Now, Restructuring State of Nepal Is the Key

Preliminary political realism: Nepal had almost gotten the status of ‘failed sate’ recently and if the current political development fails to restructure the sate, country will soon fall back to the dark old stage of regression.

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York

The landmark peace accord between SPA and the Maoists is historic though it is not immune to the challenges ahead. The fundamental challenge it faces is: Restructuring of the state. The failure of the post-1990 multi-party democracy lies in the inability to restructuring the state. Take this an example: popularly elected district chairpersons were ignored from forming a district administrative cabinet. Instead the major political party leaderships chose to continue with feudal oligarchic political tradition of appointing a government employee as district chief officer. To our surprise it is still in effect. This means the urgency of restructuring the state (with electoral democratic institutions in top priority) is yet to be materialized.

The most corrupt feudal oligarchic state bodies in practice (still in effect) are judiciary, law enforcement and district administration. Literally, the post-1990 multi-party democracy continued riding on these bodies blindly. The only difference the 1990 movement made in contemporary politics is the electoral strength of the lower house of the Parliament.

It is well known to the political leaderships of Nepal the fact that the two hundred fifty years old institution of monarchy had ruled the nation with no legitimate legislative (certain democratic legal procedures) body of the government. The nation was ruled with the feudal oligarchic executive body of the government under which judiciary, law enforcement, and army were managed.

Why couldn’t the post 1990 multi-party democracy check the corruption in the government? Obviously, the party leaderships took the easy ride on the reign of the old regime. Consequently there was neither restructuring of the state nor the institutions of the democracy from the grass-root level. It was a mere practice of democracy without addressing the fundamental socio-political and economic issues of the country. That is why the civil war of the armed peoples’ revolution began in the name of Maoists (communist) ideology.

We do not know how long it would have taken for the Maoists to arrive at this point without the people’s movement II. But we must appreciate Maoist leadership for their commitment to the peace accord and the restructuring of the state on the norms of the electoral democracy.

Restructuring fundamentals: We must eradicate government employees’ dominance over local government bodies with the electoral democratic procedures. For example, the current Supreme Court judges are not appointed with the electoral democratic procedures (Parliamentary hearing). They were appointed by the monarchy under the feudal oligarchic government procedures. However, their present demand for the independent judiciary is legitimate but such a demand is only democratically justifiable if the judges are appointed with the electoral democratic procedures. Supreme Court judges must cooperate to establish the electoral democratic procedures by taking oath in the up-coming interim Parliaments. Such attempt will pave the way for the electoral democratic establishment as well as the independence of the judiciary in the nation’s new history.

To enforce the law in local level of governance a constituent attorney and a chief law enforcement officer or a sheriff must be elected from local constituency to form an office of local constituent attorney and a local law enforcement academy or constituent police academy. The formation of the local police academy could be one of the most essential decentralizations for the state to enforce the law and control the corruption in local level that can make everyone accountable under the rule of law. To provide the justice in a local level of judiciary a constituent judge must be elected from the local constituency to run the court of the local constituency.

As the decentralization comes into effect, the workload of the central government in the capital will get concentrated on the national security, policy implementations, national planning, foreign relations, and so on than on the local affairs of each constituency of the nation.

Maoist Leadership: “The most successful modern-day communist insurgency” is how Daily Telegraph, London commented on the Nepali Maoists for their openness to the multiparty electoral democracy. According to an interview of Prachanda in the Telegraph, Maoist leaderships is committed to the multiparty democracy. No dictatorships- proletariat or totalitarian or feudal oligarchic monarchy- can transform the present political and economic conditions of Nepal. People will come to vote to achieve this aspiration in up-coming elections of the constituent assembly.

From a longer version of the article by the writer.





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  1. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    This article in “The Economist” paints a very realistic scenario of future moves/motives and possibilities of Maoists as a group.

    At the best Nepalese Maoists would be disbanded into Russian style Mafia making a living by extortion/kidnapping etc. Or at the worst, Nepal will be turned into a communist republic similar to Khamer Rouge’s Combodia, where 20 Lakh Cambodians were put to death those red flag waving group of murderers. We will see what they would do if they don’t get what they think they will get.

