The Nepali Constitutional Dilemma

With the lapse of time, whether the history of ruling monarch will repeat in changed form? This fear hangs over the mind of common people, as the present Constitutional developments are not so encouraging. By Suryabahadur Singh The constitutional evolutionary phases were continuously witnessed throughout the development process in Nepal.   The post second Jan-andolan,2062 (2005)Continue reading “The Nepali Constitutional Dilemma”

Nepali Constitution: In search of Excellence

By Prof. Suryabahadur Singh* The experimentation of various types of Constitutions was carried out in Nepal. The country had to experience six more Constitutions until elections to Constituent Assembly, 2065 (2008) were held. It had been observed that, these procedural delay jeopardized the growth of democratic system to a greater extent and derail overall nationalContinue reading “Nepali Constitution: In search of Excellence”

News from CA: The Meeting Resumes

The legislative session of the Constituent Assembly (CA) resumed today at the International Convention Centre in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, after being interrupted for 12 days following obstructions caused by Madhes-based regional parties demanding constitutional guarantee of an “autonomous Madhes state” and “mass Nepal Army recruitment of Madhesi people”. The CA meeting began its regular businessContinue reading “News from CA: The Meeting Resumes”

Historic Session of Constituent Assembly Begins in Nepal

Now (23:32), K B Gurung convenes another meeting of the CA tomorrow at 11 AM. The first meeting is over. Now (23:25), K B Gurung declares the proposal passed. He also tables a proposal to direct the government to remove the former king and his secretariat withing 15 days. This proposal is passed by theContinue reading “Historic Session of Constituent Assembly Begins in Nepal”

Aftermath of Nepal’s CA: By Hook or Crook

By The Conflict Study Center [More credit at the end] The unexpected results of historic Constituent Assembly (CA) elections have invigorated the CPN (Maoist), now the largest political party, on the one hand, and have enervated the former power holders, the NC in particular. Moreover, the results gave a mandate for transformation of the governmentContinue reading “Aftermath of Nepal’s CA: By Hook or Crook”

Preparations for the Assembly

Preparations are going on regarding the first meeting of the CA and procedures there after. The first meeting, in addition to fulfilling some formalities, is expected to formalize Nepal a republic. Plus, discussions are also going on about the formation of the new government and the possible ways of power sharing among political parties. NamelyContinue reading “Preparations for the Assembly”

Will Former Insurgent Maoist Lead Nepal?

By Conflict Study Center Nepal is again a hot topic because of the former insurgent Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) or CPN (M)’s unexpected victory in the CA elections. International communities that followed the Big House Media (BHM) propaganda that the Maoists would be lost have been astounded. The suspended king Gyanendra, who used toContinue reading “Will Former Insurgent Maoist Lead Nepal?”