Need of the Hour for Nepal: A Complete End to the Maoist Intimidation

Today’s attack to Nepali Congress candidate Ram Sharan Mahat (more at the end of the post), first incident of Maoist highhandedness after their victory in the CA, is deplorable

As the Maoist is readying itself to assume the leadership of the government that is to be formed by the Constituent Assembly, Nepali society and the world are keenly watching the behavior of the former rebel party and its cadres. The spectacular endorsement of the Maoist party in the CA polls by the people has several messages. Some of them are listed below:

1. Okay, now that you have fought a decade-long war ‘for the people’ in which we suffered a lot, brought the issue of Constituent Assembly into limelight again after 50 years, and come to the peace process providing a great degree of relief to us, we want to give you a chance to you so that you could turn your promises into deeds.

2. Hey, even after signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement you are involved into widespread intimidation and heavy-handedness through your Young Communist League (YCL). We want to give you whole of the state machinery which is far more powerful and bigger than your YCL so that you play by the rules that have been already made for this country because the sate machinery must be operated as per the law of the land.

3. You know what; we the people of Nepal are really tired of your extortion. We are tired of giving significant percentage of our hard-earned money to feed your arrogant cadres. Instead, why don’t you take control of the state exchequer itself so that we could be saved of the extortion and forced donations? Be warned, though, that any misuse of the sate fund would be considered corruption- same act done by the likes Khum Bahadur and Govinda Raj whom we will not let win. You don’t want to be voted out in the next election like them, do you?

Now that people have given their verdict, they will be closely watching the Maoist’s behavior. Even a possible thief will be in an awkward position should he be given the key to the cupboard. There will be more pressure to the Maoists now then when they were in opposition or minority stakeholders in the government. Prachanda was busy today meeting with many diplomats and assuring them that the government under his leadership will be behaving democratically and constitutionally. Again words are not enough. They have to be displayed into deeds.

If Prachanda and his party Maoist continue their highhandedness through YCL like they did to Ram Sharan Mahat in Nuwakot today, they will be punished. The attack over the Nepali Congress candidate who won the election is deplorable. Pre-election violence and today’s attacks can’t be put into same category. Today’s incident is much more serious and shouldn’t be tolerated by the state machinery.

The Background: Mahat attacked in Nuwakot allegedly by Maoists

Nepali Congress leader and Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat was attacked in Nuwakot today only a day after he was elected for the Constituent Assembly from Nuwakot district constituency-2. Maoist cadres allegedly assaulted the NC leader, who has sustained injuries in his head in the attack.





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  1. coward nepali Avatar
    coward nepali

    Who will punish? HA ha.

  2. coward nepali Avatar
    coward nepali

    Who will punsih?

    Ha ha.

  3. coward nepali Avatar
    coward nepali

    Who will punish?

    Ha ha.

  4. Vashir Avatar

    i agree. who’ll punish???? paper tigers.

  5. aakash Avatar

    now maiost show their true colour.why foolish had to vote for maiost.every one knows that they are mass murder and people still vote for maiost.they can not change nepal like this kind of behaviour.

  6. Huna ta ho Avatar
    Huna ta ho

    NC people deserve to stay in prison and suffer worse than what Mr. Mahat suffered today. He has been the instrument for the rich of Nepal to get richer and has people’s sweat in his hands without delivering anything.

    UWB is obviously a traitor to the new Nepal and I hope maoists IMMEDIATELY shut down Kantipur and uWB

  7. Roger Avatar

    Nepalis will get the punishment for electing Maoists. Just because they are in government has never stopped them from using criminal means. Now this is still set to continue. I do not see this stopping anytime soon.

  8. kanchha Avatar

    Comrades: Now, You have very short window of oppurtunity to bring real change in nepal. I hope you will start the development process in a war footing, and soon. Else, the process of dragging the red carpet under your feet will begin.

  9. aman Avatar

    If such incident continues, which I believe. Congress will be forced to pick Arms againt Maoist. In such event Madhes will liberate itself as they have many CA members. And Remaining of the Nepal will be even poorer after loosing Madhes.

    Be Responsible Junglees, Now u r in Human Area.

  10. Harke Avatar

    I am now feeling like we have elected a criminal gang to power. As far as I know, Dr. Mahat is not a corrupt leader like others in NC. These Maoists cannot even control their Young Criminal League, how will they bring democracy and peace to Nepal.

    Maoists will now a also merge their criminal carades with the Nepal army. This will produce a force brutal and dictatorial than Taliban. “New Nepal” will turn out to be a criminal safe heaven. The new class struggle will be between Maoists (who are above the law) and the general people (who always wish for better days).

