Misadventure of Bharat Keshar and Heroic Policing of Timilsina

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Abhushan Timilsina Arresting Bharat Keshar Singh

Isn’t this a historical photo? YES. This is what is called democracy perhaps. Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina drags a brat royal honorary ADC (on June 20) who thought he could do anything he wished on the streets of Kathmandu. This was very much needed to tame these raja sahebs.Pic by Narendra Shrestha via Kantipur

Quote of the Year

“If you can handcuff a person who has become the prime minister of this country twice, why can’t you do the same to [people like] Bharat Keshar? The situation wasn’t such that police could disperse the crowd by charging lathis and firing shots. If we had done so, 15-20 people would have been killed and Hotal Malla would have been burnt to ashes.”

Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina

This country needs brave and bold police officers like Abhushan Timilsina who brilliantly decided to implement the law without keeping in mind the culprits haisiyet and background. Under pressure from the fading royalist power, big heads of police force summoned Timilsina and interrogated as to why he didn’t reach the venue on time and couldn’t control the situation. Valley DIG Deepak Thangden and Kathmandu Police Office SP Dhak Bahadur Karki interrogated Inspector Timilsina on June 21. Timilsina said that he handcuffed Bharat Keshar Singh and his sons [former Majors of Nepal Army Ajay and Ananta] as they were trying to destabilize peace in the society by taking law into their own hands.

We have seen pictures of Queen Komal visiting a hospital where Bharat Keshar was being treated. We are yet to see the same Queen visiting Aang Dawa Sherpa.

[Bharat Keshar and company have alleged that the bike first hit the car and as they were trying to make their point the Aang Dawa Sherpa smashed the windscreen with his helmet. After the incident, they say, they went to Malla Hotel to take refuge as per the suggestion of a traffic police on duty. They say that they contacted the police from inside the hotel but the police reached only three hours later. They also allege that the crowd burnt their car in the presence of police.]

Finally, Bharat Keshar Singh and his gang has realized the mistake and apologized to Aang Dawa Sherpa. Both sides reached an agreement on Sunday (June 25) in the offices of Kathmandu Police Chief Dhak Bahadur Karki. Singh’s side paid compensation of Rs.. 5 thousands to Sherpa and promised to cover all expenses needed for the maintainance of the bike. Singh’s two sons- second Avaya and youngest Ananta- who were involved in the attack signed the agreement paper. Singh’s first son Amar, a lawyer for the family and tow relatives of Sherpa were present in the Police office. Bharat Keshar didn’t appear as he was reportedely undergoing treatment in Birendra Sainik Hospital. Ananta’s wife who provoked the men to beat Sherpa was also not present. Both the brothers said sorry and shaked hands with Sherpa. “They realized their mistake and said sorry,” Sherpa said. “That’s the important thing.”

students protesting against bharat keshar misbehaving

We can imagine that Bharat Keshar and company didn’t apoligize out of respect to Sherpa. Peoples’ pressure worked. Students protested against Bharat Keshar and his sons’ misbehaving. Pic by Prakash Mathema via Kantipur

What Happended That Day

By Aang Dawa Sherpa

Aang Dawa Sherpa
Aang Dawa Sherpa Pic by Bikash Karki

It was 5:30 in the evening of Tuesday (June 20). I was returning to my room in Jorpati with my uncle’s son Gyaljen from my office in Durbarmarg (King’s Way). There was traffic jam in Lainchaur. A car was behind my motorcycle. That car’s tire went from above my leg. I requested the driver to drive properly. Two people got off the car and started beating me saying, “Don’t you recognize us?” Seconds later, a grey- haired old man got off the car and starting beating me. A woman also came out of the car, pushed me away and scolded me. I didn’t understand what she was saying but she was the one who provoked the men to intensify the action against me. I fell on the road because of their beating. Gyaljen, my brother, helped me get up. Two men who beat me in the beginning dragged my bike up to the [Malla] hotel.

