Was Jamim Shah Anti-India with ISI and Underworld Nexus?

A section of Indian media certainly thinks so….but do they have any proof? Yes, it’s true that there were rumors to that effect.

Jamim Shah
The broad-daylight murder of Nepali cable and satellite TV pioneer Jamim Shah could probably be the result of two things: either an underworld revenge or an intelligence undercover operation. Some Indian media reports (as of now) have claimed that Shah was suspected as having associations with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim who is wanted in India, and Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. A section of Indian media that is better known for jumping the gun in matters related to regional security and politics have alleged that Shah’s media outlets were routinely used for anti-India propaganda.

Shah started Nepal’s first cable network, Space Time Network, that is still considered the premium service in Kathmandu, and later the first Nepali satellite TV channel- Channel Nepal- from Bangkok. After his successful TV venture he also started two broadsheet daily newspapers in Nepali (Space Time) and English (Space Time Today). Both newspapers failed commercially and were closed down.

Indian media today blame that Shah used his newspapers and TV network for anti-India propaganda.

“Shah ran the Channel Nepal television station that in 2000 instigated anti-India riots when it falsely reported Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan as saying that he hated Nepalis,” claims a report by carried by Times of India. “Four people died in the violence that followed and scores of Indian shops and businesses came under attack. Though the channel was banned for some time, it was lifted once the furore receded.”

Here’s what India’s government-controlled news agency Press Trust of India wrote about Shah: “The Nepali media mogul is alleged to have links with the underworld, including Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan, allegations he had consistently denied. It was also alleged that his TV channel had received investments from underworld sources.”

It was widely reported at that time that a local Nepali-language weekly from Chitwan had originally carried such report about Roshan and afterwards major media from Kathmandu quoted the same report. Shah may be guilty for his alleged anti-India activities on Nepali soil but that was never verified. Neither we heard of any reports of India sharing its intelligence about Shah’s anti-India activities with Nepali authorities. There are many media outlets in Nepal (particularly newspapers) that are believed to be run (or help run) by the Indian embassy in Kathmandu because they run not only hagiographic reports about everything-India but also negative reports about Pakistan. About Shah too, there were rumors in Kahtmandu about his anti-India things but again they were never challenged in related authorities.

Here’s what TOI says about Shah’s newspapers: “Shah also ran a newspaper, Space Time, that carried anti-India propaganda.”

And about his Dawood, ISI links: “In 2004, he came under the ire of the Indian government who asked Nepal to freeze the assets of Space Time Network, alleging that it was funded by Dawood. Shah is also believed to have had ISI links. However, he had stoutly denied both allegations.”

The Murder

Jamim Shah died after being shot in the heart of the capital today. Two masked gunmen on a motorcycle fired at him in the busy street of Lajimpat, Kathmandu while he was heading towards his home in Panipokhari. Shah, who had sustained injuries in his head and chest, was rushed to nearby TU Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj where he was declared dead at 3:45 pm. The hospital sources said he was dead by the time he was brought to the hospital.

According to DSP Pradhumna Karki, the assailants apparently shot at the driver before Shah from a close distance. He received three bullets while his chauffeur Malakar got bullet in his thigh. Police claimed the firing was carried out with the intention to murder. Malakar has been undergoing treatment at the same hospital and is said to be out of danger.

Police said the two men in black outfit on a motorbike (Ba 15 Pa 8733) opened indiscriminate fire at Shah’s car (Ba 1 Cha 2151) at around 2:55, while he was returning home from the Yak and Yeti Hotel in Durbar Marg. The assailants came from the opposition direction.

Police spokesperson Bigyan Raj Sharma said search teams have been deployed to hunt down the killers in the possible hideouts.

Shah is survived by his wife and son.

Journalists mourn: The Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) has expressed deep grief over Shah’s killing. Expressing tribute to late Shah, the FNJ Central Committee wished eternal peace to the departed soul. The FNJ also extended heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family members. Nepal Cable TV Association, and Nepal Cable TV Organization have deplored the inhumane killing of Shah. Issuing a joint press release today, both associations demanded the concerned bodies to immediately investigate into the incident and take action against the culprits as per the law. (source)

Here’s what independent Nepali daily Republica writes about the murder:

Family: The second son of Dr Mohim Shah, a retired senior government officer, is survived by wife Anjali and son Jacky, 24. According to family sources, Anjali had flown to East Timor for a personal visit with two other relatives a few days ago. Jacky, a young musician has been living in US.

