Maoist Cantonment Inspection: Weather God Not Happy in Sindhuli

But Inspection Successful in Ilam.

Weather God not satisfied with the Peace Agreement between Nepal government and CPN Maoist? That might not be the case but the helicopter carrying UN, government and Maoist officials to inspect a Maoist-proposed cantonment site couldn’t land in Sindhuli this afternoon because of deteriorating weather condition. According to a report filed by Kantipur journalist based in Sindhulimadhi, the chopper made two rounds over Sindhuligadhi at around 3 PM trying unsuccessfully to make it through the thick fog. Maoist leaders, Nepal Army officials, seven party representatives, journalists and members of general public were present at the helipad from the very morning to receive the inspection team. With them were flowers, garlands and vermillion powder. CPN Maoist has proposed to keep the second of total seven divisions of its army in the historical fort (Sindhuligadhi), 25 kilometers north of the district headquarter. Under the second division are three brigades- Solu Selleri, Rambrikshya and BK Memorial. According to Shangram, the commander of Rambrikshya, preparations are going on to keep three brigades in Kamalakhoj, Manikshetra and Sarlahi Chure range.

Okay, the weather God wasn’t uncooperative in eastern district of Ilam where the tripartite inspection team landed successfully and inspected the Maoist-proposed cantonment site in the Chulachuli region. Even weather God can’t derail the Nepali peace process if the Moaist is serious to implement the agreement. And all developments indicate, the party is serious in bringing peace in country. Here is a report by Kantipur Ilam reporter Benup Raj Bhattarai:

As part of the first phase to inspect the seven Maoist-proposed cantonment sites, the tripartite team had arrived at Kamaljhoda of Chulachuli VDC 1, this afternoon and had an overview of the region. The joint team comprising of Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Pradip Gyawali, Defence Secretary Bishnu Dutta Uprety, UN security expert Jan Erik Wilhemson and Maoist deputy commanders Baldev and Pasang made an assessment of the area for about one and a half hours before returning to the capital this evening. The tripartite meeting held between the government, Maoists and the UN monitoring team yesterday had decided to confine the PLA members in the Maoist-proposed cantonment sites by November 21. The Chulachuli region lies 50 kilometres south of district headquarters Ilam and is near to Damak of Jhapa district.

As per the agreement, seven main and 21 tributary cantonments would be established in Palpa, Kavre, Rolpa, Kailali, Surkhet, Illam and Sindhuli to confine the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) members. Maoist sources say some 5,000 PLA will be settled under one division. According to Biplav-Sirjan Smriti Brigade commissar Sudarshan, three brigades will be established in the vicinity of Sankhejung, Siddhithumka and Phikkal VDC of Ilam. He said, though, the PLA members were decentralized as of now, once the camp is established they will be settled inside.





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  1. Democratic Poll Result Avatar
    Democratic Poll Result

    Wagle and Acharya,
    I notice that there is serios flaw in this peace deal already.

    Why is it that its just the Maoist who are celebrating? Why, even in their meeting in the capital didnt they invite any leaders from SPA? Why isnt SPA celebrating?

    Its just Maoist who ceem to be celebrating their peace deal like fools.

  2. soothsayer Avatar

    Why wouldn’t they celebrate? I say let them celebrate even more now while they still can. Coz’ they will have no reason to celebrate after Nov. 21st and especially after the CA elections take place.

  3. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    CA elections take place or not we still don’t know. But there would be fight for PM in the interim Govt. and they will make one round and come back to Koirala Budha again.Be cause this Makune does not have any guts to be the PM. he even does not have any face to be Pm and he changes his words 100 times a day. How he can be PM ? When Gyane asked him to become the member of the Royal massacre probe team he ran away like a dog putting his tail between two legs.This man even could not play a good opposition role.This is the worst politician we have. Only in front of TV camera, he speaks like “titra”. There is a proverb “titra ko mukhai bairi”. He is like that. Now he is talking about PM has not been decided. So decide ? if you have any guts.

