Nepal Needs to be Hindu Nation with Monarchy

UWB doesn’t agree with some of the ideas put forward by the writer of this comment, Dirgha Raj Prasai, which originally appeared here as a response to a UWB commentator. But we like to hear all kinds of opinions.

Dear Basti jee !

Why would there be a need of a King if Nepal can survive without it? But Nepal should not be compared to other nations. Monarch is Nepal’s alternate power. Nepal does not demand an autocratic royal institution but a pro-people institution. The institution of monarchy is such a force that fights off imperialist force to create a greater Nepal. The King of Nepal never sold the nation, pleaded before foreigners nor killed the people and will never do so. I wouldn’t have said so if I was a citizen of Japan or any other nation, I would have said that the nation will survive without the monarchy, but I am in Nepal. The geographical and class reality of Nepal is such, that the absence of monarchy would mean there will be no Nepal.

This nation was created with joint efforts between the people and the King. Royal Institution is the backbone of Nepali nationality; it is a pillar of trust for continuing stability between China and India. The royal institution is the base pillar for the lasting creative democratic nationalism, which is pessimistic towards autocratic and imperialist management, traitors and terrorism. Nepal as a republic can pose a threat to both India and China. The royal institution is in row, because some Maoist leaders, puppets from Nepali Congress, and UML following Indian directives went against the royal institution.

Maoists disrespecting our identity and culture:Nepal is a country having a rich cultural heritage. When the Maoists were in regime, they, in the name of transforming the country into ‘New Nepal’ tried to destroy our Hindu & Buddhist culture and traditions. The Maoist ministers cut down the budgets of such festivals some of which have been continued in the Nepali society for 1400 years. During the last Indra Jatra festival, the Newar community was agitated when they were faced with the budget cut. The Maoist leaders are seen reluctant in preserving our own identity. Maoist leaders and former Prime Minister Prachanda violated our traditional dress for official functions which demonstrate Nepalese identity.

Indian intervention: The Indian Congress could not comprehend the realities of its neighboring nations, due to which Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi died. India is striving to end the identity of Nepal bringing together some sources and impelling some of the traitors like, Girija Prasad, Krishna Sitaula, Ramchandra Poudel, Madhav Nepal, Jhalanath, Subash Nembang, some Maoist and Madhesi leaders. Nepal and Nepali people spread across the world are very much angry at the nude intervention by India. The episode of the killing of pro-Indian elements and ‘RAW’ agents in 1975 in Bangladesh is still fresh. So it is our request to India to avoid a mistake by supporting the pro-Indian leaders.

Hindu=security, secularism a mistake Nepal is a small country and on the south there is a big country with open border. There are about 800 million Hindus and Indian Hindus respect Nepal as a Hindu kingdom. This should be taken as a matter of pride for all Hindus. For security reasons also, Nepal has a big advantage by being a Hindu country & the birth place of Buddha. If the Maoists are for Nepal’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, all Nepalese request them to change their idea about republic and secularism. Even if one is a Christian or a Muslim, they should support to keep Nepal a Hindu nation. But the so-called big parties have made a great mistake by announcing Nepal as a secular state.

India, Nepal and Hinduism: If we want to understand the reality about the republic & secularism we can study the national history of Nepal & India. An analyst Stephen Knapp says: India is slowly losing the Vedic culture (Hinduism) through the process of secular or Christian education. In public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. There are no possibilities to study the ancient Hindu literature or art in such institutions. The Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their home land. (5th Feb. 2008- Peoples Review) In fact, the Christian saints order to destroy the huts where they keep the idols of Hindu’s God & Goddess and to break the statues of Hindus idols into tiny pieces. That was their goal to destroy Hindu & Buddha culture and make the country a Christian nation.

Now it is a high time Nepal also should be careful to save her indigenous culture & traditions. If monarchy and the Hindu Kingdom are abolished from Nepal, India also can’t be secure. The absence of Nepalese monarchy will finish all the religious culture and traditions of India because there is the special rights of the king for the various Dhams & Temples of India.

Nepalese around the world and Nepal’s well-wishers are anxious about this conspiracy against monarchy by some deviant leaders. On the discussion about republic in Nepal, senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party Lalkrishna Advani had said: “The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal’s identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multiparty democracy.” But we in Nepal are trying to dig up a well when there already is water in our rivers.