  11. SeriouslyFrustrated Avatar

    I have not blogged here for a long time. Frankly speaking, I am just too much fed up with the whole Nepali politics. I have seen euphoria in Nepal and everybody who wishes well for Nepal. But I have a very mixed feeling. I, as an individual, am currently not living in Nepal. But I care about what goes on in Nepal because I am still Nepali. I have a strong will to come back and settle in Nepal. In fact, I know I will. But I have this big apprehension.

    I so much want to be happy about the election result. I want to walk in the street with the vermilion all over my face. I want to look forward to the time of peace and prosperity. I simply just cannot see that. The change that we are seeing right now, is very overwhelming. Maoist came to prominent, first my war and bloodletting. With two years of peace, now they are or will be in power with the mandate from people. My fear lies mostly on the way they came to power, bombings, killings and bloodletting. Prachanda himself glorifies the current achievement to those days of bloodletting implementing that they could not have gotten where they have without the guns. I heard that in an interview he gave to New York Times, that interview was a day before the election.

    The lasting memory of those sorrowful days of bloodletting in my mind is the photo of Muktinath Adhikari of Lamjung laying limp with head tilted at the side, legs bent, body tied to a tree with patches of blood in his sweater. I can never forget that image.

    I look at every other revolution and change that came about in the present history that I can remember witnessing through my own eyes or living through the news in this information age on TV, I have seen the dividend of peace only when the agitating party came through with the ethos of nonviolence. I have lately seen the characterization of Prachanda with Nelson Mandela. That simply is not the case. Mandela, while in jail, renounced violence. Hence, when he came to power, there were commissions like truth and reconciliation. The whole country reaped the dividend of peace later. It didn’t collapse like Zimbabwe. We know it. We have seen it.

    In case of Nepal, I am very afraid. Just the other day, YCL cadres attached one NC leader, Dr. Mahat, who had won in his constituency. What am I to make of it?

    How are Maoists going to develop the country? What is the real plan? Socialist Capitalism: What is that? I have read somewhere Prachanda talking about equidistant between Delhi and Beijing. Seriously, are we going to import oil from China? Looking more to North, are we going to compromise the plains?

    I want to come back. I want to be part of the economy. Will I have the freedom to run any legitimate for profit business? Can I do whatever I want to do to fulfill my individual aspiration? Do I have to compulsorily work for the government?

    Mr. Wagle sighted that during the interim government, Maoists were not able to stop some beauty pageant. That time is then, it is now. How can Kantipur forget that they had to deal with labor faction of Maoist to keep their newspaper running!

    At one point, Baburam Bhattarai, an would be PM, talked about drafting the army. Everybody from each family in Nepal has to be in the army for a year or two. His principal behind that ideology is to make a citizen soldier so Nepal can defend itself. Fine and dandy, what if I do not want to be the part Army?

    My biggest question is: HOW ARE WE GOING TO CHANGE THE FACE OF NEPAL?

    Economy in the world is in the down turn. There is a deepening energy crisis, electricity and fuel shortages, price of rice is at all time high, and with India not exporting rice, we are facing deep food crisis. With all these odds at play, HOW ARE WE GOING TO CHANGE THE FACE OF NEPAL?


  12. Hari Naam Avatar
    Hari Naam

    “Pre-election violence and today’s attacks can’t be put into same category. Today’s incident is much more serious and shouldn’t be tolerated by the state machinery.”
    What a preposterous statement. Pre-election violence is also a crime and post election violence is also a crime. So why shoudn’t they be put in the same category?

  13. psimeson Avatar

    There were some slogans being shouted on the street in celebration to Maoists victory. “Chop off the heads of all who oppose the Maoists”.
    Rallies and celebrations are being organised in some temple premises with complete disregard to sanctity of the area.

    The maoists have been successful. Successful at directing the entire nations wrath towards one individual, King Gyanendra, while all their immense political inadequacies we have chosen to ignore. In the name of ridding ourselves of “feudalism” we may have accepted a greater evil.

    But it is said all happens for the best. So maybe we as a nation have to learn from our faults. And while it is difficult to remain optimistic given the present outer circumstances, i will try to be nonetheless.

  14. psimeson Avatar

    The reason for Maoists being so keen to remove the King is NOT because the King is a hurdle to the progress of the nation, but that he is major hurdle towards their desire for absolute power.