    Don’t hang on too much hope from these killers masqurading as a political party (Don’t forget journalist Gyanendra Khadka’s neck was slit like a goat right in front of his wife and children by these murderers).

  2. dada Avatar

    People here always talking speculating about maoist. It is really disgusting to see people like Sarki-ko-chohoro vomiting venom here. These very people are the enemy of Nepal and Nepalese we need to fight now. Maoists want to come to mainstream and they want to be part of democratic movement. What’s wrong with that you dumb-heads? They wanted to take the victory rally in KTM ask their fellow citizens for a handfull of rice to feel their stomach and a floor to hide their head for a few nights. There they went the elites of so called Kathmandu. They orchastrated drama and push Maoists to defend their behavior. If you do corner them again, you will see rolpalis ruling from kathmandu in very short time. You people should go to hell

  3. noname Avatar

    Just a note: Can we have smaller articles please? It amazed me that at the end of article it was written, “From a longer version of the article by the writer.” Geez, I didn’t even read the article cause of it’s length and he says it’s just a shorter version. For that matter of fact I never read the articles here for 2 reasons:

    1) Their weirdness and absurdity
    2) The length

  4. noname Avatar

    Nice, true facts by ‘Sarki Ko Choro’.

  5. noname Avatar

    Hmmmmm…”we blog for peace and democracy in Nepal”…And you should add to that: “but we also keep away any comment that criticizes us or our SPAM warlords.”


  6. Banit Avatar

    Sarki ko Chhoro is disgustingly misusing the cast Sarki by posting such mean and pessimistic remarks above. You are the son of Gyanendra, not a Sarki. Sarkis in Nepal are cautiously looking forward the peaceful days ahead not being damn pessimistic and uttering nonsense. You are worried because you will be eliminated from Nepal once peace is restored. But it is certain that we are heading toward peaceful resolution of the bloody conflict and Nepali people will emerge victorious. You looser keep barking till then.

    Maoists must play vital role in Nepali politics in future. They must behave responsibly and I think they will. Their presence will help balance the power equation: will strengthen the position of SPA against the possible royalist hit back. Plus, their presence will also help decide on some important issues which need broad national consensus. For instance, as stated by Mr. Bom, the issue of state restructuring is very crucial and it is almost certain that the traditional force including royalist elements will try to obstruct the government or the constituent assembly from taking such decisions. The nation is on the verge of experiencing change and we should be thankful to the Maoists for this. Otherwise, we would have been under the feudal raj of monarchy. Yes, Maoists did mistakes in the past but that doesn’t mean they can’t correct themselves in future. We must give benefit of doubt to the Maoists.

  7. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    Personally I think that the Maoist people first has to prove their positive intentions.

    If I have to read day and day again about extortions, abductions, threatenings and what the hell more, I cannot believe the party’s honest intentions.
    The party leadership of the Moaist ha to make that they have really control over their cadres.

    Last week in Kathmandu the people showed their strength to opppose the demandings of lodging and food under treathing the people. After that the Maoists couldn’t anything more than cancelling their program.

    Mr. Prachanda & Co please control your people and show your honest intentions to the Nepalis that you really want the best for them without using any form of violence, physiclly or mentally.

    If you show that you will win the hearts of the people and if not the same people who you teaching peoples movement will use the same peoples movement against yourself.

  8. Guyfromktm Avatar

    Nepalese are (un)lucky poeple- they always live in transition and the sankramankal never ends. How many non-nepalese say 75 years ols can talk about the different kind of political system that they have lived in their lifetimes (not just read in the history book) than Nepalese? Dring that perion, they have been through Rana sasan, the 2007 sal “prajatantra, then promises for consituent assembly followed by first elections only for the elected governemnt tobe overthrown afetr which the king was above the constitution. Then hawapani huhaundo prajatantra took over to be followed by 36 sal ko andolan and referendum, more panchayati system, another janandolan to be followed by interim goernment and thefirst real democratic constition and elections which was supposed to solve all our problems.

