News from CA: The Meeting Resumes

The legislative session of the Constituent Assembly (CA) resumed today at the International Convention Centre in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, after being interrupted for 12 days following obstructions caused by Madhes-based regional parties demanding constitutional guarantee of an “autonomous Madhes state” and “mass Nepal Army recruitment of Madhesi people”. The CA meeting began its regular business after the disgruntled Madhes-based parties decided to let the CA proceedings move on although they expressed reservations over the newly prepared fifth amendment bill to the interim constitution.

CPN-Maoist Chiarman Pushpa Kamal Dahal underscored that the political parties need to move ahead through consensus upto the amendment to the interim constitution. He opined that the Madhesi parties can table amendment motions if they did not fully agree with the fifth amendment bill registered by the government. “It is clear that the leaders of Madhes-based parties are dissatisfied with the amendment bill pertaining to articles 138, 144 of the interim constitution clear ways to hold more discussions to address their demands”, said Dahal. Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) coordinator Upendra Yadav said that the government introduced the new bill breaching the agreements made in the past. “Everywhere in the world, autonomous states are authorised to run their state, administration and judiciary independently,” said Yadav in Hindi, adding, “Unless the Madhes autonomous state is establised, it won’t be free from internal colonialism.”

The CA members representing various political parties expressed their views. The Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) retracted the earlier supplementary amendment bill draft and prepared a new one yesterday to address the demands raised by the disgruntled Madhesi parties. The new draft of the agreement was tabled at the CA yesterday after cabinet approval.

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60 thoughts on “News from CA: The Meeting Resumes

  1. Owo, “meeting resumes” is news .. how low can it get? Forget any achievement or result. Talk about low, low expectation …

  2. What can I say regarding this meeting? Its not very clear. I came to know through news that madhesi parties are not satisfied with this meeting. Government should thik about the bill once again. They are totally avoiding the madhesi people. This is not the way to lead the government. We are not a begger and we wont beg from the government. We are ready to fight with government for our demand. If government dont want to fill our demand, he should have tell us clearly. We are ready to struggle with government and we will fight till our last breath.
    Thank you.
    Jay Madhes, Jay Nepal.

  3. same madeshi mantris who looted country are becoming heros for madeshis.

    some are saying they care for madesh,,,,,,,dont you see they joined madeshi movement they they thought their electivity is about to be lost, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    mjf started movement and they were attracting people, ,,,,other madeshi corrupt netas could not take that and they came into street with evenbigger dangerious demand ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is what some of the madeshi netas like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    what are you talking about pahade netas,,,,,,,,,,,,bahun and chettris are not only pahadeys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if we are going to talk about mantris,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,till date the most number of mantris are from chettris then bahun and then comes madeshis,,,,,,,,,,,,there are more madeshis mantris than other pahadis so if you want to blame other pahadis(except from bahuns and chettris) first of all blame madeshis mantris,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you kind of dumb is making heros to same corrupt ministers, you are being used by the same corrupt ministers,,,just use your head,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    and about tarai andolen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that madeshis people were demanding for what they would be getting after constitution is made…………..but your opportunist, corrupt madeshi netas started andalon, sent youi kind of dumb to give your bali for their personal benifit…………………………………………….and are you madeshis only the community in terai…………….there are many and why are you trying to take their right while demanding your right…………………..yor mentality is just like that of indians who wants to rule on weaker community………madeshis are more safe, have more pride, right in nepal than in india,,,,dont you know how people from bihar, up are killed, beaten in other parts of india. ……………………….and even dalits, small commuinty in bihar, up are killed, beaten you youi kind of bigger cast in up bihar………………………….just because you have a louder vioce does not make you right…………………………..may be that is why in india if some community tries to bully other community, the other community responds more brutally………………………………… you have a saying in india,,,,,lena ke dena.

  4. send madeshis in army to up, bihar to keep an eye on criminals, criminals activities, dakas, anti nepal elements and if necessary they may need to wack those elements.

  5. the disqaualified RAW agent Mahantha thakur who already boycotted by peoples verdict is again giving the challenges to the nepali people in the name of madhes yesterday in the CA legislative meeting. from the backforce of india so called pro-agent of india mahanta and his company upendra both spaek in english is condemnable. why they dont speak in nepal? why they dont even use their own mothertongue maithili? who the blundered they were who want to separate the nation in the name of madhes and terai? t Accepting the agenda of madhes is again we are revolving round in the ellipse in the same matter,not in the fedarlism. it should have scientific base to reorganize the provincial matter. only the pressure they were giving insode the meeting musnot be the radical agenda.. lets form the new consensus against so called imported madhesi……………………………………

  6. Hope this continues. Lets hope the political parties get to some conclusive point and build a solid constitution will will last not for ever but a long long time.

