Loose Talk Indeed! [Mr. Chairman, Better Mind Your Tongue!]

Why is Prachanda so reckless when it comes to his public utterances? The answer could be worrying. By Ameet Dhakal Public perception of leaders changes with time. But the public image of Maoist Chairman Prachanda is changing rather fast. Before the April Movement, when the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) was still at war, theContinue reading “Loose Talk Indeed! [Mr. Chairman, Better Mind Your Tongue!]”

Nepali Politics: In Defense of the "Non-intellectual"

By Dr Pramod Dhakal The English-educated and Internet savvy Nepalese have started a number of mailing lists that pour emails at a rate that there are not enough hours in the day to read them all. Involved in these groups are some self proclaimed “intelligent” and “educated” cyber-friends who love to edify the self. AlthoughContinue reading “Nepali Politics: In Defense of the "Non-intellectual"”

Moriarty Musing: Bye Bye Nepal But I couldn't Shake Prachanda's Hand…

…because of Pushpa Dahal’s failure- and his party’s failure- to renounce violence. Speech by U.S. Ambassador James F. Moriarty To Friends and Supporters of the Community Information Center, Pokhara on June 12, 2007Shangri-La Hotel, Pokhara Thank you all very much for coming today. It is a pleasure to be back in Pokhara again. Soon IContinue reading “Moriarty Musing: Bye Bye Nepal But I couldn't Shake Prachanda's Hand…”

How Can The Declaration of Republic of Nepal Be Legitimate?

What counts in Democracy is the majority of the vote of people, their aspiration, their sentiment and their demand for the fundamental change that will establish their rights to ‘self-governance’, and ‘self-determination’ in nation building process. Therefore, the legitimacy of the declaration of the Republic solely depends on the aspiration of people that can beContinue reading “How Can The Declaration of Republic of Nepal Be Legitimate?”

Loktantra and Ground Reality

In view of these unwarranted events, for average Nepalese, a change in political leadership and declaration of Loktantra is yet to bear any significant fruit. By Chattra Bahadur Officially Baisakh 11, 2064 was declared as Loktantra Diwas and the celebrations were spread over three days. The leaders of major political parties took an opportunity toContinue reading “Loktantra and Ground Reality”

Deciphering Nepal’s Recent Turmoil

By Biswo Poudel in Berkeley, CA “The passion of men for equality is ardent, insatiable, eternal, and invincible” (De Tocqueville, 1860) For a brief moment last winter, it seemed as if Nepal was on the brink of being disintegrated. The demands made by Janajati, Madhesi and other groups made the political environment muddled. There wereContinue reading “Deciphering Nepal’s Recent Turmoil”

The Maoists in 'Lose-Lose Situation'

The recent escalating violence between the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) and the Maoists, and level of brutality involved therein, indicates that some groups are indeed well-prepared to answer the Maoists in the same language that the Maoists spoke and understood the best. By Chattra Bahadur We have had mixed results in terms ofContinue reading “The Maoists in 'Lose-Lose Situation'”