very much needed to tame these raja sahebs.Pic by Narendra Shrestha via Kantipur

Quote of the Year

“If you can handcuff a person who has become the prime minister of this country twice, why can’t you do the same to [people like] Bharat Keshar? The situation wasn’t such that police could disperse the crowd by charging lathis and firing shots. If we had done so, 15-20 people would have been killed and Hotal Malla would have been burnt to ashes.”

Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina

This country needs brave and bold police officers like Abhushan Timilsina who brilliantly decided to implement the law without keeping in mind the culprits haisiyet and background. Under pressure from the fading royalist power, big heads of police force summoned Timilsina and interrogated as to why he didn’t reach the venue on time and couldn’t control the situation. Valley DIG Deepak Thangden and Kathmandu Police Office SP Dhak Bahadur Karki interrogated Inspector Timilsina on June 21. Timilsina said that he handcuffed Bharat Keshar Singh and his sons [former Majors of Nepal Army Ajay and Ananta] as they were trying to destabilize peace in the society by taking law into their own hands.

We have seen pictures of Queen Komal visiting a hospital where Bharat Keshar was being treated. We are yet to see the same Queen visiting Aang Dawa Sherpa.

[Bharat Keshar and company have alleged that the bike first hit the car and as they were trying to make their point the Aang Dawa Sherpa smashed the windscreen with his helmet. After the incident, they say, they went to Malla Hotel to take refuge as per the suggestion of a traffic police on duty. They say that they contacted the police from inside the hotel but the police reached only three hours later. They also allege that the crowd burnt their car in the presence of police.]

Finally, Bharat Keshar Singh and his gang has realized the mistake and apologized to Aang Dawa Sherpa. Both sides reached an agreement on Sunday (June 25) in the offices of Kathmandu Police Chief Dhak Bahadur Karki. Singh’s side paid compensation of Rs.. 5 thousands to Sherpa and promised to cover all expenses needed for the maintainance of the bike. Singh’s two sons- second Avaya and youngest Ananta- who were involved in the attack signed the agreement paper. Singh’s first son Amar, a lawyer for the family and tow relatives of Sherpa were present in the Police office. Bharat Keshar didn’t appear as he was reportedely undergoing treatment in Birendra Sainik Hospital. Ananta’s wife who provoked the men to beat Sherpa was also not present. Both the brothers said sorry and shaked hands with Sherpa. “They realized their mistake and said sorry,” Sherpa said. “That’s the important thing.”

students protesting against bharat keshar misbehaving

We can imagine that Bharat Keshar and company didn’t apoligize out of respect to Sherpa. Peoples’ pressure worked. Students protested against Bharat Keshar and his sons’ misbehaving. Pic by Prakash Mathema via Kantipur

What Happended That Day

By Aang Dawa Sherpa

Aang Dawa Sherpa
Aang Dawa Sherpa Pic by Bikash Karki

It was 5:30 in the evening of Tuesday (June 20). I was returning to my room in Jorpati with my uncle’s son Gyaljen from my office in Durbarmarg (King’s Way). There was traffic jam in Lainchaur. A car was behind my motorcycle. That car’s tire went from above my leg. I requested the driver to drive properly. Two people got off the car and started beating me saying, “Don’t you recognize us?” Seconds later, a grey- haired old man got off the car and starting beating me. A woman also came out of the car, pushed me away and scolded me. I didn’t understand what she was saying but she was the one who provoked the men to intensify the action against me. I fell on the road because of their beating. Gyaljen, my brother, helped me get up. Two men who beat me in the beginning dragged my bike up to the [Malla] hotel.

Gyaljen took me toward Thamel. They continued beating me until I we reached Thamel. I was soaked in blood. We reached at Nima Restaurant located between Saraswati Campus and Amrit Science College. I was too weak because of beating. Body and head were swollen. After keeping me for a few minutes in the restaurant, Gyaljen took me to Manamohan Memorial Hospital in Sorakhutte.

I don’t know what happened afterwards in the location where the incident took place. I knew about the identity of people after reading newspapers. It was reported that those people were ‘big heads’ Bharat Keshar Singh, his sons and daughter-in-laws. I didn’t recognize them. [Ultra royalist and Hindu fundamentalist Singh is the honorary ADC to King Gyanendra and president of World Hindu Federation. His two sons Ananta and Ajay are former Majors of (Royal) Nepal Army.]

