Now, Restructuring State of Nepal Is the Key

Preliminary political realism: Nepal had almost gotten the status of ‘failed sate’ recently and if the current political development fails to restructure the sate, country will soon fall back to the dark old stage of regression.

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York

The landmark peace accord between SPA and the Maoists is historic though it is not immune to the challenges ahead. The fundamental challenge it faces is: Restructuring of the state. The failure of the post-1990 multi-party democracy lies in the inability to restructuring the state. Take this an example: popularly elected district chairpersons were ignored from forming a district administrative cabinet. Instead the major political party leaderships chose to continue with feudal oligarchic political tradition of appointing a government employee as district chief officer. To our surprise it is still in effect. This means the urgency of restructuring the state (with electoral democratic institutions in top priority) is yet to be materialized.

The most corrupt feudal oligarchic state bodies in practice (still in effect) are judiciary, law enforcement and district administration. Literally, the post-1990 multi-party democracy continued riding on these bodies blindly. The only difference the 1990 movement made in contemporary politics is the electoral strength of the lower house of the Parliament.

It is well known to the political leaderships of Nepal the fact that the two hundred fifty years old institution of monarchy had ruled the nation with no legitimate legislative (certain democratic legal procedures) body of the government. The nation was ruled with the feudal oligarchic executive body of the government under which judiciary, law enforcement, and army were managed.

Why couldn’t the post 1990 multi-party democracy check the corruption in the government? Obviously, the party leaderships took the easy ride on the reign of the old regime. Consequently there was neither restructuring of the state nor the institutions of the democracy from the grass-root level. It was a mere practice of democracy without addressing the fundamental socio-political and economic issues of the country. That is why the civil war of the armed peoples’ revolution began in the name of Maoists (communist) ideology.

We do not know how long it would have taken for the Maoists to arrive at this point without the people’s movement II. But we must appreciate Maoist leadership for their commitment to the peace accord and the restructuring of the state on the norms of the electoral democracy.

Restructuring fundamentals: We must eradicate government employees’ dominance over local government bodies with the electoral democratic procedures. For example, the current Supreme Court judges are not appointed with the electoral democratic procedures (Parliamentary hearing). They were appointed by the monarchy under the feudal oligarchic government procedures. However, their present demand for the independent judiciary is legitimate but such a demand is only democratically justifiable if the judges are appointed with the electoral democratic procedures. Supreme Court judges must cooperate to establish the electoral democratic procedures by taking oath in the up-coming interim Parliaments. Such attempt will pave the way for the electoral democratic establishment as well as the independence of the judiciary in the nation’s new history.

To enforce the law in local level of governance a constituent attorney and a chief law enforcement officer or a sheriff must be elected from local constituency to form an office of local constituent attorney and a local law enforcement academy or constituent police academy. The formation of the local police academy could be one of the most essential decentralizations for the state to enforce the law and control the corruption in local level that can make everyone accountable under the rule of law. To provide the justice in a local level of judiciary a constituent judge must be elected from the local constituency to run the court of the local constituency.

As the decentralization comes into effect, the workload of the central government in the capital will get concentrated on the national security, policy implementations, national planning, foreign relations, and so on than on the local affairs of each constituency of the nation.

Maoist Leadership: “The most successful modern-day communist insurgency” is how Daily Telegraph, London commented on the Nepali Maoists for their openness to the multiparty electoral democracy. According to an interview of Prachanda in the Telegraph, Maoist leaderships is committed to the multiparty democracy. No dictatorships- proletariat or totalitarian or feudal oligarchic monarchy- can transform the present political and economic conditions of Nepal. People will come to vote to achieve this aspiration in up-coming elections of the constituent assembly.

From a longer version of the article by the writer.





