King's Hollow Address, Parties' Movement Goes On

Seven Party Alliance (SPA)’s Joint Movement Committee has rejected king’s offer of Primiership and vowed to continue the protest. According a press release issued by them, the movement goes on, General Strike will continue for the 17th day tomorrow.

SPA’s top leaders’ opinion will be published only after their meeting tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, UML’s Standing Committee is holding its meeting tomorrow morning at 8 am. It will decide on UML’s position. UML’s leader Amrit Bohara said that he can dwell upon the issue only after the meeting. His reticence had earlier sent a chilling message that UML and NC may have been seduced by India’s offer. But, things are appearing in different shapes now. Most of the vocal party leaders said that the address has failed to address the movement as well as the 12 point agreement. People are frustrated by its inability to deal with the major concerns country is facing today.

Party leaders have remarked that the appointment of a PM is not an antidote to the political maladies. Meanwhile, Maoist spokesman Krishna Bahadur Mahara told BBC that the address not only failed to deal SPA’s agenda, but also kept mum over the issue of Constituent Assembly(CA). It was noteworthy of Mahara when he said that Maoist’s further move will be based on the dialogue with SPA.

The post-address message is loud and clear: king has once again tried to fool the public in general and political parties in particular. As the address is scrutinized and dissected, king’s motives have been crystal clear. India played vital role to strike a deal with king. It was only after Dr. Karan Singh delivered his PM’s letter that king was convinced to address the nation. Indian applause to king’s proclamation shows that India was behind all this conspiracy. So, this is an Indian roadmap to which king consented. Meanwhile, UML leaders Jhalanath Khanal and Bamdev Gautam were arrested today at TIA while returning from Delhi.

Im a nutshell, king has himself paved a way for a republican Nepal. The ongoing movement will not cease unless a fair election of CA. Any kind of outcome of that poll will be acceptable.



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  1. Gita Avatar

    Gyanendra’s address is TOO LITLLE TOO LATE. Do not Trust him until all the demands are fulfilled, he still conspiring to diffuse revolution. Manarchy remail only when Nepalese people will want him to stay following CA or referendum.

  2. Kishor Avatar

    The king still has covert intentions. The reactionaries will try to rise to power as they did in the post 90 era. KG is a big looser, and we can’t expect any reforms from loosers. This is the last war. A war to end all the wars. We must ensure that we don’t have to fight for democracy again and again. It is our misfortune that we have been fighting democracy for the last 50 years. I am optimistic that this storm will wash away monarchy for ever. Kings are just a history.

    Remember guys, we shouldn’t leave Kamal Thapa and company this time. All the criminals will be tried for crime against people. Last victory is ours.

  3. preeti Avatar

    I am a supporter of the recent democratic movement. And yes we must go on with these demonstrations unless we get rid of all autocratic regimes….that even includes the maoist’s violent agenda. They must leave their guns behind..otherwise we cannot tolerate them.

    There is one request to all the people who are responsible to not burn or damage any government or public property. We need to remember that it is our own property. The damage of government building and paper will not affect any one in power, as it is our own tax money that needs to be channelized to build these institutions. And damaging these properties will mean more money that needs to go to build schools..hospitals where they are so much needed…will be spent rebuilding what we originally already had.

    The recent destruction in Kalanki of the Land Revenue Office was a bad example. If leaders are at all responsible….they must stop this kind of destruction….

  4. Zizibisa Avatar

    Nepal for dummies:

    Before 1768: Nepal was divided into several states, representing a wide classes of cultural, race and religion.

    1768: Prithivi Narayan Shah conquers Nepal as a single state, guiding with highly diplomatic statements(in terms of dibya upades). Uniting present Nepal as a single geographic state with diverse culture, religion, and race.

    1846: Ranas took power, revolting not for the welfare of nepalese but for their own benefits. This situation arised when internal fraction within palace for power hightened and anglo-nepalese war is no more in nepalis control(due to which we loss our soil for autonomy of our country).

    1950: Tribhuwan shah was inspired by the freedom in neighbouring country, so flew to india which ends the 104 rules of ranas.

    1959: Mahendra shah form a new constitution conduct elections and appoint first elected PM.

    1962: Mahendra shah dismiss elected government form a new constitution which barred for multiparty system, and starts a partyless panchyat system.

    1980: Birendra shah has listen to the voice of people and called for a national referendum to choice for either mutiparty system or pachyat system. Panchyat won with narrow vote and anarchy continued.

