Monitoring Leaders From The Streets

Protesting in front of Singha Durbar
In front of Singha Durbar: Nepali people are constantly pressurizing to their leaders who have assumed the responsibility of fulfilling their aspirations. Pics by Wagle

The best thing about democracy is that it lets people have their say. Another hallmark is that the folks at the government can’t stop people from raising their voices. Here is an example. Protests right in front of the gate of Singha Durbar yesterday and today signal the arrival of free days. In the days of autocracy of king Gyanendra, the government declared many places of Kathmandu restricted for public demonstrations. No one could have even imagined of protesting freely at the west gate of Singha Durbar like hundreds of protesters did yesterday and this afternoon. This right to protest really makes difference.

Protesting in front of Singha Durbar

These are the people who fought for freedom and now they are warning their own government to work for people. They were carrying placards that said not to promote corrupt politicians, not to forget the agendas of the Jana Andolaan (Peoples’ Movement). And of course, they were saying that all they want is to see Nepal without monarchy. Here are a few images from today’s gathering in front of Singha Durbar.

Protesting in front of Singha Durbar

Protesting in front of Singha Durbar

Protesting in front of Singha Durbar





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  1. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Its not a question about being anti-bhun. I am a bhun and I am still advocating this policy…
    I am saying we should get private businesses but there are places in society where it is necessary. For example in educational institutions and maybe some civil service jobs… And even in these circumstances it doesn’t mean there will be less competant people. Look even in the US colleges use affermative action for admissions…Hari I am sure you know that!

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    i am NOT saying we should get private businesses …

  3. Kirat Avatar

    reply to all, it’s shows what type of mentality you possess when quotas for janjatis are proposed you have assume it’s an anti-bahun thing. I am not talking big at all, for people with small narrow, minds everything appears big-right hari?

    Both of you should read Dhor Bahadur Bista’s ‘Fatalism and Development’. Perhaps then you would open eyes to what sort of socio-political structure is in place in Nepal.

  4. hari sharma Avatar

    US colleges do it but did you care to read the article that I posted? It shows how it has failed even in admissions.
    Kirat, quota do not help. Try to be more rational dude. Again,did you also read the two links I posted? Do it and present your arguments after that.

  5. hari sharma Avatar

    I am sorry guys, my links are still under moderation. Hopefully there will come a time when you can see them.
    Actually I could have done this thing in my blog. This moderation is really pissing me off. There is seriously a need for a new platform.

  6. hitaishi Avatar

    Hey Hari Sharma and Kirat, You guys have to stop you arguement or carry it on in a different place. All you guys are trying to do is trying to prove yourself right and the other guy wrong. I bet no one even bothers reading your comments anymore. You guys are no worse than the seven parties who, after 7 days of HoR reinstatement haven’t been able to keep their petty differences aside and come to a consensus. And you make proposals for a new Nepal. Ha!

  7. Kirat Avatar

    OK sorry guys! End of argument!

  8. Taaya Avatar

    To :
    Bhudai Pundit

    (excuse me all bloggers, but it’s my right and duty to defend myself from wrong blames)

    There are various intolerants ::openly intolerant, ignorantly intolerant and some intolerants who boast themselves to be liberals but turn out to be different when their very personal interests come at stake.

    Punditji, please u can go through that conversations in this blog(blog sakchi cha) where u have advocated the glory of Hinduism and have demanded (rather ordered) this nation to be no-beef region (since 80% feel uneasy with this), with so much explanations and elaborations and examples.
    But only when your liberal image was going at stake u settled at CA.
    ( I am sure u r well aware of all these things as u r such a smart clever guy)

    drama? I am doing drama????
    I have no fun in making things up. No interest in disgracing u.
    ( time is too precious to waste in dirty games)

    But for those things that u said in favour of no-beef , I will always doubt u as a true Liberal, a liberal from heart.

  9. Thomas A. Marks Avatar
    Thomas A. Marks


  10. replytoall Avatar

    yo mr KIRAT…. u a total big talk for sure yeah…
    give one valid reason why there should be a quota system… if there is a provision of quota then why democracy???

    and TAYAA:
    i am from a very proud kirat community and not from a so called higher caste….

    and being just is not being a “dhokebaj” to the community. if u Mr Kirat say red is blue then hell no i aint gonna say that is blue just because u a kirat.

  11. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Clearly there is no point trying to explain things in details and rationalize stuff out with you!
    Besides I am not here to prove anything to you! Sorry if that dissapoints you but I couldn’t care less about what you think! Let’s talk about the issues ! You can doubt and do whatever the hell it is that you do!

  12. sameer Avatar

    this is very important

    we have to keep the corrupt politicians out of the ministry or i am gonna kill them :))

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