    Then, this was followed by King’s autocratic rule and another jana andolan, restoration of the parliament soon be followed by an interim consitution, interim overnment, eletions, consitutent assembly etc. Accroding to the writer where, non of those systems prior to Janandolan II worked. And the solution lies in restructuring– another ten years of restructering, sankraman kal and so all will make Nepal(if they still chose to keep it as a country) like singapore or the most propserous country in the world as Pushpa Kamal claims it.

    “The article also says that the post 1990 system was a mere practice of democracy without addressing the fundamental socio-political and economic issues of the country. That is why the civil war of the armed peoples’ revolution began in the name of Maoists (communist) ideology.” The Maoist movement began about 5 years into the democratic system. Personally, I think it is a bit too much to ask for a “new” system to completely change the lives of the people in that short a period. While corruption remained a massive problem (BTW, there may have been more corruption afetr the Maoist movement started than before it), the system itself can’t be balmed for it. We have converted ourselves into a corrupt society (whether it is corruption of power, policy, public nuisance,coercion or extortion) and given an opportunity, we will snatch the chance to be corrupt. I cannot see how “restructuring” (I am not sure what is meant by restruring in this article)will solve this problem.

    The writer also repeats “feudal oligarchic political tradition” far too much without explaining what it means and how “restructurng” will take care of it. The fact that Pushpa Kamal wants to call his doctrine ‘Prachandapath” I think also fits the bill of “feudal oligarchic political tradition”. The fact that both the Maoist eladers are Bahuns (never elected but self appointed) can also be termed feudal oligarchic political tradition. So, what is feudal oligarchic political tradition and how exactly can we get rid of it?

    The writer also says “It is well known to the political leaderships of Nepal the fact that the two hundred fifty years old institution of monarchy had ruled the nation with no legitimate legislative (certain democratic legal procedures) body of the government.” Is the writer here saying that Nepal should have been never united? Should Nepal not be Nepal and be sana sana rajya haru? Is this why a faction of the Maoist group actually observed the Ekata diwas as a kalo diwas? Should we now align ourselves to one of these Mukti Morchas and stop being a Nepali?

    And the last thing I wonder about is if Nepal is to be “restructred” will it still be called Nepal?

  9. unveil Avatar

    Mr. BOm
    Why dun u say that the party leaders are/were incompetent and u are so biased that u still are blaming the pre 1990 regime for all the corruption, why dun u take the fact that the post 1990 multi-party system made a mess of the whole system and that did put some ghee in the escalation of the insurgency put forward by Maoist.
    You still believe that Maoists started civil war for the people or to address ur so called socio-political and economic issues, I feel so pity for ur knowledge, even the blind pig now knows that it was just a power game and they did all this to get into power which they could never by straight means and they were successful as they acted for the interest of india.
    I think there is a growing fashion in Nepal just blame the king and his group to hide ones incompetence and u too fall in the same pile.

  10. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    I think the whole civil war in Nepal was created by the same people who now playing Mr. Beautiful! I will name all the incompetent politicians from so many governments, the king and also the maoist himself.

    Everybody was and still is fighting or defend (what you wish to think)his own interests. Even now a day there are politicians who are only have personal interest to take place in the parlament or in the government.

    In my very development country the same political game is and will be dirty.

    In my country all political people promising always so much if there are elections and later not 1 of their promises will be effective.

    In Nepal it will be the same. We ordinary people are always the victims of political games and now in Nepal we have some kind of peace but what kind of peace.
    We have in this country a very long way to go.

    I’m living now three years in Nepal and I’m married with a Nepali woman and I feel myself Nepali with the Nepali people. I try to understand the politcs of your (our) country and see the dame game as in my country.

    It always or mostly always is going for personal interest.

  11. Supriya R Avatar
    Supriya R

    Hey Foreigner in Nepal

    Man, you can’t just say “political game is and will be dirty” and blame all to the politicians. Just ask yourself what have you done to make the system clean (in your country or in Nepal) other than finding a girl and marrying. It is very easy to pass negative and pessimistic comments and blame others for all the mistakes and wrong doings. Have you ever tried to contribute and make a difference? Give me a small example.

    Maoists are coming to join the mainstream peaceful politics and we need to trust them while firmly stressing on the fact that they must accept fair competition. Just using bad words and being too much skeptic doesn’t really contribute. They are coming and what is all this rhetoric of “Maoists are worse.”