    1990: End of 30 years long direct rule by the king and state accepetd mutiparty democracy, which means people can group together under any philosophy and can participate in elections and form government. New/Present constitution is formed.

    1996: Moaist started their armed revolt against the present regime blaming not able to address the people from every walk of lifes.

    2001: Dipendra Shah killed his whole family. Gaynendra Shah became new king.

    2002: Gaynendra shah sacked elected government for not addressing the maoist problem. And form a government under article 35 of 1990’s constitution.

    2005: Gaynendra shah head chairmanship of council of ministrs under article 127.

    2006 April 21: Gayenendra shah called to step back at the state of 2002 as mention above calling SPA to recommend name of PM to form a government under article 35.

  5. manan Avatar

    Wow, the parties showed some guts. Amazing. As I said, fatso is under pressure. This is the best time to hit him some more. He’ll succumb.

  6. hari sharma Avatar

    I doubt if SPA will get as much support as it has been getting if it rejects the offer. International community has welcomed the move in general saying it is the beginning for peace.
    So, the decision is tough. Should think wisely rather than make a decision that might mess up with the whole situation.

  7. preeti Avatar

    I have sent two comments…none were published in this blog..

    are you (the moderators) censoring the things that you dont want published? Your blog title reads: United we blog for democratic nepal????
    If you dont let people speak what you want…then this blog is just another part of the hypocrisy

  8. anditsme Avatar

    We are in a situation where everything is in chaos. There seems to be a conflict between the Maoist, SPA, and the king. To a greater extent, most Nepali people are inclined to SPA (here i am not arguing that they are supporting the corrupt leaders that we have seen in the past). People are inclined towards the democratic front which, indeed, SPA represent.

    Talking about Maoist, sad but true, they are also people of Nepal–the ones who were not benefitted by the governmental policies past and present. And I have seen many people in the villages and countryside sympathetic to the ideologies of Maoist. But by saying this, I am also not arguing that there ideologies are right. But definitely their “INTERESTS” can be addressed by understanding their psychocultural interpretations in terms of the people residing in rural areas.

    Now the third party, namely the KING. Who does he represent? Has he addressed the general interests of the people so far???… To be frank enough, he represents some high-class, power-driven lunatics holding their positions in army, police, and governmental offices. The king only represents these bunch of lunatics. Where do people come into his POWER POLITICS?

    So i see just a problem between the SPA and MAOISTs to reconcile, and so far king is the greatest hurdle. Why do we need king by the way? Why can we people of Nepal force him to address the nation through revival of parliament and to a greater extent, constitutional assembly.

    I know there is always a fear that Maoists will strike back???….. but by reflecting on the past, we can assume or even predict that they will do the same in the future. the policital situation of Nepal has changed for the last few months, and so should the Maoists Ideologies.

    IF he is in power, he can strike back anytime. Even if he has asked for SPA for PM, how certain we can be that he won’t incite vigilanties against the SPAs and Maoists and distracting teh peace process………. why should we take chance of keeping the position of the king???

    Nepal is the country of fellow Nepalease…… and we don’t need to glorify the deeds of Shah Dynasty by keeping Gyanendra in power …….. let’s restrict Gyanendra and the dynasty he represents in the glorified edition of our History Book…..and let the people lead the way…… both people in the cities and villages equally…..

    we have the power and we have shown that recently…… let’s do it again by keeping the king out of the politics, and lets be concious and active in every move that the government and the maoist take…… let’s support and scrutinze them for the works they do…….. IF “PRAJA BALIYO BHAYA TO DESH BALIYO HUNCHA”…… let’s strike Gyane by the same words which his forefather once reterated while uniting the nation……… let’s unite now……. all Nepalease (and Maoists are Nepalease too, just deviated from the mainstream…… lets give them a chance, though rationally……..

    War can be an answer to peace……..and the king can never be an answer to Democracy, which he always claims to be….

  9. Sudeep Avatar

    Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights in Nepal,USA

    21st April, 2006 Press Release
    New York

    Alliance for Democracy and Human Rights in Nepal (ADHRN) has studied the royal address of April 21, 2006. While we consider the proclamation by King Gyanendra an indication of the Nepali people prevailing against the autocratic monarch, it is far from being significant towards authentic recognition of Nepali people’s true aspiration. At a time when Nepalis are looking for progressive changes in the governance, King has made a veiled attempt to revert to the status quo pre February 1, 2005. The lives lost and the blood shed that has soaked Nepali land in the past few weeks, we believe, were meant to assert the freedom, peace and sovereign rights of the people to decide for themselves, including the fate of the monarchy.

