Diaspora Demands Democracy

Nepalis living in the US have conveyed solidarity to ongoing movement back home

Nepalis living in the surrounding area of Washington DC organized protest in front of US Parliament building. Pics courtesy: Nepali Post

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Parties should not compromise: Journalists, lawyers and activists in Washington DC, April 21.

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34 responses to “Diaspora Demands Democracy”

  1. coke Avatar

    (D company)

    We are the incompetents,the bhaguwas and the losers from all walks of life from nepal but now all merged in america.

    “In Nepal i was working for the HMG – through my unlce’s position, i even had a car, and made some money while flirting with the laws.
    I came here becoz my i married a DV-girl.
    Now i am working for a petrol pump and living like a refugee, but i am HAPPY.
    And i continue to get involved in Nepali politics from the Internet and i hope i will never go home back. And i blog. This is my hobby n this is ebough to bring change in Nepal.

    we say proudly we are the losers

  2. Kirat Avatar

    That was funny coke. They can’t be that bad-can they?

  3. coke Avatar

    they themselves are a big joke. and i go for a walk to see what happenning outside.

  4. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    In fact, Coke is almost true………….There are so many people like that.

  5. Sandesh Avatar

    I agree with COKE! Some of your uncles, father will come in power when democracy is restored.

  6. Kirat Avatar


    You talking about Prachanda, Baburam and Badal’s kids and relatives?

  7. Sandesh Avatar


    You know everything ! Do you ever know how to appreciate others? Badal, and Babu Ram are not as lucky as you guy!!

  8. Kirat Avatar

    Sandesh, You are a Maoist sympathizer that is why I deride you. Babu Ram got to study in one of India’s top universities, Badal went to study in Russia. They have sent their children away from Nepal to study abroad. All my family still live here.

    If you have any morals you should apologize for the atrocities inflicted on poor Nepali villager by your PLA. Then I might appreciate you.

  9. scoop Avatar

    Hi comrade Sandesh,

    Are you still in town, or are you blogging from India under the guidance of your boss Prachanda? By the way I hear somewhere that Baburam is thinking differently vis a vis the SPA? Is he your boss man or is the “awesome” character the boss?
    Next time you write something, think of all the people you killed every time you type a word.

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I have agree that was pettty funny Coke.
    I have never understood what the point of making a spectacle in Washington DC is going to bring. They are walking around carrying posters written in Nepali – so no one is even going to understand what they are protesting for…

  11. 1whocandie4u Avatar

    Pundit…..I hope that U are not so dull as u sound!!!!!!!

  12. coke Avatar

    I think our proud diaspora stopped making noise becuse this is time for them to attend their petrol pumps and make some money. hahaha.
    The US govt must know that they are no more than burdens.

  13. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit


    I am pretty dull.
    But tell me the reason for the Nepali signs – who is going to understand in DC???

  14. Jake Avatar

    This half-hearted effort on behalf of the so-called diaspora is worth taking note of, only because it was not worth taking note of. The Nepalis living in the US have very little in common except Dasain parties. The student population in the US is fairly divided too: one that is politically conscious, the other too hell-bent on trying to get to that ever elusive American dream. Nepal is for Nepalis who are willing to make change in Nepal. Those in the US are still young and have very little influence on US foreign policy. I think we need stronger activists in the expatriate community; most are here only becasuse they see no other color but green.

  15. Kirat Avatar

    Look at Bangladesh right now! They’ve had two days of shutdown and protests in the street. Clashes with the police too. It looks as if they don’t need a king to have trouble. All those demanding an instant republic at the cost of so much misery and bloodshed take a good look and think!

  16. Taaya Avatar

    then Kirat what is your strategy to deal with king? the root of all misery.

  17. coke Avatar

    The problem here is that the political parties do not have control over the mass.
    The showdown now is not just a result of a feudal/autocratic monarchy but also the past failures committed by our leaders and the maoist tactic of grabbing the power at any cost.
    But the people have concentrated their anger towards the king.
    I hope even if we become successful in removing the monarchy, the spirit will remain still there as we also need to punish the leaders and the maoists.
    But it is too much to ask from shortsighted population in Nepal.

  18. Kirat Avatar

    Hi Taaya,

    Though Gyane is a major reason for the present misery the Maoists and the dithering SPA idiots (especially when they were in power) must also take the blame. We spent a whole day yesterday discussing how the SPA must now be bold and decisive, take the bull by the horns by taking over executive powers of the government-call for talks with Maoists on a CA, call the UN over as mediator, reduce the RNA and PLA to non-fighting entities etc. Taaya you will have to read previous posts.

  19. Taaya Avatar

    hey coke and kirat and everybody against republic nepal,u fundamentalists and incrementalists fellow,
    the ones who fear from revolution,
    this time nepali people have really risen to claim their soveriegnity , their rights and freedom , u guys chanting the same old things and kirat stop trying to be messiah to save lives.
    when people have come forward to break their life like nightmare and fight for the beautiful morning, why should u tremble over there and act like a lousy wise senile.
    if u r a senile in your youth there are many olds in revolution, who want stake their life to give better future for their children. and who told u dying is the worst thing.. sometimes your death has meaning and people are now ready to embrace that death too.
    ‘theory of evolution and theory of revolution’ both justifies that there are some points of time and situation when u have to leave your life so that your next generation can live a better life.
    people are doing their peaceful demonstration and the king is going crazy (expected not better), then the point is not to get back.
    somethings we cannot stop. rajtantra nepali itihaas ko khil ho . u have to take it out though it hurts… it will hurt more the more u delay.

