Preparations for the Assembly

Preparations are going on regarding the first meeting of the CA and procedures there after. The first meeting, in addition to fulfilling some formalities, is expected to formalize Nepal a republic. Plus, discussions are also going on about the formation of the new government and the possible ways of power sharing among political parties. Namely about the portfolios of the Presidency, prime minister-ship and the chairmanship of the CA. Today the Maoist chairman Prachanda met with the Prime Minister and he is learned to have discussed all those issues. Here are some of the developments:

PM Koirala, Prachanda discuss recent political scenario
Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN-Maoist Chairman Prachanda held consultations at the PM’s Baluwatar residence in the capital on Sunday to discuss the country’s political situation in the aftermath of the historical Constituent Assembly (CA) elections. PM Koirala and Prachanda discussed on the formation of the next government, implementation of republic declaration and proper end of the monarchy during the meeting.

The duo discussed on other key issues including the need to call a meeting of the seven ruling parties of the current interim government, the need of agreement to between the other parties that have been able to secure seats in the CA and the need for the next government to be formed by co-ordination among the parties, sources informed.
Maoist no. 2 Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Home Minister Krishna Prasad Situala were also present at the meeting. The meeting comes at a time when the NC leaders have reportedly requested the Maoist leadership to retain PM Koirala in a senior post in the formation of the next government. However, it has not been cleared out yet whether the NC leaders requested the former leaders to retain Koirala as the head-of-state or just as a guardian of the next government.

Cabinet meeting decides to introduce ordinance to swear in CA members: The meeting of the cabinet held for the first time after the Constituent Assembly (CA) election has decided to introduce an ordinance to swear in the members of CA since there is no legal provision as such, at present. Concluding that the election had been held successfully, the cabinet also decided to form committees to probe violent incidents in Dang and Surkhet districts during election. In Surkhet, a UML candidate had been murdered while in Dang, seven cadres of Maoists were killed when police opened fire.

The cabinet has also decided to hold seven party meeting. Since the cabinet had met after a long time, it took up over 40 agenda including providing financial relief to victims of Terai agitation. The UML ministers, who have already resigned from their positions, did not attend Sunday’s cabinet meeting held in Singhdurbar.


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  1. Jay Avatar

    So many bank robberies happened during pataki Girija prasad Koirala’s tenure. Law and order have been totally broken in the country during his tenure. This power greedy vulture did nothing remarkable for the country besides enriching his family and having immoral relation with his relative.

  2. Deurali Gorkhali Deshbhakta Avatar
    Deurali Gorkhali Deshbhakta

    Why are those two Indian RAW agents Krishna Situla and Baburam Bhattrai spying in all the meetings.?? They should be out casted and sent to India.

    a “looser”, corrupted, immoral and cowardly Situla does not have the right to control what happens in this country. Nepalese people should throw stones and rotten eggs at him.

  3. Biswo Avatar

    GPK, Krishna Sitaula, Bharang muni ko Rana Om Bikram Rana, and Suppresser of the people’s movement Basudev Oli should be kicked out of this country for failing to maintain law and order in the country

  4. United voices Avatar

    The CA Assembly has not even started and the parties are now getting ready to rumble in their own ways. Gee man… kasto hune ho future ma

  5. ram Avatar

    Girija chadai marija to pave the way for younger generations!!

  6. XWZ Avatar

    There is a rumor that the Maoist-led government is going to sack both incompetent IGPs Om Bikram Rana and Basudev Oli, and Oli is going to be replaced by AIGP Ravi Raj Thapa.

  7. United voices Avatar

    Looks like the political parties are now really into something. As we can read in the daily newspapers of today that the PR candidates are being let off though at first listing them. People don’t just say that politics is a dirty game.

  8. Biplab Avatar

    GPK, infamously known as PATAKI, still looking for a respectable post after losing hope for retaining the PM position. I do not know what type of respectable position he still deserves after sinking both the country and the Nepali Congress, the largest and oldest party.

  9. Harke Avatar

    And they don’t even understand Economics.
    This is a real shame.