Gyaljen took me toward Thamel. They continued beating me until I we reached Thamel. I was soaked in blood. We reached at Nima Restaurant located between Saraswati Campus and Amrit Science College. I was too weak because of beating. Body and head were swollen. After keeping me for a few minutes in the restaurant, Gyaljen took me to Manamohan Memorial Hospital in Sorakhutte.

I don’t know what happened afterwards in the location where the incident took place. I knew about the identity of people after reading newspapers. It was reported that those people were ‘big heads’ Bharat Keshar Singh, his sons and daughter-in-laws. I didn’t recognize them. [Ultra royalist and Hindu fundamentalist Singh is the honorary ADC to King Gyanendra and president of World Hindu Federation. His two sons Ananta and Ajay are former Majors of (Royal) Nepal Army.]

I also didn’t know that students beat them later but I remember shopkeepers were mutely watching as they were beating me. The crowd might have gathered because the woman from the car was screaming in loud voice. Students might have reached there after hearing the noise. But we couldn’t even ask for help.

I suffered serious injuries and now in the process of recovering. There are wounds on head, neck and eyes. I feel dizzy frequently. I feel pain on part above neck while breathing. I feel pain even if I touch my head.

Aang Dawa Sherpa
Sherpa with his wife

I was riding 250 CC XR Honda that costs Rs. 475 thousands. They destroyed the bike which is useless now. My brother has taken that to a workshop in Chhetrapati for maintenance. It is not safe for me to ride the same bike again because those who beat me can recognize it very easily. How can I feel that these people will spare me who pulled strings and forced the Police to take action against Abhushan Timilsina, the inspector at Durbarmarg Police Office?

My house is in Harisebachle-9, Khotang district. I am working as a trekking and climbing guide and trainer for Himalayan Adventura in Durbarmarg. I live in Jorpati with my family (a three-year-old daughter, a one-year-old son and a wife). I filed complain at Shorakhutte Police Office giving details of what happened on that day. Police has been pressuring me to reach an agreement with those who beat me. I don’t want to compromise. I want security of my life and properties. If anything happens to me and my family, those who attacked me should be held responsible.

As told me Jitendra Sah on June 22.

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149 thoughts on “Misadventure of Bharat Keshar and Heroic Policing of Timilsina

  1. No one,whoever he/she maybe,who doesnt abide by law must not be spared.

    If the person who plays with the social security and disrupts the law is PM itself,then he shouldnt be spared too.Its what should happen in a real democracy.

    Then who the hel is Bharat Keshar ??No way to spare him.

    I totally respect Sherpa’s feeling.

    Persons like Timilsina deserve salute.We need more bravemen like him.

  2. Talk about rubbish reporting. I think Inspector Timilsina did the correct thing to calm the situation as much as possible. But unlike what this post tries to instigate, he did not do it to get at Bharat Simha or fight for democracy or any of that altruistic crap that this blog tries it’s best to imply. He simply did it by using his commen sense – to get the situation under control. Clever cop. Uwb should stop all this clap trap, instead of reporting on the 19 year old guy executed by the maoists you rather follow news of angry mobs trying to kill an old man and burn down hotels, if this is the democracy you want, please keep it to yourself!

  3. Atleast they apologized, pressure or no pressure. You don’t get apoloigies from corrupt politicians and murderers these days no matter how much pressure.

  4. What happened that day?

    Bharat Kesar and co. live in that area and were returning from a function at the British Embassy. The mob have been planning an attack on the old fogey for some time. They new that he was headed to the BE and put their action in play. The motorcyclist purposely banged their vehicle not once but twice, this instigated the 2 lads, the pillion rider ran to the mob waiting at Ascol, and they came to finish their plan. Executed perfectly.
    Too much time has passed to question the motorcyclist, who knows if it is him or not in this UWB blog? Where are they? Planned attack by any of the following:

    1. Maoist student wing

    2. UML and NC student Wing

    This is revenge – O sweet revenge!