    At this juncture we appeal to the people of Nepal to keep their movement intact and be resolute in moving forward. It is imperative that the leaders of the Severn Party Alliance (SPA) understand and honor people’s commitment towards full democracy and rule of law. They should understand the need of a new constitution to be formulated and promulgated through Constituent Assembly that addresses the diverse interests of pluralistic society like ours. Thus, today’s call by the monarch to the SPA to come to a consensus for a candidate for Prime Minister is a humiliation for the people of Nepal, and we urge the SPA to categorically reject such a deceitful offer.

    Any people-oriented move forward would be to demand that the monarch relinquish all powers of governance; formation of the interim government; putting Royal Nepali Army under the commandership of such an interim government; inclusion of Maoists, with a clear and indisputable commitment on the latter’s part to disarm; and, ultimately, election of Constituent Assembly to ensure the legitimization of the outcome. The role of monarchy should not be a factor in the initial political process, whose fate can be decided upon the outcome of the Constituent Assembly. The outcome of Constituent Assembly, as per the aspiration and the mandate of the people, should be honored by all sides unconditionally.

    We also request the international community to honor the truest desires of the Nepali people to free themselves from inequality, suppression and injustice, perpetuated by over two centuries of direct rule by the monarchy.

    ADHRN would like to reiterate our stance that the CPN-Maoist of Nepal must disarm and pursue their political ambitions peacefully. As demonstrated by the recent events in Nepal, peaceful dissent is far stronger and meaningful than to violent movements.

    We have unflinching support for the people of Nepal who are braving to establish, through peaceful means, people’s supremacy and rule of law. This should be a lesson to political parties, Maoists, and royalists that only those who acquiesce to the people’s desire will prevail.

    In solidarity,

    Sanjaya Parajuli


  10. anditsme Avatar

    war can never be an answer to peace………

    sorry about that

  11. preeti Avatar

    i am not reading this blog anymore because you guys who run this blog censor comments that are different than your own…….dont call your site democratic…its a total hipocrisy… you even know what freedom of speech is????…and you are what ???…journalists(??)..god save NEPAL…

  12. ug from papua Avatar
    ug from papua

    Gyne is so arrogate and claver person. He tries to make foolish to international community. For example last night CNN live cast from Kathmandu. It was so nonsense reporting. I was so shocked. People & Political party must go a head.


  13. Sandesh Avatar

    Forget about international communities until your demand of CA fulfill. Nepali people must decide their fate not the EU,UK or USA.

  14. Zizibisa Avatar

    Now the question is which regime had ever thought about the people of Nepal.

    Lets start again the history series:

    Before 1768:: People fight for for small rajyas and every rajyas were developing nicely. Among them Kathmandu valley were most developed.

    1768: Prithivi wanted to stay at kathmandu, and only way to conquer kathmandu was to have a united power and attack kathmandu. Prithivi did not think about the well being of all the nepalese insted he was greedy for kathmndu and wanted to stay at kathmandu at any cost. In this way present Nepal was formed.
    Now we had a regime who left its own people (gorkhali) for his grediness.
    In my opinion, at present also that’s the reason why all ppl wants to come to Nepal.(which is no more only beauty of Nepal).

    1846: Shahs were enjoying the beautiful climate, fertile soil and impressive architecture of kathmandu and were lost in revelry (my freind helped me to choose this word) with their relatives. Relatives were also become greedy for the throne of kathmandu. With uprising internal conflicts for power and war with east-india company (british) ranas came into power reducing monarch to figurehead(in my view, this might be that ranas believed monarch is the reason to unite the Nepal, otherwise i dont see any reason not to took throne of Nepal by ranas). they shut the mouth of east-india company by giving a large section of Nepali soil.

    1950: I guess this was the time when really someone had thought about the Nepal. With few ranas from rana dynasty realized the meaning of country, people and its identity. so they wanted to flourish the country. But this group had also concluded that the whole Nepal will only be united under the monarchy. So, they put Tribhuwan in the lead and end rana regime. Otherwise how come a man who was under a house(palace) arrest think such a big issue. Citizen of Nepal and Ranas who were studied in india and other parts of world realized the meaning of country, and its people.

