मेरा मनका माओवादी-२

UWB Note: Here is Maya’s first piece in the series. And here is the first part of this article. हो, हामी अलि शहरीया भेषभुषामा देखिने मान्छे, अझ बिशेष केटी मान्छे त राजनितीका कुराबाट अनभिज्ञ हुन्छौ भनेर सोचीन्छ । उसले पनि त्यहि सोचेर सम्झायो । स्कुलको पर्खालमा लेखिएका माओवादी नारा । सब‍ै तस्बिर-माया यो ब्लगको अधिल्लोContinue reading “मेरा मनका माओवादी-२”

मेरा मनका माओवादी-१

UWB Note: In this article written in Nepali language, Maya the blogger, describes how she felt when a Maoist guerilla fell in love with her. She visits the comrade in his village to prove to the guerilla that she is not just a city girl out of touch with harsh ground realities of Nepali society.Continue reading “मेरा मनका माओवादी-१”

An Open Letter To Richard Boucher

A university teacher from Southern Nepal writes to the American diplomat explaining the situation in the country and warning not to help feudal autocracy anymore. UWB translation of a ‘letter to the editor’ published in today’s Kantipur daily. Richard Boucher Assistant Secretary of State for South [and Central Asian Affairs] Excellency, You are arriving NepalContinue reading “An Open Letter To Richard Boucher”

The Royal Disconnect: Monarchy in Nepal

Why Nepali people hate monarchy? UWB received this article from Zhao Mei. And we enjoyed reading this. There will be many postmortems on the decayed cadaver of the royal Rana and Shah families. The clause in the 1990 constitution of Nepal that bars criticism of the royal family and effectively places them above the lawContinue reading “The Royal Disconnect: Monarchy in Nepal”