YCL Intimidation and IDP Voices

A relative came from village yesterday and he was watching TV bulletin in the evening while giving us latest about the village. There came the news about YCL, Young Communist League, the new sister organization of the Maoist party. “Yeh…yo YCL le ta manchhe kutchha hai,” the visitor promptly commented. “Dyam ka dyam thokchha. Naya Maobadi ho you YCL bhanne. Gaun ma sabailai thatauchan yiniharu le.” [This YCL beats up people. They beat indiscriminately. This YCL is the new Maoist. These folks beat all people in the village.” Then the man detailed some of the incidents of harassment and intimidation by the YCL cadres in the village. He also said that though the new avatars of the Maoists haven’t displayed guns they openly carry grenade. “They sometime go on fishing in the river with grenade.”

This is just an example of how the newly reactivate YCL of the Maoists (incorporating mostly those who would otherwise be disqualified to be in the cantonment) is spreading the terror without gun in the villages. Police raided an YCL shelter in Kathmandu recently and found nothing. Nepali Congress folks say that the Home Minister gave clean cheat to YCL illegal activities by staging a fake raid where as Maoists criticize the government for the “illegal” raid. Yes, everyone can feel the intense power struggle going on between the major three parties in the government but the way the Maoist has used it’s YCL in the process is very disturbing. No wonder why Ram Chandra Poudel, the Peace and Reconstruction Minister and NC General Secretary, demanded the dismantling of YCL recently. Widespread intimidation is going on around the country, be that in the city or in villages. YCL cadres are on the forefront in creating obstruction in IDP’s return to villages.

Here we publish two interviews of two Internally Displaced People from Ramechhap and Achham. They are both living in Tinkune, an open space, in Kathmandu along with many other IDP.

Bina Adhikari, 36
Gelu Village, Ramechhap

Why were you were displaced?

We are displaced because of the Maoists. They should know the reasons.

Have they given any reason?

They say we spied [against them]. They displace people even in small arguments. Moreover, our house was looted. My house was the first to be looted in Ramechhap district.

Who is in the house now?

Until two years ago, there was no one. But since then, some have returned and other members of the family are here. They said some can return but others can’t. Three brothers of the family are still here.

Now Maoists have joined the government after the peace accord. How are you feeling?

There is no peace for us. If there was peace, why would we have to go through this suffering? How is there peace? They are still saying we can’t go home. They are still saying they won’t return the properties that they captured in Ramechhap district. Then how there is peace? People are being killed. The peace that is only on paper hasn’t been materialized in practice. Who will take guarantee [of our safety] to return to home? Prachanda says peace has been restored. His people say we won’t let you come back to home. If you dare come home, they say, we will take action. They have been saying they will not give the properties that they confiscated. How [can you say] there is peace?

So where is the peace?

Only on paper, not in practice.

Now that the Maoists have joined the government, don’t you think they should turn their words into action?

That would be okay if they turn their words into action. We suffered a lot in the past 10 years. Our stand is that those killers must be brought to the justice. Families of those who died must get some means to live, to send their kids to school, those wounded must get treatment. We must get compensation for the property that was captured in the past 10 years. Houses must be rebuilt. We don’t need anything from the government but we want our home back in exactly the same state it was when we were forced to leave it. And we must have the same freedom that we had before.

How do you see the days ahead?

Yesterday when they were in jungle, they did that much of atrocities and injustice to us hiding [in the jungle]. Now that they are in the government, I feel they will do such activities even more and openly.

Bhoj Raj Timilsina
Achham District. Displaced more than 5-7 years ago.

We don’t have confidence over this government. It is lying that many people have returned home after the peace has been restored. And they are brining dollars from abroad and using that in other fields. We are living here [in Tinkune, Kathmandu] without food. No drinking water, no medicine. A few who went to home have been chased away by [the Maoists]. They haven’t been let inside. Many houses have been destroyed.

The peace accord talks about letting displaced people go back. How do you feel about that?

That’s only in paper, not in action. That’s a known fact. The behavior of Maoist and the government towards the displaced people isn’t good.

Why do you think they are not giving attention to the displaced?

We haven’t understood. We are surprised.

What’s your view towards Maoist now that they have joined the government?

There has been no change in Maoist’s actions and style. It’s the same like before. Even after many days after they joined the interim government, they have kept their activities the same. Issuing threats in the village and threatening people carrying guns. There has been no change at all in the behavior of Maoist. It seems no change will come in their behavior even after joining the government.

