Activities of Maoist Comrades Around Nepal

Images from around Nepal that tell the stories of sufferings and depict the activities of CPN Maoist rebels who are launching a ‘people’s war’ to overthrow the monarchy.A Photo Blog Comrades’ Crime: Ram Bahadur Rana undergoes treatment in Midwest Regional Hospital, Pokhara. The 60-year-old of Tanahun district’s Vanu VDC-8 sustained injuries when Maoists Tuesday nightContinue reading “Activities of Maoist Comrades Around Nepal”

Comrades Are In Problem, Again

A day after two Maoists leaders in Nepal criticized the Chairman and his deputy, the party expels them branding “”deserters of the revolution and servants of the autocratic monarchy and counter-revolution.” Yes, it is almost certain that the Comrades are in problem again. And this time it seems pretty serious. After their widely publicized fighting,Continue reading “Comrades Are In Problem, Again”

Yes, Comrade is Playing with a Child

And the child is apparently frightened by the comrade’s toy. This is an example of how giving arms to insane people like the one in the photo could deeply harm our society in the long run. What the two-year-old child (right) might be thinking and how other children standing beside the comrade might grow up?Continue reading “Yes, Comrade is Playing with a Child”