    Do you know how much difficult it is for any rebel in the world to renounce violence and opt for peace? Thanks to Maoist, we are about to experience peace in Nepal. So the best option for now is to help Maoists come in the peaceful politics, not to scare them away (though I hardly believe they will be scared!.)

    And about that Maoist pressure, that was more hoopla than reality. There was definitely some unwanted activity by anti-democratic forces behind the protest from Lalitpur residents. Things will calm down as we head for the election.

  12. Democratic Poll Result Avatar
    Democratic Poll Result

    Well Supriya,
    Either you are blind or you dont understand politics.

    As per your comment…….”Do you know how much difficult it is for any rebel in the world to renounce violence and opt for peace?”

    Well Maoist have not given up violence and opted for peace. They are still armed and that is the main problem. Had they been committed for peace they would have laid down arms unconditionally as was done by Nepali Congress after 2007 movement and even during Panchayati regime.

    Nepali Congress had carried out armed rebellion two times, one of which was succesful in removing Rana Dynasty from the country. The rebels then didnt demand to be fed by the government or to be included in the Nepalese Army.

    Why cant Maoist do the same? However, what Maoists have done now is gathered support from the government to feed their rebels or their party’s cadres. Maoist should have dismantled their armed forces if they are committed to peace. Otherwise only fools like you can believe that they are in for a peaceful solution.

    What will happen is that they will continue to use their gunmen to torture and intimdiate anybody who opposes them, and then the country wont have democracy at all.

    Nepalese people understand that Maoists have gathered support only due to violence and terrorism and they are still a terrorist organization as their politics is still based on their armed forces, kidnapping, ransoming or looting, extortion and violence.

    Well, you said that Maoist wont be afraid.
    What makes you believe that they wont be afraid, fear is a natural character of human beings and unless Maoists are non-humans they will also be afraid as well.

    Had they not been afraid, there was no reason for them to joing hands with SPA, and come back to parliament.



  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I don’t agree with Supriya’s sympathetic sentiments, “Do you know how much difficult it is for any rebel in the world to renounce violence and opt for peace?”
    The Maoists don’t really have a choice do they? They have admitted that they cannot win militarily and there is simply no other option for them. So please don’t talk as if they are doing us a favor by reaching a peaceful settlement.

    I agree, however, that at this point they should be given a chance. I think they have taken some good steps – they have agreed to UN monitoring, they have agreed to give up their weapons etc. Of course it remains to be seen if they will follow through with everything in reality but only time will tell.

    I don’t think Prachanda will implement a communist system in Nepal either. Just wait till he becomes a minister and buys a Pajero… he will drop communism like a hot potato.

  14. Kirat Avatar

    ahem, I agree with Supriya actually and it is a very important point. It’s very difficult for rebels to give arms for peace. The easier option for the Maoists leaders would be to do the popular thing with their armed soldiers and keep fighting ad infinitum. Besides it’s not as if the Maoists had been suffering military reverses, they we actually inflicting reverses on the state security forces. Their arms are going to be monitored by the UN. This is Nepal, not some developed western country. What better option do we have?

    The very word Maoist is anthema to me but I am a realist and don’t talk stupid utopian talks. Just be brave and face reality instead of imagining Nepal is something else than what it actually is.

  15. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Kiart – why would Prachanda want to remain in the jungles? That makes no sense to me. He was in hiding. Now look at the treatmeant he is getting.
    But yea I agree where we are now is good. I just don’t agree with this Supriya’s reasoning.

  16. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai, sure Prachanda doesn’t want to go the jungles. He seems smart and sees this peace deal as the best option, but how easy do you think it was to convince the soldiers who gave their all risking life and limb to settle for peace when he had been exhorting the same people to lay down their lives for their ‘glorious’ struggle? Not easy I’m sure. It’s a leadership thing and here I must at least admit that the Maoist leadership has shown courage. I’m sorry I call a spade a spade.

  17. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    People can blame some of us for not trusting the Maoists, but that will not alter the fact that Maoists are untrustworthy.

    Look, they are the biggest hypocrates .. they murdered point blank Gopal Giri of Birgunj for no reason other than for him being from the old regime “purano satta”. Yet at first available chance these murderers themselves are now joining the “purano satta”.