The government only talks, [Maoists] are continuing their actions. They go even in parliament with guns. Nothing will happen by just talking or writing on paper. We have no confidence at all over them. Even now they have continued with their activities like collecting donations etcetera.

Our demand to government is that our property that was looted must be returned, the killers must be brought to justice, otherwise this will bring counter revolution, another war. Action must be taken against murderers. There must be adequate management of rehabilitation. If that couldn’t be done, we must be declared internal refugees. Our number one demand is that. Our trust to the government and the Maoists has disappeared. We have suffered a lot.

No expectation from the government?
The government should fulfill its responsibility towards the country and its citizens. What can we do? What can we the victims, displaced people, do? We have nothing in our hands.

Have you put forward your demands to the government?
Yes we have. 15-point demands. For example, those who were forced by the Maoists to leave their jobs must be restored, take action against those who killed people. We hear those seven who are skilled in killing people have been made members of parliament. Actions should be taken against these people. The property that was looted must be returned. Human Rights must be secured. We must be rehabilitated in a dignified manner. Who do disabled live? Women, children must be given some opportunities of education. Children whose fathers were killed 10 years ago are now on the street. They might go to counter revolution. They should be managed now. We should get justice. The whole country and people must get justice. These are the necessary elements for the rehabilitation of victims. On this regard, government and Maoist are very much irresponsible. They are not responsible.

Now that the Maoist has come as a political party after the peace accord. Don’t you have any demands from Maoist?
Our demands are the same. Whoever builds our houses that were destroyed, government or the Maoist. That’s their responsibility after going in the government. Maoists still claim that they killed only scoundrels not the general people and will still kill. These sort of objectionable talks are still coming from the Maoists. We are still feeling very unsecured. We don’t trust Maoist and government. Maoist leaders live nearby. They could have come here and admit their mistakes and apologize. But they are not positive towards us. There is still a possibility of war. We are doing peaceful agitation now. If this crosses the limit, there might be another bloodshed in the country. The state must not take us as fourth grade citizens. The situation might go out of our control. It will be difficult if there is no management of us. No permanent peace will come.

What do you mean by out of control?
For example, we are now on peaceful movement but the police is beating us. They beat our women and children and have to be admitted. Police showed pistol to those who were demanding justice. If this situation remains, you can’t say the country might not return to war.

So you guys will also take arms?
We don’t know what kind of shape the war will take in future. But even if we don’t take up arms, those kids whose fathers have been killed will definitely do so if the problem isn’t resolved in time. If their rights aren’t secured, that will happen automatically. There is no education. How can that kid live? His father has been killed. There will come the feeling of revenge. If they can’t do anything, we must be declared the internal refugees. That’s better.

UWB: These interviews were taken a few days ago by a journalist working for a foreign TV network.



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42 responses to “YCL Intimidation and IDP Voices”

  1. guyfromktm Avatar

    the terrorists are showing their true color.. may be people lile Neil can spin this story as well to explain why the maoists are continuing in their intimidating tactics…. these are ploys to delay the CA and deprive the people of their chances to vote against these atrocities… the Maoists need to be defeated so that they fall flat on their faces and pay for all the sufferings that they can made people to go through…. buda pakaley bhanthey, paap dus barsha pachi pani dhuri bata karauncha…. the CA will be just that for the terrorists..

  2. BG Corner Avatar

    YCL is going to stir up with the FDI issue very soon if Prachanda gives green signal.
    Want to read more? You are welcome to me.

  3. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Maoists don’t have any consideration for private property. They want to transfer the ownership of all private properties to the party. I hear that most of their top leaders don’t own any private property. I don’t believe that they are going to return any property that they have confiscated. From their point of view that will be regression. I am sure that people like Neil Horning who are used to thinking from Maoist view point understand this and may even be able to explain why this is good for Nepal.

  4. matribhumi Avatar

    YCL is another name for a terrorist gang that Prachanda and Babu Ram claim have no power over. For how things are turning out in Nepal, recently with the seizing of the Royal Property in Bhaktapur, it is now a confirmation that Nepal is no longer ruled by GP koirala nor anyone else for that matter.
    YCL, can do as they please and no one especially the Jhapali-Sitaula will do anything about it. YCL and its goons who have zero literacy rate, no cultural roots, no distant vision, and lack the ability to work and earn will turn Nepal into a failed state very soon. These so called “cadres” have been surviving on looting people, they do not know how to ear money and live cooperatively.
    I can only pray that these individuals be killed and slaughtered mercilessly by the Nepalese Army as soon as possible for the sake of the Nation. If it means that King has to be involved then so be it in quelling these gangsters and their leaders for now and forever.
    I would rather live under the umbrella of INdia than be ruled by Maoists and these goons.