    Its high time that we see some stability in our country.

  7. NOW THAT THE KING AND PRINCE ARE GONE, We suddenly have great development in the country. Look:
    1. We have peace
    2. No more corruption
    3. We have great healthcare as the hospitals are running.
    4. We have great national integrity-madhesis, pahadis and janjatis all love one another and are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the country
    5. Girija and others have left the position for someone who does not need Viagra and can go to the office without using adult diapers.
    6. Maoists have returned the seized land of the people
    7. We have electricity everywhere
    8. We have drinking water everywhere
    9. The petrol prices have been coming down and Nepal Oil Corporation has been in profits.
    10. All the other previous ministers from whose water tanks on the roof tops crores of rupees were taken out have been arrested inclduing those who looted money from Nepal Oil Corporation and invested that money into personal funds in South America.
    11. The people once wanted for corruption by the CIAA have been arrested.
    WOW, new Nepal is great and has a very bright future.

    SADLY, Nepalis will never learn, they will worship the people who will never let them come up and loot their country left right and center. You deserve no better but to be a state of India and sooner or later that is what the madhise leaders will do as they ALL are chamcha of India.

  8. Lokendra Yadav, go back to bihar, lalloo ko chamcha tan. Say Jay madhesh, Jay Bharat.

  9. According to my friend who works for The United Nation Organization…there is 45cases of contitutional goverment elections was hold in the world last 50years. And then,only two third of those countries
    was able to enacted The New Constitution…
    the rest of one third are never established the CA.
    and …finished! Case closed! O.v.e.r!

    Well,now I see those Nepali `aanibaani’ since April 10.
    What do you expecting?

    Dinesh,let me hear more `ranga’news,will you?!
    Me too,dikka laagyo.

  10. These dhotis are making all sort of unnecessary demands and trying to ruin our country. This guy lokendra yadav talks about struggling to the last breath. What kind of struggle and for what is never clear. If you ask they will say you know what we struggle for. These dhotis are demanding crazy things just because they have small number of militia and they can walk to india. All the so called prominent leaders are either former moabadi or corrupt defactors. They think they can rule terai region but they elect a terrorist who has bombed people in kathmandu ,what a judgement. They speak hindi in the assembly not maithali or bhojpuri but hindi, these shameless bastards should not receieve our understanding but our wrath. We should finish these elements in terai.
    I remember my chemistry teacher, Amresh Kumar Singh, first he was a maobadi and then a madhesi neta. He always tried to ridicule me and other students but he was particularly kind to the girls. These people are more discriminating than any other group in nepal, they should be taught a lesson.
    Nepal needs to heal and we have the right to heal. We can develop, we can make use of our energy and profit a great deal. This is the era of the American empire and they are all poised to transform the middle east. We need to develop now or we can never catch the right track because after middle east china’s next.
    Every group in nepal should be treated equally no one group should get the special treatment. And to all the intelligent yadavs out there try to develop your community and not destroy it.
    You don’t know what madesh is so stop saying jay madesh and start saying jay yadav. This is not your country if you think that nepal should be divided.

  11. Nepalese don’t deserve to rule themselves. They are best when under the boots of either the Indians or the British. Look at the Nepalese serving in the Indian or the British Gurkhas; look at the millions of Nepalese serving their Indian masters in scores of Indian cities; talk to the thousands of Gurkhas now resettled in Scotland washing the dirty dishes in the Edinburogh restaurants; and lastly don’t forget to count the millions of sex workers in the Indian cities.

    We cannot feed ourselves, nor can we work for our country. We can only beg, stoop, or prostrate ourselves before others hoping to catch a few crumbs of bread! What a shame!

    We are incompetent, irresponsible, uneducated, uncivilized, and intolerent to understand and appreciate democracy. It will take us a couple of centuries to become fit to govern ourselves.


  12. we are proud of nepal that they are giving prices to dead journalists.
    It is a good sign that those left over meet up.
    Can we conclude the military will stop murdering people?

