I don’t know if Dalai Lama can bring democracy in Tibet after getting what he wants now…. but that doesn’t mean our police have to stop Tibetans from protesting against what they call Chinese atrocities in Tibet.

Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal
All photos by Wagle

A few dozen Tibetan refugees were rounded up by the Nepali police when the former tried to protest outside the offices of the Kathmandu bureau of Chinese official news agency Xinhua (yes, the building is pretty much big and looks nice from outside!). The protesting refuges were shouting ‘Free Tibet’ and ‘China, Stop Killing in Tibet’ slogans. Soon after they started shouting slogans, police personnel reacted. The police forcefully put the shouting refugees inside the vans and trucks. The incident didn’t last for more than half an hour but that did portray very ugly image of Nepal to the rest of the world. The cameras captured nasty pictures from the event, thanks to the unnecessary police intervention.

Okay, here is what I think. I support the One China policy of the government of Nepal. Tibet is part of China. Period. Even the Dalai Lama has been saying that he is not fighting for the independence of Tibet. He says he is fighting for autonomy. Fighting for autonomy is different from the struggle for democracy. I don’t know if Dalai Lama can bring democracy in Tibet after getting what he wants now. I am for the strict separation of religion from the state affairs. I have fought against the usage of religion by those rulers who want to stick to the power. I am against anyone who claims to be the incarnation (or reincarnation) of God. I am also against the hereditary flow of power (from father to son). Just because one is born in a certain family doesn’t mean he is qualified to rule a nation. Of course I would love to see a democratic China but I can’t support the split of China and I don’t support any movement that is not based on democratic principles but religious leadership.

But that doesn’t mean our police have to stop Tibetans from protesting against what they call Chinese atrocities in Tibet. For heavens shake, Nepal Police should keep this fact in mind that WE ARE A DEMOCRACY. We are not China. We fought against the autocracy of Gyanendra to have democracy restored in April 2006. The right to peaceful gathering and nonviolent protest is guaranteed by our constitution. Our tradition also doesn’t allow refugees to be treated in such a distasteful manner. A group of policeMEN forcefully dragging a screaming female protester and throwing her inside a van doesn’t certainly look nice. The scene in the photo looks horrible. And those photos have gone around the world. The image of our hard fought democracy has gone into dust.

What would have happened if Nepal Police had allowed those refugees to shout for a few hours? Is the foundation of the Chinese government so fragile that it could be destabilized by a small non violent protest in front of Jaya Nepal Theater in Kathmandu? Do Nepal Police have to be more Chinese then the Chinese themselves? There was absolutely no need to act in such an unrestrained manner against those who were peacefully raising their voices. The act of Nepal Police is outrageous. It’s shameful.

From NYT: About 20 Tibetan high school students scaled a brick wall surrounding the United Nations compound in Katmandu on Friday morning, carrying a small home-made sign that read “Free Tibet” and asking for the United Nations to help their cause, according to a United Nations spokesman. John Brittain, a spokesman for the United Nations, described the teenagers as polite intruders who sat on the grass inside the compound, were asked to write their grievances for United Nations officials and were treated to lunch. No one has been arrested, Mr. Brittain said, and agency officials would make sure they all were escorted home safely. “They were very nice,” Mr. Brittain said by telephone from Katmandu.

And what am I reading that? Since when the UN started feeding momos to the unauthorized intruders? Aren’t trespasser the law-breakers? Nice intruders? He is a ‘son of a bitch’ but ‘my son of a bitch’? Go to hell. It seems the high ranking officials were involved in that intrusion. Without the involvement of high-ranking officials of the role-hungry bureaucratic monster called UN, anyone can guess that given the usually more than ordinary security measures, the intrusion wouldn’t have been possible. The spokesperson of the UN must answer this question: What would have his office done to a group of crooks who jumped into the UN? (Of course they would be nice intruders because they would not kill anyone but only vandalize the office and hand over some papers to the UN officials saying that they were pissed off by the police.) Feed them with a plate of momos? What if the intruders had bombed or killed someone? Of course, they would still be nice intruders in the eyes of those who support them. Feed them with plates of dal bhat? In any such unfortunate case these very fat bellied UN officials will be the first to blame the government of Nepal for poor security situation around their office.

