A Day After the Mosque Blasts, All Condemn the Conspiracy

Normal life across Morang and Sunsari district came to a grinding halt on Sunday following a strike called in protest of the bomb explosions at a mosque at Sarauchiya in Biratnagar sub-metropolis on Saturday night. Two persons were killed and two other injured when three bombs went off almost simultaneously at a mosque in Biratnagar last night. Educational institutions, industries and marketplaces remained shut and vehicles stayed off the road due to the shutdown called by Morang Business Association. The Morang District Administration lifted the curfew clamped in Biratnagar. The district administration had issued curfew orders from 9 last night till 8 this morning in the areas surrounding the mosque to take situation under control in the aftermath of the incident.

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala Sunday expressed sadness over Saturday’s multiple blasts at Choti Mosque in Biratnagar that left two people killed and two others severely injured. PM Koirala condemned the blasts and requested the Muslim community not to be deterred by the attack. A radical Hindu outfit claiming to be fighting for a Hindu stae has claimed the responsibility. Claiming that the regressive elements had carried out these activities taking advantage of the dispute among the seven ruling parties, the octogenarian Prime Minister said that the objectives with which these regressive elements carried out the blats will not be fulfilled.





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  1. sankalpa Avatar

    i heard about cows being slaughtered in biratnagar when i was 19, i was very heart. i would like to ask prime minister koirala how he felt on the issue?

  2. sankalpa Avatar

    sorry that is ” hurt”

  3. hope Avatar

    Don’t know about GPK, but I felt the same way as buffalloes being slaughtered in Kathmandu!!

  4. matribhumi Avatar

    Hardly any muslim likes a person of any other religion in fact they hate every other person who is not a muslim. They kill innocent people and claim they deserve to be killed. Countries like Saudi Arabia invites muslim leader from NEpal and gives him money and financial support to preach and distribute Koran and convert people to ISLAM, the best religion in the world.

    Like thousand of HIndu Nepali workers in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Girija also needs to realize that, the moment he lands in Saudi Arabia, he also will be spit upon by the religious police becasue he is a Hindu. Any pictures of Ram/Krishna/Jesus/Buddha that you carry will be thrown into the garbage right before your eyes.

    I am sorry but I am not so forgiving to these people that do not hesitate to kill us for a few virgins in heaven.

  5. matribhumi Avatar

    Mr. GPK is wrong, these regressive elements also have a point, one attacks when threatened. Muslims and secularism is a threat to Hindus and Buddhists who do not easily resort to Violence. This need not be a royalist propaganda, but rather a first attempt to help survive the jihad that muslims are running all around the world. There is more to come, an impending civil war in Nepal is inevitable.

  6. confusion Avatar

    It is not strange to think gods left Nepal and muslims will be it.
    This is what your average hindu intellectual believes like tibetian talk samsara, hindu talk gods left.
    And how they like money.
    Muslims it is true are always at risk because a few of their fellow believers are too violent but making them more isolated will make them more crazy ant then you really make the path free for JIHAD. All these solidarities are complex, who these days can express love for Israel? Yet we hate muslims and we do not know any thing about them. They are clean and law abiding, they believe and are hard working if you let them. Religious intolerance is the main problem these days. Best to pray in your cave and not read newspapers. good morning.

  7. ajay Avatar

    Full credit must ber given to the muslims of Nepal for not starting a Hindu-Muslim riot. I salute the muslims of Biratnagar.

  8. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Nepal has always been known for its “Dharmik Sahisnuta” and Nepalese are proud of it. Religion should be for the betterment of human kind; not for its destruction. All the religions have same kind of respect in the hearts of it’s followers. I wonder when people are going to understand this simple truth and stop claiming that their religion is superior to others.

  9. kirat_rocks Avatar

    dude, beef gets alughtered every week in dharan n r sold commercially in the market, why fuss about it its the right of the citizen to consume the most healthy red meat as proved by the scientists. bear in mind nepal is country of multi cultural, multi ethnicity who has thier own beleifs n values. u cant force ur culture n value to be implemented in that whole mass of other differences….