    They also murdered Pandit Narayan baje, Bhagawan Das and many others together with Ganesh Chiluwal for opposing these murderers. They were all unarmed and civilians.

    Now they are saying trust us ..

  18. maobadi Avatar

    mr. poll: we’ve said we’d give up the arms. but only after making sure that the gains made by our decade long war will not go into vain.

    if we give up without doing that, gyne, bush and all will conspire to again establish their reign.

    we raised arms to kill our fellows, we did so to you transform our society. it doesn’t matter whether we be in power or not, what matters most wheether there is a just society or not.

    in a decade long war, what we’ve raised so many issues that we unheard of. now whether we be there or not, nobody can run the office without addressing fundamental questions.

    some of the guys are hell bent on sending us again back to jungle so that they could continue their looting but thats not going to happen. we’re there to fight.

  19. maobadi Avatar

    sorry, read the third para as: we raised arms NOT to kill our fellows…

  20. Kirat Avatar

    maobadi-one of things that always puzzled me, you guys killed so many unarmed villagers in the name of the revolution but how come not even one prominent corrput politician or member of the royal family. were paid protection money by them? c’mon you guys said you were fighting for the people but killing the poor people in the villages was the easy part wasn’t it?

  21. maobadi Avatar

    let me make one thing clear: we fought at one front at one time. we know our strength and we knew we cant win if we’re to fight at multiple fronts.

  22. Kirat Avatar

    duh, that don’t make sense at all! so you are basically admitting that you did not target any of the prominently corrupt politicians like Khum Bdr Khadka or Chiranjeevi Wagle because they paid you not too but the poor villager having no money could not?

  23. Kirat Avatar

    really like the Maoists strategy-kill and torture the poor and helpless first and after a while negotiate with the corrupt and powerful. I guess you guys really know your strengths as well as those of others! Bravo! Your Machavellian ways prove that you’ve already lost your way. Sad.

  24. Kirat Avatar

    maobadi-if in your thought, the end justified any means then what’s the difference between you and Gyane? Boil it to the essence and it’s just hunger for power at any cost.

  25. Kirat Avatar

    UWB-your moderation policy really stinks!

  26. maobadi Avatar

    kirat: thats a very cheap way to look at it.

    nobody was spared just because one paid, and nodbody was killed just because one didn’t. we could have even killed gyane, but wouldn’t that give the indians and the bush to enter nepal militarily? do you wnat nepal to make another afganistan? we’d have killed gyane if after killing him we could immediately take over the state. i shouldn’t be telling you thesse things. but…

    money was never the issue.
    why are you all hell ben on tying up everything with the money?

  27. Glueguguloo Avatar

    Anybody knows the email address of cpn Maoists? I wonder why don’t they provide email address for people to contact them.

    This is something. I like to contact them directly and find out how openly they can communicate.

    Their web site does not have any contact information.

    We have to blog the democratic dialoque with the Maoists to find out how much they are committed to the peace accord and the democracy.

    Then we can see their real attitude with the blogers of this blog.

    I would appreciate if you could post on this blog Maoists’ contact email address on this blog.

  28. Neil Horning Avatar

    If there is nothing the Maoist can say to make you trust them, just say that. Don’t pretend like you’re having some intelectual debate with them. You are not.

    The Maoists just publicaly shamed someone corrupt and powerful in Pokhara last week. Did you support that? or did you say it was a violation of the rule of law?

    I think if you were to look at a compiled list of Maoist actions over the last 10 years, you would find that most of them are against those with a fair degree of power in their locality. You could count many VDC chairmen, party heads, landlords, and CDOs among the “displaced.”

    Is this good? I know what the Maoist think. What do you think Kirat?

  29. hamroblog Avatar

    In my view To change Maoist as a viewpoint political party, They need to do more struggle. Because During 12 year’s They forget people To convince with logic. They always show their weapons and people afraid.
    When They had arms less There is a lot of chance That people Bycute them.
    But for long duration peace we need to kept maoist In a town and Village not in jungle.

  30. manan Avatar

    Someone told me that Prachanda couldn’t have been hiding in the jungles because he has a nice big paunch. So that means he was hiding in………eh India.