  13. indultos we call this indultos.
    This takes…40 years ittook baires that means buenos aires
    but international networks help
    First civil society must restore dignity to the oppressed.
    Difference between argentina and nepal is that the murdered generations were intellectuals university people many and civil society was siding with military and catholic church but the killings were so brutal and those exiled at least demanded respect for the dead.
    Most refused to return some returned. But Nepal seems more like Colombia or the wild west.

  14. peru we also had apristas become tupac amaru brilliant young intellectuals who radicalized….

  15. the myth of sendero was the four arms of the indian grow on back togehter again since tupac amaru had been ‘ quartizado’ by horses the arms and legs had been separated from the body and in Peru population is majority indigenous few white used to be in command change cannot be avoided when the balance is off.
    Dreams are persisting. Now all those exiled dreamers live in countrys without working classes as in marx orwith other stupid rulers. But we were right.

  16. book that was published by Conadep about the dirty war is Nunca Mas
    This book will appear about Nepal when all conflicts are settled?
    Killings and dissapearances of University students batalla trelew, montoneros far all of this happened in the late seventies. And because of hard work of madres de plaza de mayo.
    The mothers and grandmothers of the murdered people, who recieved international support, and all friends of exiled people worldwide.

  17. all this fighting is productive people die anyway and democratic organizations sponsor helpless to learn debate instead of kill because at least do not come to Europe.
    Fundraising can be done for humanistic education thanks to national police and corrupt. There is no duality. In the end they do not want money or even tourists they just want to eat.

  18. I hear Kantipur is breaking up, Wagle. Whose side are you on? And don’t give us the shit that you’re not taking anyone’s side. We hear the battle there is getting really ugly. Care to splash some of the news on this site?

  19. I didn’t know that Judiciary is the place to buy and sell justice. I

    had heard that Judiciary of nepal is corrupted. But this event which

    i’m going to describe is really unbelievable and shocking. You’ll be

    shocked after reading this .
    District court of Bhaktapur had sentenced a Russian to jail-sentence

    for life for raping and murdering a nepali girl. But Apellate court,

    patan has given a cleancheat to the russian on 2065-03-12. The so

    called judges in appellate court were Hariram Koirala & Hari Bdr Basnet

    to give this justice to the russian.
    They have said “Yasma Tathyasangat, Sankarahit Praman Begar Biswas

    Layak Paristhiti Janya Praman Samet Nabhayeko Awasthama Punarabedak

    Pratibadi Harule SAfai Paune Thaharcha.”
    Mind it. “No Tactful, Doubtless proof; No practicably Belivable Proof.”
    If there hadn’t any factful, doubtless, practicably unbelivable proof,

    how could the district court of Bhaktapur had decided to send the

    Russian jail for lifelong.
    If the Hariram Koirala and Hari Bahadur Basnet of Apellate court are

    right (but they can’t be; you can go apellate court, Patan, give an eye

    to the file & find truth), the judge of District court should also be

    punished. Is it possible to come extremely opposite decision by two

    World has changed, nation has changed, but no positive signs to change

    the Judiciary System.
    Another Issue, why judges of like Hariram Koirala & Hari Bdr Basnet are

    brought to Patan time to time while others have to go to different


    Everyone, including judges & bureaucracy in Judiciary, know about this

    event, but nobody wants it to come to public. Why?
    I think these two judges would say “its ok” if they were provided money

    for raping their wives.
    The bhrastha haru like “basnet & Koirala” should be punished publically

    & only who’s been raped & murdered would get justice.
    -Hari Devkota (sachet Nagarik)

  20. the case is appealed by:
    Erina Rudik (russian)
    Anthon Palatakin (russian)
    Vs. Govt of Nepal
    the ladies who is killed was a servant on the russian’s home

  21. to matribhumi
    dont depress madhesi by making the false issue, “madhesi leaders are chamcha of Bharat, they should say Jay madhes Jay Bharat”. which leaders of nepal dont have connection with indians, china`s leaders. if madhesi leaders have connection means its against nepal but if pahadi leaders have connection means what? if u cant notice the problem of madhesi people and blame every moment taken by madhesi leaders against the nation means you also dont respect the rights of madhesi .and those who dont respect the madhesi n their rights is the enemy our madhesi and our nepal.
    we want our rights! for that we will go to any extent. its time for all the leaders to accept their mistake which they have done on madhesi till now and fulfill their demands without hesistation.