  10. tenzinmeto Avatar

    sack all

  11. Nepaleswor Avatar

    So delicious, they told,
    precious time,
    dozzing off in toilet!
    Dream New Nepal,
    DOGS fighting for bones,
    My country
    cries since centuries
    economic revolution,
    Fucking all,
    kick the chair out!

  12. entertainment ground Avatar

    Its all about power and personal welfare, no leaders do have some feelings for the nation and for the citizens.

  13. UML_Activists Avatar

    I urge all UML cadres to start beheading all these YCL thugs, including its leader TTT Prachande and baburam

  14. tenzinmeto Avatar

    Is it better to forgive ruling classes or put in the slammer?Ceausescu before dying with his wife did they get them’ sadam hussein was an american agent and USA killed him.
    live and let live.
    from the beatles
    Japan should sponsor soap and water because now chaineze taking waterdamsources are we now made in chaina.
    that is not the solution now would be as good a time as any to adress humane rights issues

  15. JaiNepal Avatar

    Implications of a hung CA

    {Read some analysis on the pertinent issues hereunder]


    The Kathmandu Post, May 8, 2008

    The Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007, which pledged a Constituent Assembly (CA) to the people, has done so without enumerating its constituent powers whatsoever.

    All that this constitution provides for is a guarantee of the basic rights of the Nepali people to participate in a free and impartial election to the CA and frame a constitution for themselves through this organ. The Interim Constitution does not guarantee that the sovereign house will have no limitations in its constituent powers or that it will not be constrained by the decisions of the interim legislature or the interim government on the basis of this constitution or by any executive agreement that it has signed with rebellious groups in the pre-election period.

    As such, the guarantee of the basic rights of the Nepali people to frame a new constitution does not imply the unencumbered sovereign capacity of the CA to draft a new constitution of its choice without any limitations on its powers.

    The assembly is intended to operate within two concrete a priori formulations. Article 159 declares that (a) Nepal shall be a federal state and (b) a country with a democratic republican setup. The first formulation concerns sharing of sovereign powers between political units, which do not exist till now in the Nepali consciousness, and the second concerns dispensing with the monarchy, which allegedly lost its credibility in the fight against the Maoists.

    As to these preconditions, while the nature of the federal state is something still to be worked on, Article 159 requires that the transition to a republic be made at the first meeting of the CA. To give effect to this formulation, the parties in the alliance even dropped the clause requiring a simple parliamentary majority by the third amendment to the Constitution.

  16. heman Avatar

    make a clear view

  17. Sriram Avatar

    According to a reliable Baluwatar source, Girija prasad Koirala nowadays has started talking to himself because of fear of losing PM position. Prior to the CA election, he was 99.99% confident that he would be able to continue as PM. He fully deserves to face such humiliating situation because he could not even maintain law and order in the country. It is perfectly safe to say that GPK will be around for a while, but his name will always be linked to GREED FOR POWER.

  18. y Avatar


  19. hemant Avatar

    dev gurung said that if the leadership of next government by maoist calls up for the amendment of interim constitution then maoist will let other to lead without being in govt. look at their political spirit and dedication..shame on congress & UML. These parties remind me of the vultures revolving round the chair of power who themselves is not able to rule and is determined to not to let other come near by despite the clear mandate of all Nepalese…………… and most funny thing is they consider themselves to be the most democratic comparing to maoist…..
    the one who can see their own weakness will raise high in long run..but sadly our politician only know to put blame on other’s head..
    Hats off to Maoist..
    Let them rule the soverign land of Nepal..
    Let the son of soil be head of the state….

    Jay Nepal & Nepalese..

  20. Himesh Avatar

    Look at what Pataki Girija said: He blamed the failure of NC party on ineffective leadership of new generation. What I think is Girija was less active in party business and more active in having romance with Nona koirala. I don’t think there is anyone as shameless as Girija on this whole planet.

  21. coke Avatar

    GPK (Giddhe) wants to eat whatever leftover by the moaist. Shame on you…Girija Prashad Koirala….

  22. coke Avatar

    What Congress and UML did since their establishment before 2007.