  5. If the last stone (blocked by someone) had hitted his head, as seen on TV (Nepal 1 or Image), he (culprit) might be dead on the spot. If that had been occurered what Inspector could tell about his good strategy and the rule of law to the people?

  6. Fanta,

    Very true, if that brick had cracked the buddhas skull and he kicked the bucket, I don’t think Timilsina would be getting applauds – or who knows?- if the likes of UWB had their way he could be promoted to IGP ASAP.

  7. I dont know who s the real culprit in that case but it seems like everyone is just against the Bharat buhdaa becoz of his royalistic image.

  8. Whether this was purely incedental or conspired by vigilantes/students – we bloggers can keep debating about the morals or vices in it. But I think, the more important point is that this incident has sent out a really strong message to those class of people who think they still rule the country. I am happy for this.

  9. Mob rule is terrible. Absolutely lamentable…

    But to say conspiracy, wherein the wife of the perpetrator herself participates / instigates the street violence, means bharat shamsher was conspiring to get beaten. Completely rubbish reasoning.

  10. I agree in part with Sigma. But I am not in support of what Bharat Keshar and his sons did to innocent motorbike riders.

    The blogs and media are trying to project Inspector Timilsina as a hero in this issue. He just used the common sense, whoever Police officer was there would do same. He tried to save Bharat Keshar not because he was anti-democracy or blaw blaw blaw. I guess he talked and asked permission of Bharat Keshar before handcuffing as there was the only possible way that he could come out of Hotel, otherwise mob would have burnt the Hotel.

  11. No ONE should forget that Police Inspector Abhushan Timilsina is a part of rotten, regressive n monarchist police organisation. That organisation was very active in crushing JANAANDOLAN-2. Perhaps he wants to clean his anti-people image that exists in his mind. But make sure his senior officers are still not trying to cover up anti-people image. Interrogation to Timilsina in that case is the strong evidence for their anti-people feeling.

    Bharat Keshar Singh is unfortunate bastard and get beaten by the mass. Since his sons apologized on that matter, I think that is good symptom developed in monarchial camp. Mr. GUNDA Paras must have learnt lesson from this episode.

    CHAMELION characters is a natural habit of Nepalis administrative and political arena. Leaders and officers are very much expert in changing their colour in a second faster than a chamelion (A lizard- capable of changing colour). Girija before and after JANA-ANDOLAN-2 IS CRYSTAL CLEAR EXAMPLE OF THIS VERSION)

  12. regardin this bharat simha and family case. what a lod of rubbish. people have some sense. what do you expect from these sort of people, no jobs, no nothing so what to do go and attack people.
    whatever you people say bharat simha is highly regarded and respected. and yet you all manage to say he is in fault, going and banging his car what a laugh.
    as for the police officer, do you all know how much money he takes under his table. you should go and do more research b4 you say anything.
    united we blog what a load of RUBBISH.
    you people also should listen to the other side of the story. THAT IS DEMOCRATIC.

  13. zoya,

    Bharat Keshar is highly respected? For what? What has he done in his life?

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  15. The first picture is great. That is really a historic one.

    The social errors should learn a lesson that time has changed. and good for them if they changed themselves.

    Thanks UWB for the photograph.

  16. Look I don’t condone this mob violence but being the figure he is and with his people starting the trouble I guess things got out of hand pretty quick. From the behaviour of Bharat Keshar and the royalists who are posting here I must say from amongst the SPA, Maoists and Royalists, the Royalists are the most idiotic people around. They have no sense of reality, no proper perspective of Nepali people and Nepali life and no idea of what is good and what is bad. No wonder they are about to become extinct-they are dinosaurs.

  17. I also had my worst time with a royalist for about a year as my boss. The characterstics of the diehard Royalist are as follows:

    1.He really thinks KG is an incarnation of God Vishnu. For him, Paras is another God.

