Now It's Congress That Is Bargaining

It seems that the tables have been turned. The customers have become managers and managers have become customers who are willing to bargain. We are talking about relationship of Nepali Congress and the CPN Maoist which has seen changes because of the April 10 election results. Before, when Congress was the largest party in theContinue reading “Now It's Congress That Is Bargaining”

Jimmy Carter Interview: Unprecedented Achievement in Nepal

The following interview with Jimmy Carter, former US President and founder of The Carter Center, was conducted today by Narayan Wagle, Prateek Pradhan, Damakanta Jayshi and Dinesh Wagle today in Soaltee Hotel. Photo by Chandra Shekhar Karki via Kantipur Jimmy Carter: This is my third visit in the last nine months. I have begun toContinue reading “Jimmy Carter Interview: Unprecedented Achievement in Nepal”

For the Record, from the Campaign Trail

Conducts against the election code of conduct: This ‘Constituent Assembly Member Election 2008 Observation Bulletin’ was prepared by the National Election Monitoring Alliance (NEMA) on April 5, 2008. 1. CPN Maoist cadres abducted Mr. Chandra Bahadur Shahi, CPN UML candidate for Mugu from Rowa VDC, Mugu district on April 5, 2008. Candidate Mr. Shahi wasContinue reading “For the Record, from the Campaign Trail”

Political Advertisements in Nepali Media

We don’t usually see political advertisements in our media in Nepal. No more so. In this season of historic Constituent Assembly elections, we are seeing some political advertisements in TV, newspapers and radios. Today CPN Maoist ran an ad on the back page of Kantipur daily. The ad (in the photo) uses a stanza fromContinue reading “Political Advertisements in Nepali Media”

Nepali Congress Manifesto: Executive Prime Minister, Ceremonial President, Parliamentary Supremacy

Republican Nepali Congress Thinks An Autocratic Person Born In A Feudal Family Can’t Be The Symbol Of National Unity In Nepal: “An inclusive and constitutional federal democracy will be the symbol of national unity, not a person or a position. Nepal would enter into a new era of national unity by electing the head ofContinue reading “Nepali Congress Manifesto: Executive Prime Minister, Ceremonial President, Parliamentary Supremacy”

Maoist Campaigns and Elections Security Situation

Just because eight districts are having problems doesn’t mean rest of the 67 districts is deprived of the much needed democratic process. …if outfits that are terrorizing some parts of Terai don’t respond positively to the repeated calls for talks by the government the option of crushing them militarily should not be ruled out. ByContinue reading “Maoist Campaigns and Elections Security Situation”