Loktantra and Ground Reality

In view of these unwarranted events, for average Nepalese, a change in political leadership and declaration of Loktantra is yet to bear any significant fruit.

By Chattra Bahadur

Officially Baisakh 11, 2064 was declared as Loktantra Diwas and the celebrations were spread over three days. The leaders of major political parties took an opportunity to self-congratulate on this occasion. There was usual rhetoric of achievements and what future holds. They didn’t forget to exorcise evil spirits of ‘regressive’ and ‘reactionary’ forces, and also made the Nepalese aware that they are doing their best to keep these demons away. Their voices grew bolder and shriller when they vowed that they won’t let these dead demons rise from the grave. Of course, they promised to uphold the dreams of martyrs by clinging on to the power no-matter-what-may-come and as-long-as-possible till they fulfill the martyrs’ dreams. The only issue that didn’t find any mention is the current situation and possible strategies to overcome it. Perhaps, strong commitment and over-emphasis on immediate declaration of republic state was thought as a panacea of all ills in the short-run and the long-run.

The civic society and human-rights activists, who had been associate and collaborator of the political parties during Loktantric movement in April previous year, did not find any significant reason to share the same enthusiasm as the political parties did. They had a rather long list of aggravations, allegations and complaints. They unequivocally expressed dismay at the political brinkmanship of the coalition partners, instead of moving united towards the agreed-upon goal of holding the Constituent Assembly elections at the earliest to create ‘new’ Nepal and equitable society. In the end, they issued stern warning to initiate and lead Janandolan III if the political parties continued to ignore the ‘people’s mandate’ of Janandolan II.

Even on the backdrop of Loktantra Diwas, ever-present and all-pervasive dynamism of the Nepalese politics was evident. There was an unique exercise to bring all the left-leaning political parties under the republican banner. It appears that this broad alliance is being explored at the insistence of Indian Communist leader, Sitaram Yechuri, who was here to participate in a program organized to mark Loktantra Diwas. The media reported that the leaders of the left-leaning political parties were hopeful that this alliance would work out. Perhaps their hope emanates due to ‘Yechuri-effect’. However, the Nepalese political history shows that the leftist parties are very susceptible to disintegration because of ideological differences and personality clashes. At the same time, this proposed broad alliance hasn’t clearly indicated who would lead this alliance. As of now, there are two large left-leaning parties in the Interim Parliament with considerable clout – the Maoists and the CPN (UML). It is unlikely that either of two would be willing to accept the leadership of another in this alliance. Secondly, previous attempt of the CPN (UML) to form such broad alliance hasn’t been successful with smaller left parties accusing the CPN (UML) of domineering posture. Thirdly, except of the CPN (UML), other left parties have limited political base and negligible electoral significance – it is unlikely that they would increase the strength of the alliance to a great extent in the Constituent Assembly. Since the Maoists aren’t tested in the electoral battle as yet, it is inappropriate to speculate regarding their possible standing. Currently, negotiations and brainstorming are being held. In near future, there may be some developments in this regard.

The million-dollar question at present is whether the Constituent Assembly elections will be held in time. There is also a growing concern that whether it would be held at all. Because of adamancy on various issues posed by the very stakeholders, who continuously revert to the holy hymn of the Constituent Assembly elections when faced with any difficulty, it has been already postponed twice. At the same time, sluggish pace of the Interim government and unpredictable gestures of the coalition partners fail to provide reassurance. Earlier, the Election Commission clearly stated that conducting the Constituent Assembly elections isn’t possible as long as (1) the required laws aren’t framed and promulgated; and (2) security situation doesn’t improve. Even the UN and the international community have reiterated that the Constituent Assembly elections won’t be possible and meaningful if the demands of various interest-groups aren’t addressed. However, there is lackluster response in this front. Though the committee was formed earlier and now there is a new convener of this committee, there is no perceptible difference in the functioning. In fact, we are exactly in the same position as we were before without any viable solution at sight.

