The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come V

Monitoring Maoist activities in Nepal. A photo blog Comrades, look at his eyes, if you can His Story: His name is Sanjeev Kumar. He is eight years old. What happened to him? Ask the Maoist comrades. Okay, even if they don’t tell us, the boy will definitely reveal the truth. Here is the story: HeContinue reading “The Days Of Maoist Comrades Have Come V”

A Big Fat 'Illegal' Nepali Wedding

In Nepal, Marriage Is A Public Affair Where You Show Off Your Power and Property. Yes, Even If That Is Illegal. Because Who Can Touch An Army General Who Is Considered Above The Law? General’s Juwai: On the marriage day: pic taken on Sunday, May 14. Pic by Todd Krainin General’s Daughter, the Behuli. PicContinue reading “A Big Fat 'Illegal' Nepali Wedding”

They Want Republic Nepal… Jhyamma Jhyamma

After spending three weeks in the United States, blogger Dinesh Wagle is back in action on the politically sensitive streets of Kathmandu. If you go by the opinions on the street, you will conclude that everyone wants to see a Democratic Republic of Nepal. Yes, Bikash Sherpa included. All pics by Wagle Who is thisContinue reading “They Want Republic Nepal… Jhyamma Jhyamma”

Leaders Vow to Preserve People’s Power

Kalanki Chowk, that witnessed massacre of 4 protesters on April 20, today marked another milestone by paying condolences to them and vowing to continue fighting for loktantra. By Deepak Adhikari and Tilak Pathak Kalanki Calling: Around two lakhs people gathered in Kalanki today Pic by Prakash Mathema Every nook and corner of Kathmandu Valley isContinue reading “Leaders Vow to Preserve People’s Power”

Echoes of Painful Nepali Society

A Nepali doctor living in Australia pens his debut novel By Deepak Adhikari Saturday Blog Ravi Thapaliya, the writer of Echoes of Pain In an age of increasing numbers of reading (also buying, I guess) communities, a good book doesn’t remain long in the shelves of bookstores. But, not so in Nepal. When I fishedContinue reading “Echoes of Painful Nepali Society”

Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Color

Holi in Nepal has become a new game of egoism between boys and girls. Yes, sexual appeal is there. Pics by Bikash Karki Words by DW People of Nepal with Hindu religion celebrated Holi or the Fagu Purnima, the festival of color (and these days dirty water as well) with full enthusiasm. People in KathmanduContinue reading “Celebrating Holi, the Festival of Color”

Looking For Ram Bahadur Bamjom, the Buddha Boy of Nepal

There is no Buddha Boy meditating under the Peepal Tree. Searching efforts have begun as Nepalis and interested people around the world question how this happened and where the 16-year-old Ram Bahadur Bomjam might have gone. A photo blog by Upendra Lamichhane and Shankar Acharya Look Ma, there is no Buddha Boy. This is theContinue reading “Looking For Ram Bahadur Bamjom, the Buddha Boy of Nepal”