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  1. sudeep Avatar

    sorry brothers
    people are always talking about politics
    there are also other issues here
    we are not talking about them
    yeah politics is the main thing but lets not highlight it more so that others are lowlighted
    lets talk about economics,sports,culture etc
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    Thats all

  2. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I don’t understand why you ask that question. How does that address the accusation that that Maoists killed many innocent people.
    Also it was a well known tactic of the Maoists to force innocent villagers to come out and be the front line while facing the army was it not?

  3. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    You are right and I appreciate your comments.I also think in that line. In the final analysis, all the people in the Nepalese politics betrayed their country and people.I am of the opinion that from 80 to 90 percent of high level people in Nepal are basically looters. Top pliticians, top army brass, top police officers, top businessmen, top judges, top lawyers and top journalists, top civil servants and other top people in public life have a good nexus among themselves.When they reach at the top, they have basic training of a dacoit nad imposters. They are ready to sell their mothers in Bombay for money.During my student days a song by ABBA “Money Money Money, its the richman’s world”. I have 10 to 20 percent margin for the good people who are still doing good job for the people and the country.

    I had heard about “Catorce famillias” (fourteen families) in El Salvador who used to run the affairs of the State one by one.They had nexus with Dons and criminals. If they think that you are against them, you are killed this evening. That was the situation. We can compare with that situation now in Nepal. All top people had secret nexus with the Maoists also.So they are not killed by them.

    NC Govt. at that time used to enjoy the commission from the hiring of the helicopters which were hired to ferry the security forces and materials in the Maoists affected areas.UML had declared itself as a “friendly force” of the Maoists.Now also King and the Maoists had tacit understanding to prolong the insurgency in Nepal before Baisakh 11.

    When APF chased Prachanda and Baburam in Maharajganj at a time when their heads were declared a price of 50 Lakhs each, they entered inside Nirmal Niwas.So this is the real story of a big betrayal of peace-loving and innocent people of Nepal.After a couple of weeks, this man called IGP of APF was killed in the morning walk with his wife and bodygaurds. People thought it was Maoists but there was someone in the disguise of Maoists who did this. This is not a spy novel my friend, it is the true story.

    I hope the God will destroy the sinners one day. Ameen !!!!

  4. prism Avatar

    Maobadi, I’m glad you asked those questions about infant mortality, maternal mortality and the like. The difference in those numbers inside Kathmandu valley and outside is staggering, why’s that?

    If Maobadis are indeed raising such questions _and_ doing something about them, that is indeed laudable. There could be a positive dimension to the Maobadi cause after all.

    Having said that, can you give me figures of infant mortalities and maternal mortalities of one village before 1995 and after 10 years of Maoist rule? Let’s do an objective verifiable analysis. If those indicators have indeed improved, more power to you. If not, you will only prove what the prevailing sentiments against the Maobadis are — crooks and thugs.

  5. raj Avatar


    You are arguing just like a 13 year old Maoist kid and Bhudai Pundit, a seasoned debater, caught you off foot.Try to be matured before you start to debate,maobadi. Repeating the slogans from your leaders propaganda book word by word can not convince these educated blogger here. If you are not here to convince the bloggers, just hang your slogan poster and they will read there your answer. You will be free to do something else for the name of Great Mao.

  6. Nhorning Avatar

    Those tactics reported by the military to the newspapers at a time when it was illegal to question the credibility of the military.

    Maoist strategy is about 90 percent political and 10 percent military. While human rights abuses of perceived enemies may fall within that strategy, forcing general villagers to be human shields does not.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I have seen no evidence besides various press releases supplied by the military for the human shield claim. I would be equally suspicious of claims that the NA used human shields.

    About 12,000 people died over 10 years of the war on both sides including military casualties, summary execution, and other human rights abuses. As a whole, the Maoists did not directly kill more than 6000 people. the vast majority of whom could credibly be called the enemy combatants. Did they kill innocent people? Yes. Beating confessions out of people is not known for the reliability of it’s findings.

