Removing Royal Message From Nepali Streets

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Removing Royal Message from Nepali Streets
Beholding the Board: A lady reads the message by late king Birendra that using the royal plural we (hami) reads: will not let people’s sentiment be ignored. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka

A Year ago, Department of Information ordered to install one hundred 49 hoarding boards on the banks of main streets of Kathmandu. According to the Department sources, 1.5 million rupees were spent on making such boards that propagate mostly king Gyanendra’s hollow claims of democracy.

On May 21, two workers removed the hoarding boards from Tripureshor, Maitighar and Thapathali. They were taken to Department’s godown in Sinamangal. Protesters of People’s Movement-2 vented their anger upon such boards even after the second proclamation of king. 50 such boards were demolished during the protests.

Removing Royal Message from Nepali Streets
Poor Man’s Burden: An old man passes through the removed board that ironically reads: The trait of multy party democracy is to secure the opportunity to contribute to the country and its people: King Gynendra. Pic by Ghanashyam Khadka

Removing Royal Message from Nepali Streets
Gen Next’s Age
: Plus two going youths pass the board that reads: Today is definitely the age of democracy. Pic by Ghanashyam

Removing Royal Message from Nepali Streets
Royal Removal: Two workers assigned by Department of Information remove a board in Maitighar on May 21. Pic by Bikas Rauniyar






10 responses to “Removing Royal Message From Nepali Streets”

  1. Thuldai Avatar

    This is a good work by the dept to remove such boards.We have to be careful that if after some days, we do not have to again search such boards to put up at their original places. Main thing is to remove all intitutional hurdles of monarchy, not only the boards.The govt. is till hesitating to take action against PJT and host of others who have oppressed the movement.

  2. suzan Avatar

    this is an obvious thing done by the government. and i dont think this has to be issue on UWB.

  3. sudeep Avatar

    These were thew main center of attack by the protesters during the jana andolan ii
    Tecnically also these hoarding boards were menace causing distraction in drivers.
    message there and the actions of the kings were like the two poles and hence their existence was nonsense.

  4. Ranjeev Avatar

    Although I totally agree with what that present government is doing by removing the boards, I believe it is not fair. Why do they remove only these boards and not remove the Maoist Posters. The Maoist slogans have been freely painted on the walls of the streets. Why has not the government not taken any action to remove those slogans.

    This is not giving off and good example and leadership without good example like castle made of sand. Its just a matter of time, soon or later, the castel made of sand, washes into the sea inventually.

  5. Forever Nepali Avatar
    Forever Nepali

    Does this help “removing” Gyanendra and other royal [icd]??

  6. XYZ Avatar

    Kaam kura ekatira kumlo bke thimi tira!!

  7. hell_below Avatar

    …maybe the anger against the monarchy is justified….but then we should be equally vigilant of rowdy mobs and all kinds of extremists ….we want peace and a strong economy not any kind of autocratic or totalcratic regimes…the CA should be held fairly otherwise we will have proclamations stating…..people with square-heads will get jobs and people with triangular-heads will be kicked out…

  8. true Avatar

    This is the process of changed context…

  9. Saroj Bikram Kunwar Avatar
    Saroj Bikram Kunwar

    People are taking out most of the Hoarding board of the country which have the slogans of his good thoughtwhich helps to giude the people.Is that board priked the people?Why we are throwing our energy on unnecessary things?But you people want to do the real work then why not you review the law which can secure our life?You know the price of a man? Not merely than 17000NRS.So on the way anyone can have an accident but he and his family will not get more than 17000.Is the price of a man is cheaper then a buffaloo?So if we people want to raise our voice then please try to make the law of accident more refine.The first human’s basic right is security.If the man is not secure then what can he wish from the government?Leader also know this things but they are diverting the people’s mind.If we people want to be happy then don’t be like a sheep who does the same sa his leader.You know mob have no mind.If you people are the real leader the first make the strict law for the security of our life.Tearing posture amd pamplets will not make the country developed. I just give the example of an accident but there are numerous of loope holes in the law.You people only know to destroy, voilence,postand facilities.

  10. ram Avatar

    remove the ‘royal’ from nepal missed one big item – the flag – it is the flag of the king – should we not have a secular flag, may be a hammer and ….

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