The media baron had also courted controversy for his alleged links with Dawood Ibrahim and ISI, which he always denied stoutly. Security officers tally the modus operandi of Shah’s murder with that of Mirza Dilshad Beg 12 years ago, who courted controversy for similar allegations.

Police arrested eight persons on suspicion of involvement in the incident till Sunday evening but an investigative official at Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu (MPRK) said on condition of anonymity that real culprits could be hiding in ‘star hotels’. According to SP Ganesh KC, chief of MPRK, the shooters had a black complexion and wore black jackets.

Whodunit? While there are widespread suspicions about “international links” behind the homicide, a high level intelligence source said that the killing might be an act of revenge by a local party with whom Jamim had a long animosity. The source even warned another partner of the dispute could meet the same fate. Security officers tally the modus operandi of Shah´s murder with that of Mirza Dilshad Beg 12 years ago, who courted controversy for similar allegations.

Police arrested eight persons on suspicion of involvement in the incident till Sunday evening but an investigative official at Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu (MPRK) said on condition of anonymity that real culprits could be hiding in ´star hotels´. According to SP Ganesh KC, chief of MPRK, the shooters had a black complexion and wore black jackets.






22 responses to “Was Jamim Shah Anti-India with ISI and Underworld Nexus?”

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Dear editor,
    I am very anxious hearing this bad news that Jamin Shah has shooted by two Indians. Jamin is one of the nationalist. He always regarded the Nepalese sovereignty. I
    express deep grief over Shah’s killing. I express the tribute to late Shah, the FNJ Central Committee wished eternal peace to the departed soul. It is a great sorrow for all. Due to the pro-Indian government, we Nepalese people are unsecured. We have to keep friendly relations with India due to our similar cultural and religious traditions. But sadly Indian congress, ever since coming to power has been striving to destabilize Nepal. India, through its intelligence agency ‘RAW’, has been found continuously involved in destabilizing our national identities – royal institution, Hindu Kingdom and national language, which were developed along with the ideology of national unity, security and national identity. RAW through its agents in the Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist parties is now pressing for autonomous federal states on communal basis. Jamin was not the follower of republic, secularism and federalism. So, he may be targeted by Indians Gundas. God punish such culprits.I hope, although Jamin had dead physically, he is immortal on the eyes of all nationalists in Nepal.

    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Jamin’s well-wisher.

  2. Sumnima Pandey Avatar
    Sumnima Pandey

    Not only the Indian Media but the world renowned for impartiality like BBC also dances to the Indian tune. Just take a look at BBC news on Jamim Shah’s murder, it carries the same gossip alleging Channel Nepal, Shah’s TV company of spreading rumour regarding Hritik Roshan. But what a nonsense does a TV channel which opened on 3rd July 2001 can instigate violence in December 2000?

    Jamim’s fault was only that he was a born Muslim and the Indian regime wants to portray its image as a patriotic by eliminating any emerging muslim business leaders in its neighborhood.

  3. Bhaya Arati Avatar
    Bhaya Arati

    It’s so sad to see people actually believe this allegation made by the Indian government. It is so obvious that the Indian government is targeting Jamim Shah because he is young, successful and controls much of the media in Nepal. India has been trying so hard to get an access into Nepal, especially through the media and because Jamim Shah is a pro-Nepalese and a fellow Muslim they want to put such allegations as being tied to Dawood. This is absolutely absurd! It is all part of India’s dirty politics. I think if Indian government truly believes this then they should have proof to their accusation, which i don’t see at all accept some fabricated stories. Without any proof there is no truth in it. What India needs to do is focus on real terrorist issues and take care of their country before another terrorist hits Mumbai instead of spending so much time making fictitious stories and lying to people!! Nepalese people shouldn’t be so quick to judge by just reading a article. If anything Nepalese people should praise him for everything Jamim Shah has done to it’s country! It’s sad to see blogs like this that actually follow the footsteps of Indian’s fictitious stories! Instead what you need to do is focus on what he has done for Nepal! He is wealthy enough to move out of Nepal sell the business to India or China and start a business outside like many others, instead he stayed in Nepal and supported the Country. As we say, “Don’t believe everything you read!” My prayers are with Jamim Shah and his family! May his soul rest in peace!