  15. ttt Avatar

    These [icd] ko chhoras are acting as if they have won parliamentary election

  16. maijukc Avatar

    my idiot husband used to say maoism was good for china he meaning moneywise. sorry guys entire country is on marihuana.
    glorious victory
    when are the next election now we have peace water and money
    I think personally they voted for water who needs business or money we have GOD.

  17. scoop Avatar

    if these goons can thimp a senior leader like mahat after his victory imagine the state of the rest.

  18. haha Avatar

    Signs of things to come. I bet many of you who gave them the sympathy vote or the vote because they hate monarchy thinking that they would not get an overwhelming majority anyway are feeling like the class idiots.

    if they can treat Mahat like a piece of rag what of the rest?

    I hope you guys have balls of brass, like you potray. Royal regime was like dealing with a grade 5 bully, welcome to the real world of maoists. Let me remind so called journos of journalist thapa – throat slit, hands tied behind his back, strung to a tree.

    Except this time the maoists not only have their goons under them (many elected as MPs to boot) but the other grave human rights abusers – our security forces under their command.
    Don’t tell me you all did not see it coming?

  19. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer


    Even I have the same question in my mind, so people voted, and they are willingly giving all the power to Maoist. Now what. “HOW ARE WE GOING TO CHANGE THE FACE OF NEPAL?” What’s our big plan?And how and where are we going to fit in that plan?

    I know today, there are Nepalese people in most of the fields, be it science, economics, tourism or anyother field. And there are people like you who want to use your education for our country. If we can bring these people together, then we can build our country. But how can we build that platform to bring people together?

  20. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Do maoist leaders have some plan for Nepal? Someone in this blog had written that Maoists manifesto are:

    “1. Prachanda is going to eliminate illiteracy in next 5 years.

    2. Produce 10,000 Megawatts of electricity in next 10 years.

    3. Establish 15 more universities, one in every state and another a agriculture university. Every such universities will be research oriented ones. They will attract “bideshi” students and researchers.”

    So, where’s the big master plan for all these things? Or is Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai working on these plans with his sketch pen and notebook? Designing each of these shools, each of these universities? Its so easy to give hope, so difficult to keep it up. If maoist can create a peaceful environment in Nepal and stop the brain drain from Nepal and let those who want to work, work in their own way. Then I think even that can bring a big change.

  21. vote Avatar

    Apart from the people that are still half alive, this is a good time to honour the fallen martyrs on both sides of the armed conflict.
    Not to speak of the peace diaspora gang.
    landlocked in racist Europe.

  22. asrology Avatar


  23. hareram Avatar

    Nepal’s intellectual class had remained so emasculated by a fixation on delegitimizing royal politics, they ended up legitimizing Maoist politics.

  24. hareram Avatar

    In hindsight, the rabid anti-monarchy activism (that Nepal’s intellectuals displayed) as having facilitated the Maoists’ strategy, is a realization many will find difficult to come to terms with. It will be even more difficult to admit (for some of Nepal’s most conceited and elitist individuals), that yes, the king’s act was foolish but their response served only to exponentially compounded this foolishness, to the utter glee and satisfaction of Nepal’s homegrown killers.

  25. jpt Avatar

    Brothers fight, one goes to the forest, father comes home to settle the quarrel, brothers get together and kick the father out.

  26. coke Avatar

    Congress and UML’s wings were the one who were participating in hooligans by beating to those who are against their syndicate system. Now they are facing the same consequencies. Balls always bounce back.

  27. haha Avatar

    Dhadhing election day (by the way where was the media, monitors, gora sirkars, dhoti bhais etc etc) – YCL was actualy looking at where people were stamping the stamp (no – no binoculars or fancy contraptions required no sireee, there were there looking over the shoulder of voters), some unfortunate congress supporters who placed their stamp on the tree were beaten black and blue and got their back broken. I hope Jimmy Carter reads this and understands why he has been one of the worst Presidents in US history – he’s plain naive.

  28. haha Avatar

    I see the media uses “allegedly” when it comes to maoists but swears by all its other clap trap against non-maoists. Pray tell us who could have thumped Mahat? UML? MJF? Maybe Sathbhavana Party? Or IT MUST be those regressive royalists… yes yes that’s it it’s the royalists not allegedly it is them… hahahaha

  29. haha Avatar

    Oh sorry I read it wrong – the maoists was’nt “alledged” this time it was the thumping that Dr. Mahat received that was “alleged” – maybe Dr. Mahat beat himself up just for the hell of it to blame the maoists.

