UN Secretary General’s Observations on Nepal

Observations part of the UN Secretary-General’s Report presented at the Security Council 8 September 28. Nepal’s peace process remains stalled, with few signs of a consensual way forward. The major parties are preoccupied by profound internal fissures and the question of power-sharing. While the extension of the Constituent Assembly by one year averted a graveContinue reading “UN Secretary General’s Observations on Nepal”

Nepal: Peace and Justice (ICG Report)

UWB Note: The following is the International Crisis Group’s latest report on Nepali situation. ICG is one of the many (I)NGOs that flourish in crisis. Many of its recommendations are mechanical making readers think that those who prepared the report have deliberately overlooked the ground reality that is so complex and demands deep understanding amongContinue reading “Nepal: Peace and Justice (ICG Report)”

Happy Birthday Peace Agreement! May You Live Forever :)

Welcome to the Second Year Romance while we remember that rejuvenating day last year. THE WAR IS OVER, NEPAL DECLARES! Less than a minute ago, amidst a grand and historic ceremony, Nepali leaders agreed to end the war that killed more than 13 thousand people in the last 10 years. Prime Minister Girija Prasad KoiralaContinue reading “Happy Birthday Peace Agreement! May You Live Forever :)”

Jimmy Carter Came, Talked, Smiled and Went (Thanks Mr President!)

Here is the statement by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter made on June 16, last of his four-day trip to Nepal I’m happy to be back in Nepal and to be briefed by The Carter Center’s long-term observers, political leaders, marginalized groups, and election officials here. I admire deeply what’s been accomplished by the peopleContinue reading “Jimmy Carter Came, Talked, Smiled and Went (Thanks Mr President!)”

Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!

The Lead: Now parliament can remove the monarchy by a two third majority if it finds the 240 year old feudal institution meddling with the election of constitution assembly election. The parliament yesterday passed a bill that has amended the constitution and added the new provision on monarchy. The Maoist has been demanding that theContinue reading “Monarchy Can Be Abolished in Nepal, Constitutionally!”

YCL Intimidation and IDP Voices

A relative came from village yesterday and he was watching TV bulletin in the evening while giving us latest about the village. There came the news about YCL, Young Communist League, the new sister organization of the Maoist party. “Yeh…yo YCL le ta manchhe kutchha hai,” the visitor promptly commented. “Dyam ka dyam thokchha. NayaContinue reading “YCL Intimidation and IDP Voices”