  4. Roshan Avatar

    Realising the circumstances on how once media tycoon Jamim Shah was killed, almost within the security confines of the Indian Embassy, even a layman will not believe that underworld gang – Bharat Nepali had killed him. Why should he kill him? There is no logic at all. Avenues TV had been clearly hoodwinked by the Indian Govt. agent RAW through a fake phone call. You go and check every Indian News media now -The Times of India, Hindu, Statesman, whatever- they are linking Jamim Shah with Dawood Ibrahim and ISI. And Indian Govt. was after Jamim Shah since a long time without any clear link or evidence/proof. It is now clear that RAW agent had killed Jamim Shah taking advantage of the ill-equipped security mechanisms prevailing in Nepal. The manner of killing was too brutal and lethal. The Indian Embassy may also be clandestinely involved in this plot. This is clearly a top secret mission of the Indian Govt. The Killers (Indian RAW Agents) might have already left Kathmandu through diplomatic vehicle provided by the Indian Embassy within a few hours through the Indian Airlines flight at around 4.30 pm. The chances of this happening is very very high, since this is the most safest and quickest exit from Nepal. And remember – Diplomatic vehicles and belongs are exempted from checking in all International airports. So even if the RAW agents are carrying automatic machine guns and pistols nobody has the authority to check them. Instead the Indian Govt. should have taken a diplomatic channel with clear evidence that Mr. Shah was connected with underworld and is working against India. But Indian Govt. don’t have any evidence to prove this fact. They only suspected him through false rumour so they removed him showing barbarism. So, today, a true Nepali nationalist has been brutally killed in our own soil most likely by an Indian RAW agent or his employed hitman in broad daylight. I am not an anti-Indian, instead I love the Indian people, their culture and hospitality, but I hate the way, Indian Govt. is disparaging Nepal and intervening within our territory. See the border encroachment problem still prevailing. Action speaks louder than words. Too bad. Beware, Nepali Police Personnel and Security Intelligence-This is a big Challenge for all of you! Also Beware Avenues TV crew members- We Nepalese trust that you people are not so gullible enough to believe in this cooked-up story by the Indian RAW agents. On what basis and evidence you believe that the underworld gang Bharat Nepali men has called in your Office Phone and took ownership of the killing? This is done just to divert the attention of the media and the public and disguise the killing to take a different turn. Just do more research and try to dig out the truth.

  5. Manish Soni Avatar
    Manish Soni

    Hi,I am an Indian, and since the blog mentions about India’s role in the killing so I am putting my views.
    There is a fact, that both RAW, Indian Secret Agency, and ISI, Pakistan’s secret Agency, are operating actively in Nepal. I am not a spokesman of the agencies, so I cannot admit or deny, but I feel that yes, it is true.
    Reason for RAW involvement:
    ISI or India’s enemy Dawood Ibrahim, is conducting anti-India operations, from Nepal itself. Jamim Shah, could not have open a media chanel ithout any funding. Just think of it, how did he, and only he got the funds, since so many years? to open a media channel. Just try to think it over., you may get the answers.
    Remember the Indian Airlines Hijack of 1999. Without ISI involvement, this was not possible.
    All the anti-india propaganda in NEpal, started after that if not earlier. RAW involvemnt could have started after that.
    China and Pakistan are very good friends, as they have one common enemy, which is India.
    My dear freinds, from Nepal, this is a bigger political event behind all this, which is absolutely not in my or your single control.
    All I want to say that is, India is not anti-NEpal, and India is not interfering in Nepal for no reason. IT is doing so, for its own security.
    Also, just take a note, about Jamim Shah, and Mirza Beg, who was a wanted Indian criminal, but fled to NEpal and took its citizenship, became an MLA etc. How can he get so much money.
    If these 2 people are dead, then 2 thorns between India and NEpal’s friendship is removed.

  6. Gorkhali Avatar

    @Manish Soni
    : Fuk-k off u…yo saab [icd] haru lai ta marna parcha
    a world wihout [icd] … better world
    die [icd] die

  7. Manish Soni Avatar
    Manish Soni

    I am sorry, I did not understand anything after “fuk-k off u”.
    saying 2 lines in reply will not help me understand your viewpoint. If possible, please reply. Also, I wanted to add to previous comment, I will agree, and admit, that some mistakes have been made, just like I or any one makes mistakes. but the bottom line I want to add is “India is not Anti-Nepal, but anti-India activities are being carried out from Nepal soil”.

