Quitting Nepal Parliament for a Madhes Party?

Posted on December 11th, 2007 by UWB

madhesi leaders What does that mean? Who is the real convener of this force?

The news: A senior cabinet minister and three influential parliamentarians from the tarai resigned from all their party posts and public office yesterday to lead a new political front in the tarai. Senior Nepali Congress leader and Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Mahantha Thakur (middle in pic) leads the new front which is yet to take final shape. Lawmakers Hridayesh Tripathi (Nepal Sadbhavana Party-Anandi Devi) (left in pic), Mahendra Prasad Yadav (CPN-UML) and Ram Chandra Roy (Rastriya Prajatantra Party also announced their resignation from the interim parliament and from their respective parties along, with Thakur. Rastriya Janashakti Party Spokesman Sarvendra Nath Shukla, former MP Anish Ansari (NC), Ram Chandra Kushbaha (NC) Brishesh Chandra Lall (NC) and Srikrishna Yadav (CPN-UML) also quit their parties to join the new group. Addressing a press conference in the capital, the Madhesi leaders said they were forming a new political front in the tarai to launch a fresh struggle and ensure self-rule for Madhesi people. “People in Madhes want their separate administration, legislature and a separate judiciary to settle their disputes, but their demands have been rejected so far,” said Thakur, justifying his move to lead the campaign. “In essence, the Madhesi people want to end the present colonial relationship [between Kathmandu and the tarai]. (source)”

The Questions: Is that really so? Isn’t here the great role of our great southern neighbor? This talk of new front (where members of different parties in Terai have joined) wasn’t really a surprise because the rumor about that had been circulating in the political circle for quite some time. Some gossipers were suggesting us that India was trying to create a Terai force by stealing people from various mainstream political parties. This development has proved those people. Now what? Fresh rounds of agitations? Additional instability in Terai which will threaten the national integrity of Nepal (which in turn will only benefit our great southern neighbor?)

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1. sagarmatha, on December 11th, 2007 at 4:33 pm Said:
Yes.. SPA’s and their followers’ Delhi durbar…..the game plan was started when 12 points agreement prepared in Hindi…






One response to “Quitting Nepal Parliament for a Madhes Party?”

  1. nepal Avatar

    the main reason behind all political problem in nepal is due to the unemployment or low income employment.

    ————————————— the self proclaimed madheshi netas are fighting not for madheshi people but for themself——–since there are not enough job, and there are not enough good political positions ———-they need job but there are many of them so they are demanding radical things to impress their voters.—–there are many of them so if one demand for something others’ demand becomes more radical. if first demand is mate, and then second demand is mate then the first one comes up with more radical thand the second one—————————this is how it has been going on.————————————————————-many knows those leaders are useless, ashashyam, no vision, dont know how to develop nepal or region, but they are in politics because of there are not enough jobs becouse of girija , gynandra and family.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————********************************************************************************and about civil war******************if there is a civil war in nepal it will spark to india too, from india to bhutan, burma, thailand, malaysia etc.——————————–if there is civil war in india other countries will be involved like pakisthan and other could be bangladesh, china, usa, russia etc. so civil war will be bad for all and no one wwould want civil war in nepal especially india, china and even west. so do not worry about civil war in nepal, or those traitor tarai leaders who are trying to break nepal.

    —————-all we need is to develop nepal

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