    However, over that same period, 70,000 children each year were dying of curable diseases. These children where dying not because of the insurgency, but because of a combination of archaic cultural practices, a thoroughly inadequate health care system, and a ruling elite completely ambivalent toward these problems.

    The Maoist’s point is that those deaths lay at the hands of the elites that were controlling the government and the electoral process. As long as those elites remained in control, both at the national and the village level, those deaths would continue to happen. The Maoists believed that people who were trying to maintain that social system were guilty of a crime.

    The Maoist insurgency put pressure on the government to make reforms that otherwise would not have been made. You can say that the elimination of the monarchy, the secularization of the nation, the abolition of slavery, the right to divorce, abortion, and inheritance are Not worth the 12,000 deaths. I certainly won’t disagree with you. However, the fact is that these reforms would not have happened without the insurgency. These facts need to be the starting point of any meaningful conversation about it.

    That being said, I cannot put my ideological weight behind a movement that seems so devoid of the concept of personal freedom that their members carelessly banter about censoring negative thoughts on a pro-democracy internet board.

    The war is over guys. The Maoists won. The upcoming job of everybody in the country is going to be extracting the development and social change out of the Maoists while resisting their tendency toward group-think and Totalogy. The most dangerous thing about the Maoists is that they think their ideology is scientifically proven, that it is the “truth,” and that it is worth dying and killing for. I’d say that’s a little more productive thing to challenge them on than the human shield accusations.

  7. Glueguguloo Avatar

    This blog have failed to respond to the elements of this article!

    Wagle have tried to gather thoughts of creative bloggers to share new views and ideas for contemprary politics of Nepal.

    Most of the bloggers who repeatedly write same rotten stuffs again and again out of the context of the posing article.

    This is what is called spoilt brats way of hugwashing the past events by making true false and fale true.

    If you like to speak your head off to comfort your chest then why don’t you create your blog and speak as you wish.

    To your stuborn gorkhali head here are the fact of the matter:

    Whatever you think politics is it is one the social processes of human development; it is the part of the human civilization that all humans effected directly or indirectly.

    Human living could not have been possible to this time without such development in human thinking to manage a society with the bondery of state or terretory.

    You may be religious fanatic, traditonal dead-head, fuedal bully, royalist despotic you live in a society in a relationship to rest of the other members unless you are lonely yeti or

    Brat who eats meal evertyday made by his mom without any responsibilty, whose dish is washed by his sister or sister-in-la, whose clothes are washed by his grand-ma is rotten spoilt tramp;

    What he does in his life – eat, shit and flush his annus with the jar of water, peas not in the toilet but out around it because he think of what should Nepal be all the time accusing the past.

    Thus when he eats he does not see what he eats; while he shits he does not see where he shits; whilt he peas he does not she actually where he is peaing.

    You know well only to make problem for others, family, society and the country.

    You are the gorkhali who like to lay the stick over the passerby to trip him on the street and then start fight – ‘gorkhali ko lauri hali jeudi garne bani’.

    This is what you are and pitty on Wagle ji to have bloggers like you.

    I suggest you should all go to bit out the politicians of Nepal. That’s what you really want.

    But I can tell you politicians, their party members are far better than you all are here in terms of taking socio-political responsibility for their family, society and the country.

    Prof. Pyare Lall is your mentor and you should follow his steps by backbiting, gossipping, making true false and false true towards the gorkhali – gor – khali (white and empty) process of regressive tradition of Nepal.

    I again say you are spoilt brats.

  8. noname Avatar

    Guyfromktm never ceases to amaze with his intellectuality. But sometimes he goes overboard. The point in this case is the King of Nepal went for elections and was working well. His initial move was welcomed. He was and is very popular with the people of Nepal because people know that once SPAM messes it up all over again it will be on to him again to resurrect the process. The elections under his democratic government in 2005 were a major success with voter turnout of 20%. 20% inspite of the terrorist threat and major parties boycotting. Politicians standing for elections were getting murdered. In all that situation his move was laudable.