  20. Kirat Avatar

    Taaya don’t be an idiot. I am not against a republic. But yes I do fear a revolution. Do you know how may people a revolution will kill and what untold misery it will bring to the people? Why a republic at such a high cost when a ceremonial monarch would do?

  21. Kirat Avatar

    My guess Taaya, little girl, you are not living in Nepal right now?

  22. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    yes that is my guess as well. this tayaa is not in nepal … she is somewhere sippin on her 3 dollar startbucks and writing all this crap.

  23. Taaya Avatar

    kirat u think that u r the only wise man alive here.
    common i am right here in kathmandu and taken part in all these demonstrations against monarchy .
    u can call me little or immature or whatsever but this time i am all in fury and rage againt monarchy.
    the question of ceremonial king and no king depends upon wat kind of king there is. u know this gyane …he is such a demon ki he leaves us no alternative.

  24. Kirat Avatar

    Bhudai Pundit, It’s getting really bad here in Kathmandu. The middle class are ok but the poor must be in a terrible state. Can you believe it? This is the 19th day! I came in a taxi to office on April 11 ( I think) and the taxi driver said there were 11 of his family and friends living in the garage where he keeps his taxi and they had no money and no food. That is why despite the strike he said he was taking out his taxi-he didn’t care if they burnt his taxi down or beat him up-he had to earn money to live and to feed his family. I can’t imagine what his condition is now, poor guy.

  25. Taaya Avatar

    common bhudai pundit,
    i had considered u sth sensible…u lousy pundit this time u have broken my patience …j man lagcha tyahi bolne …jpt aarop laune..
    may be u r angry with me when i said i will eat beef..
    stop talking abt democracy when u call crap and idiot the one who fights for total democracy…
    u hypocrite…

  26. Taaya Avatar

    baru u guys u kirat and pundit,
    have u ever gone to villages and hills ?
    ktm ma aile nakabandi vayo , petro payena, tamatar ko vau badyo vanera timiharu ta attaliyera hairaan vayeko hola.
    but wat is the condition of our hills…tyaha ta jaile pani nakabandi jhai huncha…jaabo nun ko laagi haptadin dhakar bokera ukaali oraaali garnu parcha.
    nepali janatale(except some few) kaile sukha payeko thiyo ra aile timiharu dukhako kura garcha. Stop thinking ktm is nepal. nepali janatako ageold suffering ko agaadi yo k ho ra.
    nepali people have risen , they don’t need your(self proclaimed buddijibi) pity..
    yo pali hisaab kitaab vayerai chodcha.

  27. Taaya Avatar

    darcherua bridda,
    u donot believe in revolution, u donot believe in the power of people..
    if there was no revolution in india or in china or america or europe , where would they be.
    timilai dar lagcha vane dhoka thunera luke huncha tara arulai marlau hai choop lagera daas banera basa vannuko k artha..
    people are all in hope and energy and dreams everywhere, if u r afraid better keep quite and watch how people will change this nation.

  28. Kirat Avatar


    You disappoint little girl. Don’t rave like a lunatic when you don’t know the ground reality here in Nepal.

  29. Kirat Avatar

    Taaya, if it is bad in Kathmandu I can only imagine how much worse it must be in the hills. By the way how is it over there where you are?

  30. Taaya Avatar

    what do u mean by ground reality of nepal?
    by that do u mean to say that nepali people are incapable of revolution?
    nepali people now seem incapable due to lack of that revolution.

    if we had fought sooner and better, like in 2007 or 2046, today there wouldn’t be this gyane to do all this chaos. now u r telling us to stop and wait for paras for worse?
    i have already said-“gyane is not anyone to do samjauta.. he demands us to be waar yaa paaar.. u too have to decide which side u r on… this is not the time to do samjauta… nepali congress ra shere le dhari rajalia chinera samjauta nagreko belama which ullu r u to look at gyanendra with some hope ki if we become a bit matthar he will do some dayaaaa…
    gyane lai chinya chaina ki kya ho? ”
    gyane ko dayaa ra conscience ko aash garna choda… believe in the power of people.
    by the way i am here in chabahil and demonstrations are going on and i have been there with my voice and my dreams.
    if u call me a lunatic…ok i am a lunatic now in all this fury against kg.
    this country now needs lunatics like me.
    u be safe there…

  31. Taaya Avatar

    your moderation policy really makes me confused.

  32. Taaya Avatar

    i guess now u got your answer(goto 30).

    i mistook u for a true democrat,
    u r not for SPA, not for monarchy, not for maoists., not a true democrat?
    then who r u ?
    i guess u r an american democrat.
    u shout of democracy but when it comes to communism u r so phobic that u r ready to accept any autocracy that comes in front.

    u might be angry with this comment but u may not be aware yourself how your views are shaped by american capitalistic totalitarian.
    look at this nation from our reality and stop looking this from america’s eye.
    america is now afraid of the violence going over here, but the world has seen it’s violence since long and how it advocated and justified Iraq war saying-
    “sometimes violence is necessary to stop greater violence”
    -in case u need american view even to support our ground level revolution.

  33. Kirat Avatar

    Taaya, stop trying to label me. I am for democracy, I consider myself a true democrat. However you are right I do not support Gyane or the Maoists. I try to support the SPA but they are so weak and with such petty minds I am getting really frustrated.

    Look there is a better wayout in all this. If you care to look at my postings of yesterday it has been thoroughly discussed.

    Your comments don’t anger me because I can see you are frustrated at not being able to categorize me as this or that. However I am disappointed at your ‘instant revolution formula’. What makes you think a revolution will settle everything right? With the Maoists on one side and the SPA idiots on the other. What right do you have to ask the poor people to suffer even more when there is a better way out of this mess?

  34. dukojauhu Avatar

    Keep up the good work. My sincere greetings and best wishes!

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