Where Police Boss Encourages Crime

The boss of Nepal Police uses his subordinates to perpetrate crimes. But the state is taking no action against him even after the crime cases have been reported in the media.

family of those who were killed by inspector dhungana

Crime of a Policeman: She lost her husband and a son when a police Inspector enjoying the protection of Chief of Nepal Police Shyam Bhakta Thapa killed them. The killer is at large, police can’t find him and they haven’t received compensation. And the boss is still enjoying the Nepali people’s hard money to fill his corrupt stomach.

Today’s Kantipur publishes a letter titled “Quite Inspector General” in its popular column “Letter to the Editor” with a photo of IG of Police Shyam Bhakta Thapa attached. The writer of the letter Deepak Raj Oli of Kathmandu raises very interesting and thought provoking questions and arguments that need to be addressed by the government and the police organization as soon as possible. He was responding to the series of news published in the daily about misdeeds, corruption and killings by a police inspector under the direct protection of IGP. “This case proves that there could be no fair hearing against corruption in the king’s rule. IGP Thapa is quite even after an allegation of this scale. Home Minister is unable to take any action [against him]. The impression on general public is that there is no organization to take actions against anyone. News on papers would have swift impact had there been a political government. Issues of corruption have been shadowed because of king’s direct rule. Such an environment has been created in which corruption is growing rapidly.”

“A Police Inspector can never make a big house [pic below which we first saw on the front page of Kantipur the other day] in an expensive area of Kathmandu like Bishal Nagar within three or four years of job. News has come that he has made many other houses like that. He has been officially charged of kidnapping people, brining them into the Police Headquarters and looting them. The quietness of Nepal Police has become a stark reality in such a regime even after the fact that Inspector did all those dirty things with the knowledge of IGP Thapa has been widely publicized.”

“How and which what morality the lower rung police officers work in a police force whose chief is like IGP Thapa? Honest police officers must have bowed their head in shame. My sympathy goes to those policemen who have to fight the guns and bombs of Maoists with poor training and inefficient arms.”

Here is background of the case:

A group led by Police Inspector Suresh Dhungana kidnapped two Nepalese of Tibetan origin on Magh 16 (Martyrs Day which is also the public holiday in Nepal), brought them in the Police Headquarters and looted Rs. 1.1 million from them. Inspector Dhungana enjoys a close relationship with the IGP. He is the son of IGP’s priest. IGP Thapa recruited Dhungana in Police Organization in 2055 BS when the former was DIG in Biratnagar. Dhungana works at the Personal Secretariat of IGP Thapa in Police Headquarters.

Kathmandu Police arrested two people including record holding Everest climber Pemba Dorjee Sherpa on the basis of victim’s complain. [Kantipur’s Khim Ghale first reported about this news on Feb 16 (Falgun 4).] They are being investigated by the police. Kathmandu Police was looking for Inspector Dhungana but couldn’t arrest him because of the protection he enjoyed from IGP Thapa. Investigating officers at the Kathmandu Police suspect Assistant Sub Inspector Kiran Joshi of the IGP’s Secretariat is also involved in the plot.

According to reports filed by journalist Kedar Ojha in Kantipur daily, sources say that Dhungana didn’t receive ancestral properties. But he bought a big house in Bishalnagar worth Rs. 9.3 million and was living there before this case came into news. He allegedly kidnapped a businessman in New Road last year and received a car as ransom.

Dhungana’s group used to roam around the country allegedly extorting money from businessmen. Two months ago a TATA mobile van driven by Dhungana killed two people (father and son) of Sapthari on Mahendra Highway. Sapthari District Police arrested and took him to Eastern Regional Police Office, Biratnagar. Citing his close relationship with IGP Thapa, Inspector Dhungana fired two rounds of bullets in the office premise and walked away. The family of the killed hasn’t got compensation as yet.

Senior police officers suspect that IGP Thapa is using Inspector Dhungana for illegal extortion of money from various businessmen. Kantipur’s Ojha quotes senior officials as saying that as IGP Thapa and Inspector Dhungana enjoy close personal and financial relationships, Thapa is always preventing investigators from taking action against Dhungana. It is believed that Inspector Dhungana has fled Nepal with IGP Thapa paving him save exit.

House of Inspector Suresh Dhungana

Inspector Suresh Dhungana, who, according to sources, didn’t receive ancestral property, bought a big house in Bishalnagar worth Rs. 9.3 million and was living there before this case came into news. Pic by Bikash Karki

It is widely believed that many corrupt folks occupy high positions in Nepal Police. They use the state machinery to do illegal things just as the IGP Thapa did in the cover the Inspector Dhungaha. There is no doubt that Inspector Dhungana is just a pawn of IGP Thapa. But the country is shocked, as letter writer Deepak Raj Oli suggests, and Nepal has become a land of lawlessness.