    20% voter turnout (under all the threats) is good…in local elections in comedy democracies of India and US, the voter turnout is less than 35%!!!!!

    The international people have given the benefit of doubt to the King of Nepal…but how do you expect us to believe the terrorists and crooked politicians who have leeched you for 16 years and continue to do so?

    Just look at the case now…no elections and your terrorists (yes your terrorists whom you hated for 16 years) are ruling you and are going to be in a sacred place Democracy – the Parliament. What a mess you people are? You people are a shame on the word called DEMOCRACY!

  9. noname Avatar

    Sacred place of* democracy

  10. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    Guys, while answering the “profound” questions, ask these ones too:

    1. When Moists had big hold on Sindhupalchok, how many girl trafficker they put out of bussiness? Why the women trafficking from that district continue unabated and Maoists did not do anything about that?

    2. Ditto for all other districts from where Nepalese women are trafficked to the brothels in India. Why Maoists did not try to stop that?

    3. How many school children/child soldiers did they use for Maoists own gain? Doesn’t systematic use of several gerations of school children in Maoist militia, thereby depriving them of their future education amounts to Genocide?

    Hope you get some real answers not the usual labyrinthic Maoists’ word heap!

  11. Kirat Avatar

    Neil Horning-finally you make some sense!
    Maobadi-lost for words?

  12. Nepali in Nepal Avatar
    Nepali in Nepal

    no name:
    I can see where your comments are coming from and from that angle, what you are saying makes sense. But the fact of the matter is that on the surface it does look like he took a bold step and tried to “solve” the problems of Nepal but what ended up happening was that firstly, the king wanted to be in the limelight far too much without necessarily trying to act in an appropriate manner, secondly, his rhetoric about being for democracy ended up being mere rhetoric. Things simply didn’t improve, there was too much international and local pressure and his autocratic rule had to end. But all of this is history now. What we have to worry now is how the group of terrorists, their band of looters in the form of thier militia and the very corrupt political parties will actually be able to put thier heads together and chart out the detials but what looks to be a very complicated process that lies ahead if one were to carry out the points agreed in the accord. A simple fundamental thing such as how to make the consituent assembly representative will become a big challenge given the fact that all factions in Nepal now have be trained either by the Maoists or the corrupt politicians to take to hooliganism if they had even the slightest inkling that things were not in their favor. God save Nepal!

  13. guyfromktm Avatar

    sarkiko choro is correct– and the Maoists have claimed to have a stronghold on more than 80% of Nepal. So, has the situation improved or worsened in those 80% of the territory over the last ten years. Has corruption been checked in those areas? Has infant and maternal mortality improved? What ever happened to the pregnant woman who was killed in Maoist captivity? Did women trafficking decreased in any of those areas? Did we hear about the jana-adalat taking any actions against the wilful defaulters? Did they even ever threaten the defaulters to cough up the money? Was any of the politicians charged by the CIAA ever threatened by the Maoists? This is all a big mafia group where the most corrupt politicians and the so called maoists groups have colluded to further rob this poor country of the opportunity to develop.

  14. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    So basically you are telling me that whenever economic and social reforms need to occur there needs to be a violent (maoist) insurgency?
    Look at the numbers. From 1990 till about 1995/6 Nepal’s human development indicators were in fact improving. Once the insurgency got into full swing, any progress that was made was quickly squandered and now all our indicators have gone done. And I think there is only one reason for this – the Maoist insurgency. Unlike Sri Lanka where the Tamil Tigers call truce during exams and they never target health care facilities, our Maoists had no regard for such insitutions.

    You are right about the human shield issue to an extent. But I have personally talked to many many villagers and heard first hand accounts of how the Maoists did indeed force innocent people on the front lines! How you know excatly that the Maoists killed 6000 people is beyond me. Did you count the bodies?

    The 1990 era was a failure for the most part. But the one positive development that occured is that VDC were becoming more empowered. Look it takes TIME for such developments to occur.