To the refugees: Tibetan refugees must understand this: We the people of Nepal have suffered enough and we have our own problems. Please be a refugee if you want to be a refugee. We have been welcoming you for all these years and there are about 25 thousands of you living in Nepal. That’s not a problem with Nepali people. We also know that many of you are having better life than average Nepali in Nepal. For many of you Nepal has become a spring board to go to the United States or any other developed countries. That’s also not a problem with us. Yes we want you to have all good and peaceful life in your own homeland. Our best wishes are with you. But please organized your protests without creating any problem in Nepal. We need our policemen in voting booths.





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  1. Masayo Avatar

    Now I have seen those `real scene’ not a black and white picture of The New York Times.Thanks Dinesh!

    Seriously,Nepal needs new attitude,if ever wants to take its place in the world as a democratic country.

  2. freedom_writer Avatar

    Even I don’t understand why Nepalese police have to beat the protestors, especially the monks. Buddha’s followers are being beaten in the Land of Buddha, isn’t that shameful for Nepal and all the Nepalese?

    There is one more thing I don’t understand; when Chinese people have faith in their government and they believe that their government will take care of this situation, then why do Nepal has to interfere by beating the protestors? Has voilence ever solved any problem in Nepal?

  3. hope Avatar


    They can go to tibet and shout,protest do whatever they want. Why on earth my life be disturbed in my own land?? Why should my traffic be disrupted for their cause?? Why should I suffer in my own land for whatever demand they have which has no concern whatsoever with me?? Nepal has enough problems of it’s own , why we need Tibetans help to multiply it??

    Moreover, it’s just a proxy war between the Western powers and China, why should we be scapegoat in between?? Why should Nepal feel embarrassed with China when India(having largest number of Tibetans) has stopped all the protests??

    Yes, it is shameful in part of Nepal’s government that it could not stop the unruly protests in the capital which is giving shelter to them in the name of humanity.

    If you have visited Tibet, Lhasa in particular, you will realize how much change it’s got. How the living standard of it’s people rose, how all the infrastructure development has taken place in the land which has an altitude equal to Langtang valley of Nepal. Why should we support a protest which will make Tibet(if granted independence) like Nepal for god sake?? Even for humanitarian grounds it is absolutely irrational to ask for Tibetan independence (Tibet lacks every resources you can name), which would plummet Tibets economy equal to Nepal’s( may be that’s only reason I could figure out for your demand for freedom of protest by Tibetans, economic equality between the neighbours).
    Tibet is doing much better economically,socially,and people are more prosperous,happy and long living than it’s all the neighbours. They are achieving more than 11% growth rate economically and you can feel that when you go there. Why Tibetans outside and their blind supporters ignore these facts and exploit them for the sake of their own vested interest??

    Government should immediately stop all the protests by Tibetans and they must be deported to Tibet if they continue to defy the rule of the land.

  4. Kathmandu Avatar

    I agree with UWB that Tibetans must understand that if they want to stay in Nepal as refugees, they must behave like refuges. We have enough problems and we don’t want more. We are having elections damnit and let us do our job. Honestly we can’t afford to put our friendship with Chinese at risk, particularly, in these difficult times when our boarder is being encroached on daily basis from our Southern neighbor. Tibetan refugees please apply for Visa at the United States embassy and they will be more than happy to provide you all the necessary documents. And stage such protests in the Chinese embassy in Washington or in intrude inside the UN headquarters in New York. Not here in Kathmandu please.

