Political Advertisements in Nepali Media

We don’t usually see political advertisements in our media in Nepal. No more so. In this season of historic Constituent Assembly elections, we are seeing some political advertisements in TV, newspapers and radios. Today CPN Maoist ran an ad on the back page of Kantipur daily. The ad (in the photo) uses a stanza from late Dharanidhar Koirala that talks about an energetic Nepali youth rising for the cause of republic. The ad, with a photo of a smiling Chairman Prachanda raising his both hands and waiving the crowd (not seen in the photo) says: “We saw others many a times, let’s see the Maoist this time.” (see the ad here on the newspapers page)

This is the first time an election is happening in Nepal in what can be termed as a true media age. We didn’t have this many numbers of FM radio stations around the country. We didn’t have private satellite (or terrestrial) channels. Today the reach of media has deepened like never before.

Then there is this code of conduct issued by the election commission that bars use of posters, wall paintings and banners, the traditional medium of electioneering. Some parties (Maoist and some Terai parties) have flouted the CoC at some places but by and large many parties have stick to the rules.

Congress ad

Congress ad

UML ad

UML ad

I heard an ad from the CPN UML on Kantipur Radio. A second before the ad, the Radio warns the listeners that they are going to hear a political ad. “The following is a political advertisement,” says the radio. As soon as the ad is finished, the radio again says that that was a political ad. Such notices are not attached with advertisements.

We have learned that the Maoist paid full charge for the advertisement which is pretty much expensive for Kantipur than any other newspapers. But the joke was: If they don’t win the election, they will take the money back by extorting!

Background: During the pre-1990 struggle-for-democracy period Nepali media was largely divided into two factions: those supporting the autocratic party less Panchayat regime (government-run radio and two dailies) and those that supported the movement for democracy (privately run weekly tabloids). Even after the restoration of democracy in 1990 and the introduction of first independent publishing house, the trend of weekly tabloids taking sides (supporting this political parties or the other) continued while the broadsheet dailies distanced themselves from such politically aligned reporting and coverage. Even now there are some tabloids that are either pro-Party A or pro-Party B while the broadsheet dailies are independent of direct party alignment. Even in such situation broadsheet dailies (especially Kantipur in which Maoist ran their advertisement today) come under attack from Maoist for not supporting them or working for the foreign forces or against the people. Just about a week ago, Prachanda launched a scathing attack against ‘big newspapers’ for intentionally writing against the Maoist party.



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  1. Nayan Pokhrel Avatar

    Down with the hypocrisy! Let the centre forces reign.

  2. ThinkItOver Avatar

    Who are the BIGGEST ENEMIES of Nepali people?

    They are the folloeing four people in terms of ranking:

    1. Pataki Girija Prasad koirala

    Because this is the fifth time he has become the PM of Nepal but he has done nothing remarkable for the benefit of Nepali people besides having immoral relation with Nona koirala (his own Bhauju) and making Sujata Koirala (his daughter ) the minister. He is solely responsible for the current unruly activities of the maoists because he did not control the violent activities of the maoists right from the beginning in order to save his PM position. Also, he sold both Arun and Karnali to India. He is also getting lots of percentage of commission from FM Ram saran Mahat and HM Krishna Sitaula.

    2. Stupid Sher Bahadur Deuba

    He became the PM of Nepal Three times, but has he done anything remarkable for the welfare of Nepali people besides earning lots of money through corruption? The answer is BIG NO. Currently, he is earning lots of money through water resources minister Gyanendra Karki and transport minister Ramesh Lekhak. Together Girija and Sher Bahadur became the PM of Nepal 8 times, but they could not even provide water supply to Kathmandu valley.

    3. Pol pot Prachande:

    This mass murderer always believes in politics through violence. He does not understand the true meaning of competitive politics. Because of the decade-long armed conflict initiated by him, more than 13,000 thousands innocent people have been killed and thousands have been displaced from their villages.

    4. Tyrant Gyanendra:

    Then came Gyane and he got the golden opportunity to make a difference in the life of the Nepalese People, but he was totally busy in earning money raising his salary from 11 crores to 88 crores by stealing from the nation’s coffer. He not only finished Birendra’s entire family in order to become the tyrant king, he also finished Dhirendra and later his wife Prekshya because both Dhirendra and prekshya used to have disputes with him on the issue of income division from Soaltee hotel.

    Then, what is the BOTTOMLINE?

    These four criminals exploited the Nepalese people so much that they deserve to be executed in front of the general public at Tundikhel.

  3. krishna Avatar

    Mr. ThinkItOver:

    Very good analysis!! They are the biggest criminals of the century.

  4. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    yeah.. you are 100% right. they exploited us they should be executed.

