Yes, Comrade is Playing with a Child

Maoist guerilla playing with gun and child

And the child is apparently frightened by the comrade’s toy. This is an example of how giving arms to insane people like the one in the photo could deeply harm our society in the long run. What the two-year-old child (right) might be thinking and how other children standing beside the comrade might grow up? Those who are standing are also definitely not happy with the game. It has been widely reported that Maoists are using children in their war against the state. Cases of Maoists forcefully taking away children in the jungle to get them involved in the clashes with security force. This child’s father and mother are Maoist guerillas who are posted at Lokesh Memorial Brigade that is fighting in the Seti-Mahakali Autonomous Region (far western Nepal). Pic and caption by Harihar Singh Rathour with additional info by UWB.

Army-Maoists clash, A Civilian Dies

Astray bomb killed her son in Arghakhachi

The woman on the right, Bhuma Kumari Gharti, 65, is mourning the death of her 35-year-old son Prakash Gharti of Arghakhachi district’s Pokharathok VDC-6, Kiureni. Prakash was killed on March 1 after he accidentally touched a bomb while working in his field. That bomb was fired by the army a few days ago targeting Maoists but didn’t go off until Prakash touched that. Also seen in the photo are Prakash’s two children. Pic by Madhav Aryal





36 responses to “Yes, Comrade is Playing with a Child”

  1. coke Avatar

    Where is Wagle comrade these days? joined the left with nom de geurre Mr. Natwarlal.

  2. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    this place needs a lot more pictures like these.
    this is the way to kill maoists in the blog…
    united we blog….united we kill MBs

  3. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    Gyanendra’s coke,

    you in Tanzania? say something in Swahili !

    coke could be a durbaria nom de plume to be not caught by prachanda’s people.
    hijo de puta! (Spanish).
    Va te faire enculer! (French )

  4. Patriot Avatar

    HS Rathour – the pic with the caption you have put here is contradicting with the one in front page pic. There you claim the man is the child’s father and you have refrained from being analytical. Here, it seems you could not resist the temptation of analysing how frightened the kids could be and also you’ve given a dose of moral lecture on the effects of these kids’ growth.

    It seems to be they are just having a nice time and enjoying the sunshine. Please refrain from giving a distorted interpretation like this and let the readers decide themselves. Stick to true journalism and stop being an opportunistic looking for every way to bash Maoists. They have taken up arms for a reason and moreover, they could be father and son playing in the sunshine.

  5. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    someone is playing pussycat meow here,
    is prachanda your hugh hefner?
    helping maoist…
    maoist jasus, go to india

  6. Avatar

    I am married man with 4 year old son, fortunately or unfortunately, Software Engineer… I like the portrait of my son playing with the laptop.
    I feels good, following the father’s shadow, hope he will learn quickly to learn something more than just punching the keys.

    Now I wonder what is this man trying to do ?
    does he feels the SAME?

    Trying to teach his own SON… bloodbath game…
    I now more than 80% of ppl within MAOIST moron team are uneducated, but dont they have EVEN COMMON SENSE… like what is GOOD & BAD even for their own FUTURE GENERATION…

    WHERE are those human right activists who SHOUT in KTM every day against any small errnad against current rule…. and just IGNORE these kind of pictures (unless some INGO provides some fund$$$).

    We are already getting late in eradicating these morons…, so think carefully b4 u support those morons… do u want ur child to CARRY thsoe guns … .

    I DONT .

  7. coke Avatar


  8. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    Komal ko Coke, chot lagyo komal mutu lai?
    how’s my french and spanish?
    now, you will ask UWB to censor foreign languages except english? everyone knows you defend Gyanendra: all your writings tell that you want to be Gaynendra’s coke if you are not already—-i will break his back if i see anywhere the MB with the child

  9. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    your slogan says..We Blog For Peace And Democracy In Nepal

    everybody knows palace is against democracy and peace

    why durbar people rule here, then?