  5. matribhumi Avatar

    This is how the Maoist’s do peace while we the “educated” believe them:
    Jan 27, 2007
    Students escape Maoist control: Seven students of a local school in Sankhuwasabha district [mountainous district in the eastern region], escaped the Maoist camp and arrived home. They were “forcibly” taken by Maoists for recruiting in the People’s Liberation Army. Maoists had taken nine students from sixth to tenth grades from the school promising them monthly salaries of Rs 8,000. The remaining two are stranded in neighboring Ilam district [hilly district in eastern border] due to lack of money, according to one of the escapees.

  6. matribhumi Avatar

    No matter what the outcome:
    Terrorism is Terrorism, People who Support and Harbor Terrorism are also Terrorists. There is no Justification for Terrorism and Loss of 14000 + Innocent Lives in our Kingdom.

    If the Maoists had the courage, they would not have used innocent civilians to fight, nothing they will have accomplished justifies what they have done to innocent Nepali lives.

  7. Saila Baje Avatar
    Saila Baje

    Serves us all Nepalese right for letting the Maoists into the government. If communists were worth its salt, we would still have USSR. It doesn’t work. They should all be chased out of Nepal into some african backwaters. Oh how i Wish king takes back all over again.

  8. Sailey Baje is right Avatar
    Sailey Baje is right

    YCL pakheys should be shot dead, all of them.

  9. jagdish Avatar

    i think nepal needs to be a part of india…only solution….we dont deserve independence….its like badar ko hath ma nariwal…..

  10. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    Just because a few worthless political leaders have ruined the country I don’t think is enough reason to just give up our national sovereignty.
    And just because we do become part of India who says that will solve our problems? Who is not to say that India will just exploite our water resources etc. and leave us where we are? Don’t be so naive. Look at Bihar, UP, Assam, Skkim. What have they got for being part of the Indian union. You people think the YCL are bad? Are you guys aware of what the law and order situation in Patna is like?
    I am just ashamed that my fellow Nepalese are so gutless. You are letting the actions of a handful of worthless pathetic monkeys (SPAM) dictate our independence? Come on. Get a grip!

  11. no name please Avatar
    no name please

    matribhumi you are right. i hate and condemn so called shankar mayavi. some of like these idiot making confusion among the public. blog owner must restrict to enter like shankar mayavi to express his view to this blog. this guy is trying to indoctrinate the readers. go to hell shankar mayavi. you are like a people who destroyed our country this whole 12 years.

  12. tori Avatar

    Well said by someone,

    YCL – Young criminal league

  13. matribhumi Avatar

    If you got so much gut-how come I don’t see your pictures among those chanting slogans on the streets. I assume you plan to solve the national problems by typing what you think is right in front of a computer, however for many, solving problems is not even an issue. The issue has become mere survival from the atrocities of these idiots.
    Exploitation, really and what have these politicians done so far other than explioted. Yes, they are Nepalese and so perhaps that makes it “okay” I can at least hope to get something in return for my exploitation from India than from these politicians who have been sucking the blood of the Nepalese people. I don’t even care if India leaves us where we are, I want security, Once we have that then perhaps I can think about the rest. I like the way you mentioned “a few politicians” and in your mind I suppose you have plenty that you think would benefit the nation than themselves. The people whom you call pathetic monkeys- have been ruling u and your family and yet you included could not remove them from power.
    Why cannot Nepal not be like Kerela too ? Why Patna ? It depends on who we choose does and how he/she governs under the protection of the Central goverment.

  14. matribhumi Avatar

    I don’t want to be waving the national flag and singing the new national anthem on top of a mountain in “freedom” while my family is homeless, INSECURE, hungry with no means to feed them and my cries and tears fall into deaf ears of so called “educated” ministers. This is currently 90% of Nepal.

  15. Tamke Avatar

    He Sale YCL thugs,

    Did you so quickly forget the Rautahat massacre? Do you want to have a taste of one like this? Next time we will cut your tuturo and then insert into your mouth. Do you want to be like your comrade, kumar Tolange? The only way to tame you kukur is to give you the taste of one like that of Rautahat.

