Parents Visit A Maoist Army Camp To Bring Back Their 'Stolen' Kids

Comrades, listen to what her tears are saying: Sarita Adhikari (right) cries as she tries to convince her brother on Saturday (Nov 18) who was out of contact with the family for the last three days. He was brought to this temporary camp in Guthi Bhauwa in Parsa district. Maoists have intensified recruiting soldiers, manyContinue reading “Parents Visit A Maoist Army Camp To Bring Back Their 'Stolen' Kids”

Maoist Cantonment Inspection: Weather God Not Happy in Sindhuli

But Inspection Successful in Ilam. Weather God not satisfied with the Peace Agreement between Nepal government and CPN Maoist? That might not be the case but the helicopter carrying UN, government and Maoist officials to inspect a Maoist-proposed cantonment site couldn’t land in Sindhuli this afternoon because of deteriorating weather condition. According to a reportContinue reading “Maoist Cantonment Inspection: Weather God Not Happy in Sindhuli”

Those Left Behind: Nepali Stories of Conflict

The teacher’s family was particularly anguished that the people who killed the teacher were actually his own students, and while in the aftermath, the children have left Lamjung, the killers roam freely there. “Killing your own teacher for an idea so vague and so wrong is like patricide at the most unimaginable state” my friendContinue reading “Those Left Behind: Nepali Stories of Conflict”

Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)

By brazenly violating the government decisions and policy, the army chief has signaled that royal palace still take the shots in Nepali politics Based on today’s editoral in Kantipur The visit of army chief Pyar Jung Thapa along with top army officers to the royal palace on the birthday of king Gyanendra gives the impressionContinue reading “Independent Army (Nepal Army Behaves Like Parallel Government)”

Maoist Army in Writing: Interview With Comrade Commissar

Q & A with a reble commissar By Neil Horning in Myagdi and Pokhara We know what Prachanda and Barburam are saying. What does their military think? This is an interview with commissar of the Basanta Memorial Brigade, 4th Division of the Peoples Liberation Army. The Maoist military has both a military officer and aContinue reading “Maoist Army in Writing: Interview With Comrade Commissar”

Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective

Mike Bailey, a retired US army colonel addresses a video conference from Washington DC organized by the American Center in Kathmandu. Pic by Sudhir Mahat via US Embassy. By Dinesh Wagle After the historic May 18 Parliamentary Declaration, the process of brining the military under the civilian control has started (though shockingly very slowly). TheContinue reading “Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective”

Nepal Army: Transition and Swear Allegiance

Inside: Nepal Army: swearing of allegiance …… Yes, after the Parliament Proclamation, the Royal Nepal Army is now Nepal Army and the king is no longer the Supreme Commander of the military. But only in paper. The transition hasn’t started yet. By Shobhakar Budhathoki Nepal’s military has always played a primary role in dismantling theContinue reading “Nepal Army: Transition and Swear Allegiance”