And there is new Frankenstein in the form of the Youth Communist League (YCL). The Maoists leadership had presented convincing justification that YCL was created for the Nepalese youth to serve as an outlet to be involved in nation-building and also in various activities of the Maoists. Dr. Bhattrai had earlier spoken about able-bodied youth with defense training being imperative to safeguard the nation and national interest. On contrary to these justifications, the activists of YCL are showing increasingly violent behavior and served largely as storm-troopers of the Maoists. Instead of being involved in nation-building, they are involved in wide-scale arson and mayhem. They have strong inclination to take law into their hands and act as trigger-happy desperados. Their notable handiworks till date are widespread destruction of statues of the kings, beating of an hotelier in Kathmandu, and beating of an industrialist in Biratnagar. The general impression now is that YCL is largely the Maoists’ mechanism to spread red terror, and a potent weapon to force others into coercion and intimidation. Prominent leader of the Nepali Congress has already pointed out that the Maoists are training YCL to disrupt and rig the Constituent Assembly elections.

In view of these unwarranted events, for average Nepalese, a change in political leadership and declaration of Loktantra is yet to bear any significant fruit. There is a need for the political leaders that only rhetoric without any tangible and visible change doesn’t provide comfort.







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  1. Utshab Pokhrel Avatar

    I didn’t celebrate the lokatantra Day this time coz there is no any democratic progress and practices in the period of this one year. Only the drama of power transformation from the one autocrat to another non democrat (democratic in the languages but the same as like previous in practice).

    I had become so much happy in past Baisakh 11, there is no any words to express but this time i become that much sad and feel shame to myself. Where is democracy as we people had dreamed while participating actively without any hesitation and the scared in the rallies at the time of Curfew? Is the day we Nepali People have expected? If it is the complete democracy then i don’t need it. Why i shuold be happy?

    Gyanendra Shah is moving here and there as he used to move in the past. He is showing same behaviour. He is ingoring all the declarations openly and challenging to th people’s power. But, there is no any actions against him. How this governemnt become the supreme body while it doesn’t punish a person who is openly teasing all the decisions made by the government and the supreme body of the people?

    In the name of communal rights, criminal activities is increasing day by day but the government can do nothing more than being a passive viewer. The socalled groups are announcing their states and forcing the people to live within their interest and their declarations. People are compelled and are facing lots fo problems but the government has done nothing.

    The situation has worsened so much that any individual or group can do anything in the name of politics and their communal rights. Innocent people are killing day by day, abcucting from anywhere and are compelled to live in terror all arround the country but there is no any proper security to any individual.

    While there is no any single security personnesl provided of 3 thousands general people, an individual is moving keeping 3000 of security personnel in his personal interest. This is the reality of our country.

    Sometimes i laugh so loud at myself that i as a responsible people of the country also can do nothing more than being a passive viewer and a follower of any kind of orders and activities of such socalled groups whether i m feeling comfortable or not it doesn’t matter. There is no any questions and answers of the rights.

  2. noname Avatar

    Utshab Pokrel

    Well the Tike Parliament has no authority to Do anything against anyone…forget about King Gyanendra. Your Tike government doesn’t even believe in elections, so let’s forget about Democracy and Loktantra.

    You seem like a cadre and comrade of SPAM warlords too, other than that I wonder who else took part ‘fearlessly’ in the Mob and Goon movement of April, 2006.

    And now, this article presents one side of the story…the horror being spread by the Maoist warlords…let’s have another one on the horror by SPA warlords.

  3. sagarmatha Avatar

    People had imagined about “utopia-rule” after Janaandolan-2. But found just opposite. That is why the participation from general public sector found less even in the first year of celebration.

    We have more numbers of parliament members than India (which is 27 times bigger than us in size). They are being paid with our tax for nothing but just to obey the instruction of three Chatur bajes; Girija, Prachanda and Madhav.

  4. Kishan Avatar

    Desperate appeal – Anyone out there who can help free Nepal from its hijackers???

  5. U2 Avatar

    Loktantra, my ass. Empty word that no one can seem to define. A concept no one can explain coherently.

    Amazing how we Nepalese expect things to change just because we create a new buzzword. Democracy in 2046, Loktantra last year, Republic this year. Pretty soon, we will run out of labels – and yet we will keep banging our heads on the wall, hoping that the next one will be THE answer to all of our problems.

    Catchy words don’t bring about changes. People and their actions do. People who can think critically, mobilize a nation of apathetic and uninformed citizens, and lead them in new directions. Unfortunately, all we have is a group of intellectually challenged and criminally inclined politicians at the helm.