  22. bastard sankalp!
    you like all pahadi are mother fucker gandu. you say lokendra yadav not to speak for their rights. but babes the day is no far for the madhesh to success. if you cant survive in nepal along wid madhesi then thats yr problem. better u be back to china where yr ancesstor live. madhesh does not belong to pahadi. if u keep yr eyes to supress the madhesi people then u all wont find any stability n will surely be ruin.
    we need to keep our words and for that we can use any language. that is our rights. we respect our nepali language. but the bastard pahadi leaders dont understand nepaliwhen we talk abt our rights so we have to convince them in other language.
    madhesi leaders are terrorist than what abt pahadi leaders who have ruined the madhesh. if u want to kick the terrorist than first kick off the prachand whom u have elected the king.
    no any meeting can ever make for the madhesi people untill n unless they get [pressure from madhesh.
    madhesi demand is not to divide nepal but to get uplift in all the aspect of madhesi community.

  23. Arun, get our head out of your rear end. King Mahendra, knew that India would play this game by using madhesis and thats why he encouraged pahades to come and settle in parts of madhesh. The border is so porous that any bihari like yourself can get a citizenship in Nepal and ask for a seperate state. Madhes is not only madhesis, it belongs to Tharus and other tribes as well, and it also belongs to India’s puppet Mr. GPK who with his family have been living in madhesh for generations like many other pahades. You can fight all you want, the fact is this:
    You will still be a second class citizen in India if you want to be their puppet like you are behaving. In fact Indians will treat you worse than biharis. We respect your rights, but not as much as we respect Nepal and the integrity of its borders. Convince the Nepali people that you and your corrupt leaders are not asking for a seperate country or a region to be a part of other dhotis then we will gladly grant you your rights.

  24. RIGHTS yes madhesis can get, it is long due but not an AUTONOMOUS REGION for it is a slippery slope for us to lose our land to dhotis. If madhesis want a seperate state they can go and live in Bihar where their rights will definitely be respected.

  25. The only reason why there is no civil war in the country is because one madhise has not been beaten in Kathmandu, if these madhise continue to give hard time to pahade in madhes then CIVIL WAR is imminent because each madhise in Ktm and rest of pahad will be beaten like one should beat biharis and Indian businessmen who got citizenship from GPK and his indian puppets and are living in Nepal evading taxes.

  26. Madhise living in ktm that need to be looted and kicked out, lets start with:
    1. Binod Chaudhari
    2. Dugad group of companies
    3. Dabur Nepal limited
    4. Mohan Khaitan
    Fairness for all the pahades being evicted from madhes.

  27. matribhumi has a point but lets not get racist. We need to understand a very basic fact, no one and i mean no one has the right to determine the future of people in terai but the people living in terai. Now let us check the facts. These so called madhesis do not give us comphrensive defenition of what madhesi is. we have to take into consideration different groups living in terai. what makes me mad is not even these leaders can define what madhesi is. Poor and illetrate people living in terai are being used to grant this invalid cause some logic. That’s what i don’t want and like. Now, if we think about the no of terai residents in kathmand the number is overwhelming. So wat people in terai need to understand is that if majority in ktm decides to react to the cowardly acts commited by these dhotis there will no longer be any mjf or terai mukti morcha or whatever. so guys please now is not the time to be stupid.

  28. My 100% support goes to MATRIBHUMI for his indisputable arguments on various concerns…, yes if we throughly analyze India’s and Indian’s behavior towards Nepal and Nepali people its bias and its intolerable! we all know that reality and many people are still unaware of these issues, because we share the same religion and its easy to live with it. But we can’t blame only our leaders because our kings and prime ministers been carrying on this for their sake of good family relation. And now we have to bear this burden for nothing but this merely another propaganda mater minded by Nepali Congress to hinder the success of Maoist Administration.

    But we should not be narrow minded, we should be looking at broader view.
    if you think of kicking Madhesi from Ktm that’s not gonna help but it worsen the situation up…and that’s exactly what Grija wants with help of Upendra Yadav..the leader of MJF recently.

    Take an example of American Election – if you see the individual behavior (of a Black candidate, and people working in general)…people from different background and culture should not be voting BARAK OBAMA for the presidency. Because the problem is not about one or two black citizens its about how he would be as a president that how people should be analyzing.
    There will be no demand for one Madhesh if , if there wouldn’t be Upendra YADAV! so he is the one behind this slogan. Federal state doesn’t justify “One Madhesh” he got it wrong. I think he needs to be Punished for his atrocity.