I also didn’t know that students beat them later but I remember shopkeepers were mutely watching as they were beating me. The crowd might have gathered because the woman from the car was screaming in loud voice. Students might have reached there after hearing the noise. But we couldn’t even ask for help.

I suffered serious injuries and now in the process of recovering. There are wounds on head, neck and eyes. I feel dizzy frequently. I feel pain on part above neck while breathing. I feel pain even if I touch my head.

Aang Dawa Sherpa
Sherpa with his wife

I was riding 250 CC XR Honda that costs Rs. 475 thousands. They destroyed the bike which is useless now. My brother has taken that to a workshop in Chhetrapati for maintenance. It is not safe for me to ride the same bike again because those who beat me can recognize it very easily. How can I feel that these people will spare me who pulled strings and forced the Police to take action against Abhushan Timilsina, the inspector at Durbarmarg Police Office?

My house is in Harisebachle-9, Khotang district. I am working as a trekking and climbing guide and trainer for Himalayan Adventura in Durbarmarg. I live in Jorpati with my family (a three-year-old daughter, a one-year-old son and a wife). I filed complain at Shorakhutte Police Office giving details of what happened on that day. Police has been pressuring me to reach an agreement with those who beat me. I don’t want to compromise. I want security of my life and properties. If anything happens to me and my family, those who attacked me should be held responsible.

As told me Jitendra Sah on June 22.





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  1. ck2 Avatar

    A lot of allegation of royalist. Let me clear my deck – I want the King/Queen to serve as ceremonial monarch. I suspect the party I intend to support, the Congress will do the same. If not then what is the difference between the Congress and the UML? UML with their republic agenda will lose out to the maoists. This is a political battle, and having a King in a ceremonial role will not effect democracy after the CA. A monarch without power is not a threat to the parties,it is an obstacle however to the maoists who want a totalitarian state.

    My main reason for this choice are mainly political, as I feel Congress with this stance have a good chance to garner votes as opposed to a republic slogan, where they will lose out to the communists big time. My secondary reason, is that it is a shame that Prithvi Narayan Shah who is the father of Nepal will not be represented in any form. Historically, we have always been a cluster of kingdoms, but with Prthvi Narayan Shah we have been united under one nation. If there is no remnant of his achievements then why stop at a republic of Nepal, we should put our stupid egos aside and just join up with India who already has a Federal set up. After all the main issue should be how to look after the people within the geographical boundary called Nepal better.

    The smartest way is to join our neighbour. This will atleast ensure investment and jobs and thereby a better life for people within this gewographical boundary called Nepal. I call it a geographical boundary called Nepal, because if we wipe out the fact that Prithvi Narayan Shah formed this country, then we are a new sort of entity, there is not much “Nepal” about it. And maybe we should then decide whether we go for prosperity for the people or still delve in power politics and insurgencies. The other option is also the autonomous regions, which could mean ending up with separate countries.

    But again, would this benefit the people economically? Pride is useless if you cannot feed your people and give themn something to be proud about, and with the advent of globalisation and the rise in populations the old ways of geographical boundaries and separate nations could be dissappearing. After all if you want real equality, then all the people of the world should be viewed equally. There are too many people and resources are getting scarcer, it is time humans worked together to meet this challenge.

  2. royalist Avatar

    Limbu and Kirat,

    What do you mean by a royalist? Please enlighten us and tick one of the following:

    a. A person who thinks the King should rule directly as is his right. Examples of people like this could be Bharat Kesar.

    b. A person who thinks that the King should have a part in how this country and it’s people are governed (eg. King of Thailand).
    Examples of people like this could be RPP (Thapa) fanction types.

    c. A person who thinks the King should be constitutional (eg. Queen of England). Examples of people like this could be RPP (Rana) fanction type of people.

    d. A person who thinks the King should be constitutional in a purely ceremonial way (eg. social and cultural functions only). Examples of people like this could be GP Koirala and company.

    e. All of the above.