    2. He says that he is the most honest person in Nepal but he “steals” the govt budget for his personal pleasure.He does not care about the expenses as long as it is govt. money.

    3. He believes in Tantra Mantra and astrology.If he has to go anywhere, he asks the astrologer to fix the appropriate time.If a black cat crosses his path, he returns from there.

    If you fit the above characterstics with Bharat Keshar, this 100 percent true. There are still many such people in Nepal who are living in the days of 18th century.

  18. It was the motocyclist’s fault. We all know the “road rules”, cutting in from the left and the right etc. However, this is a classic case of the accident culprit ending up as the accident victim. The old man should have just let it go, especially considering the state of anarchy in the country, but I guess being pompous he must have tried to make a deal of it. I hear initially the motorcyclist was even offering to pay for the damage, but the argument got out of hand. Wrong place and wrong time.

    Road rules under the SPAM:

    Does not matter who is at fault, these rules apply period:

    1. When an expensive car and a less expensive car collides, it is the expensive car’s fault.

    2. When a car and motorcylce collides, it is always the cars fault.

    3. When a cycle and motorcycle collides, it is the motorcycles fault.

    4. Pedestrians are always right, and it is always a vehicles fault even if the pedestrian jumped on to the middle of the street to commit suicide.

    5.If you’re Bharat Kesar Simha, you are always at fault.

    6. If you are a maoist PLA then get the hell out of the way or you will be tried in the “people’s court”.

  19. Timilsina makes a lot of money from “hapta” (please do your research and anonymously ask all the bars and restaurants around the Durbar Marg area) – is this the kind of cop UWB loves to promote? Or are you just glad that an old man almost got killed, and would be happier if his head was cracked in two, and his brains were splattered on the streets?

  20. For anyone to say – I don’t condone this mob violence BUT…. you are condoning it. It is either that you feel it is alright or you feel it is wrong. There is no middle way here buddy. There can be no exceptions if you are a person of principle. You can’t have one rule for someone and another rule for someone else.
    This is the sort of wishy washy attitude that plagues many Nepalis, and this is why Nepal is nowhere in the larger picture of the world. Wishy washy! If you have principles stick to them, bending them to different situations shows lack of character.

  21. many many thanks abhusan Timilsina, such courageous police officer needs for the nation forever.Bharat keshar singh who is very hated person person and who always wants to keep the people under the royal boot,has punished by the people for his mistakes, we salute to mr. timilsina for his great job.if he didn’t so many people will die and malla hotel will be smashed.mr. bhrat keshar and his company were trying to destabilize peace in the society by taking law into their own hands,failed by local people including the students from amrit and swaraswati campus. mr singh and his company was proved guilty by the committee and shrpa who was vicitimise by the singh and his company get right judgement.

  22. Mr. S, (the one who commented it as a play)

    This message is for you Mr. S. Come infront and my email is rupesh587@hotmail,.com. I will provide you further information on how this play has been designed and executed perfectly.

    I will be waiting for your reply.

    donot forget okay. RUPESH

  23. The beating that those [icd] got is not enuff. It is time we send those fossil and fascist hindutva back to their ancestor home in Varanasi.

  24. Rupesh,

    I’d love to, but considering the situation of the country how do I know for telling the truth that you are not one of the planners and would kill me if I met you.

    Also, your name and hotmail is not nearly enough for a meeting, please post your home adress, phone number, photo if possible and of course your full name.

    Better still, why don’t you just post your “further information” for everyone to read.

  25. Thank should be given timilsina but even law cannot do anything for it. Cuz he have power. All the action should be taken is only by us. It would be better if student killed that motherfu%%er in lainchour. Ani balla taha lagthe [icd] ko chhora haru. Hindu dharma le tehi sikako chha bharat kesar lai?