  4. Mukti Aryal Avatar
    Mukti Aryal

    Why other parties are not celebrating???????? It is a surprise!!!!! A big surprise.

    Every people of nepal are happy whereever they are, in Nepal or outside. Every people are happy whether they are Maoist or not.

    Of course there are few, who see the harm for them if there is peace in Nepal are not happy.

    If you are happy, celebrate it! Smile! Why not?

  5. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Mukti Aryal:
    The reason that everyone is not celebrating is because people still don’t trust the Maoists. There are many uncertain issues yet to be resolved.

  6. Kishor Avatar

    There are a bunch of skeptics. They will always have reasons not to celebrate. It is their human right and we must respect that. You can’t (and shouldn’t) force a frown to smile. You have all the freedom, but you shouldn’t hurt anyone else’s freedom. Thats the rule of democracy. Those who want to celebrate, go ahead. Those who want to cry, nobody will stop you. This is not Gyanendra’s rule. Nobody will come to your home, and make you smile at gunpoint.

  7. Democratic Poll Result Avatar
    Democratic Poll Result

    I think majority of Nepalis are not celebrating because this peace deal gave a way forward for a armed and violent political party to come in the Government.

    Maoists have been a terrorist organization, based on Violence and terrorism, and had achieved influence by using extorted money and killing innocent people.

    Since they are still armed, majority of Nepalese people dont trust them and wont be celebrating such a deal which would allow former (or current) terrorist organization to come in the government.

    Even to do one mass meeting in Kathmandu, Maoist had bring school children and force people to shelter and feed people in the houses.

    Hell, they even had to cancel their so-called largest meeting in Capital.

  8. noname Avatar

    Nice comments by ‘Democratic Poll Result’.

  9. nepaligurung Avatar

    Two kinds of people are celebrating it as a victory:
    1. Those who beleive in killing, looting and achieving goals through crimes and atrocities are enjoying
    2. Underage little children and innocent illiterate poor people who have been given false hopes of power are being forced at gun point to amass at the rallies; the same way Mahendra used to do during Panchayat regime

    The Maoists are criminals, dacoits, sinners, cruel murders; they will not last beyond the election; they will meet the fate of Cambodia because people will rise against them and crush them under their feet.

  10. nepaligurung Avatar

    They want to win the election at gun point. At election, they will display their weapons and try to capture booths but they will be poorly defeated by the people.

  11. Kishor Avatar

    So you guys are not happy about the peace deal? I am happy not because the deal was in maoist’s favor but because they will eventually get disarmed and we will again be able to live in peace. I do not want to make comments about maoists or the political parties bcoz I don’t trust them.

    If you still want to brand people as terrirosts go ahead. Then in that case there is no difference between you and them – both thirsty for blood. You might think that carpet bombing the maoist strongholds should only be the appropriate solution in this 21st century society. But remember, a lot of innocent people who don’t support them are also dying that way – what type of society are you thinking about after that?

    I know some mandaleys are not happy this time because their centuries old paradise is falling down. So are the weapon dealers because they will soon be out of business.

    I don’t agree with some of the commenters, like this will happen that will happen, property will be seized, nepal will become cambodia etc etc. It is a time to have a lot of patience and watch the maoists activities. It is the people who have ultimate power and if we think we are democratic, we should have trust in people – they will show it when time comes. Remember there were two October revolutions in Russia – one to bring commies to power and another to throw them away.

  12. Kishor Avatar

    So you guys are not happy about the peace deal? I am happy not because it was in maoist’s favor but because maoists will eventually getn disarmed and we can live in peace again. You people might have your own reasons to be unhappy. Maybe you don’t like the decades old paradise to fade away so quickly or maybe you think you might be out of bussiness coz there wouldn’t be much weapons trade in Nepal.

    I think that whatever path you follow, there is always a meeting point for all parties. Isn’t it a good idea to stop further blodsheds? I mean you can still brand them as terrorists and carpet bomb their strongholds. But remember, doing that a lot of innocent people are also going to die. What type of society do you think to build upon graveyards?

