News from CA: The Meeting Resumes

The legislative session of the Constituent Assembly (CA) resumed today at the International Convention Centre in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, after being interrupted for 12 days following obstructions caused by Madhes-based regional parties demanding constitutional guarantee of an “autonomous Madhes state” and “mass Nepal Army recruitment of Madhesi people”. The CA meeting began its regular business after the disgruntled Madhes-based parties decided to let the CA proceedings move on although they expressed reservations over the newly prepared fifth amendment bill to the interim constitution.

CPN-Maoist Chiarman Pushpa Kamal Dahal underscored that the political parties need to move ahead through consensus upto the amendment to the interim constitution. He opined that the Madhesi parties can table amendment motions if they did not fully agree with the fifth amendment bill registered by the government. “It is clear that the leaders of Madhes-based parties are dissatisfied with the amendment bill pertaining to articles 138, 144 of the interim constitution clear ways to hold more discussions to address their demands”, said Dahal. Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) coordinator Upendra Yadav said that the government introduced the new bill breaching the agreements made in the past. “Everywhere in the world, autonomous states are authorised to run their state, administration and judiciary independently,” said Yadav in Hindi, adding, “Unless the Madhes autonomous state is establised, it won’t be free from internal colonialism.”

The CA members representing various political parties expressed their views. The Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) retracted the earlier supplementary amendment bill draft and prepared a new one yesterday to address the demands raised by the disgruntled Madhesi parties. The new draft of the agreement was tabled at the CA yesterday after cabinet approval.


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  1. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    Shree shrestha
    To make deal out side the CA is not a good interpretation of condition. Do you think it is the first time politicians meet outside CA?? How many timesNC , UML , CPN(M) meet in Baluwatar???

  2. Shree Shrestha Avatar
    Shree Shrestha

    What’s wrong with dealing the issues in CA? It just shows that Madhesi leaders have no guts. They just know narabaji. These Madhesi leaders are doing disservice to the people they represent.

  3. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    to Shree shrestha
    Because in the agreement made by country, it was not mentioned that the autonomus matter will be discussed in CA,
    And this is not the first case which has to solve outside CA, I think we have many examples which we dont have to count here.
    Why country don’t want to solve according to it’s word??? does country want to bring more trouble? If we try to run or skip or hide the trouble and problem it will be more and more worse.
    There is one saying, prevention is better than cure, treat the disease before it worse.
    Now the mentality of CPN(M), NC and UML seems that they will ignore the madhesh demand and they will move ahead but be sure it will make the proble more and more worse

  4. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    I like to ask ARUN the same question as MATRIBHUMI did. Yes, ARUN what did you get from TOFEL? you don’t know that the name “JYOTI” comes from our religion which is “HINDU” . Are you hindu?
    And same question applies to MUKESH …R U out of your mind? do you write from dictionary? you don’t know that meaning of Autonomous,..and what diversity it covers?

    Well, it shows your level of intellectuality. I don’t need to know what Girija or Madav Nepal agreed or signed the deal behind the closed door which we never known or heard of. Since when our prime ministers started to sign deal with their own people. Are Madheshi Nepali? if there was any deal with Madheshi then I and on behalf of people of nepal, disapproved the deal that was carried by Royal prime minister Girija PK.
    Don’t you know that if Head of State is destroyed, it means other administrations will also be automatically destroyed or cancelled and no longer exist.

    Therefore we need “President” to approves or carry out administration of Nepal. We never know what new government will write a fresh law about Madheshi. I think, there will be no requirements to write a new law for specifically to Madheshi.

    Mukesh don’t talk about the past. The past we already destroyed by winning the Maoist in Election. So you just have to wait and see what comes next, not only you (Madheshi/Yadav) but for us as well. We want a fresh and a new law as well.

    Past is past – Talk about future!

  5. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    People of nepal are not responsible for your Leaders. I have to say nothing but this – Your Leaders are opportunist! they must have agreed for something? Have your leaders told you what they got from Girija or his Daughter Sujata? I heard that some of you leader and Congress Supporters got an expensive MOTOR Bike? wasn’t that true? Now, you have no longer remained friends and showing how badly they treated you?? How much you have suffered? who cares ? Ask answers from your leaders …..whoever they are.

    Why should we suffer from your concern or why should Nepal suffer again from your stupidities again…?