    I am not sure about ARUN’s understandings on rights of Madhesi…? Let’s be clear about what Madhesh defines. It defines the people who have been living for generation ie Tharus, Maithali, Pahadi who came form Hills, and Pahadi includes …Rai, Limbu, Newas etc etc who is residing densely in Tarai.
    Tarai/Madhesh used to be a huge gungle before any tribes could live there because of Maleria Epidemic. Many of our leaders to blame for, who brought Yadavs from India to settle in Nepali Land and we still have many witnesses (our senior villagers who family lived there for generations) to prove that Tarai doesn’t only belongs to Yadav.

    Why the Leader of MJF or Upendra Yadav never had these sort of demand previously if he really thought of Tarai? oh, perhaps he was too busy joggling Girija’s money? I think That man is a nothing but a curse and nothing other than a trouble maker for our Republic Nepal.

    I know we should respect the rights of all Nepalese people. ARUN – i think your leader UP Yadav trying you all young guys gang up against Nepal and Nepali people. Ask your leader “What’s his contribution on making nepal a Republic Nepal?” or Isn’t he too shamed to accept that Nepali Congress, where he used to be, losing election and therefore separated from Girija?

    My suggestion to ARUN is – dig into your leader where he up to before jumping on his principles….you may become like one of Tibetians (who are living as asylum in India) who also followed their God Dalai Lama for nothing.

    I agree with Matribhumi, even in UK, USA people from other background are living as a second class regardless of they are born and brought up there. and We are talking Indian/Dhoti , we know all how they treat nepali people living in Darjeeling. they don’t even supply Passport?

    Arun do you expect us to give you our peace of land? we don’t care about your extremism. We brought democracy in Nepal (Rai, Limbu, Bahun, chettri, magar, gurung) not you “Yadav”. They have never contributed for anything, they always support king that’s for sure! and now the truth behind his is – you can stand nepal being free and republic …because you act like an Indian.

    There are different way of asking for demand for example, if you want Yadav’s participation in Army then you should come on the table and talk…talk!
    Don’t you dare terrorizing us.

    To sum up, your leader is useless, thoughtless coward. He is so afraid of Tarai washi, that is why he is making this propaganda. He doesn;t care about other Tarai washi , he only care about his family. He tries to be smart. You should understand this by now.

  29. Yadavs, Mahatos, Thakurs and their staunch are annoyingly getting to nerves of Nepali people, it irritates whenever their names appear on the papers and internet and I promise the patience is wearing thin everyday. LOKENDRA YADAV above said “we will fight till our last breath” You must be closely related to other equivocal YADAV who hardly knows what the implications of this demand will be, we will not just spectate a part of our land slipping away, if all this culminates to that point “Lokendra bhaiya” you will be gagged and suffocated that you will forget your last breath. Vast majority of people in the region are illiterate therefore the understanding of vested and master pleasing politics of Yadavs and cohorts are minimal. Other chunk of population who’re aware, are against it. So what population Yadavs, Thakurs and cohorts do make in the region, who’re adamantly holding onto demands of madhesis and causing political impasse in the country? They should rather be tried for treason instead for advocating and indoctrinating separatism, than bowing to threats of violence and obstructions. All agrees that there’re issues of discriminations, equal rights, oppurtunities and so forth that seriously need addressing but during the process, the national integrity and sovereignty must remain intact…

  30. Reading some posts here makes me wonder where all the logic and common sense has gone! Let’s not forget the Nepal is made up of the Himalayas, the Pahads, and the Terai belts. Each section is vital for the nation state of Nepal. If any of these three entities decide to sever ties with the nation state, then Nepal cannot be a viable nation state. This is a basic fact.

    The next basic fact is that Nepal as a nation state, cannot feed its population. Large segmments of the population have been going to India for many centuries to earn a living. If the Terai population is in any way harrassed in Kathmandu, expect a sure and sfift retaliation in the Terai as well as in India. If our politicians have any degree of sense, it is one slippery path that they will avoid.

    The third basic fact is that Neal’s logistical lifeline is from India through the Terai and into the hills and the mountains. Disrupt that and you will have many hungry, angry, and violent people.

    Hope better sense prevails in Nepal.