  16. sonam Avatar

    YCL beats business man in Biratnagar, Kathmandu. YCL beats students leader in Kathmandu.
    YCL is the new maoists army, operating with guns and bhatas. Either the Maoists should check their YCL or more Gaur will occur.
    People like looking for security. If the SPAM cannot provide it they will look for alternatives and one of the alternatives could even be joining India.
    What is the point of FREEDOM, when there is no SECURITY.

  17. sagarmatha Avatar

    Freedom of what ?

    spaMmers got the freedom whatever they liked, but not the people.

  18. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I feel like it’s only a matter of time before people will rise up against the YCL. What the hell are the SPA doing?? They are so stupid. Right now public opinion is on their side – why don’t go after the YCL? They are just so pathetic.

  19. Guyfromktm Avatar

    sagarmatha is dead right.. it is only the SPAM that is bearing the full fruit of the April “revolution”, they are fully digesting the “aspirations” of the people while they may hay for themselves… they are the only ones who are now free to do ANYTHING while taking NO responsibility for ANY of their actions…. for the people, well, what can change.. nothing has…. all they can do is sit and HOPE. Well, they can also come out to the streets if the terrorists and the corrupt thugs take it too far…

  20. Crizmoe Mef Avatar
    Crizmoe Mef

    What goes around comes around. These YCL mofo’s will get what they deserve. As if the 11 years of cruelty and atrocities from the Maoists were not enough. The YCL are acting like underworld dons with their intimidation, abductions, beatings etc.
    What have we got since the installation of the so called ‘loktantra’? At least the country had law and order situation in the royal regime. And if i have to choose i would choose king’s rule any day. the king seems like the lesser of the two evils in the current situation.

  21. NepalBlood Avatar

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A team of YCL jawans thrashed Dinesh Wagle for printing this anti-loktantrik article. Witnesses to this barbaric incident state that Wagle’s head now resembles a pumpkin.” If this can happen to Dinesh Ji, then what is left of democracy?” commented one UWB staffer. Later on he too was savagely beaten up in Bhatbhateni chowk. Witnesses to this latter outrage have reported a strange sight. They claim that a tall gawky looking Westerner participated in the beating. He is said to have shouted pro-Maoist slogans in an american-accented nepali. People heard YCL cadres call him ‘Comrade Hurring’. Or was it ‘Comrade Urnin’.

    UWB: DW is safe and sound. We request the blogger to refrain from posting speculative comments.

  22. scoop Avatar

    Well I have told the likes of a journalist named Neil Horning before to go and talk to these people instead of just trying to glorify the maoists. We can get his view on it as well, but he only follows the maos like a groupie.

  23. manan Avatar

    Its about time Prachanda controlled his YCL hooligans. Or the public might have to do it for him.

    The cops were right to seize the vehicle that Prachanda had stolen. Now let them impose some more law and order by rounding up these hooligans.

  24. Bhudai Pundit Avatar
    Bhudai Pundit

    I don’t understand why the SPA is so damn gutless!!! With the exception of Sujata Koirala no one has publicly condemed and critisized the YCL!!!!!!
    I can’t believe I am actually praising SK (who I think is no less then a demon). But circumstances have changed!

  25. sonam Avatar

    The people have no choice, but to raise their voice against the YCL and the maoists. If they don’t improve, there will be another war and the maoists will be banished from nepal. Their leaders have enough looted money to spend their retirenment in Switzerland. The poor YCL will get the same treatment, their comrades got in Gaur.

  26. acrokiller Avatar

    @ Bhudai Pundit (20:24:00)

    I wonder the same thing. The Maoists are in the government. Bring them to account. Why is SPA still allowing Maoists to hold them by their balls? Are they afraid they’ll give everything up and go back to the jungle? Unlikely. The Maoists are as much a part of this now as the rest. They’ve invested far too much.

    They need to tackle this YCL thing NOW, before the red cloud completely shrouds Nepal’s sky.

  27. Harke Avatar

    Let us kill all these bastards ,kukur, uneducated, begger YCL thugs!! They are all sons of prostitutes.

  28. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Mr. ‘no name please’ I don’t understand your response to my post. May be you couldn’t read my tone.

  29. shekhar mayavi Avatar
    shekhar mayavi

    Harke ji, we did try to kill the YCL thugs, when they used to be commanders of PLA, but we failed miserably. The red storm is coming. Of course, I am not proud of it but they seem to be unstoppable these days.

  30. Deadonarrival(DOA) Avatar

    Can you ever tame a snake or wild animals- their instinct never dies. To them end justifies their means. When we sugar coat and speak of mainstreaming Maoist- it is just that.