    Please do answer, then we will know where you stand and how you view the term “royalist”, and whether it applies to the people you accuse of being royalist, and whether your accusations are specific or whether you are die hard republican, maoist, or just hate the King. Basically it will let us know whether it is objective or subjective, same goes for everyone else.

  3. Bideshi Avatar

    I am accused of being a royalist because I know somebody has to be in charge or there will only be continuous chaos. Frankly, Nepal is too corrupt for a CA to succeed. We need a Mussharef or a Tito to straighten out this hopeless mess. There, I’ve said it.

  4. diehard Avatar

    I would like to clarify- just by labeling Royalist is not gonna fly or box or shame anyone of us. Personally speaking, I believe in constitutional Monarchy as a head of state with full multiparty system in place. KG did repeatedly reiterate that, given circumstance now, I am willing to give benefit of doubt to him than to SPA or Maoist. This should not be implied or construed as support for direct rule by the King in anyway or form.

    As a nation that is in lower rung of economic and social order, we must resist the temptation of radicalism in all sector. The change which is being thrust upon us in not natural, it is by design of foreign powers and few elements who are blinded by power and sense of righteousness that borders on insane. We have lost the pride of nationalism, have without even feeble protest accepted the highhandedness of foreign envoys and MPs (India) to chart our future. Pranchanda can speak of rape by RNA but why are we so quite when others are raping our motherland in the name of their national and economic interest by funding activities that undermine our basic nationhood.

    We are getting expert at snipping at each other on petty issues such as Ranas and Shahs and Karats and Limbu whereas our destiny is dictated by powers that be in foreign country and shores with henchmen who call themselves democrats but do not waste time in calling themselves supreme and above the law.

    Sorry for this long mumbo jumbo but this what I feel. And yes, I am a Royalist that believes in Rule of Law, Constitutional Monarchy, with Equal opportunity for all, individual rights, freedom and pursuit of happiness. Long Live Nepal

  5. Kirat Avatar

    In the Nepali context a Royalist is someone who supports KG and his family and the Rana/Shah cliche.

    Someone who supports a ceremonial/constitutional monarch is not a Royalists.

    Royalists are the self centred leeches/vampires/parasites whose only aim is to further their own cause at the expenses of the general/common Nepali people.They only care about people who come from their own little circle and give a damn about the suffering of the rest of the Nepali people. Though I detest the Maoists, the Royalists with their self serving policies and attitudes had it coming with the rise of the Maoists. I blame the Royalists for creating the Maoists.

  6. Kirat Avatar

    I am sorry you guys find it hard to accept the truth. The truth is Nepal is one of the most miserable, poorest countries in the world. During this sad decline who has been in charge of Nepal? Ranas/Shahs and Brahmins. Don’t excuse your sorry as$es by blaming India or other foreign countries. The least you can do is gracefully accept that you guys totally mismanaged this country when you were in charge. You guys are still in charge and still have the opportunity to correct the mistakes-but if you don’t learn from them how will you know what the right thing to do is?

  7. diehard Avatar

    You seem to regress to a point where common sense and rationality seem to have taken flight from your tunnel vision mind. You make points that has no validity or rhyme or reason. Only that you are achieving is to incite sectarian smoke if that is not controlled then hell will break loose. So learn to think before you casually mention and accuse. The way I read you- you ain’t nothing but a hound dog.

  8. diehard Avatar

    Above was for Kirat- a self styled demogoge with a tendency of Kalidas.

  9. Kirat Avatar

    diehard-your idiocy is amazing. You don’t even have the grace to accept the truth do you? As for Kalidas look at the state you Royalists are in right now. Whose doing? No one’s but your own.

  10. diehard Avatar

    I am from land of Amazing Grace. Damn right, I accept the truth as it is and not cloud it with righteousness which you liberally utilize to further set agenda which will not stand the test of time or logic for that matter. Do you think this effects only the Royalist, my, my are you in camouflage already or you think your aimless and mindless banter against army with accusation of “royalist and worse than Maoist..” gonna get you your saving grace. Lets not act a fool even if you are.

  11. Kirat Avatar

    well diehard you talk about Kalidas, look at the picture of your uncle Bharat Keshar in handcuffs and think about Kalidas. How the mighty have fallen!

  12. diehard Avatar

    you are a dimwitted, its confirmed.