  26. I hate those people who talk in Darbari language like this:

    Hajur bhuja jyunar hos
    Hajur raaj garibaksiyos
    Hajur lai jal takryaun (paani)
    Hajur sukala hos
    hajur jaaga hos
    Hajur ko Muhaar aaja bihana kassto ujjyalo dekchhu.
    Hajur lai phon takryanchhu(phon garchhu)
    Khopima hoibakshinchha/raaj bhachha
    Aaja charako masshu banunuparchha(kukhura)
    Hajur ko kesh kasto kaalo
    hajur ko shirposh/pau posh
    Hajur ko Tabedaar
    Hajur ko pau ko dhulo
    Hajour ko marji anusaar nai lekhdai chhuu

    We need to wipe out this sort of culture or if not the people from the society along with the Monarchy from the country.

    I urge all people to use Tapain to everybody.

    Chaiman of Tapain Abhiyan in Nepal.

  27. I want to add the following news:

    Bharat Keshar jarsaab ko muhaar ma pitaikhaibakseko chha. Chhora raaja haru ra buhaari mahaaranile pani mausuf lai bachhauna saki baksena. Ahile miltary hospital ma sukala hoibakshinchha. Nibas ma phirtisawari bhayapachhi yeuta Shartru Daman yangya garibakshinchha ra sharpa haru ra bidyarhtiharu ko nass garibakshinchha.

  28. Layman I support in ur Tapaih abhiyan.Thats what I was thnking exactly too.
    NO to any remnants of Feudalism !!
    WIPE OUT all the elements of Feudalism !!

  29. Yeah sure. Lets wipe out all the bad things because we want to make our country Nepal the best, the perfect,…..fool’s paradise.

  30. st, as a long suffering motorist who has met with a few accidents I can tell you that those rules you have stated have always applied in Nepal. Too many motorcyclists and cyclists have caused accidents with my car-most of the times it has been their fault but guess who the public side with? It is as if having a nice car is a crime (a haves and have nots things I guess). But you hit it on the head-Bharat Keshar should have known better than to start an argument near ASCOL campus.

  31. There is no need to WIPE OUT any culture because bad culture fades out like an unpopular design. How one can possibly WIPE OUT any culture??? Thats too much of hate. A generalized hate.
    Don’t feel inferior using laymen words like “taile bhat khais?” or “tapaile bhat khanu bho?”. Heavy culture like “Hajurle bhuja junaar garibaksyo?” will fade out like heavy jewelery. At least in the public, but not sure in family. Belive me some people really think language has something to do with respect beside posing.

  32. D, don’t make me laugh. I feel sorry for you royalists who can only see things so clearly and who get worked up only when one of your own gets hurt. Try and consider all Nepalis as your own for once. Incidents like the one that involved Bharat Keshar happen a lot of the time in Nepal. I must say I have been involved in a couple of them. Mob violence is wrong but Bharat Keshar and his sons had a part to play in it too.

  33. “You royalist”?
    How you figured out that I am a royalist?
    Since when “take side” thing started?
    Since when one has lost his right to use brain and analyze a society in rational way? Sociology and psychology, you must have heard of them…..you can’t be that inferior.
    Don’t make Bharat Keshar the ultimate model for any class.
    I have seen a person being held as a scapegoat for a class, but here a whole class is being held scapegoat for a person.
    Its all hate……..

  34. Lalit,
    yeah that is the class itself we have to wipeout from power echlon. Otherwise Juddha’s shashan will never go in Nepal.When there was a success in Jana Andolan II, I felt that RANA shashan has finally gone. But still I may be wrong because SPA are feudal and they want to continue with Baabushahebs, son of RANAS etc.Because from 2007 to 2063 BS, It was an Interim period when Ranas sere supreme thru the power of Military and Palace connectios.

  35. Uh, I was talking to someone called D there. But on the point of Royalists, please they are the dumbest people in Nepal. They were smart before but have been in power so long and had it so easy that they’ve become slightly vegatative now.