    Hopes for a New Nepal? Dream on. Not in this lifetime.

  6. Rame Avatar

    They are the same old power hunngry psycopaths; i personally do not exect a different outcome. As long as these hyenas remain in power all they are going to do is suck every drop of blood out of ordinary citizens and pocket every penny they can, thats all they are good for and that all they will do.

    We need a new genaration of visonary leaders

  7. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Chattra Bahadur:
    Let me commend you on a very well written, well balanced article!!! Good job – keep up the good work.

  8. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I said this months ago: beware of the YCL! This is THE single biggest threat to peace and stability.

  9. Patriot Avatar

    Good article

  10. BG Corner Avatar

    Without the change in the attitude of the political folks, nothing is going to happen.
    Call it , Prajatantra or loktantra or jantantra, attitude is feudal. who is democratic? Girija? Madhav? Prachanda?

  11. GM Dollar Avatar

    YCL is a threat. so are others. Don’t forget the lackeys of the king.

  12. BG Corner Avatar
    BG Corner

    hello Bhudai,
    don’t forget the lackeys of the king. they too are a threat along with the YCL.

    Moreover, without a drastic change in t he attitude of the political folks, nothing good is going to happen in recent future. reiterate “loktanra’ or recall “prajatantar” or rename it “janatantra”, everyone’s attitude is feudal.

    BG Corner

  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    GM Dollar:
    The King does indeed have lackeys I’ll give you that. Take that psycho ‘noname’ who keeps coming to this blog and writes “SPAMER” “WARLORD”. But you can’t even begin to compare the Royal Lackeys with the YCL. The Royal lackeys, as far as I know, don’t go around beating businessmen, intimidating people, taking the law into their own hands etc. I certainly don’t want to be Sujata Koirala’s mouthpiece but her claims that the YCL are being trained with the intent of rigging CA polls isn’t too off the mark. The YCL is a very serious issue which really needs to be nipped in the bud.

  14. GM Dollar Avatar

    Yes bhudai,
    You are true. But more threat is from others even UML and NC. They fight for bone. Maoists want flesh. Royalists want the whole body.

  15. manan Avatar

    The YCL, is, I understand the “youth wing” of the Maoist party. Youths are prone to hooliganism. Prachanda ( or whoever is really in charge ) appears to be trying to copy his mentor Mao exactly. Remember the Red Guards, the Chinese Cultural Revolution? Nothing affected Chinese communism’s image as drastically as they did. Of course, the Red Guards were themselves modeled on Hitler’s Browshirts ( as is the Shiv Sena and the the VHP’s Bajrang Dal–proof that any extremist ideology is prone to rousing youth to do its bidding ).

    I don’t know any way of putting down a bunch of young hooligans except by brute force. That’s what happened in China, when the PLA was finally brought in to restore order. ( The PLA had initially supported the Red Guards. )

    The problem with creating “youth wings” for the sake of an extremist ideology is that those youths often forget the ideology and just go on an orgy of destruction for its own sake. That happened in China. Later versions of Red Guards were happy only to break things ( like centuries old Chinese artifacts ) and beat people up ( they liked college professors, doctors and other timid types best. Hit them between the eyes, break their glasses ) without caring for the particular ideology they were supposed to be enforcing.

    They caused so much destruction to universities that for four years universities virtually shut down.

  16. Sarbottam Avatar

    Every country deserves the leaders it gets… was it Churchill who said it? What did we expect when Gyane capitulated last year? That these other bands of murderers would save Nepal?
    The Rana regime was democratic enough for the Ranas, the Panchayat was the best for panches, Gyane and their men had the best system they could have ever imagined.. and the going is good for the SPA and Maoists.
    The Nepali people should get real. Maybe we’re the problem here. Like Ganesh Man said once, the Nepali people celebrate when the king jails their leaders and they celebrate when he is forced to free those same leaders.
    Six constitutions and on our way to a seventh? What does this tell us. The Nepali people are their worst enemies. And what are we going to do about it?

  17. Real Avatar

    Reality: Movement that started with sticks is now near to Republic, tesaile aba YCL ra Maoists le k garchha herdai jaau samantiharu, timiharu bhukerai chhitta bujau.

