An Open Letter To Richard Boucher

A university teacher from Southern Nepal writes to the American diplomat explaining the situation in the country and warning not to help feudal autocracy anymore. UWB translation of a ‘letter to the editor’ published in today’s Kantipur daily.

Richard Boucher
Assistant Secretary of State for South [and Central Asian Affairs]

You are arriving Nepal in a few days. We hear that you are coming to help us. All other assistances are acceptable but when we heard about military assistance, my heart froze. We are tired of war. We don’t need to fight. We wish that we don’t have to engage in internal conflict as well. Washington’s official view came a day before we knew about your planned trip that said the king should be ceremonial. It is not you but free Nepali people will decide if Nepal needs a ceremonial king or an active or no king at all.

Your arrival will not be helpful to Nepali people if you plan to bring palace and parties together. Nepali people are fighting against the feudal autocratic monarchy in a unified manner. Whatever achievement we have got is possible because of our unity. Foreign friends in the past tried to abort the peoples’ movement by promoting certain groups. They were forced to support the movement only after being unable to do so. Any activities that will save the widely criticized monarchy by ignoring the popular voice and keep Maoists outside the circle of peaceful landing forever are not acceptable to Nepali people. It is accused everywhere that America ‘provides arms, encourages fighting, and offers a plateful of alternatives to the solution.’ Are you doing the same? If so, we will be forced to conclude that America is not the real friend of Nepal.

We couldn’t understand in the past but this time around we have realized that you are not the real friend of us the loktantrik (democratic) people. We are fighting the battle of life and death to throw the centuries old feudal autocracy. Our illusion toward you was cleared after we saw you too eager to celebrate the conspirative Baishak 8 (April 21) royal proclamation. King was forced to issue another proclamation after three days. The second proclamation wouldn’t have been possible if you were to succeed. Peoples’ voice would have been aborted in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Your government again welcomed the second royal proclamation and issued a statement saying that the king should be ceremonial. We kept warning our leaders so that they would not deceive us by acting upon your advice like they did before. This time around leaders are forced to listen to the peoples’ voice than that of your advices. That is why they decided to go for Constituent Assembly on the Baishak 14 mass meeting at Khula Manch. Immediately after that Washington commented that it expects peace from Constituent Assembly. This is not a good example of friendship in the eyes of people.

We are suspicious about your arrival too. We fear that the visit might interrupt the unity among the powers representing Nepali people. Will this try to interrupt the 12-piont understanding between the parties and the Maoists? Will this destroy the flowers of peace and loktantra (democracy) that are about to bloom? I heartily request on behalf of all Nepali people that you do not take any interest in such things. We always welcome your interest-free wish to loktantra.

We very well understand that you don’t like Maoists. You tried hard to bring palace and parties together by sidelining the rebels. Our leaders actually tried to run as per your wishes. That is why thousands of Nepalis lost theirs lives in 13 years. We don’t deserve the life in the pool of blood. Whoever comes to power in a democratic way will have no difference to us. Nepali Congress or the Maoists. Whoever comes will be the sons and daughters of Mother Nepal. The only thing is that no one should hurt our unity and aspirations of peace.

Communist philosophy isn’t the competitive populism or multiparty populism. That is based on the autocracy of one party. Many felt that you were behind the murder of leader Madan Bhandari who brought the doctrine of multi-party populism. You never clarified that you were not involved. You also couldn’t digest the reformist government of the CPN UML. The same shouldn’t happen from now onwards. I remember a few days ahead of the approval of the Mahakali Treaty in the parliament, [ambassador] Sandra L. VOGELGESANG said on September 5, 1996: “Nepal will attract huge foreign investment if the treaty is approved.” Our leaders were impressed and they started saying, “We will benefit Rs. 1 trillion 20 billion yearly.” But we didn’t benefit a penny.