  5. Ideal_Rule Avatar

    I agree with the argument that the Tibetan movement is not political one as it is effectively headed by a religious guru. It’s the religious movement. Even the Tibetan government in exile isn’t a democratic one. What is difference between the Islamic mullahs who run governments in certain countries and Dalai Lama who, wearing religious robes, wants freedom in Tibet? Choose one: religious guru or a political/pro-democracy leader. You can’t have both and claim that you are fighting for freedom.

  6. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    yes that’s right, we don’t want to upset our big brother, china! I don’t believe Hollywood lama is symbol of peace anymore. After all he is a bad influence for Gautam Buddha.

  7. Masayo Avatar

    I have no intention to ignite this site…but, dear hope, how about try to change those words to.. Tibetan to Nepali,China to India.Imagine what is likes to be?
    Next time whenever you read or hear anything regarding Tibet,PLEASE read BETWEEN the line!

    By the way,do you know the word ‘compassion’?

  8. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    What’s your problem Masayo? you need to ask the meaning of compassion to America, the Double standards who talks one side of continent about human right and one side of the continent just does exactly the opposite. if you are hurt that’s fine but don’t you dare tell us (nepali) how to behave…..
    next time you better get that!

    You know how Tibetans behave at heart of Thamel in Kathandu?

  9. hope Avatar


    Agreed, words might sound bit harsh, but the fact is we really are sick and tired of all those protests and scuffles and disruptions. It’s bad to be refugees already and yes, compassionate, we are known for it. But you have to respect the inconvenience of the host aswell. And you might have heard about the conditions of refugees in Europe , compare to them we have been very good host for very long time and we should no way change our status. And it’s ironic that we are more copassionate towards them than Bhutanese refugees. So is it so bad to expect some reciprocation from them in the times as bad and as crucial as this in Nepal. When Nepal is gearing up for it’s all important election shouldn’t ‘refugees’ also get bit ‘comassionate’ too??

    And for your suggestion of Tibet to Nepal and China to India stuff, that’s your pure imagination and I leave that for you to enjoy!!

  10. Vashir Avatar

    No compassion from my side to the tibetans, they are doing the right thing at the wrong place (country). Their situation is as precarious as that of the Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. The difference is that the plight of the Bhutanese doesn’t get international coverage.

    And one more thing, if the Tibetans protest in KTM- many NGOs will get more funding for the “cause” of the Tibetans. I think I know why the Tibetans are protesting- or are being inticed to do so.

    Nepal police will never change- it has been aggressive throughout the course of history. One thing I do agree UWB with is that the Tibetans should be allowed to protest- our democracy is all inclusive. At least that’s what I want it to be.

  11. realnepal Avatar

    Nepal is shit
    Demonstration is better to ask written permission in Netherlands is like that and then police must safeguard demonstrators.
    It is a democratic right to demonstrate.
    In biratnagar they blew up a mosque and in Netherlands they try to create a civil war insulting muslim community.
    Nepalese do not like tibetian because the buddhists work. So they are normally sucessful and have ethics.
    Nepalese claim to have peace and meanwhile rob, steal, kill and are holy people.
    Boycot nepal.

  12. everestmadeinchina Avatar

    Maybe sell the Himalaya to China

  13. propaganda Avatar

    Interesting how traditionally left newspapers willnever criticize a known to be shit democratic country such as China and now european leaders are running for elections or what?
    I remember Dalai lama was refused a visa to Belgium last year I believe….
    memory loss
    I also would like to see nepalese reactions e.g Kantipur tv when they smash up one of your so called holi yogi’s.
    at this stage I will vote for anyone who is in favour of respect.

  14. policeoutofnepal Avatar

    Nepal policestate
    The entire media are showing nepalese idiot policeboys beating monks…
    The outgoing message that China is befriended means the police are afraid of maoists and therefore cannot do their job and therfore beat innocent citizens?
    In an odd way they show nepalese maoists are different but someone should know what they do.

    Where is the police when maoists call bandh? And close down the country? Beating innocent people. I would fire all.

  15. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    I agree that Tibetans are doing the demonstrations at wrong time and wrong place. Nepal definitely has its own problems to solve at the moment and the beating of the monks by the police is creating negative impression of Nepal all over the world.

  16. Joti - scotland Avatar
    Joti – scotland

    So called peaceful monks once they had gun too! That’s why they were exile in Indian and other continent of World. White killing black, white calling Black person a “Nigar”, Bramin and other so called upper caste discriminating kami and damai….you know Fredom write is a Name of the game! its everywhere.

  17. lotuskid Avatar

    Compassion is Revolution

  18. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    I got that name from the name of the movie “Freedom Writers” starring Hilary Swank. If you haven’t watched the movie, watch it. Its very inspiring one. 🙂

  19. notnow Avatar

    china has systematically annihilated tibetans inside and outside.
    India so far has been brave.
    Has too many problems to protect refugees, new ones. China needs good public relations.
    Nepal nextdoor with spiritual traditions is helpless let’s face it .
    Sometimes it is best to say and do nothing not at all times. This is a good moment to show solidarity with the monks inside of China. And to show gratitude and respect to the monks that risqued their lifes. Was there any other way? How can anyone be indifferent if they exterminate your relatives?

  20. nofotoplease Avatar

    Still it is best to show a picture of a nice nepali policeman.
    Some really try to do nothing

  21. akoo Avatar

    haha… I love this. The Nepali media has been bashing Bhutan none for not having human right, democracy etc. etc

    Now all of a sudden the Nepal is in the international media for the brutal beating of Tibetan protesters demanding human rights while Bhutan is in the media for successfully conducting its democratic elections.

  22. Ruiz Avatar

    Tibetan protesters…eh…one day its congress, the next day its the garbage union, the next day its the industrialists, the next day its the teachers, today its the Tibetans. Of course the police is going to react no differently to this protest. The only people that should feel ashamed is the Chinese.

  23. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    Is China against Buddhism?

    I don’t think so. Actually Buddhism is thriving in China. That is what I learned when I was in China just recently. Actually there are many sects of Buddhism in China, such as Gelukpa, Kagukpa, Shakyapa, Nyingmapa, Cha’n (Zen) Buddhism, and many other sects.

    Dalai Lama represents only the Gelukpa sect of Buddhism. Early Dalai Lama ruled Tibet Autonomous Region after killing (poisoning) Tibetan King. Yes having army and KILLING! Now is that Compassion???

    What about others sects of Buddhism in China? They are enjoying all the freedom in religious practices and the Buddhist monasteries in China are flourishing. Some monasteries are even benefitting by huge international tourists visiting such monasteries.

    Buddhist monasteries in China have been keeping all the valuable sacred Buddhist text dating from the 1st, second, third, and fourth Sanghayan of Buddhists. They even have protected the tadpatra (first written by Buddhist authorities after the demise of Gautam Buddha.) written in ancient script of Sankrit language.

    Every children of China know about the classical epic of Xiyouji (Westward Journey) of Buddhist monk from Tang Dynasy of China, called Xuan Zang (Huen Sang) who came to India and Nepal via wester route of China (via) Afganistan, in search of ancient Buddhist texts.

    Zen Buddhism, which is popular in Japan, actually is Chan Buddhism of China. Japanese Buddhists learned Chan Buddhism from China. Zen is the Japanese Pronunciation of Chan, which again is Chinese equivalent of Dhayn (Sanskrit term for meditation).

    So do you still think China is againt Buddhism. Absolutely not! So what’s problem with Tibet Autonomy?

    In history Tibet has been sometimes part of China sometimes not. If you read history, you will find that nations boundaries changes, in war and invasions. That was it until the Great World War II. Just consider what was the map of Europe before Great War II. After this great war, humankind thought the days of invasions and territorial wars has to be stopped, thence United Nations was established. And the national boundaries were agreed upon universally, as it is. China is one of the veto power wielding nation and a valuable permanent member of UN. and its boundry is universally accepted. So there is no logic that Tibet should be separate from China.

    Regarding Autonomy of Tibet, Tibet is already an Autonomous region of China. Period. So what is the point that Dalai Lama asking autonomy which is aleady there. And whats the point to ask for cultural freedom, when there is aleady freedom to practice religion in Tibet as all over China. There are so many Muslim mosques, Catholic Churches, Taoist temples, all over China. Beijing has so many muslim mosques and so many muslim restaurants. I am amazed why some western media are projecting the wrong image that China does not tolerate religious activities. Its just nonsense, and propaganda, which is understood as China’s increasing dominance in world economy.

    Also the communist portrayal of China is just a propaganda, a hangover of Cold war, which is no more. Also China is on the path of Deng Xiaobing, the path toward fullfledge capitalism. Mao is respected as the father of the nation, its true, but economically and politically its Deng Xiaobing’s path. This fact is overlooked, intentionally ( sometimes with ill intent) as well as out of sheer ignorance about China. Many westerners have ignorance as well as prejudice about China, which will be vanished the day they step in China’s soil. I am optimistic that world will see China differently and positively when they visit China during Beijing Olympics, this year.

    Do you think Dalai Lama ruling again in Tibet will impove the lives of Tibetans and human rights will be established? Certainly not because Tibet will be economically lower than Nepal and what to expect about human rights when the exhiled government of Dalai Lamai is so much authoritarian and there is so much dirty game and feuds going on between between factions of Dalai sect in Dharmashala. One gets to know about such fightings from indian newspapers. Everybody knows that the devotees of Dalai has to forcibly eat the bodily excretion (shit) of Dalai in the name of devotion. Now is that human right??

    I am for the state which is separate from religion. When religious leaders runs government, it is no more religion. It is another dictatorship and intolerance. China has never been a religious state. The most influential spiritual thought in China, Taoism, is a secular idea, and essentially it is not a religion. China is a secular state and in my observation wants to go ahead thus. Western world is mostly secular (including India and Nepal) and have already separated state/ government and religion.

    So let us leave China alone, because it is going in the right path. We should learn from China’s success and path of peaceful development (as oppose to apparently US’s path of agressive development). Lets not forget China’s foreign policy of stable neighbours (as opposed to India’s foreign policy of disstable neighbors).

    Lets watch Beijing Olympics and lets learn more about China and Tibet !

  24. Yeshi Avatar

    oh god, cant believe that above written statements by different .master minds ….. against Tibetan people, How could they have no human touch and human sentiments against human race, tibetan are fighting for Tibet Cause in Tibet, the unruly name sake – right to religion etc in Tibet, Tibetans are termed to be refugees and according to UN, refugees are wellcome in recide in every part of the world, they are not alllowed to kick out from any world. You people forgot this part, every human being has a right to fight for its independance, Tibetan have been fighting for TIbet in every part of world and in only some country who are being buttered by chinese have been dipicting on their agition, do you think that is a right thing to do. I guess not, so before writing anything against Tibet and Tibets, think twice…….. otherwise they would be more problems…

  25. Yeshi Avatar

    yes..very true, you should learn from china of how brutal they treat to human race, had it been in your country doing the same to your country men, would you been saying the same thing, ha ha i guess dare any one could say something to rimpochees and lama’s. they are being recognised and having been known for they noble ness world wide, just becos you dont dont believe all those, doesnot mean, that you could say whatever, your problems, every human race has its different storry to value their gurul and lamas, you should learn to respect them same. every country has its own problem but every human being has a right to save its own country men. so dear, dont be so buttering to chinese people, mind huh, nepal could be in the same boat if buttering china too much, than you would be fighting for the same…. .you know what i mean.. dont let the chinese brutal mind influence you people…