  5. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    you know what, they say BP’s Dream. I don’t understand what Koirala family trying to say? did BP had a real dream if yes what kind of? isn’t his dream is to make his brothers a prime minister?

    so when Grija dies then again we will likely to hear another story about ‘Girija’s Dream’?

    aren’t they coming from Dr Martin Luther King’s Dream’s slogan “I have a dream’
    isn’t it Xerox.

  6. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    once that stupid m. f……r Sher Bahadur deuba was talking to BBC reporter, called maoists a terrorist! with out any explanation.

  7. Bhanu Avatar


    You are absolutely correct that these gang of four are the BIGGEST CRIMINALS OF NEPAL. That is why UML should be chosen in the CA election to lead the country because UML does not contain any of these four criminals.

  8. KingCobra Avatar

    Puspa kamal Dahal and his habaldar Baburam:

    Both of you are candle lights about to be extinguished.

  9. Madhesi Avatar

    Sala Prachande Bhainsa (Buffalo):

    If everything goes well, you will be fixed very soon.

  10. aaceaze Avatar


    if they win..they will destroy us from ktm

    if they lose..they’ll rage a fight from outside ktm..

    we r left with no choices at all

  11. KingCobra Avatar

    Puspa kamal Dahal, the mass murderer:

    You are like a lamp that flickers before it dies out.

  12. shantideva Avatar

    from the bodhi tree came result now sit in it. good morning

  13. coke Avatar

    It has been heard through weekly newspaper that New Nepal Constition is already prepared by India where Sekhar Koirala is keeping it . G.Koirala, Nepal and Dahal are ready to sign it inside the room and where rubber stamp CA is going to pass it at the earliest.

  14. introvert Avatar

    mr wagle,
    u putting ur effort but shame the readers are crap, sounds whoever look this blog mostly need mental therapy,

    bless u all

  15. Inclusive Nepal Avatar
    Inclusive Nepal

    Yes I agree with the introvert. So much pessimism, disgusting. Can’t u people look at the positive side. There r positive side about the top four “criminals” u have named. Just look at the positives and forget the negatives. Don’t talk as if we have so many choices. I htink this type of negetive pessimission should be executed at khulla manch in front of crowd, and not the leaders. Grow Up people , be responsible. Ask yourself, what contribution have u made for the nation, rather than talking bullshit and cursing everybody else??????????

  16. Anjan Avatar

    What the f*** contribution have they made for my country Nepal???

    1. Puspa kamal Dahal murdered my 13000 countrymen for a unnecessary “revolution”. Nepal would have been a better place to live and would have developed far more than now if he had not killed our people and bombed our infrastructures.

    2. Girija sold Tanakpur, Mahakali and lets not forget our “lauda”. He is the leader who is responsible for all bad things happening now.

    3. It is because of my bear Madav kumar Nepal (Ma ku ne) that we are having load shedding. He stopped Arun Hydroproject by writting letter to world bank when it was being constructed by grants. Now he has given it to Indians.

    These elections mean nothing but shit… Same people are contesting the elections who messed up everything in my country. NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE. I wish it would change. We are handing over the rights to sell our country to same corrupted people.

    Lets hope this CA elections will bring peace to Nepal. I have no further expectation form these elections.

    And I am voting for anyone except these “trimurties” Corrupted UML and Congress and Terrorists Maoists.

    Jai NEpal./..

  17. Harke Avatar

    None of these 3 parties have done anything good for the Nepali people.. Have they???

    They are just hungry for power.

    So lets vote for everyone except there 3 parties who have destroyed Nepal./

  18. PraP Avatar

    Hey, all the criticizers of maoist. First you should analyze that can we be here in front of CA Polls without the martyrs who has died in civil war and maoist. so please be good analyzer and say LaL SalaM.

  19. commoner Avatar

    and anjan what have you done so far for your country?

  20. Anjan Avatar


    What have I done for my country? I have not killed 13,000 innocent people like you and your master Prachande.

  21. commoner Avatar


    Yes, you are right. I am a stupid.

  22. apple Avatar

    will somebody explain to me, did Prachanda kill 13,000 people or less than half of them? Actually, Girija, Sher Bahadur, Gyanendra are responsible for killing thousands of innocent nepali people by deploying Police and Army.
    If you argue that Maoists started it, well, no they did not. It is the fact, if you have doubts, have a look at the pages of history.
    Thank you
    And by the way, I don’t like any of the parties of Nepal as you people.

  23. ceti Avatar

    Actually the police and army killed and disappeared more people than died from battles with maoists. This is accepted as fact by most impartial international human rights observers.

    I find the ads interesting. The Maoist one is by far the most effective, although Prachanda looks like a trendy businessman with his jacket, khaki, and polo shirt. The others are flat.

  24. sugam Avatar

    fucking a male

  25. Prem pksh shahi Avatar

    Very very impt dall of party nepali congress

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