  30. haha Avatar

    Oh sorry I read it wrong – the maoists was’nt “alleged” this time it was the thumping that Dr. Mahat received that was “alleged” – maybe Dr. Mahat beat himself up just for the hell of it to blame the maoists.

  31. baje Avatar

    I’m afraid “10%” (also known as Ram Sharan Mahat) is jut the the first in a soon to be long line of NC affiliated individuals who will now face the Leftist wrath. After all, NC was the party that most assaulted the Maoists since the early nineties. Now it’s time for payback.

    Welcome to the New Nepal! Enjoy the fruits of your hard labor, advocating on behalf of the Maoist by toeing their republican line.

    Unfortunately, with the kind of overwhelming legitimacy the Maoists have garnered, they can do as they please. They have won, fair and square.

  32. haha Avatar

    you know the really funny thing though with this republiucan half arsed, half wit idea – it has endorsed the maoist agenda and when the King is kicked out he will be enjoying martinis on the french riviera while the UML and Congress will be getting more and more thumpings.

  33. haha Avatar

    Come on Kangressis – who you gonna call? Ghost busters!

  34. haha Avatar

    UML is leaving govt. Congress may follow suite – so PLA, army, police all under Prachanda. Ke Garne? Jana Gana Mana ……

  35. haha Avatar

    Let me take you back to the RAW Nepal agenda since 1951 – it’s stll active.

  36. haha Avatar

    Water, Water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

  37. scoop Avatar

    Well donor baby may have to cry to the donors about this incident. What will they do – nada.

    Gyanendra must be loving this every bit as the maoists. I’m sure he’s already reached the stage of acceptance while useful idiots are still in denial.

  38. scoop Avatar

    The hilarous part about useful idiots is that you show them the script and they still don’t have a clue.

  39. the burningman Avatar

    I think it’s time for the corrupt ones to realize the truth that the leadership of the old political parties is over, that there enabling of the monarchy and fear of the people must end.

    The Communist Party of Nepal has demonstrated leadership, courage and sacrifice to bring an end to the corrupt monarchy and establish a republic. They fought long and hard for this constituent assembly because they believe in the power of the people.

    No doubt those who believe servants are their birthright feel it is intimidation when those they view as beneath them stand up.

    But today is the day of the people of Nepal. From New York City I send greetings, congratulations and respect.

    Truly a great day. Lal Salaam… and Gyenendra should start packing his bags right now. It’s over. A new day is in the making.

  40. the burningman Avatar

    It’s also a real pleasure to read the monarchist groaning here. It seems to boil down to fear and loathing of the people. This “republican halfwit idea”…

    Well, it’s over. Get it through your heads. The parasitic upper classes and feudals are over. There is no going back.

  41. haha Avatar

    personally i dont care what happens to gyanendra but on the topic of feudal – what a joke – i mean who is more feudal then prachanda and his heirachal party. its text book feudalist.

    also people who pose that they are not the upper class is more sickening. educated, and english speaking and prentending to be one with the masses. what a hypocritical laugh.

  42. haha Avatar

    personally i dont care what happens to gyanendra but on the topic of feudal – what a joke – i mean who is more feudal then prachanda and his heirachal party. its text book feudalist.

    also people who pose that they are not the upper class is more sickening. educated, and english speaking and prentending to be one with the masses. what a hypocritical laugh. from ny to boot, the capitalist center of the universe.

  43. haha Avatar

    oh forgot to add comeback and join the masses here. tomorrow dont wait and watch like the opportunist you are.

  44. NepaleseLaw Avatar

    Is this news correct?

    I think Congress themselves deployed some goondas from their parties to trash Maoists so that YCL can be blamed. Sounds ridiculous? Yes, to me too. But, the “jaundiced Media’s” reporting makes me think twice before I believe what they say about Mao. Independent Journalism is okay, which Wagle does- I know, but sometimes, the reporting can be heavily loaded with their/reporters’ biases. The Wagle’s some points in this blog presents either he has not recovered from the shock that he received after Mao’s victory OR during this distressing phase in his life, he has still not lost the sense of humor.

  45. really Avatar

    nepalese law,

    for your contentment lets just say mahat beat himself up. happy.

  46. NepaleseLaw Avatar

    I am ‘really’ not happy for this poor man. Why he might have beat himself up! Might have gone mad and shocked with CA Results!

    Humor apart, There is a need of independent enquiry from UN on this matter. I refuse to believe these news just because Kantipur, Mao’s old nemesis, publishes something.

    There can be something that Maos used their force in self defence after being provoked by some Congressi Cadres. can be right! Whi is saint these days!

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