    1959-1980: Mahendra tried to copy model of other democratic nations and conducted parliamantry election, finally appointed an elected PM. People who were never teached what is freedom, how to flourish in freedom, what is education, how it shapes the world, and many other socio-economic issues could be easily misleaded by anyone who had greed to enjoy power, same thing happened, BP Koirala signed few number of treties(like koshi badh) with India which were completely not in favor of Nepal and nepalese people. Mahendra, who had seen the trasition from ranas to shahs(i guess it also has some positive emotional meaning), sacked the government and head the state himself vowing he will first make people ready to accept democracy. His intentions were perfect but again his relatives played the dirty game and raped the nepali people.

    1980: People who were young scholar realised the need to peoples freedom, the negative impact of anarchy for social development, they revolt. So, Birendra called for a national referendum to choice for either mutiparty system or panchyat system. Young scholar lost because of strong hold of palace hard liners who enjoy anarchy where they were enjoying nepalese blood.

    1990: Birendra had seen the cry of people for freedom, who were ready to accept bullet in the cost of freedom for nepalese. He quickly decided to involve people to ran government, overruling the hard liners from the palace. Greedy people were not happy with the step of Birendra they were waiting for a check and mate situation.

    1996: Again a group of young scholar identified hole in present structure to represent all people around unified Nepal. And they forwared a number of issues to be improved for the parallel welfare of all the nepalese people. Government overlooked the issues resulting in armed conflict in a beautiful country. People in power, Girija and his allies, were the successor of greedy first elected PM, which follwed the path of his successor and started to rape country from all around. Hardliners were still alive and were looking for a chance to break the neck of democracy(more approprately, freedom to realise the self).

    2001-2005: Birendra was a big obstacle, who was not ready to use army under his command to massacare his own people. They ended the whole family of Birendra(except his grand-daughters). They now palyed a counter game, accusing elected party not in favor of people(which was a bitter truth for nepalis). No path, surrender to dictator was the only choice for nepalis. Again palace and his hard liners had enjoed the total control over the property of Nepal.

    2006: People dont trust the current leaders(palace’s weapeon to rule people), which is a truth. But it does not mean that people do not trust democracy instead enjoy monarchy’s direct rule. This moral issue is represented by Moaist, but they are not trusted by the scholars. They are resting their gun in the shoulder of those nepalis who were easily misleaded my many rulers at many times, scholars who have potential to change are not ready to be victimised again. This is well understood by the leaders of Moaist. So they make a move to join hands with SPA. Which means, palace looses people from remote in the hand of moaist who are always believes monarchy as a unifying force, and a supressive regime had never gained support from scholars. Now palace has only force RNA whose top officials are his relatives, in either way.

    So my conclusion is,

    1. from shah dynasty,Tribhuwan, Mahendra, Birendra had at one time thought about the nepalese people, but cannot continue because of greedy hard liners.
    2. Scholars had always feel the real meaning of democracy(realization of self).

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hari Sharma:
    One of the biggest problems is that India, US, EU etc. want to see a reconciliation between the parties and the King. They certaily don’t want the Maoists and the parties united toppeling the King. My guess is that the Indian envoy probably conveyed this message to the parties – they should accept the King’s offer and reconcile.
    Which leaves the Nepali people where we were because the Maoist problem will continue to presist. The parties are also in a difficult position right now. They are under pressure to accept the King’s proposal- things are getting desperate in KTM and Indians, Americans are twisting their arms. This means they will probably have to screw the Maoists over.

    This is such a complicated situation!

  16. ug from papua Avatar
    ug from papua

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  17. blogwatch Avatar

    It is Nepali people who are in the street. It is Nepali who died. We need support of international community but we have a right to decide our own destiny. KG had addressed partially the issues of the road map to destiny of self determination. I hope the SPA leaders will not go for the lollypop but lead people to the destiny of self determination. Let us make sure in future Nepali people will not be dictated by any KG-like or MB-stalinist rule or idiot leaders of SPA.

  18. rijan shrestha Avatar
    rijan shrestha

    I agree with ug from papua.

    Enough is enough. I have come up with another ‘grand design'(this time Nepelese would love it). But I need something. Does anyone have a gun?

  19. G-Hangman Avatar

    You are turning into a bit Royalist when you say parties “are under pressure to accept the King’s proposal.” This is baseless and presumptuous. Any evidence to back up your conclusive remark? Has any SPA member given hint to you or the media or people that they do not have options when the option is all clear to secure people’s fundamental right to choose a political system of governing a country?
    This is the pertuberance, a crack, into your disguise, or is it? Have I been really tricked into believing that you are a fellow warrior? Have you been a mole all this time and I had no clue? I thought I was smarter than this.

    Let me assure you (no bullshit) that
    we will not stop until we make KG leave. For the record, there is no confusion among Nepali people or parties unless you are a Royalist.