Betrayal: In 24 April 2006 the monarch handed over the regime to be governed in accordance to the 1990 constitution. But the traitors and corrupts after coming to power abolished the 1990 constitution without the knowledge of the monarch and imposed Interim constitution. Girija including leaders from NC, UML and Maoist who took oath from the King at the royal palace betrayed the King. Then what is the significance of the oath by Ram Baran Yadav, Parmananda Jha and the former Prime Minister Prachanda? Who has complied by the constitution here? 5-7 conspirators from NC, UML and Maoists under Indian support treadled on the constitution and opted for path of anarchy.

But we believe-those who choose wrong path will fail and no one has believed them. When the danger bell rings then nationalists from Maoist, NC, UML including all parties will reinstate the monarchy. The Royal institution of Nepal is for its people and a force that fought against the imperialists. This is why China’s great leader Mao Ze Dong supported monarchy in Nepal and other Chinese leaders support the royal institution in here for Nepal-China security. The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, who is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and one of the most respected Buddhists worldwide too supports the Nepalese monarchy. The 1990 constitution is not dead. The King must and will be reinstated as per 1990 constitution.

National reconciliation, Mahendra and BP mixed: In 1960, India had been looking to engulf Nepal before it annexed Sikkim. In 1961 the then King Mahendra saved the nation’s sovereignty. Our support lies with BP Koirala’s post 1976 ideology of nationality. We can choose a political path, which would be a coordination and balance between Mahendra’s nationality and BP’s democratic socialism after 1976. The nation cannot run like this. But the matter of sadness is that BP’s own brother Girija has ditched BP’s ideology. Hindu and Buddhist state, national language Nepali and Royal Institution can be the network that would keep the national unity intact.

The permanent organization that can protect the nation and its identity is the royal institution. We need to coordinate and balance the Nepali nationality, royal institution and democracy, bring the prevalent corruption to an end and to focus on development of backward region and classes against the foreign intervention. We cannot go on supporting the mistakes of the corrupt leaders. Nepal has been running with agreement between the monarch and people for continuation of pro-people royal institution. Republic is Herculean attempt from those who have only thought of their vested interest. The monarch was compelled to leave the Narayanhiti Palace, as national corrupt leaders could not comprehend nationality. No one can survive long by stepping on fire. Royal Institution is compulsion and necessity to establish the nation.





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  1. eman Avatar

    i hate the maoist more than any party.
    they talk about ”new nepal”. but look at them how they are affecting nepal’s economy and its people. shutting down the whole country completley. 10 years of killing and they are still not done. they dont care who will suffer and they will continue do this even they get into the power.i agree with ”new nepal” concept but with these kind of people we will never have ”new nepal” what we will have is f***** bunch of maoist, still preaching about ”new nepal”.

  2. Ghorasaine Avatar

    Dear Blogger

    The article presented is just baseless. Past is past. Nepal is new born republican nation in world. This is what Nepalese people of 21st century wants. And they did it.

    Yes! It’s now responsibility of this republic state to ensure the safety and security of nature, history, culture, religion and the practice of diverse ethnic peoples and it’s people. It is a great challenge ahead but involves decent role from political parties, bureaucrats, professional entities, intellectual society, different religious groups. Including immediate neighbors and friends from all over the world have higher influential power to it’s rapid stability and growth.

    People like you and me can think positively and can give the relevant suggestion and play a constructive role in the times of need.

    Time is not reversible. Time crushed so many things in our lives and bring equally many new things. See the history Italy & Egypt. Nothing in this world is permanent until the time is there.

    Thank you.

    1. eman Avatar

      to Ghorasaine
      time do crush many things but we cannot just wait time to do its magic. every nations has its own history and cannot be compare to other nation’s.

      1. Ghorasaine Avatar

        Hi eman!

        I did not mean the readers to understand and copy this history from other nation exactly to our context. Just want them to understand and analyze the trend from the history. No body can stop time. And no one can stop themselves against time. All are bearing with it and walking with it. What the difference is someone who is wise how to act accordingly with time.

        This is what I feel.

        Thank you.

  3. sangesh Avatar

    Yeah we need multiparty system with monrach and nepal shoudl be a HINDU kingdom
    it is a conspiracy to finish hindusim and tne identity of nepal.
    Did NEPAL AIRLINES do any progress after ROYAL was taken out? no… we need new energetic youth to run this country.No maoist no congress no madhesi no UML we need a TURE NEPALI WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY TO RUN, we do not want illitrate ministers like begam

  4. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Dear friends !

