Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film

Kagbeni undoubtedly will be marked as the trend-setting Nepali film but it could have been much better if the culture, tradition and lives of Nepalese of Kagbeni and surrounding were depicted too. [Ironically, I also found most teenagers attracted to ‘Kagbeni’ only because of the rumored love scene between the two lead actors.] By SamyamContinue reading “Kagbeni: Watching a Digital Nepali Film”

Protesting Fuel Price Hike: Mobs on the Streets

Nepalis are the experienced lot when it comes to organizing the protest programs (which includes, in almost all cases, burning tires and halting traffic on the streets). As they say, if you want to do something well, you should enjoy the work. Nepalis enjoy while protesting. Take, for example, today’s protest against the government’s decisionContinue reading “Protesting Fuel Price Hike: Mobs on the Streets”

Palpasa Cafe in English

Saturday blog: Three years after it was first published in Nepali and created history in the Nepali literary world by selling more than 5 thousand copies in the first few months, Narayan Wagle’s debut novel Palpasa Cafe came in English this past week (15 January). The book was translated by Bikash Sangraula. Since its releaseContinue reading “Palpasa Cafe in English”

A Chance Encounter With a Maoist Commissar

It is notable that two years ago, before the ceasefire, the Maoists did not have any presence at all in Mustang due to the Royal Nepal Army’s occupation of a high foot suspension bridge below Ghasa that serves as the only entrance to the district below 5000 meters. Now the Maoists had a large visibleContinue reading “A Chance Encounter With a Maoist Commissar”

Everyone Wants To “Volunteer” For UN

Anjila Mul, 22, and Sujita Amatya, 22, who got Bachelors in Science (Environmental Science) degree from Biswo Niketan College a few days ago, had gone to the “exhibition” hoping to get recruited as volunteer or explore opportunities in volunteering. “The focus is in the UN of course,” said Anjila, left, “because that’s world wide.” [HereContinue reading “Everyone Wants To “Volunteer” For UN”

Festivals of Dashain and South Asian Films

Happy Dashain to all. Here is today’s account from my South Asian Film Festival Diary: I was deeply saddened by watching a film that detailed the horrifying accounts of a Nepali journalist who was arrested by the (Royal) Nepali Army in 2004, locked up in a dark hell called Bhairabnath Battalion and tortured by mad,Continue reading “Festivals of Dashain and South Asian Films”