Tag: Nepal in Transition

  • Madhesi Forum, Ignoring the Parliament, Sends Agitation Out of Control

    Even if these latest round of protests were part of pressure tactics, they must now be stopped because the parliament has addressed the demands of Madhesi people. As Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF or MPRF) continues claiming that the movement is going out of its control, violence created by its cadres has significantly grown in some […]

  • Janajati Nepal Banda: Royalists in Charge (and Other Headlines)

    Any idea who is Shekhar Gurung? I am sure you do know him. He came to limelight when Gyanendra’s autocracy was in climax. Shekhar Gurung was appointed the Zonal administrator, a post created by the royal regime to strengthen the autocratic hold in the state of affairs, for Bagmati Zone. With the restoration of democracy […]

  • Nepal in Transition: Public Trial For Past Crimes

    If we want to solve the Terai issue, we must first try the criminals- from Nepalgunj, Rhitik Roshan kanda, Iraq kanda till now. This is the first step to say ‘we are sorry’. This is the first step to restore social harmony. By Ram Bahadur Chhetri [This is not a real name] 1. Rhitik Roshan […]

  • A Minister Resigns to Play Vote Politics As Tension Continues in Eastern Terai

    Members of Armed Police Force (APF) heading towards eastern Terai where demonstrations are happening in the past 11 days. Five buses full of policemen passed from Chitwan. Pic by Dipendra Baduwal So Hridayesh Tripathi resigned from the Cabinet, huh? Why? This is his version: “The Seven Party Alliance (of which his party Nepal Sadbhabana Party […]

  • Fate of a King: Poor and Powerless Overnight

    By Ameet Dhakal News Editor, the Kathmandu Post The Shah Kings, through royal decree, usurped power and amassed wealth umpteen times during the last 238 years. But today (15 Jan) people have turned the tables on the monarchy: By proclaming a constitution invoking their sovereign rights the people have made the reigning king both poor […]

  • Nepal in Transition: Terai Secession Is a Myth

    As twin kids of the Maoists escalate their violence in eastern Terai in the name of the so called ‘Terai’ nation, it becomes increasingly difficult to see how any educated realist from Terai could ever support them. By Chhatra Bahadur [This article first appeared in a private discussion forum and UWB is publishing this article […]

  • Now, Restructuring State of Nepal Is the Key

    Preliminary political realism: Nepal had almost gotten the status of ‘failed sate’ recently and if the current political development fails to restructure the sate, country will soon fall back to the dark old stage of regression. By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York The landmark peace accord between SPA and the Maoists is historic though […]