    WE, Nepalese people are suffering from the traitors who are in regime. The leaders of Congress like Girija, UML’s Madhab nepal, Jhalanath, Bamdev, the leaders of Maoist are visionaless. They have no ideas to build the nation. They are all culprits who always follow the guide-line of foreigners. Without monarchy, how we can imagine the future of Nepal. So, the uncertainty in the country will end only after the reinstatement of monarchy and Hindu & Buddha Kingdom. The Nepalese people desire a more energetic and balanced leadership within the people oriented monarchy that can completely practice the politics of unity. Nepalese monarchy is the pillar of unity, nationality and security.

    Those who make mistake should commit it in national politics. But, in this country there are so many leaders who never commit mistakes made by them. ‘To make no mistakes is not in the power of man, but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.’After sudden resignation of Maoist-led government as it made so many blunders. Now, Nepalese people are reluctant to see the faces of these traitors. In clear direction of India, Girija Prasad Koirala and his followers have kept an incompetent and pro-Indian Mr.Madhav Nepal in the chair of Premier, which the traitors will be dominant in the country. But let the politicians know, the Nepalese people won’t tolerate the country. In order to protect Nepal from the hands of traitors, all Nepalese (from in and outside of parties) people, Nepalese Army, Police, peasants, labourers, youth, women, court including the King Etc should come out and protest.

    Nepalese monarchy is the most convincing identity of Nepal’s sovereignty & democracy. Due to the removal of the monarchy, Nepal is facing anarchism- the lawlessness, theft; robbery, killing, corruption and scarcity of goods, political and social malpractices are increasing day by day. Nepalese people have been seen so many criminals and anarchists enjoying impunity. No leaders are responsible about the deteriorated situation. In 1999, there was a plebiscite in Australia whether to accept the British monarchy as its head of state and majority of the Australians voted for the existing arrangement. Even in Canada, the British monarchy has been accepted as its head of state. If they can accept the Queen of Britain as their head of state, why can’t we in Nepal keep monarchy, which had the principle role in unifying this country, and modernize it. So, to save Nepal, there must be reinstated the permanent institution–’Monarchy’. Without monarchy Nepal can’t adjust. This is the right time when unified nationalist forces of Nepal should be empowered using the constitution of 1990. This can only protect the nationalism, monarchism, democracy and its norms in Nepal. Therefore, let us sacrifice for the country.

    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  5. Basti Avatar

    To Dirgha Raj Prasai,

    I still haven’t got reply from you. I had specifically asked you what visions do you have for the progress of our country? Can you just outline them here rather than ranting against democracy? That would be more helpful here.

    On your monarchy thing: to say that the security of the Nation State of Nepal depends ONLY on monarchy is a great insult to the people this country. A mere king or an institution of monarchy is nothing. There was monarchy in Sikkim too when Indians annexed it.

    When you are deriding the political leadership and asking for the monarchy, would you tell us what precisely you are asking for. A dictatorial monarchy or a constitutional one? If it is constitutional, then I am sure you understand that the executive power rests with the elected government that is run by the parties. A king can do nothing in constitutional monarchy. The situation after 1990 was not such and that was the core problem for the failure of democracy. King had powers and he used that. So that wasn’t a constitutional monarchy.

    Man, this is 21st century! Nepali people know what they want and how they should be governed. We don’t need the one, unelected fellow who goes on shooting in the night parties and killing people on the street to rule us! Do you get it? We want to choose our ruler. We want to vote them in or vote them out. Why do you think just because some is born in a certain family makes him qualified to rule us?

    And for your Hindu rant, I am also a Hindu but please fix your caste-based discrimination thing. You are a Bahun but why do you stop a dalit from entering a temple? Are you the thekkedar of the God? If you Bahuns don’t let a dalit go inside a temple and he chooses to change the religion to Christianity, so why are you blaming others? You are the culprit. Blame yourself. You Bahuns helped decrease Hindu population in Nepal. Had you opened up the religion to all, to your own people, to your own dalits or matwalis, they would have never changed their religion to Christianity.

  6. dialogue Avatar

    Rehabilitation package for all colours.

    Identity is a delicate thing, could it be it becomes worse when one is abroad suffering and missing a sense of belonging?