    Anyone agree? Do forest-dwelling ‘revolutionaries’ usually come pot-bellied?

  31. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Oh please Moabadhi, you are telling me that if some powerful businessman paid you guys you guys would still kill him?
    Look irrespective of your political ideology you have MURDERED, TORTURED many many people. And the fact is that the POOR and HELPLESS villagers have suffered the most from this pseudo-revolution! They were displaced, money was exthorted from them, their schools and health clinics were shut down, they had to provide food and shelter to the Maoist fighters, their small businesses became extinct because tourism slowed down etc.
    Do you think people in KTM gave a rat’s arse? The only difference it made to the KTM elite was they could not go on holidays to some resort in western Nepal. Nope KTM elites were ozzing around in their Pajeros and organizing tastless popmpus Indian-style weddings.
    So I think Kirat’s question is very relevant Moabadhi!

    Anyway I don’t want to think about past Maoist autrocities since I realize that’s not going to lead anywhere. So what’s in the past is the past let’s just work for the future.

  32. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Hey Maobadhi:
    It always bugs me that Baburam’s children are in London. Tell me what the hell are they doing there and why don’t they come back to Nepal. Is Baburam supporting them?

  33. noname Avatar

    Constitutionally and legally does SPAM have the rights to (mis)rule in Nepal?

  34. prem Avatar

    You guys trying to spoil peace agreement inciting bad thoughts in this blog. I think those comments which encorage outrages in any part of our society should be banned or their comments should be thrown into the dust bin editor. What we looking forward to see prosperous Nepal and peace Nepal. That can be only achieved through spreading good thoughts not the bad ones. Like sargi one he wants to see chaos in Nepal and live in abroad supporting by his reach parents looted from public through corruption. Military killed many people saying they are maoist, if maoists were not born our nation would far from seeing this stage. Thanks GIRIJA BABU you are the one who gave birth maoist finally they brought you in track since you have been out of track for sometime. We live in a small country if we work hard together like 10 years which Mahar recently proposed for it we will definitely see the glorious Nepal. You guys in abroad can work for 18 hrs why not in Nepal. Dare you guys to contribute whatever level you could would reflect your love towards motherland.

    We should resist giving bribes that is also one of the ways of contribution for the development of Nepal. Let us wait and see before making ridiculous comments and bad thought.

  35. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    What bad thoughts are you refering to? Look, I agree with you that we should look towards the future. However, it is still important to be cautious about the Maoists. Let’s see if their actions follow their words.
    Until then I think people have a right to question the Maoists and be cautious. 14,000 Nepalis have lost their lives and the Maoists are responsible for that! You want people to forget all that and all the autrocities and hold hands just like that. Sure there will have to reconciliation and peace, but that takes a long time. The ball is in the Maoist’s court – that certainly doesn’t mean we should go and sit down on the bench.

  36. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    your one line questions are really becoming annoying. I thought it was funny the first couple of times you did it – but now its just plain annoying okay? Please come forth and say what your argument/point is. But please don’t post a senseless, useless, provocative one line comment.
    I am sure you are capabale having a sensible debate.

  37. Democratic Poll Result Avatar
    Democratic Poll Result

    I think you are trying to refer to the “Maoist concept of Democracy”.

    I think Maoists would go with: “All those who dont agree with us (i.e. Maoists) are non-democrats.”

    Democracy redefined !!!

    You are just saying the same thing.

    I believe that the peace deal drama should be protected. However, people should have right to speak.

    At least wait till you guys go into the government, you have started controlling “Freedom of Speech” from right now.

    If Maoists come to power, I know that none of us would be making any comment on this blog, as all such blogs would definitely be banned/blocked.

    It would even be difficult to Start Radio Free blog !!!

    Remember Chinese ways !!!

  38. Sarki ko choro Avatar
    Sarki ko choro

    Forgive and forget every thing the Maoists did and the next generation will think it is OK to kill innocent civilians. You can murder people on slightest pretext and you will get away scott free.

    I am surprized at those who advocate forgetting/forgiveness for the Maoists’ mass murders of unarmed civilians.