    -In 2017, because of their failure panchayat system established.
    -In 2058, maoist insurgency started
    -In 2061, surrendered power to the King
    – In 2063, surrendered the power to the maoist
    – In 2065, got punish from the people and washed out from the politics.

    So expecting anything with Girija led congress and UML is like bringing another disaster in Nepal. They are in the edge of almost collapse situation. They are themselves responsible for that.

  23. Nabin Avatar

    GPK is a shameless, brainless, faceless, visionless, hopeless, and artless creature who is ready to do anything in order to remain in Power. This animal should have been cremated at aryaghat long, long ago.

  24. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    Girija, now, should be more concerned about his next life (and I gues he actually is). Any leader has some utility, and Girija has surpassed his utillity. Any more tenure by Girija is a liability for the nation, since the nation has begged for a new and charismatic leader, with its CA manadate. Girija should immediately hand over the power to Prachand, for his own benefit. If he does so, Nepalese people will remember him as a respectable leader (forgetting his past misdeeds). Its a real opportunity for Girija to to achieve his Moksha (visiting straight to Heaven than Hell – which he has been fearing he will go). The more peaceful the trasition of power from Girija-Gyanendra axis to Prachand, the better for Nepal and its peace-loving and development-hungry people. Maoists have no other option than to bring radical change (which is need of the hour) otherwise their existence also will be in crisis. Maybe NC and UML can come back again to play different and fresh game on the ground levelled straight by Maoists. After all, politics is a game of possibilities, one only needs to change with the demand of time, and keeping sovereignity of people and benefit of the nation on top of the list, rather than Party’s and personal (dynastic) benefit as the priority.

  25. tenzinmeto Avatar


  26. SUDIP JEE Avatar

    All Nepali are waiting that day of first assembly meet. Gyanendra is also waiting that day. The time came again to check the leaders’ courage and responsibility to the people.

  27. Jay Vaidya Avatar
    Jay Vaidya

    fifteen days to go for the assembly meetings to kick off. at this last moment I frankly admit although I may not be popular that the parties decision to make Nepal a republican nation before the draft of constitution is a biggest blunder .This is similar to the story of Emperors new cloth where the crowd simply followed the crowd saying that the emperor has beautiful cloth where as in reality the emperor has no cloth.
    Republican state was never the agenda of the seven parties.It was not even the agenda of the maoist party
    The use of force against the maoists was started by congress government not the king.The army was mobilised against the maoist by congress government.The ransom award of 1 crore rupees for the assisination of Prachanda was announced by Deuba not the king. King was rather always on the soft side towards Maoists.Maoists caught this anti monarch slogan as the safe exit strategy from the jungles and the seven parties felt victim to the maoist trap one after another
    maoist reponsible for 12000 killings can be a party to the peace talk.Congress and UML responsible for the notorious corruption and deception to the people and country can be part to the peace talk then why king could not be party to the peace talk Was gyanendra alone responsible for the take over?Who handed over the executive power to the monarchy?
    Monarchy has never been an obstacle in the democratic government in UK, denmark,spain,japan or any other countries with constitutional monarchy.The additional constitutional clauses could have chained the monarchy as in UK or other countries.Had gyanendra committed the atrocities more than Prachanda or Girija yes he should be brought into justice,but eliminitaion of Monarchy is nothing more than the Grand Design of another would be dictator Prachanda

    We all should remember the mentality of our leaders.It takes two years to appint the rectar of TU,it takes two years to appoint the GM of guthi sansthan because of dispute of paty wise allocation
    I wonder how difficult it would be to appoint President
    Are there any people in Nepal having a clean image to be respectfully called President -no body at all!no body at all
    So i urge the leaders and country men to wake up , rethink about keeping the current king as ceremonial head of state forgetting all about the postion of presidentship .Let there be more debate until final constitution has been drafted.Let us try to be more pragmatic and rational

  28. koteswar Avatar

    nothing new that people get killed if there is no sanction.
    what happened to mr nepal from koteswar
    now that there is no rule we did not want sujata aunty then do it with the pranchandras and baburams whom we knew not to be in control so we tried to believe they could be.
    wait next month they want the king back and nepal to be switzerland.
    stop the war

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