    Religion is private matter, wether girls wear sari or veil\ tchador is up to them, compulsory school dress yes, compulsory mind no free thinking.

    But even I can see how one would recognize one’ s country in the case of Nepal through the social gatherings. KP Sharma Oli was jailed for his ideas of equality which are more modern than a caste of priests.

    I married into a chhetri household with all the hypocrisy of ceremonies, but when one sees it as play and theatre it is very sweet and endearing.
    Do they really believe the godess of Wealth brings it when you just complain no money but sit and wait for it?

    Then due to transformations in society people look for Brahma Kumaris and something real. I think ok to pray to something. Human religion should be taking care each other and the environment.

    I am not sure a drunk can be a maoist but I like what they did in China they made t shirts with Obamao ha ha.

    We should overcome division in society and even it sounds unfair to give land and appletrees to families of combattants the country needs to move on and one needs to coooperate in make the place flourish.
    Give them land and trees if you have any. I do not believe the hindu pujas will ever be lost, the chinese kept buddhism then they also turn to christianity. But the maoist politics of authoritarian rule and fright are not so beloved, a reign of terror never works.

    Which is why the murdered king will remain a cherished memory so let them love their past. We are made of past.
    Christians turn to hinduism and buddhism these are modern times believe what you like !
    As long as it does not disturb so much the rest of the world.
    Chrisitianity did the same thing with a caste of priests who spoke latin a different language then the people now churches are just museums to visit, the new religion became materialism that is why we in the west are prudent with all this market enthusiasm. To live a good life is be of service something young generation must learn.
    We are responsable for the young generation we make them.
    And it is unforgivable that children have been turned into soldiers no matter what.

  7. fact Avatar

    We don’t want to make Nepal as Afghanistan or Sikkim in the name of republic.

  8. paas Avatar

    now even the maoists wish there was someone in the palace ..

  9. kanguroo Avatar

    the neia system of party contributions will shift criminals from true believers…

    Fear of retaliation made a lot of maodidi and so on.

    Palace can be turned into a reintegration cultural centre for peace dialogue. With so much electricity and a human rights movie Festival.

  10. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    The 1990 constitution is not dead. The King must and will be reinstated as per 1990 constitution

  11. sarki ko choro Avatar
    sarki ko choro

    Basti dude ..can you please be a bit coherent.. and try to address the points Mr Prasai raised.

    If you have nothing meaningful to say then stop pretending to be a smarter than your really are.

    Using useless and emotive words like “dude”, “rant” and “thekedar of ..” has a no place in a logical argument.

  12. kanguroo Avatar

    Today I feel proud of Nepal they are beginning the truth process thanks to some american influens.

    Beginning of good times. I hope

    When one general or military is and can be held accountable dear King’s murder is revenged.

    Jay Nepal. Long live irrelevance and all military back to serve the red cross.

  13. ekcited Avatar

    nice discussion going on here, huh?
    before i peep into, let me make myself clear that we discuss to get to the point. a constructive discussion……NOT destructive..LET US USE LOGIC AND LET”S RESPECT EACH OTHERS’ THOUGHTS. just because one thinks and believes differently than yours doesn’t mean wrong. you can’t put your understanding onto others….
    OK…getting to the point…
    Dear Basti, when we say constitutional monarchy….it doesn’t just mean that monarch stays on like a frozen meat on the throne. constitutional monarchy means, where constitution gives and limits the monarchs rights, responsibilities, duties, authorities, and his roles as the head of the state. please get this fact. constitutional monarchy is NOT a powerless king, impaired and imputed. he is the head of the state and the constitution of the state gives certain rights to him to act accordingly to the needs and demands of the situation of the country (of course as per constitution)

    I must agree with you, BASTI, in a point you made on religion. most of the gurus and pundits are responsible for the downfall of hindu religion. dis cremation against dalits and aachuts, exploitation in the name of religion were the basic roots of destruction of Hinduism.

    But I also believe that Hinduism is not just religion but its a life style. its a science. its a philosophy. its a culture.