  13. Kirat Avatar

    diehard, I feel sorry for you. I realise it’s useless arguing with someone who has the IQ of a common housefly. In the final analysis you’re just a pest. End of discussion.

  14. royalist Avatar

    Fine but without people styating their purpose, it is easy to label others. So you should also answer the following question, what sort of set up are you for:

    1. democratic republic.

    2. ceremonial monarchy with multi party democracy.

    3. constitutional monarchy.

    4. maoism.

    Or any of the combinations….

  15. royalist Avatar


    I have to add that I notice that you seem to detest KG. KG never had the love of his people, therefore he took these last ditch methods. However, when King Birendra was alive he had more influence and power than KG ever had. So was King Birendra alright and would he have your approval if alive?
    Really bloggers, there are too many accusations thrown around, and it is better of everyone knows everyone else’s politics, so we know exactly where people are coming from as per their political views. With the amount of venom on these pages I doubt there are many who are neutral, everyone seems to be a politician.

  16. scoop Avatar


    Actually, politically the Ranas were autocrats that’s a given (similar to many regimes all over the world, politics of the day), but if you talk economics, at the end of the Rana regime, where most of the nations of the world were termed developing countries (including todays developed and strong economies like Japan and South Korea) Nepal was also, like the overwhelming majority a developing nation, but we were not one of the poorest develoing nations like we are today. If you can believe it we were better off than the tiger economies. Infact an important statistic taken during the last days of the Rana regime and the beginning of the new regime which reflects relative prosperity shows that we were one of the few food grain exporters in the world. Grain export exist only if there is excess grain in the country and therefore the excess is exported for income. If you also ask people from the villages from those days, they will tell you that yes the Ranas were autocratric politically, but economically they felt better off. So I would be better informed before making sweeping generalisations.

  17. Kirat Avatar

    royalist, I used to be for a constitutional monarch but after KGs misadventures and with his son next in line I go for a democratic republic.

  18. Kirat Avatar

    King Birendra in my opinion was a better king than the KG. He wasn’t a saint though and hardly did anything of substance for his country. It’s what he did not do that we appreciate him for-which shows he had some respect for the wishes of the Nepali people. Overall King Birendra was not alright for me-because when the Maoists were rising up militarily it was his refusal to let the army be involved that gave the Maoists the breathing space they needed. Remember Holleri? For a king to play with his country’s future like that, was for me, totally unacceptable.

  19. Kirat Avatar

    scoop, fyi I used to be a banker and used to attend these seminars on Nepal’s economy. Sure if you look at the economic data for 1960 you will find we were richer or equal as a country in comparison with the Koreans or Thais. But how equal was the wealth distribution? Very skewered in favour of the ruling elite (you must interpret data properly and not just to push your point of view). Then look at the economic data for Nepal, South Korea and Thailand for 1980 and 1990(just before democracy). They left us way, way behind. Who was in charge of Nepal during this time? Got the point?

  20. royalist Avatar


    Interesting. You have written:
    “royalist, I used to be for a constitutional monarch but after KGs misadventures and with his son next in line I go for a democratic republic.”
    But wait,
    Are you the same Kirat who had written somewhere above:
    ” D What do you mean you are for a democratic republic if the present King and son remain? Do you mean you don’t like this King and Crown Prince and would rather see a democratic republic? That would mean if there was another King and Crown Prince you would otherwise be happy. Strange.”

    This is really strange.

  21. scoop Avatar


    Got your point. But the situation as you correctly said, is the same today where the distribution is still similar, except we are much poorer today as a nation. I am not defending the post 1950 economic policies. I was just trying to say that the Rana bashing is way out of context. In 1923 the Ranas signed a treaty with the British recognising Nepal as a fully sovereign nation, before that all sorts of people were laying claim to us. It is a real catch 22. Unfortunately, it is the Rana time isolation which maintained the severeignity of Nepal. In hind sight now in the 21st century one could say, maybe it would have been better if we were colonised as well. But this is hind sight. What really should have happened is that the democratic government from 1950 should have put us in the correct path to prosperity like many, many nations in the world embracing democracy in this same period. In terms of world history,(we have to put it in the right time frame, people here criticise thinking that it just happened yesterday), the Rana regime was the norm and the end of the regime was also the norm, the question that should be asked is what went wrong for us while others flourished after the end of colonisation and dictatorships?