  10. kirat_rocks Avatar

    the one u r ranting n the intended bombing of mosque right at the prayer time to cause sum casualties by sum radical hindu n royal fanatics r way out of relevancy. b realistic dude…

  11. guyFromBaglung Avatar

    It is interesting to see some Nepali arguing like Isrealise. Cool Han. The point is u have not understood Islam faith at all. It is more than what u think and have seen. So first try to understand it. My2 cents.

  12. SUDIP JEE Avatar

    Those who threw the bomb to praying Muslim Nepali brothers,they are enemy of Nepal.They should be searched and catched immediately by Government.

  13. sankalpa Avatar

    my friend kirat, rights and responsibilities go together, let me give you an example, if a tibetan refugee escapes tibet and comes to nepal i don’t think any one will cross question him, it is so because tibetans are compatible in a sense that if they get the right they take the responsibilities, they can lead a peaceful life in nepal, but if the same tibetan goes in front of the chinese embassy and protests he will be taken away or put out. You see slaughtering of cows is not a issue to me it is just a metaphor, if some so called extremist hindu attacks a mosque to perpetuate violence in my country , i think we must take away the cause, and the cause is miscommunication and distrust between the hindu and muslim communities in these areas of poverty , illetracy and illness. Muslim population has been a part of nepal for almost 300 years, and i suppose they have been eating beef eversince. so cow is not the issue here, issue here is how are we going to protect our people both hindu and muslim from these attacks. it is very unlikely, in the midst of global jihad waged by muslims and our part of the world being center for warfare, to assume 80% of hindus in nepal will sympathise for few muslims who are eating cow(metaphor) because their very survival is at stake at this hour.

  14. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    “to assume 80% of hindus in nepal will sympathise for few muslims who are eating cow(metaphor) because their very survival is at stake at this hour” – Well I think, if that 80% can think rationally, then I think they will sympathize with these Muslims. Cause as you said “Muslim population has been a part of nepal for almost 300 years” ; that makes them Nepali first. And a Nepali will always sympathize with another Nepali. These Muslims are not someone that came from India few decades or a few years ago. And these Muslims have live peacefully in Nepal for a long time. I think what was done to their religious place was wrong and I think everyone should sympathize with them.

  15. nofotoplease Avatar

    nobody knows anything about muslims and yet this unfamiliarity causes many violent casualties.
    Spain had a huge train blast, Netherlands is now boycotted in Maleisia already because Geert Wilders a new fascist parlementarian likes to win the elections by making anti muslim movies, like there are no muslim countries in the world that can and will retaliate.
    Bin Laden went to live in Pakistan, Pakistan blew up my hero Benazir Bhutto. I cannot defend Musharraf or any muslim anymore but not a good idea to antagonize them. Now enlightened parlementarians say we need to live and work together and we depend on the solidarity of the good muslims.
    The fanatic hindu or buddhist should think before they mindlessly destroy their own future. They don’t eat pork muslims. Chhetris also eat meat. Tibetans eat meat. Atheists dowhat they like. There are many good reasons to stop eating meat, one is don’t kill.

  16. Jay Nepal Avatar
    Jay Nepal

    Nepalese MUSLIMS are not involved in any sort of violence.
    In fact they exercised restraint in the latest incident and also
    when the Kathmandu MOSQUE was vandalized following IRAQUE
    case. So lets not fuel communal violence. It will benifit to those who have vested interest. Hindu muslim unity in Nepal is example
    to the world and lets try to preserve it.

  17. sankalpa Avatar

    freedom writer, fact- nepali muslim community which is 300 years old is based in kathmandu,they do not send their kids to madrasas, and since it was illegal to kill cow back then, specially in the valley they did not eat cow. The muslims diaspora in terai islargely based on migration in the last 20 to 30 years.
    Now i agree that bombing a mosque is wrong but i don’t want an incident to turn into a full fledged jihad ok, and it can believe me, it can easily turn into it, and it will mean prime minister koirala will have his way again by fooling people like us. so next time if you see a muslim says hai hai hindu , dont sympathise with him, talk to him. ok.