    So instead of pointing out at those gurus and pundits, let ourself correct the religion. there are so many things being practiced in the name of Hinduism which are not even in purans and vedas. all traditions are NOT religions or its part. let’s get this.

    being SECULAR nepal never means that non-hindus will be discriminated. it never means that budhists, islams, cristians, catholics, sikhs, taos will not get equal rights and privileges, security and social participation. of course they will.

    our kings were and are Hindus but still they always participated in all other religions’ cultural and religious functions, didn’t they? everyone took kings as the symbol of unity for that mater. simple as that.

    being nepali should be a pride. and we will be nepali when there is nepal. and the way i see things, (the way politics and our social reforms are changing), very soon there will be no state called nepal.

    dis-stability in a small but significant, poor but beautiful, brave but naive, country like nepal is never a constructive at all.

    i think its getting long and i am boring everyone here.

    peace. i am reachable at

    again, its my thoughts and its the way i see things. your thoughts have full right to differ from mine.

    jai nepal

  14. Ramesh Raj Ghimire Avatar
    Ramesh Raj Ghimire

    As a reader and student of International Relations, I could not understand what the columnist means to say! I think, he is totally confused about socio-political aspects of Nepal, economy is far from his subject. He should not miscomment on a sensitive subject. Writing for sake of writing/commenting is not only a blunder, its a way to misdirect the poeple of Nepal. Be aware of such kind of fools!!!

  15. everest Avatar

    Hey Wagle are you covering the governments jobs in Everest?

  16. trinitysubas Avatar

    Religion is no matter, truth is importance. What we got from hindusm country of nepal. we have to change ourselves.Is there any proof that we must believe in hindu or hindu related books. no absolutely not. its only folk stories that we can only get entertainment.In whole world there is only one religion from where we can meet God directly. We are backward because of our religion and its we need change it, to change ourselves.Think that those country couldn’t improve or develope where there is such unnecessary things.Don’t change your religion but we must know the reality.

  17. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar

    Dear Commenters !
    I request all of you to understand the realiry of Nepal. Why you are forgetting the identity of Nepal. Can Nepal save without Monarchy ? please never be baised for the reality.
    Can Nepal Support a Republic state?

    The Nepalese Maoist and many Left leaders are obsessed and gripped with the idea of making Nepal a republic state. How could they establish sovereignty just by removing monarchy without any logical and rationale reasons? This would only be a ‘Herculean Attempt’ without any logic and even absurd. History is proof that the kings of Nepal have never acted against the country’s sovereignty. In Nepal opposing monarchy is as easy as it is difficult to support. But those who are true nationalists cannot speak or act by forgetting the ground reality of the country because monarchy in Nepal is related to the country’s unity and independence. If there was no monarchy in Nepal and there was no China on the north and no India south Nepal would not have remained as an independent country.
    In Afghanistan, after the Kingship was abolished in 1973, hundreds of thousand people were killed in the war and conflict between the communists supported by the then Soviet Union and the Mujaheddin supported by America. Hundreds of thousand others had to take refuge in Pakistan and Iran. Afghanistan virtually disintegrated because of war and foreign power play. After the Russia-supported Najibullah was hanged the Talibans came to power and since then Afghanistan is beleaguered by war, conflict and struggle.
    In Cambodia also, in the name of abolishing the Kingship, the Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot killed millions of people. Thus, the plot for republic could be a trap to finish off Nepal because even if it remains as a country, this country may become like North and South Vietnam when there is election for the president. Will America remain quiet by allowing a communist to become a president in Nepal? If there is a real possibility of the spill of streams of blood why should we think about if it will do something good for the country? Why should an innocent country like ours become the tug of war of big powers? But the country’s nationalism has reached to a point, which is virtually impossible to reverse. There are forces that are looking for this moment. Therefore, in such a critical hour, especially the Maoist must not link Nepal’s nationalism with international communist ideology and their movement.
    At this time, Girija Prasad Koirala who had to bear the brunt during the direct rule of the king had tried to prove the rationality of monarchy in Nepal and this has made him the focal point of Nepal’s political discussion. But his leadership will be recognized only if his thinking becomes his party’s ideology. Nepalese politics has become tainted by the practice of going for monarchy when one is in power and opposing it when one is out of power. The CPN-UML has put a serious stake to its political future by betting on politics for position. But to bargain for nationality with foreigners for power and money is nothing but to compare oneself with the Quislings like Jay Chand and Lendup Dorje. Therefore, the Maoists should understand the reality of Nepal, Congress, UML and other parties must be able to respect the people’s wishes on a sensitive issue like monarchy and become clear about status duties and responsibilities of the head of the state. