Protesting Fuel Price Hike: Mobs on the Streets

Nepalis are the experienced lot when it comes to organizing the protest programs (which includes, in almost all cases, burning tires and halting traffic on the streets). As they say, if you want to do something well, you should enjoy the work. Nepalis enjoy while protesting. Take, for example, today’s protest against the government’s decision yesterday to hike the price of the fuel (diesel and cooking gas that is also used by some vehicles). The anarchy has ruled the street as I am typing these lines. Uncontrolled mobs are burning tires in the middle of the streets and, and, having fun! It’s cold out there because it’s winter and the sky is cloudy. The tire-fire is working as campfire for them. People are enjoying the heat, smiling and occasionally booing as some helpless cars or motorbikes come by. The traffic is at complete halt but few taxis and bikes, carrying sick people and disabled, could be seen. These vehicles immediately come under the scrutiny of the crowd (enjoying the fire) and windows of some get smashed while driver tries to convince the crowd why he was there.

While coming from Koteshwor to Tinkine (about 300 meters distance), I saw about 10 spots where tires were burning and, at least in three places, thick smokes were coming.

The situation in the country at this time is very fluid. The ruling alliance of the seven parties have started the election campaign last week that saw a bomb blasted near the mass meeting venue in Kathmandu. Royalists are sure to sabotage any weak showing by the government while some groups in the southern plains (Terai or Madhes) are threatening to against the national integrity. Perhaps under the indirect guidance of the foreign force, they are slowing coming on the same forum to work against the government and, if we are to believe a leader of the group, against the national integrity.





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  1. Aakar Avatar

    birodh ta garnai paryo ni………haptai pichhe bhau badheko chha……….tara protest garne tarika bhane phernai parchha.

  2. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar
    Pusp Prasad Luintel

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  3. Welcome to Paradise Avatar

    Yes, it is quite frustating to see that even ambulances and bicycles were angered upon by the people protesting on the streets. are these real protestors or paid ones?

  4. Sangesh Avatar

    the main objective of this ppl protesting on the streets is about the fuel price hike not to disrupt public life… birodh garne pani euta tarika huncha…

    huna pani ho yo nepal ho and in nepal je garepani huncha…

  5. scope Avatar

    Mandaleharule gadbadi machauna je pani garchhan aajkal. Pheri Mandaleharu ko penetration pani jatatatai rahechha.

  6. guyfromktm Avatar

    this blog is turning into a parrot like TTT Pushpa Kamal and Giddey Girija and worthless MKP who discard every protest against the shortcoming of the current corrupt government as a ploy by the invisible “regressive” forces to thwart the never-happening constituent assembly. What met the eye today was people protesting the price hike but the under-current is the disechantment of the people due to the unabated looting spree that these corrupt and terrorist thugs have gone on. The protest is more targeted towards failed promises, indiscriminate spending from national resources and compelte disregard of the needs of the people that these thugs have displayed. If these thugs think that the people will stay moot while these thugs sell “janata”‘s name so incessantly, then the thugs haven’t learnt anything from the past. Rather than sit on their bums and again blame the “regressive forces” these thugs should ACT and serve the very people that had come to the streets two years ago to bring these thugs to power. What the thugs have done in return so far is serve themselves. It is about time this changes. Else, the people will force another change.

  7. Pusp Prasad Luintel Avatar
    Pusp Prasad Luintel

    Human societies must operate with the understanding that we are part of nature not separate from nature.We must maintain an ecological balance and live within the ecological and resource limits of our communities and our planet. We support a sustainable society that utilizes resources in such a way that future generations will benifit and not suffer from the practices of our generation.To this end we must have agricultural practices that replenish the soil, move to an energy efficient economy, and live in ways that respect the integrity of natural systems.

    Pusp Prasad Luintel
    Green Nepal Party [ Hariyali ]

  8. hope Avatar

    The SPA traitors imposed a price hike which should have been paid by govt subsidy. They chose to pay a million rupee per TIKE MP instead. They enjoyed people’s sufferings by increasing the salary of corrupt judges. Hey, is there anybody who believes , these traitors will even in their wildest dream will think for people?

    That’s not all, to put salt in injury they let their sister organizations to play havoc on public life and they claimed it’s spontaneous, haha…. They are tormenting people in one hand hiking the price and in the other hand disrupting the normal life. And look at our populace, suffering both ends, suffocating from all directions. It’s really time to farewell all SPAs and their socalled gunda organizations!

  9. Shreemani Avatar

    This is really not a good thing that happening in Nepal. Even ambulances with hospital patients ar being stopped, the elderly riding on bicycles are being turned over, buses carrying school children being pelted with stones…

    aren’t the protestors on the street human beings? isn’t the thing called humanity dead in them?

    is this what is called the “new nepal” ?

  10. replytoall Avatar

    The King is gone now……………………………NOOOOOOOOW,,,,,, who do you blame?????????

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