  18. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    I am sure that the nepali muslim community which is 300 years old is based not only in kathmandu, but outside of the valley as well. Why, the “Churate”, one of th ethnic groups of Nepal (who are muslims by religion) has been residing in different parts of Nepal for a long long time. There may be new migrants in terai region, but there are old residents too. So we cannot discriminate the muslims of terai, for the sole region that there are immigrants mixed with the old ones. Anyways, as someone mentioned earlier, muslim community of Nepal has been patient and tolerant, so i think we should try to understand them, try to be tolerant ourself and stop any kind of racial roit.

  19. Hero-the-Hunter Avatar

    I am not surprised by bomb blast but i did not know that there is a MULLA in nepal

  20. Harka Pun Avatar
    Harka Pun

    Masjid ma Bomb padkaunu lai ramro manna sakidai skidaina……Tara yesko dosh kathit loktantrik 7 dal ra Maobadi le lina parcha. Bideshi ko isarama janta ko bhawana ko kadar nagari jaatiya, bhasik ra dharmik rajniti gardai kahile Sanghatmak sasan bhandai jaatiya sangh banune, kahile dharma nirapecha banaune, dharma ko aadhar ma bida dine jasta kura harule garda nai yesta katarpanthi harulai fayida bhayo…Huna pani ho, alpasankhek ko adhikar ko naam ma bahusankhek lai chidyaune garda NDA jasta kattarpanthi haru awasye janminchan..yesta rastraghati nirnaye haru lai kathit loktantrik sarkaar le turuntai sachayayena bhane yesta ghatna haru pani aba Nepal ma saamanne nai hunecha. Pashupati Nath le hamro rakcha garun.

  21. k a u s h a l Avatar
    k a u s h a l

    With the majority of Sanatan Dharmaalawi; Nepal is a secular state framed by the transition government so people do have disagreement with this.

    However the minorities cannot be discriminated in this ground. There are many minorities or ethinc minorities who do not wish to fall upon the backdrop of a unified Nepali but are wishing to incite nationalism by identifying as i.e. Newa Nepali, Limbuwan Nepali, Kirati Nepali, Gurung Nepali, Magar nepali, Sherpa Nepali, Thakali Nepali, Madheshi Nepali, Pahadi Nepali, Thakuri Nepali, Chhetri Nepali, Brahman Nepali, Tamang nepali, Dalit Nepali. (Only dalit nepalis are genuinely been discriminated by all groups till this day)

    Who are who protesting from?

    Can we identify a single majority from these groups.

    A Nepali could have Indo Aryan features, Mongolian, Dravidian features

    Now comes faith and religion.

    It was a prepostorous act by the people involved in the bombings of mosques.

    Shall we not rationalise this by calling Muslims are Jihadist or in some Arabian states and pakistan and other places multi faiths dont co exist.


    Very interesting comments about beef but arent we diverting from the mosque bombings report.

    Secularism will offend the majority religion. But it caters for the minority. A compromise brought about will generate a consensus.

    Lets wait and observe what happens after the CA elections; positive i presume.

  22. aaceaze Avatar

    bro-sis haru le j bhane ni..i personally believe that bhaaarat..hajur hamro neighbouring country is behind this la..bhele ko desh ma ta yesto bhayi nai raakhachha..aba nepal ma ni garna thale yesto..but sathi ho jasle j gareni..hami sab nepali hau hai..jaaat, dharma le divide chai hunu hudaina..ki kaso??

    half- country ta..limbuwan,madhesiwan..khoi k k bhayi sakyo..aba baaki thau ma chai yesto sunnu na paros…

    yeti bhandai ma aafno finger le submit press gardai chhu..dhanyabad!!

  23. paco Avatar

    I am no Hindu Nationalist or nationalist of any kind but I love mind mushies get the taste of their own medicine.