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  1. coke Avatar

    Good reporting. why don’t you add to the tally of few laudable reportings from your side by bringing pictures of houses bulit by pervious ministers, bureaucrats and also some journalists who in the democratic days were able to own a beautiful house, vehicles and also information on how much money they have in their back account, how this agitation is running etc.
    i don’t want to discourage you by commenting as above but just asking if can be impartial. just a query.
    But i know i cannot expect that from your side. ha ha ha
    too much for you, right?

  2. m Avatar

    Mr Coke–you are missing the point entirely. No one denies the corruption of the 90s. No one denies the corruption of the political parties. The Nepali political apparatus, including King, royal government, and the former parliamentary parties is infected with corruption. But that is precisely why the Nepali PEOPLE must rise up and take power for themselves. This is not about power for the parties, it is about power for the people. If the parties, and the Maoists, and anyone else, help to bring that about, then so much the better.

  3. Prajatantra Avatar

    Since IGP Thapa paved the way for him to leave country. Basically, he helped him to flee. IGP should be prosecuted. All the properties belonging to Dhungana and IGP should be confiscated.

    This is not the only case of loot by Nepal Police, few years back cops dressed as dacoits looted jewelery shop in New Road hear of KTM city.

    This is the way administration and security forces runs and we keep asking the question “Why are maoist getting new recruits? Why are more than 50% people sympathize maoist than Cops?”. I know maoist war is not the answer, but if legal bodies behave in this way where will poor powerless people turn for justice.

    If you ask me this IGP is the biggest idiot I have ever seen. Just to save his priest son he is taking all the heat. OH ON SECOND THOUGHT MAY BE IGP IS EQUALLY INVOLVED AND HE IS AFRAID IF DHUNGANA IS CAUGHT HIS KARTOOT WILL COME OUT TOO.

    Lastly, a question of Gyanendra and his autocratic regime, you promised us a free fair governance, is this what you mean by free and fair governance? By the way he is not the first and only culprit/dacoit working for your regime so why would you care. Why would home ministry take action against IGP, after all he belongs to Thapa clan that currently enjoys autonomous power in security forces, spread from home minister to Chief of army to IGP of civil police to IGP of armed police.

  4. sahana Avatar

    kill all the bastards who have earned money illigally…

  5. Nepalisongs.info Avatar

    Looting already poor…
    What can you say about a country, where a well educated and prominant person like this does such act?

    Nepal has already been bad mouthed too much around rest of the world courtesy TRINITY viz. maoist morons, stubborn Mr. KG and dellusioned old parties. But ppl within the country will never leave any chance to make money by doing such acts, its the simptom of autocracy, either by KING or Maoist. This is what we will be getting in AUTOCRACY.


    # FRESH leaders must come into political scence asap, to discharge old leaders.

    # Strict movement by King and Maoist, with UN mediation or EU.
    Some common point solution for immediate ceasefire.

    # Elimination of Monarchy, RNA self constituent body

  6. coke Avatar

    Do not talk big guys. we don’t have a say in our own country.
    You may think i am supporting the King but its not true because i know that he is someone who has not been able to tame his own son, efficiently running a country is out of question?
    But to be practicle, at the moment we do not have some visionary leaders who would lead us comfortably to a republican setup. Here i am not convinced of Girija, Madhav, Deuba or other democrats who would take the lead.
    The Maoists leaders are out of question. we have a lot to learn from recently concluded election in palestine in the case if we choose Prachanda or Baburam as our leader. There is more to write but i stop!
    At the moment there are many in Nepal who are in the same position like me. They are confused.
    Reading biased reporting on a site like this does not help anyway. these people have their misson to fulfill. We have to think why they are doing this and who is behind?

  7. tara Avatar

    katro pharak maathi ka dui tasbir ma. euta ma garib nepali ko pratibimba jhalkeko, arko ma tinko garibi ko karan…

  8. Rajib Avatar

    This is how low the Nepalese newspapers can go the house shown in the picture in not in Bishalnagar but it Baluwatar near my house, there is buz that the owner of this house is Mr. Mukti Shrestha, advocate who bought this from the money he got as Maoist.

