Jamim Shah Murder Coverage Invites Threat to Nepali Newspapers

Kantipur and Kathmandu Post editors and publisher threatened For the Record: Today’s Kathmandu Post and Kantipur, Nepal’s largest English and Nepali language daily newspapers, have reported, on their front pages, that their editors and publisher have received telephone and email threats from unidentified persons to stop newspapers’ coverage on Jamim Shah murder. Two unidentified gunmenContinue reading “Jamim Shah Murder Coverage Invites Threat to Nepali Newspapers”

Jamim Shah Murder: A Statement from Delhi?

“[The Jamim Shah murder] is a statement from New Delhi that it will not let off anyone it perceives as hostile to its national interests.”– A senior Nepali police officer By Mukul Humagain, Anil Giri and Baburam Kharel The Indian underworld gang run by Chhota Rajan could be behind Sunday’s killing of media entrepreneur Jamim Shah,Continue reading “Jamim Shah Murder: A Statement from Delhi?”

Jamim Shah Murder Update: Indian Says He Killed.

Jamim murder brings relief to Indian security agencies: Indian daily A day after: Nepali cabinet sets up an investigation committee even as an Indian calls up a Nepali TV station in Kathmandu to admit the responsibility So Indian killed Jamim? May be this group, may be that group. May be Indians, may be Pakistanis. AnContinue reading “Jamim Shah Murder Update: Indian Says He Killed.”

Was Jamim Shah Anti-India with ISI and Underworld Nexus?

A section of Indian media certainly thinks so….but do they have any proof? Yes, it’s true that there were rumors to that effect. The broad-daylight murder of Nepali cable and satellite TV pioneer Jamim Shah could probably be the result of two things: either an underworld revenge or an intelligence undercover operation. Some Indian mediaContinue reading “Was Jamim Shah Anti-India with ISI and Underworld Nexus?”

Where Police Boss Encourages Crime

The boss of Nepal Police uses his subordinates to perpetrate crimes. But the state is taking no action against him even after the crime cases have been reported in the media. Crime of a Policeman: She lost her husband and a son when a police Inspector enjoying the protection of Chief of Nepal Police ShyamContinue reading “Where Police Boss Encourages Crime”