King's Hollow Address, Parties' Movement Goes On

Seven Party Alliance (SPA)’s Joint Movement Committee has rejected king’s offer of Primiership and vowed to continue the protest. According a press release issued by them, the movement goes on, General Strike will continue for the 17th day tomorrow.

SPA’s top leaders’ opinion will be published only after their meeting tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, UML’s Standing Committee is holding its meeting tomorrow morning at 8 am. It will decide on UML’s position. UML’s leader Amrit Bohara said that he can dwell upon the issue only after the meeting. His reticence had earlier sent a chilling message that UML and NC may have been seduced by India’s offer. But, things are appearing in different shapes now. Most of the vocal party leaders said that the address has failed to address the movement as well as the 12 point agreement. People are frustrated by its inability to deal with the major concerns country is facing today.

Party leaders have remarked that the appointment of a PM is not an antidote to the political maladies. Meanwhile, Maoist spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara told BBC that the address not only failed to deal SPA’s agenda, but also kept mum over the issue of Constituent Assembly(CA). It was noteworthy of Mahara when he said that Maoist’s further move will be based on the dialogue with SPA.

The post-address message is loud and clear: king has once again tried to fool the public in general and political parties in particular. As the address is scrutinized and dissected, king’s motives have been crystal clear. India played vital role to strike a deal with king. It was only after Dr. Karan Singh delivered his PM’s letter that king was convinced to address the nation. Indian applause to king’s proclamation shows that India was behind all this conspiracy. So, this is an Indian roadmap to which king consented. Meanwhile, UML leaders Jhalanath Khanal and Bamdev Gautam were arrested today at TIA while returning from Delhi.

Im a nutshell, king has himself paved a way for a republican Nepal. The ongoing movement will not cease unless a fair election of CA. Any kind of outcome of that poll will be acceptable.



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  1. Layman Avatar

    King has given ample time to flee or hide this time like Marich Man in 2046- for the criminals like Niranjan, Kamal, Tulsi Giri and other security and policemen when he declared that till other PM is appointed, this cabinet will continue.

    Other point is that the next govt can declare a refferendum date after five years or eight years from now to decide whether people of Nepal want ceremonial King or a republic.This would be good idea and we can continue with the ceremonial king tll then.But the danger is that there is always an Article 127 and loyal army for the King. The 1990 constitution was forward looking but KG has interpreted and implementd it very badly. I think political leaders are in dilemma by the KG’s declaration.It is deceptive as well as half-hearted.

    In conclusion, they should continue the agitation till they get the dclaration of elections of CA.

  2. concerned nepali Avatar
    concerned nepali

    Let us examine coolly as nepalis the situation before us.
    The king has asked the SPA to form a government. The formation of government with full executive powers sounds tempting. There are two problems with this. One, finding a PM can divide the SPA. Two, this does not solve the fundamental problem-the king and his nasty habit of believing that only he knows what is right for us Nepalis. I mean this man could not even run his businesses properly, yet he believes he can run this country. Of course we saw examples of how he ran this country for the last 3.5 years.
    I dont think the SPA mandate from us ordinary Nepalis is to run the administration of the country. The biggest mandate is to ensure that the king cannot take over again and the control of RNA should be with the government and not the king. The second mandate is to negotiate with the Maoists and ensure that peace returns to Nepal.
    For this you need a legislature. You need to amend the constitution. Either that or you need to write a new constitution.
    This clearly means that if the SPA takes over,as it cannot reinstate the parliament, it should immediately nominate a constituent assembly. Legal experts may differ on this but there is no choice currently. Meanwhile, it should tell the Maoists that nomination of the constituent assembly is in line with their own demands. The Maoists must become part of the constituent assembly. But before that they must disarm. This is the only role we should allow international forces. India/US/UK/UN can supervise the process of disarming the Maoists. The constituent assembly can decide the king’s role especially given the current mood.
    We must have a timeframe for all this. It cannot be more than 6 months.
    This according to me seems the only way out. If we dont do that Gyane will have the last laugh. he will turn around and say I told you so.

  3. Peace_lover Avatar

    I think thre is only one formula for Peace and peace in Nepal

    SPA + King + Maoist = have a round table meeting with LIVE telecast on TV.

  4. replytoall Avatar

    peeps in this blog site say i am a royalist and my answer is hell no…i aint a royalist but i strongly believe that there should be a constitutional monarchy…i cant and do not want to imagine Nepal without monarchy.

    what i see is the people who are going hardcore over the no king demands are just begging for more voilence and more lost lives..