  10. Indian Coke ! Avatar
    Indian Coke !

    is this place paid by Gyane?

  11. coke Avatar

    Hey stop bulshitting. i don care if gyanendra rules or goes in exile. perosnally i don care but for the national interest we still need time to think about this issue. we have already started debating that is positive in itself.

    but cannot be in a hurry so we don regrette as we regretted after 2046 unless we directly benifitted from the system. that’s my point.

    if you are in a hurry for it then you will find many people like me or people who even din know if there was a democracy in the country to convince. this is a difficult job still i hope you will succeed. considering majority illetrates in the country if you try hard you can do it. but would be difficult to convince people like me. Half educated as you said with bihari ceritficates.

    i think not gyanendra but Mukhe might have paid for this place.

  12. say Avatar

    It’s good to see brave reporting on Maoists. Keep it up. It seems to have exposed a lot of Maoists themselves on this blog, who blindly praise anything said against the RNA but when it comes to articles damning their MB cadres they cry havoc and say that the blog master is lying or distorting the truth or is a palace agent.

    Wagle, with respect, I ask you to take care of yourself, because you never know what these murderers may be up to. One fellow under the name of “Maoist for people” (what a joke) said that he looks at all the internet postings, that is his job, and Patriot above has clarified his support for the Maoists. Tread carefully, messenger, for these are the enemies within.

  13. system Avatar

    hey everyone, that’s the current situation of nepal and tomorrow everybody should have an ak47. this is because of our [icd] maharaj who is enjoying boating in phewa lake. not only this child, child who are in the stomach of their moms should fall with well equiped to eradicate firante [icd]. this is the image of our country. not a picture of a maobadi cadre.

  14. Dipesh Avatar

    When I go through the blogs, I always feel that we nepalese are always fighting. People with arms are fighting in open and killing each other, people with pen fighting with their pens to show supremecy of each other. I know there are always people with different opinions and so opinions of everyone should be respected. Each discussions should be healthy. So instead of saying bad words to the members who are posting their views please respect the views and discuss it with your opinions. Just it is not war between coke and indian coke.

  15. waterman Avatar

    Please do refrain from using words like
    ” giving arms to insane people like the one…” in your blogs.

    They put off people looking for some balanced reporting, which is the only reason I come to this site.

  16. Edgeofeternity Avatar

    Here comes the evidence that Mr. Wagle is not any kind of supporter and truely writing for democratic Nepal.

    Having said that, in yesterday’s feedback section I found out one of the readers was very much concerned about Mr. Wagle, saying whether he’s afraid of Maoists or could he be a strong supporter of Maoist because he is not bringing up the worst case scenerio that has been generated by Maoists. However, I hope this will provide adequate information to Mr. commenter about Mr. Wagle.

    In my opinion, Mr. Wagle is doing a great job.

    To me, the emergence of maoist is the most worst thing that has been happening in Nepal’s history.

    Dear friends, pls look at the pix, it’s yelling a thousand words.

    Simply put, it means that a picture will be far more descriptive of something than words can ever be, or, to put it another way, no matter how hard you try, you can’t beat a pix presentation and this is the actual picture of today’s Nepal.

    I’m afraid that those kids will end up being among killers one day upon existence of maoists in the future.

  17. Edgeofeternity Avatar

    I’m afraid that those kids will end up being among killers one day upon existence of maoists in the future also.

  18. water Avatar


    You’re on the wrong page man if you want balanced reporting!

  19. water Avatar

    Maybe comrade is asking the child to take his gun and attack an army patrol by taking the lead while he stays at the back.

  20. coke Avatar

    indian coke must be someone from UWB is disguise

  21. coke Avatar

    Perfect example of [icd] screwing Pseudo Nepalese in Sikkim to give birth to a [icd] like this Indian Coke. Insted tell me how much you are getting from India Govt. to say jai bharat a la bharat ratna Kazi Lhendup Dorji. but i still feel sad when [icd] call you son of China in delhi. sad very sad!

    i feel sorry agin neither you could be a Nepali nor an indian. homeless. Thanks UWB for providing a shelter to this homeless from hindustan.

