Jamim Shah Murder Update: Indian Says He Killed.

Jamim murder brings relief to Indian security agencies: Indian daily

A day after: Nepali cabinet sets up an investigation committee even as an Indian calls up a Nepali TV station in Kathmandu to admit the responsibility

So Indian killed Jamim? May be this group, may be that group. May be Indians, may be Pakistanis. An Indian has reportedly claimed responsibility. When referring the killer as Indian, Nepali media shouldn’t do the mistake that Indian media often does: by generalizing and referring to the Indian people. In this case, even if the caller turns out to be a real killer, Nepali media should treat him as a criminal who happens to be an Indian national, not THE Indian national who killed. Indian media often jump gun and blame whole Nepal and Nepali people whenever a Nepali in India is suspected of having involvement in criminal activities.

But at this point we can’t really be sure about the authenticity of the caller. Neither we can trust Avenues TV that has claimed that a man identifying himself Bharat Nepali called the station to own the responsibility of murder. In this type of situation where apparently underworld kingpins functioning from countries more than one and intelligence agencies of enemy nations are involved, informations coming out from any quarter needs to be verified more than twice.

So who is Bharat Nepali? According to Avenues TV he is a former scalper from New Delhi’s Tilak Nagar who became Indian underworld don Chhota Rajan’s aide. According to Avenues, Bharat alleged Shah of having links with another underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, competitor of Chhota Rajan gang, and Pakistani intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Bharat was reported last year to have split from the Chhota Rajan gang to start his own. Another unverified piece of report. He faces several murder charges and has been absconding in India. Bharat reportedly linked Jamim’s killing with a 1998 murder in which Mirza Dilsad Beg, a Nepali Member of Parliament, was shot dead in a similar fashion in Kathmandu. Chhota Rajan group had claimed responsibility of the murder alleging Beg of having links with Dawood and the ISI.

Meanwhile, a Hindi newspaper claims that the killing of Jamim Shah has come as a big relief to Indian security agencies who thought Jamim was involved in disseminating fake Indian currencies. The paper, Dainik Jagaran, citing unnamed Indian security agencies sources claims that Jamim had links with Dawood and was working in association with ISI to smuggle fake Indian currency into India via Kathmandu. “The ISI was prodding Jamim to open a modern printing press in Kathmandu to print fake Indian currency,” claims the paper citing unnamed Indian security agency sources. “But Jamim wasn’t being able to work as fast as ISI would have wanted. Moreover he was also worried about the infighting between conflicting underworld factions. He had complained about that with Dawood and had expressed desire to sale properties and business worth Rs. 5 billion and settle in Pakistan. Dawood had agreed but ISI foiled the plot.”

Cabinet forms probe committee
An emergency meeting of the cabinet today formed a five-member investigation committee to probe on Jamim Shah’s murder. Former justice Govinda Parajuli will led the committee that will also have senior officials from Nepal Police, National Investigation Department and Office of Attorney General along with an expert.





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  2. Anuraag Sanghi Avatar

    Interesting blog.

    Do you think replacing a ‘bad’ monarch’ with a bad ‘republican’ head of state is a good idea?

    Keep in mind that Republican Democratic Nation is a failed idea. In the last 300 years, less than 5 countries could maintain Republican Democracy for more than 50 years.

    Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Portugal – all failed.

  3. security Avatar

    Maybe Nepal is unaware of gang killings being normality in Los Angeles and places like that.
    Sometimes I think the whole point of news is to feel safe at home.
    Civil Society is stronger in Nepal by the day. Politicians and intelligent army should follow people to make Nepal a safer place.

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