  36. I agree with your point, Mr. Layman.
    Powerful and high posts have been easy access for a certain class of families. For them it has become a family tradition to join army, police or other govt. posts either having or not having the potential. To choose the career that your father and grand father had is common for any person. They have been grown up in that environment, so they know what its like in there and what it takes. For example most of the british lahure son have their primary goal of life is to become a lahure and make lots of money. There is no wrong in that. But they have to go through all the difficult tests and pass them. A cut-throat competition. But here to join army for high posted army families is like joining a club. The only way to stop this family power relay is to DEMAND for fair competitions and equal opportunities. That would also help to raise the standard and diversity in the govt. sevices.

    in nepal army or police or any govt. job the

  37. Yes there is LMG group in the army but have you seen a Madhesi officer ? I met one madheshi doctor in the army, whether he is still around or retired I don’t know.I also do not see many newars in the army. Maghars are in the lower levels only.We must make multi-ethnic and multi- lingual army not like exclusive club today. Not like using the language like Raanishaap and slave. I met one former General of the army who used to give his leg for the Orderly to put on the shoes and this same soldier had to change his clothes everytime he goes to and comes from the office. There is a real slavery in the army in the name of discipline. In the higher levels, there is no such things but soldiers are like slaves of the higher officers. They have to wash the undergarments also.That is the height of slavery.

  38. MANAN
    Well Mr M let me ask you the same question you so ignorantly asked me.
    What have you done in YOUR life?
    I will have to guess NOTHING………no, let me repharse that….going

    on demos,”paid ofcourse”,sitting in some shaddy bar drinking, the money

    earned from the demos etc etc. I can go on and on.
    It is quite clear that you have not done your research, I have.
    As you asked what has Bharat Simha done…

    1— he served in the army for 30 yrs.he did not take a penny in bribes

    and will do not in the present or the future.
    This alone should say something about the person’s principal and

    integrity.Your police officer has none of these qualities.

    2—He is the PRESIDENT of the WORLD HINDU FEERATION.Which is based in

    49 countries around the world. He was internationally elected for the

    His work involves, working for the good cause i.e. rights of the Dalit,

    rights for women, children etc etc. Now this is only some of the work

    he does.
    Now the question you should ask yourself is “where are all the media

    and press people” when working for good causes is going on.
    Just because the social work he does is not highlithed in the media

    does not mean he has done nothing. Far from it.
    It seems in Nepal right now the only time the press & media go into

    overdrive publicity is when he speaks about what is happing in the

    country i.e. political or king.
    Mr M do yr research, that is if you still have some brain cells left.
    Through the WHF you can find out what he has or has not done.

    And mr m dont talk about the officer, who is famous for underhand

    dealings, you give him a hero status.
    If the same thing was to happen to you father, do you think the officer

    will come to your father’s aid, the ans is simple NO. The reason being

    he will not get the publicity where you or your father is concerned.


    Mr M if you r really honest with yourself than think about it, its the

    principal of the whole thing. Now think about this, if it was your

    father, do u think especially with the present given situation in

    Nepal,would he for no reason go and BANG his car with a bike?. I dont

    think so, its common sense.
    This brings me to the point, everyone should question what really

    happened and this time the TRUTH.
    Now you may ask what about the bike guy, the photo posted in the site

    with bandages on his head. Well my reply would b what about the stiches

    and cuts of Bharat simha, how come no one took photos of that.
    So mr m check yr facts b4 u question others.

    Isn’t it, if u wish to talk about the king, u can.
    Isn’t it, if u wish to talk about girija, u can.
    Isn’t it, if u want to talk about prachanda, u can.
    Isn’t it, if u want to voice yr thoughts, u can etc etc etc.
    If this is not democracy than what is it.
    You have to listen to both sides of the story, not just one side who

    has more power.

    So I say again check yr FACTS and then question.
    And going back to the incident why did the cops wait for so long to

    take any action. Again simple answer, waiting 4 da media to arrive so

    he can milk it as much as he wants, which he did.A good officer would

    not do that, he/she would know exactly how to handle the situation.