  31. to matribhumi
    who r u to grant our rights! we will fight for our rights. non of the madhesi living in madhesh wont to divide nepal . its u kind of people n leaders playing dirty game with madhesi community. the people living in gorkhaland in india, do they want to seperate the gorkhaland from india? no, they just want their separate state with the right to self determination because they are not satisfied with the system n the dirty game played on them from aryans.

    the bihari are rushing in terai just because cultural exchange, open border and no strict rules for those who get the citizenship easily. dont5 blame madheshi in the name of bihari, indians
    20th century world is not the same as before where power used to be centralised, people used to be slave, higher caste people used to be dominant on lower caste people. if you dont understand the present changes all over the world and still pahadi depress us there wont be any stability in nepal bcz madhesi people will always struggle for their rights.

    and say yr pahadi leaders not to play dirty game making issue that to ask for seperate terai state doesnt mean to divide nepal.
    you bastard!

  32. There is difficult political condition in Nepal and country must have to get the way to solve all of these problem in such a way that no one will have any trouble in future. But the question is, who will do this?? who has capacity to do this?? And how to do this???
    For long time we have seen the Maoist, congress and other communist have played great role to bring our nation till here, we cant say by looking the present condition that our country come to good stage or bad stage, must have to look for the future.
    We all are happy to see that there is Republic Nepal, and we have achieved a perfect goal after long struggle.
    Now at present the main question is about we Madheshi , and the country, it’s politician and another hand of it is treating us like a PROBLEM. Can anyone say that is really MADHESHI are PROBLEM for NEPAL???
    If we are really problem then let us apart, if we are not a problem then let hear our demand actually what we are seeking.
    Different people have different opinion about TERAI or MADHESH that before it was jungle, no one live there , etc etc, if wesee the history of kathmandu , it was a big lake, can we make it again a lake???
    The past is past, now we are here and we need that what ever we are asking.
    Even we see the history, there is one kingdom and it was named as MITHILA, which was boarded in east KOSHI , west GANDAKI, north HMALAYA and south GANGA, where was NEPAL?? there was no NEPAL. so can we say now there is no any place called NEPAL. I think it is totally stupid talk and saying that there was nothing madhesh.
    The act and saying of PAHADIYA is totally childish because they are scared that if madhesh will be free state , madheshi will do NAKABANDI to the PAHADI( according to BBC july 12 by one of communist leader.)\
    But we madheshi are not so low and stupid minded, we want to support Nepal to rise up, to grow rapidly.
    The main thing everyone has to think that , Why madheshi is doing this?? Not because someone misslead them or misguide them, because they have known that the Governement , leader whoever lead the country , make the rule , they never think of madheshi, even they always try to suppress.
    I Just want to ask my PAHADIYA brother that join us and let us grow and make a well developed madhesh as soon as possible. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Mukesh, we don’t even have a proper party to lead our country yet, and you “YADAV” already demanded separate madhesh? What makes you think that we like your demand and accept it? if you don’t like the fact Nepal being a Republic Nation and you don’t accept its rules then my suggestion, on behalf of Nepal, for you guys “YADAVS” , “Please Leave Nepal and go to India where you came from”.

    We are trying to form a new government here and we don’t have time to see your nonsense leader’s Tantrum. You needs to demand something that can be supplied but yours demand seems impossible to fulfill. We can’t even think of Tarai as separate state just because YADAV say so, Tarai defines a Nation of Nepali people.

    Its Girija and Kirshana Prasad Bhatarai ‘s fault authorizing the “Indian/Hindi” Language to be broadcast from Media. Yadav should know that we all were argued and disapproved it. Republic nepal means one nepal not one Tarai.

  34. we need to get rid of Upendra Yadav by any means. What’s next …? Are you suggesting MUSLIM to ask for a separate state “Nepalgunj’ ?

    All people of nepal have been suffered some degree of discrimination in Nepal. That’s why we were against a monarchy, bureaucracy system and supported Maoist to end this. By asking a separate Madhesh means you are encouraging others to follow you as well. Newar may ask for a separate state “Kathmandu” So as Limbus and Rai, Magars and Gurung may start to demand separate … that you “Indian/Yadav” wants to see…a Scattered Nepal again?

    That was a fear of many of Nepali people who didn’t support Maoist and support the king just for a simple reason which is “Nepal will be Scattered again jst like before and INDIA will interfere our Country” That’s exactly is happening YOu Idiot “Yadav” want to wipe nepal from map.

  35. Mukesh, why don’t you bring a new face as your leader? why the UP is leading you the same man who was with Girija? Introduce a clean leader. I am sure there are many Yadav who are educated and capable enough to lead Yadavis. Why are you being brainwashed by Upendra Yadav again?