    They are war criminals and should be tried as such. Eventually JUSTICE will prevail..let’s wait and see!

  39. Kirat Avatar

    maobadi, just because you can’t answer my question don’t brush it off as being cheap. I am the people too though I may be better educated and more well off than most in Nepal. So I have every right to question the Maoists actions. In the ten years of the Maoists insurgency you guys have given more misery to the poor of this country than anyone else. That fact is undeniable and that is wrong. The end should never justify any means. If you are fighting for the people of this country and not just for yourselves than the means should not endanger the poor people. If hitting soft targets is all you guys are about then that’s sad. Who’s talking about getting Gyane? You guys wouldn’t even touch one of his minions.

  40. Kirat Avatar

    Neil Horning, when you use the word trust you are skating on very thin ice. You think trust is something that should be taken for granted or something that is hard earned and valued? If I was to give my trust so easily what value would it have? You got earn it pal.It’s like respect.

    It’s true that the Maoist did target some relatively rich and powerful folks in the villages, but at the national level it was sickening to see the biggest culprits getting away because they had paid off the Maoists. Killing a hundred villagers who opposed them while sparing these powerful, rich, corrupt politicians/bureaucrats-smacks of hypocrisy to me.

  41. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    I am with you in this. People of Chitwan madi could not still come out of the shock. there is an intersting news today: mahara claimed Defense ministry for the maoists. Isnt it a big joke in the bloody history of last ten years ? Oh, you maoists guys ? Do you think that whatever you ask you can get it ? Don’t try to make all political parties and all Nepalese fool.

  42. Backdraft Avatar

    One word that defines Nepal now is -Convoluted. Convoluted assurances, peace, faith in Maoist and SPA, claim and counter claims with righteousness, claim of people’s movement (outright hijack), claim of being anti-feudal (no such thing exists), and us being all convoluted Nepali( no pun intended). No wonder Bhai India is on the dance floor with blood (sorry Michael, had to use it).

  43. Guyfromktm Avatar


    You are absolutely spot on. What we continue to hear is trivial things like a man being brought to janadalat for fleeing someone’s else’s wife. Typically, the man will be from the lower middle class background and probably one of the Maoist cadre may have had some past grudges with the person. Similalry, there was a case in kathmandu where a relatively poor guy sold off a very slal piece of land he had jsut outside Kathmandu. Unfortuntely, he has verbally (nothing in writing) said to another guy (who happened to be a Maoist) that he will sell the land to him but when he got a better deal somewhere else. the poor guy sold the land to another person. The Maoist used all the force he could gather and abducted the guy for enarly two days, tortured him and forced him to cough of a certain amount (quite hefty in comparision to the price the land was sold). The point I am trying to make is that the so called Maoist justice is works only to harass the poor people and to settle the past grudges. At a national level, it has done nothig to bring the bigger corrupt ones to justice because firstly, the Maoists are getting monies from these groups and secondly, the during the 1990s, the Maoists cannot take any action on the corrpt ones because eventually they themsleves have the desire to and will become corrupt. So, all the lip service that they are giving the people now will come to nothing.

  44. Kirat Avatar

    maobadi, Neil Horning-I’m not slamming you guys for the sake of it. I am very happy that your party has decided to give peace a chance and have come to the mainstream. However I want you guys to acknowledge your shortcomings. If you don’t have the capacity to do that you’ll be just another waste of a good opportunity-quite an expensive and terrible waste, actually.

  45. Foreigner in Nepal Avatar
    Foreigner in Nepal

    Hello Supriya R
    I was given only my personal opinion.
    You was asking if I did something in your country to contribute and make some difference? I can say YES!!!
    I Am working in Child Care. Protecting the children who are lost and abondend by their parents, victims of the civil war and victims of child labour which is very common in your country.
    Our NGO is a clean one. We are using every roepie that is coming in for the children. Board members, chairman and myself has no any payment, doing our account correctly.

    This is my contribution and making difference. To show that it is possible to run a NGO without disapearing of money that is for the children and far away from corruption.
    That is my contribution to your country to show that everybody can working honestly and hoping that many people will follow our way of working.
    Working in that way will create a better environment in NGO world.

