Elections: Repeating History of Violence?

When leaders or parties lose their confidence to woo people through their policies and programmes, they resort to wielding violence to bring the election results to their favour. By Sagar Ghimire As November 19, the slated date for the Constituent Assembly election, draws closer, poll fever gradually grips the government, the Election Commission (EC) asContinue reading “Elections: Repeating History of Violence?”

Maoist Madness After Victory

As the vote counting was going on Maoit’s YCL cadres were stopping people at different places and searching their bodies, bags and wallets. Some Nepali Congress cadres were complaining that their money and mobile phones were confiscated. Maoists were searching for NC cadres and beating whoever they found. By Damodar Neupane in Gorkha Diary ofContinue reading “Maoist Madness After Victory”

Political Advertisements in Nepali Media

We don’t usually see political advertisements in our media in Nepal. No more so. In this season of historic Constituent Assembly elections, we are seeing some political advertisements in TV, newspapers and radios. Today CPN Maoist ran an ad on the back page of Kantipur daily. The ad (in the photo) uses a stanza fromContinue reading “Political Advertisements in Nepali Media”