Being cautious by all these activities, we are constantly warning our leaders. We feel that Maoists are trying to come to the loktantrik (democratic) stream via the competitive populism. That might not be digestible to you. You created obstruction in the political path of Madan Bhadari who came to the peaceful loktantrik stream. I think that is also a reason for the beginning of the Maoist insurgency. We know that insurgency will not end as long as Nepal remains a kingdom. That is why outlets to republicanism shouldn’t be blocked. We always welcome your assistance for this.

Nepali people will rise against the Maoists if the violent war doesn’t end. Maoists are the power created from within the people so they might not ignore the popular opinion like the royal regime. Yes, such situation has been created. It would be wrong to say that Maoists didn’t have greater role in mobilizing the public in the recent Jana Andolan.

Nepali people have already moved toward the path of constituent assembly. The parliament has decided to go for it. If you are here to hurt the wish of Nepali people your visit will not be fruitful. I hope the proposal for constituent assembly will not be thrown into the dust bin just because of you.

Dr. Raj Kumar Pokharel
Assistant Professor,
Mechi Multiple Campus,
Bhatrapur, Jhapa

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28 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Richard Boucher

  1. Please explain to us all how we may end the fighting. Your plan please!

  2. Add to this letter,

    We the Nepalese have become so weak that we always welcome leaders coming from our close neighbor with whom we have blood relation.
    And we do not welcome people coming from the US or Europe as you are very far, farther than the moon in the sky. Because we cannot see you but we always see the moon in the night.
    Now our beloved Girija baboo is also visiting the neighbor and our maobadee daju bhai are are also living there. So please do not come to nepal.

  3. With the arrival of our brothers from South now the situaiton in here is very may disrupt the balance Mr Boucher. go …go..
    go back.

  4. Mr. Boucher you are welcome to see what a peaceful movement can do. But please no weapons. We have seen enough blood and bullets. We now deserve aid package, educational help, support to uplift the conditions of poor people in Nepal. A rich country like yours can do a lot to bring poor nation like nepal to become self sufficient.

  5. what’s wrong with this teacher??? nepal needs to get wrost… Things will only gets better after it gets wrost.. There is a need of few million to die.. starvation… famine… lot like in rouwanda, congo …nepali deserve to die.. nepali deserve to be ruled by india…. nepali doesn’t deserve democracy

  6. Dear well wisher, please get help with your dyslexia. Maybe it will help you see things more clearly…

  7. UWB,


  8. A movement it was, but please stop calling it a peaceful movement. For one thing 18 people died, cops used tear gas, rubber bullets, lathi charge, but also the protestors threw bricks and glass and vandalised buildings, beat up cops. It was no way peaceful from both sides.
    Besides now the calulations are in- it took about 70 crores rupees to hold the country hostage for 20 days. That’s right around USD 10 million to pay off the protestors, unfortunately, the villagers who came for the protests in the lakhs were not given any of that money, they just had to come under coercion from the maoists or pay a hefty fine of 3000 rupees or more. Please media let’s not kid ourselves. We all know the truth, ask anyone in Kathmandu. But, why are the media so gagged on this fact?!?!

    So the message sent is – if you’ve got that kind of money, anyone can have a janandolan. Part 3 anyone?

  9. Dr. Raj Kumar Pokharel,

    you have spoken my heart.
    Yeah, we should stop big players like US to play with our unity, freedom and fate.

    For US, Nepal is a small land with maoists threat (greater threat for US than Nepal). and US looks for a chance to crush maoism (who cares if the whole nation is crushed in the process)

    But for we Nepalese this is a time to end our age old suffering and create “New Nepal”.

    US should spend it’s effort to reform/transform communism not crush it.

    can US justify why ‘capitalism’ should be the only religion of this world??

  10. Actually all Kuhire are business people. Butcher is coming because he wants to explore the possibilty of selling weapons. They had envisaged that King will leave and there can be new weapons Mafia with whom business can be more profitable.

    So Prof. is correct in his analysis. Do not try to sell the guns but try to stabalise the politics of Nepal for the lasting peace in the region.