    Still politics is a dirty game all over the world so not only in Nepal but also in my country and one man alone cannot change that. We all have to try to change.

    I am totally agree with you that it is impossible to change the behavior of people who were used to be get everything on gunpoint during ten years. That will cost another 10 years.

    I will trust the Maoist if they show that the abondend the extortion, abduction of people, etc.

    Democratic Poll Result was giving a good point by saying that if the Maoist stay armed there will be some atmosphere of fear by the people.

    Last but not least I like to give the opinion that not the PLA is the dangerous part but the militias of the Maos. They are more difficult to control. Time and time again we see the behavior of that people. So the Maoist Party have to make that also their militia is totally under their control.

  46. Bideshi Avatar

    “Thanks to Maoist, we are about to experience peace in Nepal”

    We had peace before the Maoists and not since.

  47. Guyfromktm Avatar

    This is a funny world–
    1. The biggest proponents of peace and development are now the same people who had held the entire country hostage, stalled 10 years of dveelopment and killed nearly 13,000 people.

    2. The icon of corruption, Girija, during the opening of the CIAA was sneering at the agency about its past mistakes and unflinchingly was cirticizing this only respected agency of the country. Then, he was talking about wiping out currption from Nepal.

    3. The king duirng his auticratic rule kept talking about how he is democratic and all the time, each of his actions were regressive and very un-democratic. And each time youa sked his cronies- tehy would say– the king’s ideas are very clear. He has time and again said that he is committed to democracy. But he never once carried out any action that would convince the public along this lines.

    Given these contradictions, one has lost track of who to believe and who not to believe. We are jsut resigned to the fact that may be this accord that has recently been cut will bring about some peace if not stability and development to the country.

    The challenges that lie ahead are- how will the SPA continue to show a united front? How will the Maoists control thier militia? The the royalists and the Nepal army abide by the changes that will be prescribed by the hand picked interim parliament and at the end of the day, will people have equal if not more rights than they are enjoying at the moment.

  48. Backdraft Avatar

    Word from the wise, ha…ha…ha. Maoist have won by coup de ta. 73 seats without an election, well explain this to me? By the way- by hook or crook Maoist have practically won the battle, may be not the war aided by friend in disguise on the north. Yes, they did won. Honestly, how can someone question now that they play by the books or else, they won they will dictate, all the chitter chatter about you should not do this and that don’t mean a thing. If they want to, they will.

    The audacity of people who silently, that is by not acting against their mayhem (e.g.,killing of a taxi driver who was a student)but crying human rights and galore, supported Maoist now expect a mercy from Maoist. Not gonna happen like it or not.

    We as a people of Nepal have afforded chance to Maoist and let see and bear whatever comes of it. This is not the time to teach civility nor how to run their affairs. Its better we learn to accept this fact rather than rue endlessly and act as headmaster reprimanding a wayward student.

  49. Sagarmatha Avatar

    The citizen problem is going to be big headache and our country is going to turn into India. One should not be surprised to listen double population within 5 years of time, imported from India due to loose citizenship distribution. And after 5 years our parliament will be controlled by terai people (indians but nepali citizen, semi indians but nepali citizen and real nepali madhesi) bu real madhesi may only come to minor votes. And after 20-30 years of that it would not be surprised news that more than 70% of parliament will be controlled by terai people (previously indians but nepali citizens in majority).

  50. maobadi Avatar

    maobadi would like to ask the following questions who blame maoists for all the deaths during a decade long war (despite the fact that the kashahi sena killed more than 60 percent innocent nepalis) and especially to pandit, sanjeev, kirat, prism, etc. (no darbariya dalals are required to answer the questions)

    what is the infant mortality rate in Nepal? i.e. how many infants die within a year of their birth in Nepal in a single year?

    What is the maternal mortality rate in Nepal? i.e. how many mothrers die while giving birth to a child in Nepal.

    How many people die in a year from simple water borne diseaeses like diarhoea?

    Compare that to a ‘developed’ nation.

    Is it a killing (passive, or indirect you may call) or not? if it is who is responsible? if it is not ? Why NOT?

    also have you seen people being bankrupted while paying the doctors’ bills? if it is not loot, then what it is in your opinion?

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