Bir­tamod­e, Bride and the Bandhs

Our blogger, home (East Nepal) to attend his sister’s marriage, finds himself stuck in series of Bandhs By Deepak Adhikari Saturday Blog It was 11 am. The preparation was almost ready. But, I was a bit restless. Now, becoming a brother of a bride is no cricket. It almost happened to be an impromptu wedding.Continue reading “Bir­tamod­e, Bride and the Bandhs”

Tulsi Giri Conference: No News Is Good News?

Dr. Tulsi Giri, Nepal’s royal deputy, organized a news conference to talk nothing Yes, Dr. Tulsi Giri repeated the stunt of waving a copy of the Constitution 1990 in today’s news conference. Today’s attraction: he waved a few other newspapers cuttings as well. Pic by Gopal Chitrakar via Kantipur So that was nothing but justContinue reading “Tulsi Giri Conference: No News Is Good News?”