  15. thuldai Avatar

    I don’t know how you conceived your name Gougogoglou or gilogu I don’t know. Your thought also the same as your name.You do not have coherent thought. Prof. pyare has really original views.He has some speculation also in his views so that wht is called blog. Blog is like you want to fulfill you unfulfilled wish or thought. Blog is like night emission of a young man. He sees Aishwarya Rai in his dream and he runs after her and fu&ks her.ha ha ha It is like this; the blog. If you have any other opinion, you can share with me.

  16. prism Avatar


    Why is the state alone responsible for the death of 70,000 children who died of curable diseases? 80% or more of those children were arguably under the Maoists stranglehold. Since the Maoists claim to be running a parallel government (collecting taxes, doling out “justice” and what not), don’t they also have to take responsibility for the death of those children? Ditto for women trafficking as someone pointed out above.

    I disagree with you that had it not been for the violent insurgency, the reforms would never have taken place. Is there no other way to make reforms? How do you then explain the success of the April movement which came about without a single weapon? I would argue that Nepal’s HDI would be BETTER now had there been no insurgency that lasted a decade. You just have to look at the trend between 1990 and 1995 as Bhudai pointed out above.

    I would be inclined to support the Maoists position of changing the society if they were to demonstrate it in action. They arguably had 10 years to do that in the areas of their influence. Unfortunately, the rhetoric remains just that — a rhetoric. And it hardly inspires confidence.

  17. manan Avatar


    I don’t know whether you were being sarcastic or not, but the Iraqi insurgency is much worse than anything we witnessed under the Maoists, and yet voter turnout in Iraqi elections was much higher.

    (By the way, Iraq also demonstrates the folly of trying to find a military solution to a political problem. You can see how the world’s most advanced military is seemingly unable to do anything there.)

  18. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    And to add to prim:
    Let me just emphasize that economic development does not occur overnight. Nor is there a particular formula for making these things work. That certainly doesn’t justify a violent revolution okay?
    And I agree with Prism, if what the Maoist say is true Rolpa should be the most successful and uplifted city in Nepal. But is it?

  19. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Exactly, for ten years it was their HQ. Then there itself they killed more poor people and many more atrocities were committed. I am not fully confident with the maoists. After going to the Interim Govt, can any one guarantee that they would not follow the Pot Pot mehtods.

  20. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall


  21. Mero Desh Avatar
    Mero Desh

    Don’t try to defend your artrocities and killings by going to mortality rate or mothers dying due to improper care.
    If you were so concerned about that then why didn’t you try to correct that first and get the rate down. Instead you thugs thought that the problem will be solved by killing more people.

    Your crap idealogy “Kill more people so that he infant mortality will go down, mothers in rural villages will suffer less”.

    Wow fell like laughing at that. Be more mature and come up with logics to defend your so called fake revolution.

    By the way there is no logic other then your atrocities following crappy maoism false idealogies, don’t think so you can come up with one also.

  22. maobadi Avatar

    guys: you didn’t come up with direct answers. i know you don’t have answers. BUT i request you to think over this when you go to bed.

    as a khaire has reported 70 thousand children die from simple curable deseases.

    BUT that doesn’t touch your heart, your sensibility. because it doesn’t challenge you, doesnt challenge your hegemony, your centuries-long rule.

    the war we started challenged your rule. we know it has troubled you a lot and thats why you guys keep on hounding us. we know there have been some mistakes (there will always be in such large scale of war) and we’re sorry for that. but we’re proud of the war we fought.

    as someone has already said, why is it that people in kathmandu live over 75 years and why the average life expectancy in kalikot is less than fourty years. unless otherwise you take these questions seriously, you wont solve the problems.

    we believe that the rulers/state are/is the culprit. the system is the culprit. And we’re there to change it.

    someone has asked if there has been changes in the teritory that we controlled. to be frank, no. one, we’re busy fighting the war. and the other is even if we tried the kasahis would destroy that.

    do you know that the kasahi senas have destroyed the hospitals that we built?

    so in that scenario it certainly was difficult for us to work in that sector.

    we’re not working to improve the situation in one specific village, we’re there to improve the situation in all the villages.

    we’re not for cosmetic surgery. we are there for to cure the disease. what you guys are talking is about the former.