  24. nouman Avatar

    Hi All!!!!
    My name is Nouman and i am a MUSLIM. first of all i would like to tell u that Islam is a religion who believe in peace not in violence bcoz of some bastard who tell that he is Muslim he do violence that Islam never teach violence. Islam is all about peace and care it is spread on love. some people have mis concept about Islam that is depend on the person. if u targeting anyone then i think u must have to have knowledge about that religion. Have u ever heard that any politician have died in communal riots whether Muslim or Hindu no na??? yes politician makes riots to make their vote. u see SALMAN KHAN, AAMIR KHAN, SHAHRUKH KHAN, SAIF ALI KHAN they all are Muslim even though they goes to temple or church even i go. it is depend on u how u believe in god. Now peoples are educated them self and they have sense to find out true or false.

  25. nouman Avatar

    being a NEPALI we should think about our country not for caste. we used to live happily no matter who belongs to which religion it is all happened in NEPAL bcoz of cheap politician. if we all give our concentration on our motherland then NEPAL can be a best country.

    correct me if i am wrong. we all have same blood same culture same face, we eat same thing then where is the problem? if we have a garden and we have only one flower then our garden will not looks good but if we have all kinds of flowers then it gives something different joy isn’t it?

  26. rajan shrestha Avatar
    rajan shrestha

    i m in saudi arabia, today when i read this i was shocked, what is going on in my country. i m saying here to saudis that we have muslim brothers live together with love, care. how can i show my face. If somebody talking about religion i want to say that only islam is best even i m hindu i like to be muslim. because, they not drink, no pork, no lady, no playing card, no interest . i hope be muslim soon.

  27. Raj Avatar

    Muslims are a problem in Nepal. but they are only a part of larger problem. Indians are coming into nepal and destroy country. muslims are part of that group.

  28. Abdul Hafiz Avatar
    Abdul Hafiz

    This message is for all who hate islam and want to divide nepalse.

    Maathi dekhi most of the comment padhe. sabai brother haru ko kura haru padhe kei dukha laagyo bhane kei khusi. I dun know why people take islam as extremist religion jaba ki islam bhanne naam nai shaanti baata aako ho. Islam ko artha nai saanti ho. Islam is not a religion of war but peace. Maanchhe haru ekai des ma base pani, euta maato lai maaya garepani eutai boli ra bhawana bhayepani (desh prati) kina yesto kura haru lekchhan. Sayed uniharu ko manansthiti mai yesto basyo hola. Media le kunai ek maanchhe lai ekai raat ma mathi purana ni sakchha ra bhui ma bajaarna ni sakchha . testai bhachha islam sanga ra muslim haru sanga. ko kun dharma maanne ko kun boli bolne tyo individual maanchhe ko swatantra adhikaar ho yesma kasai ko hastachhep huna hudaina . British haru nepal aauna sakenan jabaki india jasto muluk ma 100 barsa bhanda dherai raaj gare kina>???? kinaki nepali haru ma ekta thiyo . tei ekta le garda tei paurakh le garda aile samma sansaar ma nepali haru ko prasamsa hunchha( india ma baahek) . Maathi ullekhet comment ma bhaniye jastai hune ho bhane nepal pani india ko pranta banna k ber????? aile swatantra ko saans pheri rako chhau bholi dhoti laara hidna parne din aauna sakchha. Yo sabai raajniti ho kina. Kina bujdainan maanchhe haru. Tara jasle j bhanoos raagat aile ni raato chha taato chha . jasle pani yo ekata bhanga garna khojchha tesko sarvanaash hunchha bhanne ma chai dui mat chaina.

    Des yesto paristhiti baata gujrirako bela, kasaile chuttai raajje de bhanne kasaile k bhanne , yesto asam paristhiti ma Sara Nepali haru lai ek huna aawahaan garchhu..
    Nepali ko pahichaan Nepal ra yesko garimamaye itihaas baata chha. Nepal rahena bhane swatantra nepali bhaye bhachne bhagye pani hudaina . Tesaile saara nepali, himal paahad tarai sabai lai ek huna aagraha garchhu.

    Janani janma bhumi swarga dapi gariyesi…

    Jay Nepal

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