  20. coke Avatar

    DETAILS of HM’s Agreement with India

    1. Maoists will be stopped from coming to power even power will be handed over to seven parties.

    2. Unitedly fight the common scourge of terrorism.

    3. Establish democratic norms and initiate a dialogue with parties and form an all-party government acceptable to all.

    4. India to take needful steps if Maoists don’t accept the democratic process.

  21. coke Avatar

    UG from papua or Maobadi from Delhi

  22. Deepak Raj Nepal Avatar
    Deepak Raj Nepal

    This is a message of ploy. The king is using a trick to save himself from constitutional assembly. Now the voice of people should not be stopped and has to move until the people won’t get loktantra.

  23. ug from papua Avatar
    ug from papua

    Sure u r not a Pepsi, Same I’m democracy supporter from Papua.

  24. Aalok Avatar

    This is just another Friday drama repeated. Look back the calander you will find out.

    In 2046 BS, Birendra tried the same tactic by appointing Lokendra Bahadur Chand right before the revolution reached its peak. And Gyane is just repeating the histroy.

    Time is not to bow for the king, but to make him bow in front of the Nepalease people to go for constitution assembly through referendum or without referendum.

    Two points that needs to be in the referendum is that

    1) Whether the present constitution is fine.(That means there will be the KING with his article 127 and powerless political parties in power with hattiko Dara)

    2) OR Two go for unconditional constitution assembly where people would make new constitution which might or might not keep the king (as ceremonial, constitutional or tyrant).

    This might be the solution. But appointing another man to be a neo-puppet of Gyane babu is not the solution.
    In the mean time (all the records of the human rights violation must be investigated and punished>>. to punish we need law right… so we can jsut investigate and put them in jail.. we can punish them after making the law 🙂

    Those of you who thinks present proclamation is good: Go and read article 35, you will figure out why Paras ko babu needs to be kicked out 😦

  25. Ram Prasad Avatar
    Ram Prasad




  26. kakataal Avatar

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  27. Jilla Bashi Avatar
    Jilla Bashi

    Can somebody update me how is the situation in Kathmandu, this morning:

    People’s sentiments,
    presence of security,
    shops and supplies,

  28. sanam Avatar

    People’s sentiments: Defiant, Angry
    Presence of security: Little less,
    Transportation: No petrol, diesel; No transport
    Shops and supplies: You don’t get what you want, you have to take what you get.
    Conclusion: Tougher time ahead. Mahila has badly let us down, for the fifth time. He will have to pay for it.

  29. jeewan Avatar

    i know there are millions of people on the streets across nepal without knowing where they are going. at the end of the day, you would need a direction and do something to get what you wanted.
    since the king has agreed to work under the decisions of council of ministers, i think the parties should take this oppertunity to;

    1. form an interim government (with inclusion of maoists if they wanted to),

    2. recommend for the revival of the parliament (because an interim government wont be able to strip off the king’s power or put the army under the parliament),

    3. disarm maoists, go to constituent assembly elections etc.

    i dont understand who the political parties are waiting for. on one hand they want the king to give up power. On the other hand, they want the king to declare the CA elections and revival of the house? but if king makes such important declararions/decisions then is he being more powerful not less. it should be the governmnet of the parties that should make such important decisions not the king. Makes sense?

  30. chandra Avatar

    dhurta gyane.

    aba tyas lai padchyut garera, pension ma rakhnu parcha wa deshdroha ko mudda lagayera, kapal charpate mudera, desh nikala garnu parcha.

    enough is enough.

    hey, for ordianry people like us ” we were pushed to the wall by this so called self appointed chairman”.

    now is the time of retrubitution. remember, 2046 ko janandolan pachi, Mallik aayog ko pratibedan karbahi nagarda, ahile ko kamal thapa, marichey,ra 14 anchal ka anchaladhish haru ko awasesh haru cha……yini harulai sada ko lagi bidai garchu.

    i heartly request all Maobadi cadres to get ready for retribution and all democracry loving nepalese to once again be vigilant for the misdeeds from any quarters.

    Jay Nepal. Jay Nepali

  31. Jilla Bashi Avatar
    Jilla Bashi

    Sanam, thanks for the update.

    Let’s hope that this pivotal moment of history will take a right direction by tonight.