    Maoist problem is what has brought our country to this stage to it has to be addressed properly.

    if the monarchy is abolished what is the gaurantee that the maoist rebellion or rather terrorism will stop…. is the maoist rebellion just to “over throw the king and nothing else.” what is the gaurantee that the maoists are going to be happy with the king gone and they will come to the mainstream.

    if the maoists even come to the mainstream what about their share of crime…..should not the prachandas and badals be punished for taking so much lives…

    so it is in the best intrest of the nation to take the kings offer and utilize it to move into the right direction. the authority of monarch can be decided by the parliament but the parliament should be reinstated….. the election can be done by the new government.

    and if u believe that the king should go forever then i think NO….hold a referendum in the supervision of some BODY and see what nepal has to say….. 2 lakh 4 lakh hell even 50 lakh angry violent protestors dont make WHOLE nepal….. if violence is the solution for everything then the way is about to be paved for the future Nepal where the people will be gauranted that they can force their demands by being violent.

  5. replytoall Avatar

    parliament resintated…ooops sorrry….

    government be formed i mean

  6. Laxmi Avatar

    This king, not the maoist are the problem, are the Nepali Maobadis because they are against the king.
    As Bush said:either you are on our side or you are a terrorist.
    But it is not that simple, in Nepal people are against the cover up of the royal massacre, against the official claim that Dipendra, a left hander, shot himself withe the right hand and suspect Gyandra and Paras , who are the only profiteer.
    The truth has to come out and that is what the people want.

  7. Hellow Avatar


    Your argument sounds good but not realistic. The governemnt formed under king’s offer will be a weak one. G reinstated Deuba the first time using the same article 35, which means G will still have power to dissolve the new Govt to his liking. So what is the point of all this? Where is the guarantee that he will not do so? After all this hardship and sacrifices, we deserve more.

    Reinstating parliament under this set up is a wishful thinking. This will not be possible without G’s blessing. After all army is under him.

    Going to election – Is this even possible without getting Maoist’s confidence? The turnout in the last municipal election (only urban areas) was 20%. How will you be able to hold election in rural areas?

    Accepting this offer will bring us to where we were before Feb 1. This is not what we were asking for.

    Maoists taking over is a fear tactic used by G supporters. G with tens of thousands of well equipped army and police using brutal force cannot enforce curfew even in Kathmandu. Maoists are a gueriella force good at hit and run tactics. They will not be able to seize Kathmandu without public support.

  8. Peace_lover Avatar

    Maoist and king and SPA have all been problem one time or the other, they all have killed and cheated Nepali people one timeor other. Lets not pass blame on one or other.

    All Nepali should press Moist + King + SPA to have face to face dialoge

  9. replytoall Avatar

    It is not a fear tactics bro it is what is actually gonna happen….

    king did that once yeah, but do u think looking at what has happened he is going to do that again…. right now the focus of the king is not to rule the nation rather to save the instituion of monarchy that his forefathers built.

    and do no mistake comparing the guns of the RNA and the Nepal Police. RNA and Nepal Police is not there to kill anybody….. the maoists are… and that is brother no matter how much political knowledge u have or u lack…. that is what truth is and has shown till today.

    hey bro and sambidhan sava and all that… how many people in the nation do u think even understand what that means.. as i said before the king has paved the way, now its upto the people to peacefully accept it and look forward for positivity…continuing this agitation is just mere vandalization and terrorism…
    i ll again say it here that 10 lakh or even 50 lakh protestors and speciallly the violent ones dont make up the whole nation……
    continuing agiation is asking pleading and begging for more bloodshed and violence..its time to give peace a chance….

    as for maoists….raja hatey pachi ke ta…. maobadi mainstream ma auncha bhanney gyaranti ke ta….. lau uni haru ley aunchu nai bhanyo rey… taba ni gyaranti ke ta…. raja ko kura ailey ko protestor ley patyaundainai bhanchan… ma pani tesari nai maobadi ko kura patayundina….
    ajha feri ayo rey pani uniharu mainstream ma …. taba ke uni haru ko apradh chai maaf….

    now is the high time to go to the right direction so lets head there and give peace a chance…

  10. Seshyan Nepal Avatar
    Seshyan Nepal

    Muji, Kirat tero balla buddhi palayo jsto cha!

  11. Peace_lover Avatar

    will this rain give Peace

  12. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am sorry to say but you are a naive man!
    Do you think that people in the streets always decide the final outcome? As much as I hate foregin powers are highly influential! Look at the Middle East … do you think the ‘people’ like their leaders? No if there were eletions we all know the the islamic fundamentalist would come to power but the current governments are able to maintain their status quo with the help of US and other western countries.
    In Nepal our political leaders are nothing short of being India’s bitchas!

  13. brk Avatar

    The Kings has apparently bowed down to people power, but whether the SPA will keep the promise of conducting a Constituent Assembly doubtful. Once the parliament has been re-instated, the fear is that the SPA will sit on “the constituent assembly”. There are so many hurdles to carry it out: the army will threaten as they did during the extension of emergency, there is the supreme court which will create one after another problem (after all it has kings cronies). Well if the SPA cannot surmount these difficulties, a next people pwoer will have to be demonstrated to wipe out the SPA together with the notorious king.

  14. oocopautax Avatar

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