  36. oye dhoti,sale bihari, eee ladis tero right ko lagi. Tero bau bijay gachadar le ladcha tero lagi aba. khusi hu chor ani laddu kha laddu.

    To uwb, oye wagle tero icd kaha gayo aile.

    Mr. arun , you are just like mero kam garne manche, bahira bata chai safa bhitra bata chai phor. Harua charua bhayera malik haru sanga badi bolchas khate.Ta jasto buddhi na bha ko dhoti sanga co exist garna malai problem huncha , baru ta ma sanga co exist garna sakchas ki sakdainas aafai soch, sale darpok, different state ko demand garchas ani co existence ko kura garchas. jhare.

  37. jyoti!
    if u like people and pahadi leaders dont have the answers to the madhesi question then you make make issue that madhesi are indians or bihari. who r u babes? u call yrself nepal! same on u! u only know to copy frm indians forgetting yr own!

  38. Hi there,
    I think before SAMBIDHAN SABHA CHUNAB, the leaders of NEPAL GP KOIRALA , MADHAV NEPAL and also others were not sleeping and made words to madhesh.
    We are just asking to prove their words if they are son of NEPAL.
    Before election all MADHESHI were there BAU??? BAU le je bhanyo tyo manne?? CHOR timi pahade neta haru, maoist danka haru murder garera satta ma puge hune ani hami madheshi haru JAYAJ kura garda timi haru lai polne???
    GIRIJA BABU is not a milk teeth child that whatever madheshi said before election he agreed and now just playing game with madhesh.
    Do you know personally I had never feeling of PAHADE and MADHESHI but now NOT BY YADAV or another politician but by the action of PAHADE leader’s I feel that we are just use and throw ( Disposable).
    Specially I want to say some of leaders from Madhesh like BIMALENDRA NIDHI, he is totally coward, still he is washing the underwear of GP and DEUBA.
    If the son of madhesh has a little morality they should leave those pahade community and join together to make autonomus madhesh.
    In dictionary autonomus doesnt mean seperate, if you want to know the meaning of autonomus please consult dictionary.

  39. Jyoti, read it up and reply me , was GP koirala DRUNK or Sleeping???

    Nepal Signs Deal with Madhesh

    Madheshi leaders and PM Koirala sign an 8-point agreement, ending the 16 day Tarai andolan and improving the prospects for CA elections.

    The agreement between Govt-United Democratic Madhesi Front, signed on February 28, 2008, grants autonomous statehood for Madhesh region, one of the key demands of Madhesis. The following is the full translated version of the deal:

    Agreement between the Nepal Government and UDMF
    The following agreement has been reached between the Nepal government and the United Democratic Madhesi Front honouring the people’s aspirations and wishes put forward by the Madhesi people of Nepal during the regular protests and agitation to ensure equality, freedom and justice to every citizen across the country and to ensure Nepal as a federal republican democratic state with multi-party democracy system for government by ending all forms of discrimination effective immediately.

    1. The government will declare martyrdom for those killed during the Madhes agitation and provide proper compensation for the injured who haven’t been compensated yet. Similarly, expenses will be provided for treatment for those injured during the agitation, one million rupees will be provided as compensation to the family of those killed during the agitation and those arrested will be released immediately.

    2. Nepal will be a federal republican democratic state by accepting the wish of the Madhesi people for an autonomous Madhes state and wish of people of other regions for a autonomous state with federal structure. There will be distinct power sharing between the centre and the region in the federal structure on the basis of list. The regions will have complete autonomy and authority. The elected Constituent Assembly will devise a way to apply the formation of such states and the rights attributed to the region and the centre while keeping national sovereignty, unity and integrity intact.

    3. The current 20 percent legal provision mentioned in Article 7, sub-article 14 of the Constituent Assembly Member Election Act-2054 will be increased to 30 percent.

    4. The government will compulsory appoint, promote and nominate Madhesi, indigenous communities, women, Dalits, backward areas and minority communities to ensure proportional participation in security bodies and all organs of the state.

    5. The entry of Madhesi and other groups into the Nepal Army will be ensured to give the army a national and inclusive structure.

    6. The government along with the UDMF urged all armed agitating groups in the Terai to join the peaceful political process and come to talks to resolve all problems. The Nepal government will take immediate steps to create a favourable environment for the same. We appeal everyone to conduct the April 10 elections in a peaceful, fair, non-violent and terror-free manner.

    7. The Nepal government will immediately implement the agreement reached with the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) on August 13 last year including releasing those under police detention, dismissing cases against MRPF leaders and activists.