  32. sanam Avatar

    “but if king makes such important declararions/decisions then is he being more powerful not less. it should be the governmnet of the parties that should make such important decisions not the king. Makes sense?”
    No, in my humble opinion, it doesn’t.
    1. He should have withdrawn all unconstitutional decisions taken since October 4 coup.
    2. He has no roght to ask ‘sifaris’ for PM. He should unconditionally ask parties to form government.
    3. Such a government will have all authority under interim arrangement of constitution Article 128.
    4. Anything less is a trap.
    5. Mahila sahu wants to discredit, divide and tire out opposition.
    Makes sense?

  33. kaushal Avatar

    This grand design of Indian diplomacy is nothing else but aimed at creating a fertile ground for the Greater Buffer Zone between India and China. Why did India had to intervene right at this time but not in 2002 when King G sacked Deba Government or 14 months ago when King G took over? Why now only?what had happened then? Prime minister of India was Manmohan singh at that time too ( 14 months ago).Indian Intelligence knew it well that had they intervened at that time and made king negotiate with parties there wouldnt have been so much protests, there werent that much in fact. Here is the crux of the matter: Now the time is ripe enough to hatch the seeds of their New Himalayan Order. Honest and patriotic Nepali people will settle for nothing less than a republic now,nepalese now are determined to make their destiny themselves,either parties join king’s call or not,people will continue their struggle for absolute democracy without monarchy. India has srtuck the right chord in accordance with Chinese silence by which they want to prove that Nepal is a failed state and it be governed by Indian security Umbrella’s concept.In the days to come the big brother will keep on sending his messengers to nepal and hatch conspiracies. There is more at risk than we had during Sugauli Sandhi of 1871.Then we lost greater shares of our land to the colonialists ( now India) but this time we might may not lose land itself but we will lose dignity,independence and liberty at the hands of colonialists and monarchy.So SPA leaders beware! look at all the treaties that have been negotiated by India on part of king in our history: it always smells stench odors of conspiracy.let this not be the case this time!

    ganatantra Jindabad

  34. viewtech Avatar

    if Parties want CA, then they should be in the government and go for the CA. What makes the CA would be free and fair under the king. Hypocrites

  35. Concerned Nepali Avatar
    Concerned Nepali

    Jai Nepal!
    Let me tell you the bottom line that I think.

    Let me tell you something. Who is on the front line?? People who suffered the most.

    Why did people suffer??, because the Selfish ones only thought about themselves,their pocekts and their suti suti khane bato for the rest of their lives.

    Who should revolt and fight for their sovereignty?? People.

    Why??, because we have to fight for our own rights, no one will do it for us.

    Who is right so far in the past, King, NO. Political Parties, NO. People, YES.

    Therefore, people, please do not let go this golden opportunity pass away. We should all do whatever we can, wherever we are. If we are in the country, we should go and revolt. If we are outside, we should inspire, pray to Lord Pashupati Nath or Whom ever you believe in, let peace prosper in Nepal. Let the naïve, innocent child in Nepal, who will open their eyes for the first time, see the ray of sunshine that promises them of peaceful future. A country that will fulfill his/her basic necessity and make it worth living this life by doing something, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPAL.

    I pray every morning, to every God out there, if he is just, he will listen. Let the tyrants vanish with dripping blood on the very soil they tried to ruin. Let the People flourish in the very soil they cut their sweet for the “Live and Let Live” future.

    I can never forget Nepal, because that’s where I opened my eyes for the first time, and One day, I want to close my eyes for the last time.

    A Concerned and Praying Nepali.

  36. viewtech Avatar

    and if you want to abdicate the king, do it the lenin way.

  37. Seshyan Nepal Avatar
    Seshyan Nepal

    The people out in the streets and this blog are only a tiny fraction of the population of Nepal. Get a grip folks, the majority of the people in Nepal want this stalemate to end and get on with their daily business. If the SPA has any sense, they should grab the chance and form a government, bring the Maoists to the mainstream (punish the reponsible leaders for murdering many innocent people) like I said earlier. You all can croak till you go hoarse but nothing gonna change until the parties come to their senses.

  38. one idea Avatar
    one idea

    Parties should refuse KG’s offer, but when the time finally does come (through republic or, if must be, a cermonial monarchy)..

    What about Dr. Mathura Prasad Shrestha for PM? He is one of the most ethical and compassionate leaders in Nepal, and he’s always stood out (and apart from the SBD, GPK and others) against corruption. Very dedicated to the wellbeing of Nepali people. btw, here’s an interview with him:

  39. G-Hangman Avatar

    Did you see the anti-Nepali alliance between [icd] king Gyanendra and [icd] Singh, Mohan Samsher’s grandson-in-law?
    Kill [icd]: kill [icd].
    Down with the UWB!
    Without Wagle and Acharya, my comments appear, if they do at all, after 3 days.