  18. matribhumi Avatar

    I agree biggest threat that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible is this YCL…thugs and goons.

  19. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    “Sushil Koirala lashes out at YCL’s atrocities”

    Finally! I don’t have high regard for the NC but this time the congress have done it right! Where are the rest of the SPA?

  20. NepalBlood Avatar

    How can this dhoti dalal Yerchury come to ktm every 2 weeks make the political parties dance to his tune? Think about it. Can any indian step on Pakistani, Bangaladeshi or Sri Lankan soil and openly whoremonger like this? He would have been beaten, stabbed, mutilated, shot, urinated on, hanged, burnt, chopped into pieces and fed to dogs. (order and number of the events not strictly enforced).

  21. guyfromktm Avatar

    the only reality after Loktantra “establishment” is that the terrorist and currupt thugs have failed the Nepalese people very badly and they are taking this country down the drain.. that is the only reality that a commoner like me can see, understand and believe in…. sadly, that can be the only reality too..

  22. replytoall Avatar

    Personally speaking, I am almost at a point where I seriously do not care what happens in Nepal.

    Democracy ? and Nepal does not seem to go together. I see all the red hasiya hathuada flag in literally every corner of Nepal. I have always been a supporter of constitutional monarchy and I still am. If this were a democratic nation with democratic values and practices, people would give an equal right to my thought as well. Sadly, there is a big chance of getting beaten if I speak my thoughts in public. Now, how democratic is that is beyond my knowledge.

    Nepal as a nation has not even properly evolved and people are talking about revolution.

    In Nepal, one can rather not be scared of a local DADA or a goon, but one has to serioulsy be careful with this cotton pants, comb and copy wearing college guy. I seriously think so now a days.

    Loktantra is in Nepal…… people were dying for it like a horny ho…… now loktatantra is there………..EAT IT.

  23. sagarmatha Avatar

    Now the questions are being asked what we got from so-called Loktantra established by thugs spaM. They seems nothing but cheating us to safeguard their power and enjoy themselves. Now we have to fight for actual loktantra where each and everyone will have the room to say and live with comfort with communual harmony.

  24. q Avatar


    What’s up? Are you having a breakdown? Where are all the latest posts? What’s up with your site man?

  25. sagarmatha Avatar

    It cannot tolerate the negative comments.

  26. Guyfromktm Avatar

    its pathetic to see the NFIN and the so-called civil society group protest again in kathmandu today bringing traffic to a standstill.. why don’t these good for nothing dollar digging as* hol** from the self-proclaimed civil society group protest against all the failures of this govermentn and parliament– why can’t they for once talk in favor of the people and demand better performance for the thugs who are sitting on our time and financial resources and doing virtually NOTHING!! Why can’t they present ushpa Kamal from going to Ghandruk, Girija to Biratnagar and Nembang to NYC so that they are around to work on the problems faced by the nation as their FIRST priority!! B

  27. sagarmatha Avatar

    The long lines at gas stations are a sure sign this country is broke – Nepal Times.

    Now next after ADB, The World bank has threatened to keep out hand from Nepal due to lack of security and rule of law in Loktantra.

  28. Hira KAji Avatar
    Hira KAji

    Very good Article. It is a pleasant experience to learn that this site attracts intelligent, educated people and quality discussion.

  29. bhupen Avatar

    there should be law that will ban “bandas and chaaka jams” they only create more problems them solve any. Strikes and strikes and strikes, long live nepal and our way of doing the wrong things! Give a job to all nepalese and see if we will ever have bandas!!!

  30. deshbhakta Avatar

    yoooo!!!YCL haru lae ta hataunu parcha!!!!!sala pakhe haru!!!ok i agree they had helped alot in jana andolan!!it was for the country!!BUT NOW WHAT HAPPENED?WAD’S WRONG WITH THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!humanity bhane ta word matrai ho!!!sala haru lae!!desh chod banu parcha!
    ps-not tht am supporting monarchy!!!but still we just want a true patriotic leader!!ani tyasako lagi naya students haru lae chance dinnu parcha politics ma!!not just the kaam-nalagne-budo-baje haru!!!

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