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  • Images from the Maoist Mass Meeting in Kathmandu-I

    Photo blog by Dinesh Wagle First of Two Parts. Here is the second part. Who cares about those boring speeches in this heat: Instead take a nap or pick your ear! It was an impressive show but the number of participants in today’s Maoist Mass Meeting wasn’t as much as it was publicized to be. […]

  • Nepal Celebrates Historic Democratic Achievement

    Victory rallies organized around the country. People warn of dire consequences if anyone dares to go against the Parliament Declaration Tens of thousands of jubilant Nepali people Friday participated in victory rallies organized around the country to celebrate Thursday’s historic Parliament Proclamation. While celebrating the achievement, they were cautious about possible fight back by the […]

  • Painting The Royal Away: We Will Never Forget This

    As overwhelming majority of Nepali people are ready to get rid of monarchy from Nepal, people have started to remove signs and symbols of monarchy from public places. Take the photo above as an example. Artists today deleted the word ‘royal’ from a sign board at Nepal Association of Fine Arts (NAFA) this afternoon. NAFA […]

  • The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come V

    Monitoring Maoist activities in Nepal. A photo blog Comrades, look at his eyes, if you can His Story: His name is Sanjeev Kumar. He is eight years old. What happened to him? Ask the Maoist comrades. Okay, even if they don’t tell us, the boy will definitely reveal the truth. Here is the story: He […]

  • Live From The War Zone. Thokarpa Aerial Attack

    Royal Nepalese Army attacked from air to the Moaists mass meeting at the Bagh Bhairav Secondary School, Thokarpa, Sindhupalchowk District killing at least four rebels and a civilains. UWB! blogger Bhojraj Bhat was covering the outlawed party’s mass meeting and saw everything with his own eyes. “Thank god,” he says after returning Kathmandu. “I am […]

  • Indigenous Nepalis Rally Against Autocracy

    Whispering Against Autocracy? Two ladies talk to each other this afternoon while participating in a mass meeting organized to protest the autocracy of king Gyanendra in Basantapur, Kathmandu. Before this, several hundred people indigenous Nepalis affiliated with various organizations took out a rally chanting anti-king slogans. They were supporting the April 6-9 general strike and […]

  • Nepalis in Europe Deliver Message To Their Prince

    See the equation, do the math: It wasn’t exactly the kind of welcome that the Crown Prince Paras wanted to see in Europe. There were no prajas clapping hands and bowing heads to receive him in Paris. Informed and empowered people were saying something that he didn’t probably wanted to hear. Prince is in Europe […]