    I don’t care what you’ve understood the word ‘autonomous’ but “one madhesh ‘ means you are demanding for a ‘separate’ state. Either you have got it wrong by wording ‘One Madhesh” or your Leaders cheating on you again by persuading an opposite meaning of it.

    So you need to ask yourself what really means to your the word ‘One Madhesh” deep into your mind. Be careful Mukesh!

  6. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    To Jyoti,
    Great, Past is Past. Think about future and forget the past. You dont know the Royal PM GP gas done what kind of agreement and signature, you dont have to do anything with that.
    Do you knoiw, past bring the present and present lead to future. They all are related. Past is your parent or grand parent , if they were not there, you must not be here.
    The matter about ROYAL PM GP Koirala , what ever you said to me, do you have courage to say those to MAOIST that we dont know what agreement GP did with you . Maoists are asking their Killer GANG to make Nepal army according to the agreement with ROYAL PM. can you stop them??? I think there are many this kind of steps are going on .
    I think you are out of mind Jyoti that talking this kind of stupid things that you dont know what GP did there behind the closed door. I have given you the 8 points , Read it that then write here.

  7. Mukesh Jha Avatar
    Mukesh Jha

    [icd] jyoti!
    u are out of yr mind. u ask the same question again n again that what autonomous mean?? what autonomous mean?? i think u also need to be brainwashed

    it is not to disintegrate the country but the rights to self determination, it gives full authority to the people living in terai like madhesi, tharu, n other indigenous group to rule by their own.

    u may ask babes, whats the benefit then???

    the benefit is that these people living in terai will rule by their own power , earn from their own resources, develop more number of employment, correct utilisation of their earning n income in their respective sector, huge n fast development , competition with others state in nepal, they dont have to wait for the leaders sitting in kathmandu (these leaders knows only to open their bank account in foreign, n everyone knows nearly all the leaders has full their pocket sucking the blood of these poor people), respect to the respective culture, languages, people n mannnnnyyyy.

    whats the disadvantages then???

    nothing but better than one centralised power in kathmandu wher u can find BHATE leaders ( just waiting for yr money).

    what are the examples????
    many countries all over the world has this system n very much successful.

    what are the obstacles????
    you like [icd] who back behind corrupt leaders and do whatever they are said to do. they are paid for that .

    if u [icd] still dont understand the need n voice of people then u are born too late to understand n its not yr fault but………………….

  8. Jyoti - Scotland Avatar
    Jyoti – Scotland

    Well, Mukesh, i don’t think i should be wasting my time on 8 points deal. As i told you before, there is no such an evidence in history that a country had to sign a dozy deal in their own country in the world unless the country has been colonized. But in our case, Tarai never had been colonized. Its true that there are many illegal Immigrants residing in Tarai for many years because of our loose boarder policy with india. so how come you Immigrant “Madheshi” ask for a separate “One Madhesh” state? Can you tell me why do you need a deal?

    Girija has already put us on misery by doing these kind of hidden deals which we never will approve on. India says Girija has sold some of our piece of land, so according to your suggestion – we should agree to give our land to India? No way Man. You should accept the reality which is this – All the deal that Girija has approved will be no longer valid. Another word it goes with him no longer apply.

    If you don’t under stand this – then the alternative way of educating you people is – implementation of strict rules! another word a communist rules – you are not allowed to demand unnecessary deals. You need chair man Mao’s stick and gun. Why don’t you stick you nose in other issues like educating children and women in your society, Controlling dowery etc etc? Your leaders need to work on these issues rather than creating useless debate and arguments on top of that they have chosen such a endless topic that is never gonna come to an end. Well they get lot of money by doing these but think who loose him or your ordinary guys ? i think its you who gets nothing but frustration.

    Too little knowledge is dangerous!!! don’t you know that? My suggestion for you is – Don’t waste your time boy. its beneficiary (cos you may be getting money for doing this) for short term but what about long term? Have you thought about that?

  9. mukesh Jha Avatar
    mukesh Jha

    Hey babe Jyoti….
    Educate your pahade leader first and tell them whatever you said to me here, I think it will be useful for them better.
    They are still quarreling for post and position, can you say me why???
    I dont think that you are in Nepal, So the person who is even not in Nepal I dont think that he/ she can know the real condition of here.
    First I want to give one suggession thta is you pahade need mao’s stick, like GIRIJA , KING GYANENDRA, and another , therefore Maoists is there not we. We will use the same way to you pahade then only you will understand.

  10. Jonnie Avatar

    Thinking like that is really imsiesprve

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