  9. Desh Premi Avatar
    Desh Premi

    It is very socking news for Nepali people. Where are those Maoists? if they are fighting for people it is their duty to track this type of corrupted people and kill. Why are they only killing ordinary people and make general public’s life miserable? Even within Police force or Military if this type of story is true surely themself should have solution to stop it. If worse comes worse Police and Army should be able to terminate this type of culprits. If the story is true then all involved be brought to public court and kill them at Tunikhel in front of general people. There might not be provision of law for it but in exceptional cases Supreme Court should allow to execute. That is the only way to stop corruption death sentence. Enough is enough we Nepali people want corruption free society.

  10. Ajay Avatar

    there is a says: rakchak nai bhakchak bhayee kasaile rokna sakdaina so happed in our country it is one another symptons of dwindling nepal. Immediate action has to be taken against such a crime otherwise people will have to come in front to take strong action.

  11. chankhe2 Avatar

    I think this IGP’s time is up. I’m sure the concerned authorities are looiking into it and will retire him soon. However, it would be great if they would put him behind bars as well if all these allegations are directly related to him.

  12. gp Avatar

    Too much talk oif killing. This makes us no better than the Maoists. We have to investigate, catch them and then lock them away for good after confiscating their ill gotten gains. This is a longer process but we have to go about it the way of the judicial system. There is too much “Rang de Basanti” type talk going on here. If you’ve seen the movie, we know the result. The Maoists also probably started out in the same way, but look where it has got them to. They started out as a voice of justice and ended up as a frightening, corrupt and ruthless force which is out of control. We have to believe in and pressure the Judiciary to clean up and deliver justice, then everything else will fall in place. Look at the result of what happened to the RCCC, due to the pressure from the people. This was a correct decision applauded by even many of the royalists, and a truly great day for the legal system of our country.

    We play too much politics and have ignored our judiciary. Even if there is reconciliation between the King, parties and the Maoists, I still say that the judiciary should still go after the corrupt leaders and the Maoists leaders for crimes against humanity, and also the King for any wrong doings. This is how we limit the powers of the governments to come and vest it on to the people. New leadership has to be given way, and the old in any faction has to be made accountable for our state failure in the past 15 years.

  13. AD Avatar


    Everybody says new leaders should be given the power to handle the country. Who is willing to do so ? please name some fresh young leaders and how could they help better contribute nepal and nepalis ?

  14. mahesh Avatar

    To some exten I agree with Cooke’s views. I also feel the same that there is no any present leaders who have vision for this country. There should be some new leader who can lead us but that is lacking. The leaders are speaking of democracy but their own party are suffocating by dictator. The corruption is the main issue that we should fight at moment to gain the support of people. The institutions which should deal with corruption and crimes are themselves drown in corruption. The courts, police, military and almost all the institutions realted directly for the service of the people are corrupted so where is the hope for the people. May it be Gyanendra or Girija or Madhav, things won’t change without any vision for tackling the corruption.

    The case of this inspector came to light but almost all the police officers have similar houses, almost all leaders have it, almost all government secretaries have it but no one is there to raise this issue.

    The children of the staffs of minister for education, proffessors from TU might have never been to the government’s school or colleges because the people who are responsible for running these school and colleges had never faith on these schools.

    So how can we have the future when the people responsible for running education system for poor people are just there for the sake of salary.

    Just in short Nepal is marching to failed nation.

  15. ghanashyam Avatar

    we cannot not expect anything from this government.

  16. coke Avatar

    guys again think negative
    why kantipur is carrying out this news in series.

    First time when kantipur carried out an issue in series was “Murarka Episode”, the financer of Samacharpatra. everyone knows why they did it.

    Second time it was “Against Himalayan times”,-Foreign Investment in MEDIA, it was sorted out when Indian Embassy threatened KP of stopping the Hindustan Lever Limited Advertisement and others, KP immediately stopped. Now Himlayan Times and KP are Bhai Bhai!

    And this one. there must be something going inside.
    KP journalists must have asked money from these people involved, they refused to give, story is coming out is series……… BRAVO KP

  17. eafeipou Avatar

    Big to you thank that contain such resource. Probably all this keeps on enthusiasm. Many thanks for your work

  18. Sayam Limbu Avatar
    Sayam Limbu

    Nepal government must establish crime and corruption investigation authority separate legal body which must have full criminal hunt, tracking, investigation and persecution power. No one interfere to Investigation authority like prime-minister, minister, police official, royal and political leader. This authority must have full legal power.

    Then only national crimes and corruption will reduce in Nepali government. Then only we can build true peace, democracy, human rights and civil rights.

    When Police, Law Order and Legal systems corrupt and criminals how come we can protect peace, democracy, justice systems, freedom and develop country?

    No other option. No other way.

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