  26. Hiranji Shakya Avatar
    Hiranji Shakya

    This is fight for right, communist is never good for nobody when there is no human right, without human right nothing is goes well, some of you post blogs that you don’t understand what its feels line living as refuge cause you have not been through, accepting as secondry citizen is alwasy painful.
    Tibetans have fought for own freedom peacefully for about 50 years, but if you don’t listen you don’t hear, like government in Nepal, no matter how much street demonstration you do if you have bad and corrept government like in Nepal where human rights are only written in the book , you still live in fear and poverty in your own land.
    That is why Tibetan demonstration is at this nick of time is most wel come and most effective. Bunch of forceful police will not stop, will never stop the power of you believe and love for you country and culture.

  27. sankalpa Avatar

    HAHAHAHAHA, i really didn’t know tibetans had to eat shit, that is really funny man.
    but tibetans i know have already forgotten about tibet and as you pointed out mr. sharp i think only those who did eat shit are making noise. i don’t like noise, i like peace and quiet.

  28. freedom writer Avatar
    freedom writer

    Tibetan demonstration at this nick of time may be most effective in case of other countries (cause China is hosting Olympics), but not for Nepal (cause the election is coming soon and there is a lot of tension in Nepal).

  29. Major Sharp Avatar
    Major Sharp

    I disagree with Hiranji that Tibetans have fought for own freedom peacefully. Don’t you know that Khampali guerrillas fought with Chinese and were defeated and fled into Nepal and stayed hiding in Mustang, Manang caves until Nepalese army has to make them surrender during King Mahendra’s rule? Peaceful is the only Buddhist way. There is a story in Buddhism that a whole nation was influenced by Buddhism and the nation refused to fight to the neighboring nation because Buddha preached nonviolence. Some army of the nation sacrificed their lives when the neighboring nation invaded, who were puzzled by the nonviolence spirit of the nation and has to abandon the war. This is the spirit of Buddhism. If Buddhism preaches violence means and war, what’s the difference between Buddhism and Al Queda, Taliban?

    Buddhists knows no fear. Real Buddhists does not get political. It is not country specific religion. It’s world religion. I like Buddhism and what Buddha said: no violence, no war, no organized religion. Buddhist monasteries used to be places where monks rested during raining seasons, just that. Buddhist wins the mind of people and do not fight for territory. The mistake has been done when Dalai Lamas ruled Tibet, which is wrong according to pure Buddhist teachings. Buddhism does not preach about ruling Monk. The problem lies here. One cannot be a Monk and a King at the same time- it is contradictory. If one is true monk one does not need country, position and wealth and organization. For a true monk refugee or not, it does not matter, because he/she has no attachment to the country. Buddhism spread in world not because of war and demonstrations. It spread because it won the hearts of the rulers and citizens, and ther sheer adherance to nonviolence. I think if agitating Tibetan sects of Gelukpa (Dalai Lama sect) leave the ambition to rule Tibet again, I am sure that things will improve peacefully. I heard the other day that even the present Dalai Lama is not supporting Free Tibet! He even is not supporting Autonomy either. Now he sounds pragmatic and he is exposing some elements of Buddhism. He is only concerned about the right to cultural freedom, which can be talked and agreed upon, including what is cultural freedom and if there is not cultural freedom in Tibet.

    We Nepalese understand fully and sympathize with Tibetan refugees who are residing in Nepal due to one reason or another. But we are requesting them not to meddle with the already complex political situation of Nepal and leave Nepal alone, and do not misuse Nepalese people’s big heart and sympathy towards you to forward your vested cause. We request you very much to behave as a good refugee.