  31. Jagdish Avatar

    i think, no matter what – the inevitable is us being a part of india……..lets face it…..baburam was recued by the indians from his death sentence….just like lenin was sent to kremlin in a sealed train by the germans to overthrow the tzar……

  32. Patriot Avatar

    Leonardo Di Caprio says in the movie Blood Diamond – “we thought we were all fighting communists but at the end of day it was all about tusks and coals and diamonds”

    Funny how we constantly wager this simple truth for a better bargain, for hope and survival.

  33. no name please Avatar
    no name please

    shekhar mayavi,

    what iam trying to say is your tone is trying justify YCL atrocity. i like the Aristotal but i hate his human clasification as a slave and human beings. it doesent mean he was absolute right! i hope you got right clue of my efforts. this is the reason i made strong comment against you. there was nothing personal. in Nepal here is too many inteligentia, who are trying to draw the sketch for the maoist favour. they are saying, ‘ loktantra, we got because of maoist’. so in this way if you are from inteligent circle just condemn maurderer,maimer,ransomer,extortioner and arsonar in straight language.

    while i read your respond on me , i found soft spot for you. i believe you are the compassonate Nepalise like most of us, who are suffering from political indoctrination.

  34. lahure_dai Avatar

    it’s high time that the voice of the general public of nepal be heard.

    the leaders in the mainstream politics should hear the voice of the people of the villages and then the voices of the town and the city area.

    the maoist’s should not forget their past, where they came from.

    long live loktantra in nepal

  35. Thinktank Avatar

    We need to have at least couple of incidents like that of Gaur to let these uneducated YCL thugs know where they stand in terms of their muscle strength. Then they will start to realize that violence is not the right way to pursue political goals. Whatever the MJF cadres did at Gaur was absolutely right, except they forgot to insert the YCL thugs’s penis into their mouth after butchering them. I hope the MJF will not forget this whenever the incident like Gaur happens next time.

  36. Bravo Avatar

    It was really WELL DONE by MJF cadres at Gaur.

  37. Bravo Avatar

    Brave MJF cadres,

    If you can dominate maoists criminals physically, you can also dominate them politically. This is called politics with muscle power, and that is the present reality of Nepal. Thus, the bottomline is if you brave MJF cadres succeeded in chasing away maoist criminals from the terai, your party would be much more influential party than maoist party and as a result your party, not the maoist criminal’s party, will rule the country. It is a prudent investment for your shinning future. Then, what will be Prachande and Baburam’s future? Then Just spend days in the caves of Rolpa like what they did in the past

  38. Bravo Avatar

    I am really proud of MJF cadres because they are the only cadres who broke the necks of these maoist Young criminal league (YCL) cadres.

  39. euta sojho manish Avatar
    euta sojho manish


    yetro rish, yetro raag bichara gaunka sojha sajha yuva mathi who only dream to be speaking as fluent english as you or eating the same good meal as u folks who prefer calling them “people with no cultural identity”.

    Who in the name of christ are you folks, kahan bata aaeu timiharu and where do u think your bahas is taking you all, it seems like all these commentators in this page are noones but that sect of middleclass useless brats who prefer wasting time writing bullshit about political developments in nepal.

    Nepal was always an independent country and so it will be, there is no India, and democracy is not a nariwal for us, transition is a tuff time u kids, so grow up and prefer to understand change not just comment on it.

    Nepali congress has its Tarun dal, CPN UML has its people’s voluenteers, why not the maoists have YCL. They are new fresh and have the wish to change things so they will go ahead and do that, cause all that pigs like you can do is write in these silly blogs and curse the whatsoever change thats taking place. Yedi parivartan chahandanau bhane why even bother thinking. just go u dumb asses and list some American hairy ass.

    So till the time u folks do that, i just hope something real big happens like a bomb explodes next to your house killing all those dirty gooses who have developed these filthy ideologies in ur kidneys.

  40. NepalBlood Avatar

    ThinkTank and Bravo,
    I agree 100%.

  41. ThinkThank Avatar

    If I am right in my prediction, Prachande and his Young criminal league (YCL) cadres will vanish from the Nepalese horizon within a year or so because both arogent Prachande and stupid Baburam lack vision. Prachande is the one who sowed the seeds of communal division in Nepal, and the plant from the same seeds is growing so rapidly that it will eat up Prachande and his YCL cadres any time soon.

  42. buddha boy Avatar
    buddha boy

    i am 100% agree with matri bhumi.

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