    8. All the agitation programmes called by the UDMF will be immediately withdrawn.

    The Nepal Government will be responsible for the constitutional, legal, political and administrative (aspects) of the above mentioned subjects. The government will form a high-level monitoring committee comprising government and UDMF representatives to implement the agreement.

    Agreement signed on February 28, 2008, by:
    Rajendra Mahato, National Chairman, Sadbhavana Party; Upendra Yadav, Central Coordinator, Madhesi People’s Rights Forum, and Mahantha Thakur, Chairman, Terai-Madhes Democratic Party.

    From the government’s side, Girija Prasad Koirala, Prime Minister

  40. Arun, how much did u score in TOEFL ? Man, write in Nepali I can understand better,, ohhhh sorry perhaps you would prefer hindi…

  41. Hi Jyoti,
    I think before SAMBIDHAN SABHA CHUNAB, the leaders of NEPAL GP KOIRALA , MADHAV NEPAL and also others were not sleeping and made words to madhesh.
    We are just asking to prove their words if they are son of NEPAL.
    Before election all MADHESHI were there BAU??? BAU le je bhanyo tyo manne?? CHOR timi pahade neta haru, maoist danka haru murder garera satta ma puge hune ani hami madheshi haru JAYAJ kura garda timi haru lai polne???
    GIRIJA BABU is not a milk teeth child that whatever madheshi said before election he agreed and now just playing game with madhesh.
    Do you know personally I had never feeling of PAHADE and MADHESHI but now NOT BY YADAV or another politician but by the action of PAHADE leader’s I feel that we are just use and throw ( Disposable).
    Specially I want to say some of leaders from Madhesh like BIMALENDRA NIDHI, he is totally coward, still he is washing the underwear of GP and DEUBA.
    If the son of madhesh has a little morality they should leave those pahade community and join together to make autonomus madhesh.
    In dictionary autonomus doesnt mean seperate, if you want to know the meaning of autonomus please consult dictionary.

  42. tero bau moderation sale chor. oye arun dhoti sale harau charua bhayera malai sikauchas. tero malik sanga bolne somat yehi ho. ta jasta dui hajar lai palera rakhnu bha ko thiyo mero bua le , natra bhokai marthyo tero bau ama , aile jhan nation le education ko opportunity diyo ajai tehi des lai tukraune kura garchas, sale seperate state ko demand garchas ani ajai coexistence ko kura garchas.

  43. To Sankalpa,
    Bolna aaune machhe kina kukkur jasto bhukna aako hau yo blog ma??????
    Je payo tyai BHUKERA kin afno parichaya dina khojeko ???
    Hera babu yo mind sharing garne thau ma banta garna aaune hoina? Pahile gayera ke bolne, kasari bolne ra kaha bolne sikera aau ani yaha aaune. la???

  44. Mukesh Jha,
    CA election makes the agreement between Girija and Madhesis null and void. Even the present Interim Constitution will go into the dust bin of history once new constition is adopted.
    It’s better to work within CA to fulfill Madhesis demand. If Madhesi leaders are serious about Madhesis’ welfare they should sit down and help to right new constitution where the rights of all the ethnic groups will be protected. It seems that Madhesi leaders are singing and dancing at the tune of Indian leaders. Just to give you one example: these leaders like to speak Hindi where as most of the people in southern Nepal speak Bhojpuri, Maithili and Nepali. I have traveled many countries in the world and I find interesting that when one Indian meets another Indians they talk in English not in Hindi. But in Nepal these Madhesi leaders talk in Hindi in the National Parliament.
    One more point: these Madhesi leaders are trying to make a deal with Girija, Madhav and Prachanda henceforth elevating their status. Nepal does not belong to Girija, Madhav and Prachanda.
    Presently constituted CA may be imperfect but it’s still better to work within CA for the better future of all Nepalese.

  45. To, Sri shrestha

    I just want to know , speak hindi is ilegal in parliament??? if yes then why the country didnt punish them?? if country didnt punish them it means they are right and can speak language.
    That is true that the country does not belong to Girija, Madhav and prachanda, therefore madheshi is asking to the country to solve this problem.

  46. “madheshi is asking to the country to solve this problem”

    Madhesi leaders are trying to make a deal outside CA with NC, UML and CPN(M). The people have spoken when they voted and gave enough votes to make Madhes Centric Parties the force to reckon with.

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