Terai Demos: Mobs Rule, Indian Infiltrator Gets Bullet

UWB Photo Blog Images of demonstrations in various parts of south-eastern Nepal Madhesis of the hill origin took out a peace rally in Lahan, Siraha on Saturday (3 Feb) stressing on harmony among residents in the region and expressing their solidarity with the deamands of Madhes. Pic by Bharat Jarghamagar

Removing Royal Message From Nepali Streets

UWB photo blog. Beholding the Board: A lady reads the message by late king Birendra that using the royal plural we (hami) reads: will not let people’s sentiment be ignored. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka A Year ago, Department of Information ordered to install one hundred 49 hoarding boards on the banks of main streets ofContinue reading “Removing Royal Message From Nepali Streets”

When Parliament Failed To Declare Itself Supreme

An example of what can happen if anyone goes against the wishes of Nepali people. The same might happen if royalists try to raise their heads against today’s historic parliament declaration: A photo blog of destruction on Monday in Kathmandu. By Bikash Karki In fact, today’s historic Parliamentary declaration was originally scheduled for Monday. ButContinue reading “When Parliament Failed To Declare Itself Supreme”

The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III

Monitoring Maoist Activities in Nepal After the new government removed the red corner notice and terrorist tag from its leaders, the Maoist party has come over the ground. It has been mobilizing masses around the country in support of the issues including the election of constituent assembly. Many people are hoping that Maoists will abandonContinue reading “The Days of Maoist Comrades Have Come III”

From Boston to Karachi: Down With Autocracy

The protests against king’s autocratic rules and solidarity for the restoration of democracy defied boundaries. Be it Pakistanis in Karanchi or the Nepali students in Boston, the voice was one: Down With Autocracy A rally at Karachi Press Club in April 26 to show solidarity with the people of Nepal in the support for theContinue reading “From Boston to Karachi: Down With Autocracy”