Comrades Are In Problem, Again

A day after two Maoists leaders in Nepal criticized the Chairman and his deputy, the party expels them branding “”deserters of the revolution and servants of the autocratic monarchy and counter-revolution.”

Yes, it is almost certain that the Comrades are in problem again. And this time it seems pretty serious. After their widely publicized fighting, we recently saw two top rivals- Chairman Prachanda and the second man Dr. Baburam Bhattarai- talking to media from the same room. Now, the new fight has erupted within the party and this time it’s not just the personality clash. Two ‘revolutionaries’ comrades were expelled today from the party barely a day after they made public their differences with the party leadership. Prachanda has expelled two central level leaders Rabindra Shrestha and Mani Thapa (Anukul) branding them “deserters of the revolution and servants of the autocratic monarchy and counter-revolution.”

But the question of the moment is, Does this expulsion convincingly discredits the allegations made by the Shretha and Thapa duo? Apparently not. So what had they said? In a surprising move, Shrestha and Thapa yesterday issued a joint statement to say that Prachanda and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, second in command, were ideologically deviated, were encouraging nepotisms in the party and showing non-proletarian tendencies.

These issues seem like too much traditional in Nepali communist movement but then these are the kind of issues upon which Nepali communist parties have split many a times in the past. And this rift comes a day ahead of the Party’s widely criticized blockade programs. And the expulsion has been announced on the very day when the program starts.

Here is what journalist Ujir Magar reported in today’s Kantipur. The text via eKantipur:

The two central leaders in a six-point political agenda made public under “new cultural revolution group” have also demanded that Prachand and Bhattrai should go through self-criticism publicly for showing non-proletarian tendencies in their recent interview given to Kantipur daily. The two leaders said that although the intra-party conflict was confined within the party so far, they have appealed to all sister organizations including People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to discuss the issues openly within the party from now onwards.

Prior to this there were reports about schism developing between Dr Baburam Bhattrai and Prachand on ideological basis. However the two top leaders had patched up their political differences after they were hinted by New Delhi to come together. When asked if he was still in the party after making public such sensitive and serious press statement against the party leaders, Shrestha said, “Earlier such disputes were limited within the party, but now we want everyone to discuss it openly.”

Shrestha also had played the role of a Maoist delegation member to negotiate peace with the government when Nepali Congress leader Ram Chandra Poudel was Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister earlier. Shreastha was released during peace talks after being detained for nearly two years. In their appeal Shreastha and Thapa claimed that Prachand’s statement in an interview with Kantipur daily which supported active monarchy was against proletarian political ideology and flexibility.

“It’s Prachand’s rightist tendency and extreme deviation from the proletarian ideology when he says that he believes in active monarch and wants to see a republican set up in the country at the same time,” read the statement, adding, “We ask him to withdraw his words and undergo self-criticism.” The two leaders have also accused both Prachand and Dr Baburam Bhattrai of posing as Dr Keshar Jung Raimajhi sometime or Lhendup Dorjee and sometime surrendering to Nepali Congress by advocating on behalf of multi-party competition. They also alleged that both Prachand and Baburam never ordered their sons, daughters and kin to go to the frontline of the ongoing war against the state while their sons and daughters are being educated abroad in bourgeois traditions.

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14 responses to “Comrades Are In Problem, Again”

  1. Prakash Avatar

    I think Rabindra Shrestha and Mani Thapa have a point, after all these years of killing tens of thousands of people prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai are trying to present themselves as peace makers and great leaders.All they did was stay in India and order their party men to kill people. That’s not fair!! Plus they used to say India was their number one enemy, so why now in India, they could go to Finland, Finland has time and again proposed to mediate, In fact they could go to any other country ,but WHY INDIA? BETRAYERS!!!! Indian puppets!!!!

  2. kagyuster Avatar

    Maybe these two can convince the government that they quit the CPN(M) and get the Rs. 1 million reward for rehabilitation….

  3. Kirat Avatar

    Too much [icd] in this country. Even the Maoists are full of it! When will finally learn that emancipation is in our own hands…not with the palace, not with the parties nor with the maoists. But in our own hands! We have just got to stop taking in this [icd]!

  4. hmsbeagle Avatar

    I don’t get Prakash’s point. What’s wrong if PK and BB are trying to present themselves as peace makers? Should one be ousted from being good if they have done bad in the past?

    And I think you have mixed up your arguments. Here are two persons who have opposed PK and BB for their policy of negotiation. Here are the persons who are pro old model prolitariat movement—- with blood shed and total control.You are condemning the blood shed and at the same time opposing the ones who are pro negotiation (at least in words). Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  5. Ailen World's Boy Avatar
    Ailen World’s Boy

    Todays kantipur news daily wrote that two moist leader dont agree with moist political theory which agree that Dr Baburam bhattari and prachanda
    Moist want to take safelandig fearly and reaspect neplaese people ballet

    That is the little conflict. i didnt found maain reason from the article

  6. Prakash Avatar

    Hye, hear is what i mean, I really support all the efforts for peace, what i really dont like is they killed all these people for nothing.If getting rid of that royal monster has been their goal and peaceful means is the only way then why all these years of bloodshed? Shouldnt they be held accountable for what they did ,should they be forgiven just in the name of peace? US wouldn’t forgive BinLaden in the name of peace,Would they?

  7. bamjon Avatar

    PK and BB would be like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness of the IRA.

  8. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    It means you can not criticize Prachanda or else you will receive harm. Watch out Girija, Madhab and others who signed agreement with Prachanda. If you get out of it or disobey you will receive unbearable harm.

  9. Avatar

    u guys call..Mr.. KG autocrat, think what would have happened if maoist had reigned over Nepal.

    Just for criticizing, these guys were kicked out, atleast KG allows anit-monarchy slogan in New Road, with healthy shower from fire brigade.

  10. yuddhabiram Avatar

    Here is what the Central Command of the CPN(maoist) has to say regarding the expulsion of two of its cental level leaders. (

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  11. hawkeye Avatar

    have to agree with, have heard slogans llike “G[icd] chor desh chod” and others and have seen them walk free. GO and do that where the maoists reign!!

  12. bhudai pundit Avatar
    bhudai pundit

    This is not good news. The Moaist splitting into two fractions only complicates matter. I agree that Mr. Shresta and Mr. Thapa have a valid point – Baburam and Prachanda are 2 of the biggest hypocrites. In fact the Maoist movement is itself a hypocricy. The very people they are supposed to liberate are the ones suffering the most from this conflict. The elites in Kathmandu and other major cities have hardly been affected. But the poor villages have their health clinics shut, their schools destroyed and their bridges blown up. Buses carrying poor villages back to their village are targeted with landmines meanwhile Pajeros in Kathmandu race across the road-less streets. If you ask me Baburam and Prachanda are 2 pathetic pseudo revolutionaries.

  13. Indian Coke Avatar
    Indian Coke

    buddhi, i think everyone is fake, not just them two.
    but P & B are sure idiots who don’t know they are idiots

  14. appliance Avatar

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