  23. noname Avatar

    Geez. I am talking about the local elections. The voter turnout in the election process for National Elections in Iraq was at 60% – more than what happens in National elections of US and India. So do you mean to say that Iraq is better that US and India?

    Don’t compare a cat with a lion. The Local election turn out of 20% in Nepal under the King’s democracy (with all the terrorist threat and boycott calls) was very comparable with the average local election turnout of 35% in US and India.

    The fact of the matter remains that you underwent an authentic, laudable elections under your King who was trying his best under all his constitutional powers to bring you peace but your power hungry politicians along with terrorists got too interested in grabbing the power and India just needed this to control and rule you. The King gave his 3 year time period and all his steps were working well until your SPAMming process. Now all that you have is no elections, no peace and, no democracy but a sickening bunch of hooligans ruling you.

    I guess, I know better Nepal than you all yourself do.

  24. manan Avatar


    Geez. I am talking about the local elections. The voter turnout in the election process for National Elections in Iraq was at 60% – more than what happens in National elections of US and India. So do you mean to say that Iraq is better that US and India?

    Well, your own argument seems to support that view. If 20% of Nepalis turn out to vote and Nepal is only a little worse in that respect with India and the U.S, ( you say voter turnout in those countries is about 35%). Then Iraq, which had a voter turnout of 60% is better in that respect, by your own logic.

  25. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Let me just say that what King G did was totally wrong and stupid. I cannot believe we are even debating this NOW! After the King’s take over, things were not any better. In fact it made everything worse. None of the King’s three year plan was working.
    He made no attempt to reach out to the Maoists, the RNA were not performing any better. For heaven’s sake all G was doing was performing elaborate poojas, taking unecessary foregin trips and appointing cronies and crooks to his cabinate. Man if you see the roster of the King’s ministers they are no better (probably even worse) then what we have now. I mean his main advisor was Tulsi Giri for crying out loud.

  26. D Avatar


    You write: “as a khaire has reported 70 thousand children die from simple curable deseases.”

    You are not the only one concerned with this statistic, it bothers us all. But it nevertheless is a disease simple or otherwise. Although no disease is simple if you do not have a cure or prevention on hand.
    However, if this is am attempt to justify your killing healthy men, women and children with guns and knives, I am afraid nobody will buy the argument.
    In other words, the maoist killings are something in addition to the already existing mortalities that we just don’t need.

    Everything else you write is just empty rhetoric. The problem with the maoist is they talk a lot. I wish they would do the talking after they achieve something worthwhile.

  27. gor-khali-theHugwash Avatar

    Prof. Pyare Lall and noname and their puppets are hugwash. They are true gor-khali – white and empty with their accusation to the past.

    Gossiping is the essence of their brain cell that reflects their own state of the brain for chemical pleasure.

    If you understand what is chemical pleasure then you understand what is ‘dophamine’.

    When you accuse others to stand above all to be always right the get dophamine.

    All the feudal lords of Nepal as followers of the king are dophamine addicts.

    So this blogs are addicted by the gor-khali dophamine sticks to trip the passerby and start fight, if not mock others.

    Mockery is the essence of dophaminic gorkhali mentality and the brain cells.

    Get this and screw the Prof. Pyare Lall.

  28. Sagarmatha Avatar

    It means we have to say whatever the mistakes done by the parties and others is right. No critism to the democratic government…True democracy isn’t it…?

  29. pontiff Avatar

    I be damn but we are one step away from being Iraq. Caste based divide, political divide, and now class divide ( haves & havesnot). One hell of a tinder box. Sad thing is, no one can extinguish it only inflame it. Way to go, maobadi.