    You rightly said Sankalpa that you like peace and quiet, that is the essence of Buddhism- having still, quiet mind so that you and the world are in peace. Peace is the means as well as the end of Buddhism. Period. What I don’t understand is the use of violence means and conflict encouraging ideas that has taken place in Tibet. Maybe this is the essence of Gelukpa sect whose very origin is in violence. It is known that Gelukpa sect defeated other sects such as Sakyapa, Nyingmapa and Kagyupa by war and treachery, bribery, conversion and came to ruling power in Tibet. This is anti-thesis of Buddhism. And my objection in rooted in this method of propagation. I don’t have any objections to other sects of Buddhism and of Gelukpa sect’s peaceful means. I am Buddhist by nature and like Buddha’s teachings very much. But I feel very uncomfortable when religion gets politicized and territorized. I even heard that Gelukpa sect is creating suicide bombers. Now is that Buddhism?

    Now since it is accepted that some distasteful and inhuman acts has to be performed in the name of devotion, and since it is accepted that every religion has such elements which is not human right, it is agreed that Buddhism preached by Dalai Lama’s Gelukpa sect also does not abide by the so called human right standard. Actually human right has no universal standard, it is defined differently by different countries according to their convenience. Can we ask human right of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, detained by US government? Where is the human right of Iraqi civilians who are dying in millions every year? Where is the human right of citizens of poor countries who are dying like insects due to hunger, disease and war? It is understood that in China there was and still is some control over expression, but things are changing. We have to understand that China has liberalized economic freedom but is gradually liberalizing political freedom. This is the declared policy of China, and there is nothing sinister. This is not only in Tibet’s case but also all over China. China has around 56 ethnic minority groups, who are part of the political system of China. These ethnic groups are enjoying autonomy in province, prefecture or even township/ village levels. Autonomy is the way of Chinese political system. I know many monasteries in China where the government has given full autonomy. Many such monasteries are headed by monks who has also studied Buddhism in universities and obtained masters degrees, and not merely monks who create a cult and followers around oneself. We all know what will happen when cult is created around a so called spiritual leader. Buddhism is not a CULT!

    Yeshi what is more brutal? US led war in Iraq or Chinese curb on miscreants in Tibet. Is not burning of people’s houses, shops and cars and killing people by Tibetan miscreants recently, not brutal?

    What do you say to many Buddhist monasteries in Kathmandu where ordinary Nepalese are not allowed to enter to worship Buddha who was born in this soil? If there are no secret and bad things happening inside these monasteries (which are run like a 5 star hotels, charges 5 star rates to foreigners who stay there for months, earning a huge profit and donations, and still do not pay tax) then why not abide by the human rights here and allow all to worship Buddha in these monasteries? For heaven’s sake, give me some enlightenment in this issue, because I don’t understand the ‘compassion’ involved in this. I only know compassion which do not differentiate between people.

  30. momo Avatar


  31. normalmind Avatar

    MajorSharp said “Everybody knows that the devotees of Dalai has to forcibly eat the bodily excretion (shit) of Dalai in the name of devotion.”
    1 not everybody know, only few chinese read this.
    2 do you think Dalai Lama when he feels he need to go to the toilet instead of going to normal toilet he goes to some special place where he can keep his shit and then offer it to the tibetain people ? so do you think he use paper to clean his ass and does he also give the paper to eat. Does he separate the shit from the pee ?
    What kind of stupid people can believe in this !
    For fun : i also heard dalailama ask people to eat his nose shit before they can talk to him 😛 and before you can he talk to you must eat his earshit 😛 Majorsharp you are the best !

    China won’t let tibet free because it’s full of water. in case of War it’s better to have tibet so that no ennemy will be able to attack from there then you can enjoy full protection of hymalaya mountains. Tibet underground is rich.

    So it’s better say that dalailama is crasy is shit and help develop tibet economy so that china can say look now it’s so good there is shopping mall train plane much better now than before.. (of course better than before) everywhere in the world the situation is better than before (except for the country at war).

    China should learn from Danmark with Groenland… they are willing to let those people be independent even if there is may be some petrol in groenland. That’s fair.

  32. nfl apparel Avatar

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