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  • Revolt in Armed Police Force of Nepal

    This is a serious incident that took place yesterday in Nepalgunj and hasn’t ended yet. This is a fact that juniors are treated by many seniors very lowly and without any dignity in all security organizations including Nepali Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force. They should learn that juniors are not their slaves. If […]

  • UNMIN Politics: Who's Behind the Maoist Statement?

    Verbatim 1 “We have always said that the CA election was a key moment in the peace process but it’s certainly not the end of it by any means. There are other issues to be addressed and it’s important that the parties’ together look now at what more has to be done to take forward […]

  • As Maoist Is Set To Lead the Govt, Nepal Army Says NO To PLA Integration

    Update: Nepal Army has expressed its commitment to work under the direction of an elected government, whoever comes to power, reports Nepalnews. The army representative in Joint Monitoring Coordination Committee (JMCC) Shiva Pradhan is learnt to have said so during the meeting of the JMCC held Tuesday in the capital. “It is entirely up to […]

  • Need of the Hour for Nepal: A Complete End to the Maoist Intimidation

    Today’s attack to Nepali Congress candidate Ram Sharan Mahat (more at the end of the post), first incident of Maoist highhandedness after their victory in the CA, is deplorable As the Maoist is readying itself to assume the leadership of the government that is to be formed by the Constituent Assembly, Nepali society and the […]

  • A Day After the Mosque Blasts, All Condemn the Conspiracy

    Normal life across Morang and Sunsari district came to a grinding halt on Sunday following a strike called in protest of the bomb explosions at a mosque at Sarauchiya in Biratnagar sub-metropolis on Saturday night. Two persons were killed and two other injured when three bombs went off almost simultaneously at a mosque in Biratnagar […]

  • The Great Integration Controversy (Maoists into National Army?)

    Today’s Kathmandu Post has an interesting analysis of the controversy surrounding the possible “integration” of Maoist PLAs into National army. By Damakant Jayshi Of late, the integration of Maoist combatants (into Nepal Army) seems to be snow-balling into a major controversy and if not nipped in the bud, may develop into a major crisis. What […]

  • Commander Ananta: Integrate Maoist Guerillas in Police

    If not in national army, the Maoist commander says, integrate our guerillas in police or other security forces. Generals who were skeptics about including politically motivate cadres into the national ‘neutral’ organization will definitely welcome this. This is indeed a very interesting statement coming out from a senior Maoist leader. Deputy Commander of the Maoist […]