  22. Kirat Avatar

    Royalist-Nothing strange there-me thinks. It just shows that I have completely given up on Nepal’s royal family now. Even before when King Birendra was around I was not too happy with the little politics he was indulging in that is the reason for my question to D. Would D have called for a democratic republic if King Birendra was around? I for one would not be happy with any king now-they are all shiite. At least the Nepali ones (royals I adore-Queen of England, King of Thailand and most of all King of Spain.)

  23. diehard Avatar


    You seem to be expert in Reform and Economic Analysis just by attending seminars. You speak of being a banker but you fail to pin point economic fundamentals that come in play- by generalizing or propaganda anything can be made to suit your view point, that is what you are doing.

    If you want to talk economics then just do not state a vague statement such as “economic data of 1960,” or “Then look at the economic data for Nepal, South Korea and Thailand for 1980 and 1990(just before democracy).” State the data and state the fact,Kirat, not just mention. We are quite educated to read and understand economics.

    You speak of skew in wealth distribution but fail to understand the reason for it. You compare Thailand and S. Korea but fail to see physical and economical constraint of Nepal being landlocked compounded with omnipresence of India which has till date not given free access to sea as mandated by UN.

    As I have state before your arguments are superficial without much depth as expected of a banker or bank’s teller. You argue for argument sake, you posses nor the skill or the intellect other than make yourself dimwitted. Its pathetic.

  24. Kirat Avatar

    scoop, well hopefully the few Ranas/Shahs who are still holding onto power via the military and palace realise the time has come for them to give up on their old ways. I am bashing those who still can’t get over the past and act as if it is their birthright to lord it over others. If they want to contribute towards the development of this country they are free to do so via democratic means.

  25. Sansar Avatar


    You demonstarte a true Nepali character- you envy other Royals but look down upon homegrown Royals, a tad of inferiority complex. I guess this is the way things are in Nepal- we seek asipration from others but fail to see and have pride in ourselves and our capacity. No wonder likes of Yechuri can mould and speak for us.

    I guess if Queen of England offers her services to people like Kirat then it is well and good- see we have not yet lost that Gora worshipping. I call this national calamity and self destructive mode. We think we have taken step forward but in true sense its 2 steps back.

  26. royalist Avatar

    I only said strange, because you have criticised this person for exactly what you support. You have made it clear that it is this King and his son who you have a major problem with, and now to say I would do the same if King B was around, is just the advantage of the situation. I think this D had called it that you would say that anyway.
    I guess we can call you someone who supports royalty if they behave themselves. Some would call you a NRN royalist I suppose.

  27. royalist Avatar


    By the way under which King were you for a constitutional monarch, like you have stated? Not under this one for sure and you have said not under King B either. So under which one were you for it as endorsed by:
    “royalist, I used to be for a constitutional monarch but after KGs misadventures and with his son next in line I go for a democratic republic.”

  28. Kirat Avatar

    royalist-a supporter of a constitutional/ceremonial monarch in my view is not a royalist. I used to support the ideal of a constitutional monarch because I thought it would bring some sort of stability in it’s continuity. I don’t want a banana republic here like they used to have in South America with countless coups and counter coups. But I have realised lately that the royal family here in Nepal and those who support the royal family here are actually one of the reasons of political instability in Nepal. They just don’t seem to be capable of taking the right decisions in the interests of the country or simply don’t care as long as they benefit.I have now given up on the idea that our royals can ever behave themselves.

  29. Kirat Avatar

    royalist-not under any particular king. It was a political ideology that I thought was good for Nepal. I guess at that time I had not understood how deep the rot had set in.

  30. scoop Avatar

    The only Shahs left in the palace is the royal family and the constitution can keep their hands tied and the only Rana left in the palace is the Queen, and I don’t think she is anything more than a housewife. In the army there are very few like you correctly stated. I don’t think you have gotten over history that ocurred over 66 years ago, and talk as if these “blood sucking” Ranas are everywhere. It is up to all the Nepali people now to do right, as we are in the 21st century, the century of democracy and not in the era of colonies and dictatorships. The onus is on us all. The witch hunting should end here, as it is really past it’s sell by date.
    As for the bull dogs, the ones you see as the ones sticking onto the past, there are too few my dear friend, so let’s not give them unnessecary attention because they really have no power to speak of, but if media focus on these people they are given the attention they do not deserve.
    The onus is on us now, take it.

