“अतिवादी विचारको प्रवद्र्धनका लागि पालैपालो प्रयोग हुुन तयार क्रान्तिकारीहरु मार्फत विकास प्रक्रिया अवरुद्ध”

गरिबीले पहाड भन्दैन, मधेश भन्दैन, बाहुनक्षेत्री, दलित वा आदिबासी/जनजाती भन्दैन। हिन्दु, मुस्लिम, क्रिस्चियन वा अरु धर्म भन्दैन। गरिबी भनेको क्रुर हुन्छ र जसलाई पनि रुग्ण बनाउन सक्छ। शिरोमणि ढुंगाना  कहिले काहिँ छोटो सामग्रीले पनि धेरै कुरा बताउन सक्छ । हालै फेसबुक चलाउँदै गर्दा अनिरुद्र न्यौपानेको बिचारमा आँखा पुग्यो। सटिक तर चोटिलो विश्लेषण । हामी बीपीलाइContinue reading ““अतिवादी विचारको प्रवद्र्धनका लागि पालैपालो प्रयोग हुुन तयार क्रान्तिकारीहरु मार्फत विकास प्रक्रिया अवरुद्ध””

Nepal Needs to be Hindu Nation with Monarchy

UWB doesn’t agree with some of the ideas put forward by the writer of this comment, Dirgha Raj Prasai, which originally appeared here as a response to a UWB commentator. But we like to hear all kinds of opinions. Dear Basti jee ! Why would there be a need of a King if Nepal canContinue reading “Nepal Needs to be Hindu Nation with Monarchy”

Daughter of a Maoist Comrade Defends Her Chairman

Posted on December 12th, 2007 by UWB Excerpts of an article by Manushi Bhattrai, daughter of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, in today’s Kathmandu Post titled A false alarm perhaps! that explains and provides perspectives to a controversial statement by Maoist chairman Prachanda By Manushi Bhattarai A statement made by Prachanda on December 4 in an interactionContinue reading “Daughter of a Maoist Comrade Defends Her Chairman”

Quitting Nepal Parliament for a Madhes Party?

Posted on December 11th, 2007 by UWB What does that mean? Who is the real convener of this force? The news: A senior cabinet minister and three influential parliamentarians from the tarai resigned from all their party posts and public office yesterday to lead a new political front in the tarai. Senior Nepali Congress leaderContinue reading “Quitting Nepal Parliament for a Madhes Party?”

Royal Challenge to Democracy

Posted on December 10th, 2007 by UWB The last (and suspended) king of Nepal isn’t just hibernating. He is playing games against democracy from inside the palace. An editorial from the Kathmandu Post So King Gyanendra is not only swigging drinks and taking dips in the “heated” swimming pool waiting for the day when heContinue reading “Royal Challenge to Democracy”

The End Game: Maoists Fail to Abide by the Peace Agreement

Maoists are unquestionably the primary political party in the alliance. Unfortunately the violence and brutality perpetuated by them has not subsided. Going by the government’s lack of policy, the indications are that in any event, the Maoist will capture state power- either through forcing fraudulent elections or by brewing public discontent against the government. ByContinue reading “The End Game: Maoists Fail to Abide by the Peace Agreement”

Bahunists and Bahunism: Caretakers of Nepal’s Feudal Tradition

Comment of the Moment: Originally Posted Here by Dinesh Koirala (Courtesy: Sano Baje) [UWB: We do not necessarily agree with the following piece but decided re-publish it here mainly for two reasons: One, we respect voices from all sides. Two, the article cites two of UWB posts as “excellent examples of Bahunists in action” thoughContinue reading “Bahunists and Bahunism: Caretakers of Nepal’s Feudal Tradition”