  30. NeilHorning Avatar

    I have an article that details the societal process that Nepal is going through. You can read it on my blog

    I think it gives a theoretical backing to the main idea in the artice we are supposed to be talking about here. The problems in Nepal are structural. The elete were taking all the incorect courses of action for dealing with these structural problems, because they had no fundamental interest compeling them to do so.

    Consider the follwoing quote from Chalmers Johnson –

    “By far the most effective defenses against guerrilla revolution are preventative and processual social change and efficient police protection against terrorists. True guerrilla revolutions are the mark of the most hopelessly intransigent opposition to change; they ought never to occur. Any form of revolution testifies to the failure of politics, but guerrilla revolutions signify the perversion of politics, the need to resort to warfare in order to oust a social group blocking change”

    If these structual problems begin to be addressed by the peace process then the country will become stable, If they are not adressed then Nepal will not see peace until they are.

    Don’t try and pretend that the Janaandolen II would have happened without the Maoists. Events don’t happen in a vacume. Movements of 100,000 of thousands of people don’t spring out of nowhere. The Janaandolen II was a result of the 12 point agreement, The CA was a Maoists idea, and the peace accords represent an implementation of the minimum demands the Maoists made to the political parties in 2001. 5000 deaths and a coup later the SPA realised the Maoists weren’t going anywhere, and they moved over to Maoist position. Subsequently a series of pathetic arrest dramas turned into a genuine peoples movement. That’s not to say the SPA doesn’t deserve any credit. It is just that arguments to the effect of “the JanaandolanII prove the Maoist stratagy wrong” Are laughable. The JanaandolanII was the Maoist stratagy.

  31. Kirat Avatar

    Neil Horning-sure the April andolan might not have happened without the Maoists. But then why don’t you look at the flipside? Could it have happened without the support of the general public?

  32. soothsayer Avatar


    If Jana Andolan II was the Maoist’s strategy, why do you think it stopped when the Maoists were still crying to keep going?

    Sure, the Maoists had a role in making it happen. But then, so did Gyanendra! It’s ridiculous that Maoists come running afterwards claiming authorship of a spontaneous movement. If it was their own strategy, why didn’t they try it once in the 10 years of insurgency without involving the SPA? Now don’t tell me that they needed to do something with the weapons they already got from questionable sources.

  33. theonlyhope Avatar

    Whatever and whoever – ceremonial monarchy, democratic republic, federal republic, NC democracy, UML democracy, RPP Democracy or Blog democracy – Nepal needs new structure for the government feasibility.

    The government is working now in all ministry, police, judiciary, army are doing things under the oblished HMG govenment.

    Name only Nepal Government but working exactly like HMG style amd methods.

    This is bigest challenge that Nepal faces. Becasue those who have worked under HMG working structure both politicians and government employees for last some decade will not see what change the government need.

    They will say Democracy has come what change you need?

    Therefore, all the political representatives and political government appointments mush be done with the electoral structure.

    There is only real hope on this change but not just changing the political names and style will not meet the aspirations of people.

    So blogers stick to this and advocate federal electoral structure of the restructuring the nation.

  34. Bogg Avatar

    OK the war is over. However, there is too much bickering within parties and among parties. Further, there is too much blame game going on. For example, who is resposinble for deaths of thousands of Nepalese during the Andolan -King, Maoist or 7-parties? Now, everybody needs to shake a hand and move on, blame on nobody but ourselves. If we truly want to develop our country, we need to include eveybody. For example, let’s include king and request him to play a positive role(use lot of his money in investments, schools, hospitals, universities, and so on). Let’s include Maoist and request them to use the extra-ordinary energy, military talent to positive labor and military use. Let’s include 7-parties and request them to use their political talent to strengthen our rule of law, policies and welfare for our people. More coming soon…..

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