  11. You seem to forget that the RNA would not be fighting the Maoists if they had not turned to violence themselves. And the USA cannot tell Nepal what to do. It did, however, advise the King that his time was running out. If he had not restored Parliament and returned power to the people on Monday night, you were very close to a bloody revolution. That is indisputable. Sunday and Monday you were calling for the King’s head and the people were out for blood.

    The Americans could care less whether you have a king, ceremonial or otherwise. But that is the system you have got. And the best way to prevent further bloodshed was to let the king return to a role as a ceremonial monarch. I’m not saying that I like the King. I hate him, and if it were my choice, I would get rid of him (but its not, i’m american). But for now, he is the only unifier of the country. And the Maoists are clearly making their premise known now. They are coming out of the woodwork. Let’s see a year down the road if the ceasefire still holds. but my bet is it won’t, and that the maoists will be back to their cold blooded killing again soon. They want no less than to rid the country of the monarchy and establish what they call a “people’s republic” but what is really a totalitarian state. Is that what you want?

  12. Dr. Pokharel may have sounded like a Maobaadi to some, but I see that he deserves an appreciation for the letter. I also feel that US may try to influence the SPA for considering ceremonial monarch as a way out for the mere reason that they hate Maoists. Unfortunately this hate and love situation is a problem for the Nepalese. My argument is that we cannot wipe out the Maoists. The current situation has given the opportunity to bring them in the streamline, which if KG and SPA could have come together about a month back would not have been possible.

    I see this is a win-win situation for Nepalese. I believe that Mr. Baucher would go with the common sense not mere the American hate factor, in which case he is most welcome.

  13. We the Neplese only welcome Bhaiya from India to buy our khali sisi collected from last night.
    Rest we don’t!

  14. haha, author is worried that maoists are isolated after king’s second proclamation and looming military aide to nepali army.

  15. Comrade Pokhrel (I mean the professer),

    How can you turn a blind eye to the cruelty and atrocities committed by your red army at the countryside? Unless your red army surrenders the deadly weapons, national army needs basic level of arms and ammunitions to protect the civilians. It is not new to Nepal only, every country does the same.

  16. I wouldn’t be too worried about American influence in Nepal-they have already stated that they will channel their policies through India. Besides they are too pre-occupied with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and al Qaeda and high prices for gas. It’s India we need to be careful about, not in an anti-Indian way though, but in a more positive ‘give us what we want and we will do you a favour too’ way. India more or less controls the Maoists, the SPA and the King too now, so I would like our government to focus on getting the most out of India for the benefit of Nepal and it’s people. How about letting us in the tea trade? How about letting them build some hydropower projects like in Bhutan? How about not taxing our exports to their country? How about them stopping mucking around and encouraging stability in our country?

    Don’t fight windmills like Don Quixote, Prof Pokharel. The problem/solution is right next door.

  17. I am not an astrologer but I am predicting that there would be another revolution against Girija in near future and Girija will go down in history within one month. This next revolution will not keep Monarchy and NCs.

  18. Before 1st Feb. 2005

    TG To KG: Do you want to stay like King of Thailand or rule like Musharraf ?

    KG: I like to be Musharraf.

    TG: Then take the power through the military.


    After 24th April, 2006

    KG: It was a wrong advice.

    TG: I asked you to choose only. You made a wrong choice.Arrange for me the safe passage to Sri Lanka.
    Recent interview of Kamal Thapa to BBC:

    “I am always for the Constitutional Monarchy and Multi Party System”.- constitutional monarchy of Gyanenedra type ? Ha Ha ha

  19. I don’t know anything but Nepal should be a REPUBLICAN country with MULTIPARTY SYSTEM. Nepalese people must not feed to such expensive monarch which comes from the tax paid by the people who are suffering from hand to mouth problem. There are not any great terrorism in Nepal except the Monarch and it is terroring the people for 2 and half century.

  20. s,
    You are right ..this was no peaceful agitation..
    The crowds with stones came from the countryside..interspersed with Maobadi with concealed weapons under their clothes..

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