  39. bharat simha did not start the argument. people have some sense. do yr research b4 posting yr comments.
    nepal will never move forward but backwards YES.

  40. zoya,

    If you’re going to support Bharat Keshar, you’ll have to do better than that. Let me refute your points one by one.

    A. “1— he served in the army for 30 yrs.he did not take a penny in bribes”

    Is that so? I think I’ll let the other bloggers here respond to that.

    B. He was the president of the World Hindu Federation, and was elected to that position.

    Is that supposed to mean anything? First of all, he became a General or whatever because of his family background, not talent. Then, by becoming a loyal sycophant of Mr. Gyanendra Shah, he became the President of the “World Hindu Federation”, whatever that is. What is it, by the way? Care to explain? Its website is not very helpful.

    C. My father.

    Ha ha. Running out of arguments? I can do one about your father too. Lets just stick to Bharat Keshar Singh

    D. Singhji has helped lots of Dalits, etc.

    You say so. Care to furnish some proof?

    ‘Not a penny in bribes’….I like this so much, I had to repeat it.

  41. guys,lets us all stop blaming everyone and every group. its time for reconcile and forgiveness and not for blame and revenge.. we should find in our heart a way to forgive these mandalays and royalists etc,,they too are nepali and they too have right to exist here,though whatever the ppl on street say. it is time to use common sense rather than mob sense. Beating up people in the street doesnt solve anything but instead creates a society of fear and hatred. We dont want to leave in these kind of society. all the guilyt party should be brought to the court of justice and not in the street. History shows that only way forward is a way of peace and not of revenge killing and beating. If talking of revenge then why do all these nepali jantas, shouting loktantra slogans are mum about maoist. they have committed the worst atrocites in nepali history!! more than anyone can count or remember. Why is there no commission to investigate all the crimes committed by them.. Why do you welcome them with fool mala and abhir while we are after the blood of royals and army. Yes all these sides have dont wrong in the past, but there should be no discrimination while weilding the heavy hand of justice on all of them. Why not held KG and Prachanda responsible too, ,why are only the mantris are being summonnoed,,while we all know these mantri’s were only taking orders from someone high above,, why is the army chief still in power while police chiefs have been fired. Why maoist are still holding guns and collecting forcefull dontation and continuing with blood shed in the country side.
    They are many questions going unanswered in nepal and we are not noticing it or busy ignoring it. WE need to think outside the box and get done with the mob rule , it is defenitely not the way ahead for our new nepal.

  42. Sorry Kirat,

    Wrong again. I am very much for a democratic republic if the present King and his son remains. Please don’t assume that everytime someone says something to rock your boat, that they are royalists.

  43. UWB: let us discuss about whether Tulsi Giri and Co. are culprits or not. Or all blame goes to the King.

    We discuss and try to blame the small “fish” and the “big” fish go scot-free. We Nepalese are invovled only with Bharat Keshar whereas other big ones are going to escape.

    We are “penny wise and pound foolishl.

  44. “Powerful and high posts have been easy access for a certain class of families” –

    Yes the BRAHMINS. Religion is led by Brahmins, Maoists are led by Brahmins, SPA are led by Brahmins, the judiciary is led by Brahmnins, The beureaucracy is led by Brahmins,the media is oed by brahmins, the police is led by Brahmins, next the army will be led by Brahmins, what do you know – even this King is a decendent of a Brahmin great grandmother (the mother of King Girvan Yuddha), it is a total and complete takeover by Brahmins. Maybe this has been the plan all along. Look at it in any way, we are completely overun by Brahmins. ALl the cosmetic changes – secular, republic blah blah blah is all so that they can have their cake and eat it too. Tommorrow, I will not be surprised if the Christian Church of Nepal and the muslim nosques are led by Brahmins who convert and grab the opportunity. I’m afraid the rest of us may soon be categorised as tribals. What an irony.

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