  31. royalist Avatar


    Good, now we are clarified on your stance. Knowledge is beautiful is’nt it? All of us can learn and change our views as per the situation. What will tomorrow bring?

  32. diehard Avatar

    Man, Kirat, you are one of those who sit in a fence and act like backseat driver. You are one hell of a Confused dude. You counter your own statement without even knowing it. And its you that lack the decisiveness & capability to make right assessment or read the actual ground reality.

    You’re ambiguous, middle of the road, nor here or there dude with penchant for malicious and fallacious comments and remarks with ego topped with irrationality and vindictiveness.

  33. Kirat Avatar

    I am glad of my decision not to respond to idiots like Sansar and diehard.

  34. Kirat Avatar

    Royalist-Most of all I hope tomorrow brings peace and prosperity for the Nepali people. Did I tell you that I actually supported KG’s takeover in Feb 2005? How misplaced my faith was! The Maoists worry me too.

  35. royalist Avatar


    So did I Kirat, so did I. But I did’nt tell you my stance although one will assume given my alias that it is too obvious. But I, unlike you still believe that the institution of monarchy can be a hugely stabilising force, and am not willing to abandon it yet at the first sign of trouble. Therefore my ideal would be a democratic government with a constitutional (you can call it ceremonial if you wish) monarchy, but I would really like to see either King B’s granddaughter or if that is not possible King G’s grandson on the throne ASAP, then they should be educated by independent educators so they understand democracy and their people. They can begin early so that they understand what is expected of them. I think given the right direction they will be something we could be proud of not unlike the Thai or British monarch. Proper education is not only for the people, I think it is more important for our leaders and kings/queens, I am sure you will agree.

  36. fanta Avatar


    The trick of the political parties in Nepal is to blame others for ones own fault. Today they blame everything to the king but tomorrow they start to blame their own joining hand maoist for everything. Yes king did the mistake by taking power in hand in the 21st century. But again my question is who had created the environment to take that power? Who is creating the environment to take the power by maoist soon. It is very transparent to us. Even today if you closely monitor the situation, the parties are making the environment to give the total power to the maoist (whatever the system). They are passing the bills in favour of maoist (sole) instead of themselves. They are psychological weakening their own security forces although which is already in their hand.

    If it continues you will see more coups even in the abscence of the constitutional or ceremonial king. Until and unless political leaders will determine for something with honesty, the whole exercise will be futile and which cannot lead the country toward one direction. This is just a suggestions not the comments….try to take it that way..

  37. diehard Avatar


    Your misplaced faith and worry about Maoist is the crux. You speak not knowing, you make analysis without proper understanding, you state your views and then cut it in your next comment. See the sequence.

    Everyone is seeking Peace, development and prosperity, the only difference is in how to get it. I, for one, vehemently oppose Maoist logic and their action. So to counter that I support RNA, no matter their deficiencies or incompetence as you have repeatedly reiterated. As of now, if RNA was not around and if they had their way they would have manhandled army to a point where Maoist would totally taken over- I do not doubt this.

    Now the question of SPA and KG- the logical step would have been meeting point between them. But unholy alliance was preferred by the SPA at the behest of people like Yechuri and India, and the way I see it, it was by design. The turmoil we are in is a setup which benefits others. Indian media have started to trumpet- Pakistani infiltrators coming from Nepal to Kashmir and an article like “Nepal should merge with India,” so in the near future, the disarray in Nepal will be a pretext for anything.

    All I see is Nepal being carved out like a Turkey in thanksgiving day, piece by piece by religion, ethnicity, class, creed and caste. Is it right? Can we sit by and watch nation disintegrate, watch lines being drawn in class struggle, and hatred spewed by highlighting the past and history. Are we that stupid not to see the whole picture. Basically, we are acting as dogs who have been given a bone. Contentious, fracturious, and venomous by talking about past dirty laundry. If we fail to be inclusive as citizen of this country, by inclusive meaning being able to accomodate all, there is a danger that civil war like the ones in East Timor, Somalia and Iraq will befall us here in Nepal. This is my deep concern and worry.