    If you believe in democracy, have faith in people. Anything that is not built upon public support is not going to be sustainable. Maoists might have had a good chunck of meat this time, but if they don’t have a strong base among people they will fade away with time. There should be no hues and cries for this rather the important thing now is to defeat all the reactionary elements and ensure a democratic environment where people can express their votes without fear. If you think that maoists problem should be solved by bulltes and not ballots then you too are terrorists.

  13. noname Avatar

    Nice, correct and hard hitting comments by ‘Nepali Gurung’.

  14. raj Avatar

    Correctly said, Kishor!

  15. Sagarmatha Avatar

    People are in wait and see mood…to celebrate peace and democracy…All depends on what chages will come and what benefit we will get from “New Nepal”…because peace was destroyed by SPAM themselves and bringing it back by their own efforts…”Afai dhami afai jhankri”..but it should be considered as positively for the moment….lets wait and see what SPAM will give to the people because they already took whatever they can from king and people…now time has come to give not to take from the poor people and their assurances…if they will not give then they would be considered as clever fox…

  16. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Maoists need to celebrate because they could get what they didn’t deserve. Now people are cautious in celebrating because people still think that Maoists might go to Pol Pot methods.Because they believe in scientific politics.

    People are waiting and seeing whether maoists are really implementing the Accords to win the hearts and minds of the people.Other thing which will be most interesting watch would be to see and watch maoists Ministers take bribe and indulge in corruption or not. Sometimes I think they might take all the budgets of the Ministry and distribute it to their cadres. Sometimes i think they will enroll all their militants in the temporary posts of the Ministry they look after.

    The relations between Minister and the Secretary would be also interesting.If the secretary does not agree in some points with the Minister, hte minister might say ” I will abduct your wife and children and kill them this evening if you don’t do that”.It might happen, it is a possibilty. ha ha ha ha .

  17. Kanchho Avatar


    Yaar you come up with all sorts of ‘weird’ and interesting ideas. For instance, you say, “Sometimes I think they might take all the budgets of the Ministry and distribute it to their cadres.” Ha, ha ha. Again, ha, ha ha. Funny. And this reminded me of one incident when I was talking with a friend of mine who had failed twice in the (Royal) Nepal Army cadet exam. He said, “Yar, in the exam that (senior army officer) came near to me and asked where I was from (which district). When I answered, he said ‘you look like a Maoist. Are you really a Maoist?’ I was disqualified. I think he suspected me of Maoist but I am not. But I know a friend of mine who left army to join Maoist. Now I think what would I have done if I had been selected after that comment? I think I would have taken the whole Gulma of RNA to the Maoist! Ha ha.”

    Coming back to your point, it might be interesting to see a Maoist minister taking all the budget of the Ministry and distributing that to the Maoist cadres. Ha, ha, But that will not happen and I don’t think Maoists will be taking bribes or participating in such activities at this time. At least not before the CA election (or immediately after that) because they would like to show the world that they are there to make a difference. Since main leadership will be outside the government, I don’t think Mahara, who it seems will be leading the party in the government, will even think of doing so. But I also don’t rule out the possibility that Maoist will use their position in government to collect more money for the party. They will do so in various ways.

  18. Prof. Pyare Lall Avatar
    Prof. Pyare Lall

    Kanchho, you are great. At the end, you also agreed that they will use their position to collect money.what I presented was a hypothetical question but they can be corrupt. “Kasta kasta Main huun bhanne samet corrupt bhaye, Ini Maobaadi kun Dyang ka mula Hun.” Lets see and watch carefully.

    Another scenario,if the maoists do not take bribe and also check the Ministers from other parties whether they have taken bribe or not, then it will help anti-corruption movement and Maoists name will be written in golden letters.Others Ministers might be in a tight rope. Because they must run their party and feed their cadres. Must Maoists have their own looted money which equivalent to the annual budget of Nepal.For some months they will show you that they are not corrupt.After that who knows ? Power makes the people corrupt.

  19. noname Avatar

    Nice comments by Sagarmatha (2:13Pm).

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