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  9. ash Avatar

    @Manish Soni

    The method used in this killing is not acceptable to any sovereign country.There are other discreet ways to Wipe somebody out esp when Govt.agencies like RAW is complice in high profile Gang land like assasination mission on foreign soil…

  10. camorra Avatar

    Being used is a problem one cannot always foresee this is very tragic. he knew he was stuck and in deep trouble yet somehow he underestimated the problem if his relatives were already abroad he should have left to save his life and could not because he was manipulated by those.

  11. Bhushan joshi Avatar
    Bhushan joshi

    mere khayal se jamim ko jis kisi ne bhi mara ho par bahot accha kam kiya hai… nepal aur india ke liye aur specially hindus ke liye. muje ye samaj me nahi aata ke nepali log india ke khilaf kyun hai? jab ki sadiyo se hum sath rahe hai, hamara dharm ek hai. jamim jaise pak agent ki maut to aisi hi honi chahiye. weldone RAW

  12. press Avatar

    why he was killed it all seems not about money.

  13. Manish Soni Avatar
    Manish Soni

    I may agree that method used is not right. But it seems you tend to agree about Jamim’s shady past and his efforts to create misunderstandings between Nepal and India, not alone, with some help from anti-India people.

  14. hellion Avatar

    @ manish soni and bhusan joshi
    Ok if u believe that jameem was dawoods men or isi’s agent then ,why he didnt have any armed bodyguards .Its not like u crazy indian think. U were slaves for decades so u want to treat other as u were treated by british. But be aware we r gorkhali who never lost any battle. If u crazy indians keep on intervening on our internal matters and keep on killing our prople map of india will be wiped out from india. be aware u can buy some peoples here not everyone .

  15. Nuwakote Avatar

    I know very few about Jamim shah. Nobody can say he was a nationalist without knowing him. The word is very heavy to him. He was one of them who dismissed Nepal’s chance to be media hub in Asia. I know he channel Nepal started, his connection to Bublu shriwastav and Dawood .
    But after all these thing it is bad that some body came in nepal to kill him. It is against low and the killer is not a good doer either.

  16. Manish Soni Avatar
    Manish Soni

    Why r u so angry? India does not want to treat anyone like slaves. India respects Nepal and Nepali people, why would India want to enslave them?
    On Jamim Shah, let us ask a basic question, how come only Jamim Shah got to start a network television amongst all the people in Nepal. Why would Indian people hate Nepalese people without any reason. give me one reason why would Indians not like or hate Nepali people?
    Indians do not hate Nepali. It is well established that anti-India activities are coming from Nepal, not from Nepalese, but using Nepal. Example Mirza Dilshad Beg

  17. prem Avatar


    UR day dreaming. You quoted “…..map of india will be wiped out from india” Think about yourself and your Nepal first. You seriously sound like a paki dog in disguise. Nepal will become history if India gets serious in armed conflict against nepal. You people will rush to chini and porkis and ultimately dig a bigger hole for your graves as both the nations are untrustworthy in the world community.

  18. Peace Avatar

    This messege goes to all the my nepalese brothers and sisters. I think u guys shouldnt be fighting with each other , u see thats what the problem is . if u guys keeps fighting with eachother then nepal wont be same at which it was known as peaceful country in the world.afterall nepal is really critical situation instead of having sympathy you guys are cursing each other shame on u… that illustrates that u guys are one hell of a ignorrance ppl. RIP JAMIM SHAH

  19. vijay k.c Avatar

    its is rightly assume that nepalese media is ran by imaginative fiction writers.neplalese politician are bunch of cartoons without brains.this incident is handiwork of criminal with a intention of diverting people opinion into pointless speculation.let us think with clean mind its is a business rivalry and people benifiting from this is politicians .lets hope for the best

  20. hasmine mia Avatar

    One thing i wanna say all of you that,it was so sad and very bad of accident.But its a hand of Indian people and most of Nepali who are not involved in this case,they are in jail its shows that our government not doing good.i think Nepali boy are not involved in this case and they are student who are innocent.its time to take action who are involved in this case and who are not involved in this case they should give their right,education,life.lastly,i want to said that our journalist should highlight the case and give priority give freedom their life who are in jail.

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