  40. NSU USA Avatar

    NEPAL STUDENTS’ UNION, USA & Canada Chapter

    47-05,45 street, Suite #A.5

    Woodside, New York, NY 11377, USA

    Tel. & Fax # 718 472 2018


    Press Statement

    Warning to Seven Party Alliance’s Leaders. Beware!!! Beware!!! Beware!!!

    Chairman Gyanendra Shah’s Speech to the Nation could not address the People’s roadmap to peace, democracy and the demand of the constituent assembly.
    Now leaders have no option but to recognize the bottom line – an election to constituent assembly. It is only the demand of the people. We don’t want to be fooled anymore. We warn our SPA leaders not to be another Sher Bahadur Deuba.

    Mr.Chairman’s speech is just a conspiracy to divide the unity of Seven Party Alliance. Chairman Gyanendra Shah has violated the constitution of 1990 and it is a “DEAD CONSTITUTION”. NSU USA & Canada Chapter demands for a new constitution through the election of constituent assembly.

    The royal speech has failed to address even the agenda of seven-party alliance. We appeal to leaders, not to be confused by this ploy. Thousands of people are in the streets chanting anti-king slogans with a hope of establishing a new Nepal, People’s Republic of Nepal. People are ready to sacrifice their lives to make New Nepal. SPA leaders must fully commit to their roadmap to peace and democracy and cannot go against the people’s desire expressed in the street protests.

    Mr. Chairman has also failed to address the demand of people’s movement that aimed to resolve the existing crisis through unconditional constituent assembly. Therefore, the leaders of SPA must not betray people by compromising with the king. If they do so, they will be punished by the people.

    Now it will be easier for us to go for Republican set up as Chairman Gyanendra Shah has himself paved a way for a republican Nepal. The ongoing movement must not stop unless a fair election of Constituent Assembly is held.

    We are in 21st century and the demand of this century is Kingless Nepal. Nepali people have decided to move forward leaving the King behind to 17th century. There is a saying,” Time and Tide waits for none”, including Chairman Gyanendra Shah.

    Lastly, NSU USA & Canada Chapter urges again and again to the leaders of SPA that please do not be like Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba.

    Somnath Ghimire
    NSU USA & Canada Chapter
    New York, USA

    April 21, 2006

  41. Tree Avatar

    King has addressed too less too late. It will work if he addressed before chaitra 24th.,Now time is running out of him. Now “Do or die ” time has come to all Nepalese. Nepalese must show whether they can stand with their own feet or not, against international support to king..

  42. Kirat Avatar

    So far I have refrained from making a post after the King’s speech. But after much soul searching here are my thoughts :-

    The Players

    1.The SPA owes a big debt of gratitude to India-they came to it’s aid in 1990, they helped it form an alliance with the Maoists in Delhi recently and well Karan Singh’s message from the Indian PM we all know has helped. Can the SPA afford to turn it’s back on India’s call? I seriously doubt it.

    2. The Maoists also owe a huge debt to India. Everyone knows the top Maoist leaders have always been provided safe shelter there. Without secret Indian support the Maoists could never have become so strong-that I think is more or less an agreed fact. The Maoists too would think twice before double crossing the Indians.

    3. The King is now really isolated and his throne now depends on the munificence of the Indians and the US and too some extent the loyalty and resources of the RNA. I really don’t think the Chinese will interfere. They have always being saying it’s an internal matter of Nepal. He is now at present powerless-I say present because if the SPA srews up like before he will get his chance again.

    4. The Nepali people I think are a confused lot. There seem to be very strident calls for a republic from some sections, others would be content with a ceremonial monarch and others still don’t care as long as there is peace and stability meaning they can get on with their lives. However the majority in my opinion want democracy and freedom but also strongly desire for peace.


    Pushing ahead for a republic has it’s dangers. The king would not give up without a fight and hence there would be bloodshed. The common people would suffer a lot. Also India and the US would probably not support this move and would try to rein in the SPA and the Maoists. Even a relatively short struggle of say six months would lead to the economic collapse of the country. Even after a republic was won there would still be the dangers of political stability especially if the Maoists have not surrendered their weapons. It is still not known how much the Maoists can be trusted and how the remnants of the RNA would act. Bangladesh, Pakistan and to some extent Sri Lanka has witnessed several coups in the 70s, 80s right up to the 90s. Of course if a proper stable republic could be maintained after gaining a republic it would be really great-but realistically chances of instability are higher.

    Ceremonial Monarchy
    That leaves us to the ceremonial monarch with no powers type of democracy like that of the UK. Can this king be trusted not to make another power grab in the future? The answer is a big no. The son also probably harbours ambitions of grandeur which does not harbour well. However if the SPA moves in the right direction they can enlist the support of the Nepali people, India and the US to sever the ties that bind the RNA and the King. All the senior Thakuri generals, commanders must be retired. Perhaps the UN can be invited to assist in re-organizing and re-orienting the RNA into a proper, professional army so that it has no allegiance to the King or anyone but to the constitution of Nepal. If it takes 10 years of UN involvement so be it. Done in a proper manner I do not think the Indians would object. Further laws must be passed so that the King is shorn of all executive powers and the royal family also becomes subject to the laws of the land. Once the king loses the support of the army and has no recourse to the constitution for a power grab the threat of a royal coup is eliminated. Utmost priority to neutralize the king by taking away his control of the army and their present allegiance to him and effecting laws to ensure he has no executive power whatsoever is an immediate and urgent must. Overtime, say ten years down the road, if the people still clamour for a republic, a referendum instead of a bloody damaging revolution would give them a republic.

    Our country is at a very critical juncture. Can we afford to gamble with the lives and future of nearly 30 million people? What guarantees are there that once we obtain a republic that we will obtain stability? I am not anti-republic in theory I am for it but at this moment in our country’s history is it suitable?

    What guarantees are there that a democracy with a ceremonial monarchy will work? None. But it is the path of least resistance, least hardship for our people. Done properly by our representatives and with the US and India as allies it can work. The royal family can be made mere spectators by following proper policies and strategies.

    In the end guys whatever system we adopt it has to benefit the Nepali people. A republic would do it as well as a ceremonial monarchy in theory but honestly which would be easier to attain and which would be more stable in the longer run?

    So no prizes for guessing what option I’d like our people to take. But my opinion does not have to be right, it might be wrong. But before we scream for this or that please think of the nearly 30 million desperately poor Nepali brothers and sisters. I don’t want them to suffer anymore.

  43. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I am not turning into a royalist I don’t know why you say that. I was meraly speculating what the parties are facing. That’s what people do here – speculate, share ideas etc. I mean how many of us really know what we are talking about or know the real fact?
    And how does me saying “I think the parties are under pressure” make a me a Royalist?? I think you are confused.
    But don’t worry you are still smart…

  44. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    On a more serious note…

    Good analysis. However, I have never been able to figure out what India’s position has been on the Maoists. India has long held that they want to see a reconciliation between the Parties and the King – there is no mention of the Maoists in their framework. I can’t imagine that they would like to see the Maoist gain legitamicy because they don’t want to set any kind of precedence…. Could it be that the Indians are pressuring the parties to take the King’s offer?

  45. Kirat Avatar

    Both the SPA and the Maoists I am sure.

  46. bob Avatar

    I used to believe in monarchy,but this monarch has done everything wrong in every possible way,therefore i think we should have a republic of”NEPAL”, and i would be proud to be associated with my motherland.

  47. Nepali Avatar

    Nepali people must accomplish what they are fighiting for – an election of constituent assembly – which will determine wheather we want monarchy or not. This will be the permanent solution to resolve a dacade-long bloodshed that the country has been facing. Until then we must fight aginst any kind of “SADYANTRA”.

  48. ug from papua Avatar
    ug from papua

    Your concern may right. But unless Maoist comes to main stream politics, our country never be peace. Their bloody bloodshed never ends. In this circumstances people will suffer continue. Therefore for long run peace (can’t say permanent) it is necessary to come to Maoist with weapon and handover to UN. Then final solution is CA, though it will take might be 1 or 2 years.

    In the transition period if KG want to be as a Sweden Monarch (not any other country) then all right. My opinion he will prefer exile, rather than to be a like Sweden Monarch.

  49. jeewan Avatar

    even though thoughts of having Paras as the king are pretty scary, i do think we should have a ceremonial king (like an animal in a zoo) for a little while. not because i love gynendra but its in country’s best interest for the time being.

    by the way, Bhudai Pundit, do you think the people on the streets demanding a republic understand or care about the role of India or USA in Nepalese politics? so forming agovernment as per the interests of india or USA is not going to work. it has been proved long ago.

  50. jeewan Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit,
    and i should also admit that your faith for international powers in nepalese politics is simply amazing.

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