  22. h Avatar

    I wont be surprised if comrade kills his son with the same gun.

  23. kiran Avatar

    Here is a link to a beautiful video about the present situation that Nepal is facing for the last several years. Apparently, I pasted this link yesterday but it was deleted by UWB.

  24. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    i do not know where many of you go
    after G is kicked out before Sept.
    at least i have my sikkim
    i worry about coke and the likes
    they will be stopped at the airport and returned
    no G’s people will be permitted to enter nepal again

    seriously tell me who do you choose if you must…G or india?
    think G is only here for a month or 2,
    but india is forever our neighbor (like or not)
    who cares more about nepal’s democracy? G or india?

  25. coke Avatar

    you indian why u talking india as your neighbor.

  26. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    durbar DHOKEz, CHAMCHAz have no moral right to be here
    i care about my CHiMEKI
    i care about my nepali BHASA
    i care about my nepali SANKRITI
    i care about my father’s DAURA and SURUWAL, DHAKA TOPI, and my mother’s CHAUBANDI CHOLO
    i care about the mountains and peace
    i care about my nepali friends and relatives
    G’s DHOKEz and CHAMCHAz do not care about these thing..they do not have right to speak of nepal and nepali
    i want to see democracy in my CHIMEKI GHAR so I am here but why R G’s CHAMCHAz and JHOLEz here?
    i am a proud indian nepali, n your ASAL CHIMEKI

  27. coke Avatar

    I am a proud Nepali Nepali. And you are not a Nepali, better wear a dhoti than Daura Suruwal-you are a fake one.

    We were never colonised in our history we have always been a Nepali.This is our identity.

    We may be poor but we will never sell our country like you did. This ongoing debate is maturiang us further, the crisis is making us more strong.

    In the future you will see a strong Nepal than ever before.

    We are proud real nepalese but its not long that we will unite for our Nepal aama.

    That’s why you envy us, and creating problem to divide us, you Indian agents.

    Those who sell their own country for financial beneift are not trust worthy.

    You illegitimate son of lendupe dorje shut your mouth nowonwards. And if the blackeess kick your ass we are always here to give you food and shelter for free as we are doing to the Nepalese from Bhutan even in poverty and war.

  28. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    durbar DHOKEz, CHAMCHAz never have a nation
    what you talking about?
    remember what Dhirendra did
    forgot where Tulsi Giri mostly lives
    yes, for a Durbaria, Tulsi Giri is more Nepali than I am
    people like you and Tulsi Giri will be hanged soon
    Thank you, no. 1 racist

  29. coke Avatar

    go and hang yourself for selling your mom.

  30. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    you sold your mom to the SHAHz
    selling mom to SHAHz and talking democracy!it’s joke DURBAR MANDALE is still talking,
    a HOOKa talking of SATYABATI SABITRI

  31. coke Avatar


  32. coke Avatar

    u are finished

  33. India Coke Avatar
    India Coke

    this place is not for MANDALE coke like you
    nepal will be healthy without SHAHz
    this place will be healthy without MANDALEz

  34. coke Avatar

    tero bou mandale sale bhaduwa

  35. Tahira hasan Avatar
    Tahira hasan

    Dear friend hi
    I think fighting and killing is not going to solve the problem of nepalese.
    It is injustice unemployment andn hunger made people to follow wrong path.
    Uno is useless institution one can say after execution of sadam hussain.
    Sadam executed for killing 168 what about terrorist Bush who killed lac of people in Iraq lac in afganistan .Bush invaded iraq in search of biological and chemical weapeon but he got nothing why UNO did not make bush Blair accountable for in justice.
    Tahira hasan

    lucknow uttar pradesh India

  36. thapa kancha Avatar
    thapa kancha

    Do anyone have some information about whether the junior Prachand, Baburam…….( their kids) etc are in maoist militia group?

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