  38. Kirat Avatar

    royalist-that is real wishful thinking. Do you know what you are saying? You are somehow hoping that KG and his son will give the thrown in favour of KGs grandson or King B’s grandson. Now is that farfetched or what!

  39. Kirat Avatar

    typo read throne and King B’s granddaughter.

  40. royalist Avatar


    I know it is wishful thinking. But just 4 months ago did you think that maoists would have set up office in the capital? Just one and a half years back did you think you would be a republican?

  41. Bideshi Avatar

    I am accused of being a royalist because I know somebody has to be in charge or there will only be continuous chaos. Frankly, Nepal is too corrupt for a CA to succeed. We need a Mussharef or a Tito to straighten out this hopeless mess. There, I’ve said it.

  42. Gaurav Avatar

    I was probably the staunchest royalist, in part because i am still a staunch royalist. But really the days of the kings are over, its time to self govern. If there is room for King Gyanendra to coexist then its alright but the people via the parliament get to choose the next in line so that we can pinch out Paras from the picture. Remember mother and motherland before heaven, that means King Gyanendra does not even come in the priority list. No place for maoists unless they totally integrate to mainstream politics and the current democratic foces reform themselves. Things will not happen in a day or two, give it time but increase transperency. I prefer a 10 year plan of slow victory, to a one day plan of instant glory.

  43. manan Avatar

    Even an idiot can figure out that the main reason Nepal’s in this state is because of a hundred years of Rana-imposed hermetic isolation. And then 30 further years of Shah imposed isolation.

    Of course, the Brahmins should take their share of blame too, but compared to what the Ranas did to the country, Brahmins seem like saints.

    That said, we cannot keep blaming Ranas for everything. Just because they wanted Nepal to be a basket case and their private property for the next two hundred years doesn’t mean that we must follow their script.

  44. scoop Avatar


    You must be a 100% Upadhyay Brahmin. “Brahmins are saints in front of Ranas”, what a holy cow of a laugh.
    As I had pointed out before, the Rana isolation was a trade off for our sovereignity, anyone will tell you that. The 1923 treaty ensured our sovereignity. On hindsight it is easy to say well this and that should have happened. Some will even say that the British should have colonised us as it would been better for us today, but tell that to the people in 1923!!!!Brahmins were bad buggers 200 years ago and they are still bad ass buggers today. Everyone else has progressed, but Brahmins and Brahminisation is ever present and has been for the last three centuries! Saints my a..

  45. fanta Avatar

    Yes, chance of the king for getting power is almost impossible due to janaandolan-2. But it is already confirmed that supremo of the supreme parliament bowing the head toward Prachanda. Prachanda is superman of Nepal. The supreme parliament is being nothing but fax reader of the maoist agenda and spokeperson.

  46. diehard Avatar

    Most of the bloggers here have not gone through the actual history of Nepal other than what they have read in their school books – so it is all flawed assumptions and accusations. Habit of skimming the surface is the calamity of Nepalese and it is quite evident all around.

  47. Kirat Avatar

    All I can say to you royalists is-evolve or die. All the developed and developing countries that still have royals, the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Thailand and embarassingly enough even Bhutan -learn from those royal families. There are enough role models to learn from.

  48. the burningman Avatar

    Kirat, the point of all those constitutional monarchies like the UK, etc., is that the people are NOT sovereign, the state is. It is why each of them has the pretense of democracy but not the reality.

    It is why the vast majority of UK citizens want out of the Iraq war, but the state goes on ignoring their wishes to seize the oil for British Petroleum and company.

    If the people are sovereign, and there is true democracy, then the “king” is more a tumor than a vestige — a sign of arbitrary power in the state, and arbitrary privilege among the people.

    No more kings. No masters on high.

    It’s time to stop fearing the power of the people. Try to put it back in a bottle and there will be more conflict, not less.

  49. guman Buckley Avatar
    guman Buckley

    Abhusan timilsina a pussy police officer who felt scared of the crowd and caught the old man and his family instead of catching the culprit. These kind of police officers are bad name to nepal police. I hope justice happens and the truth is revealed.Jai Nepal

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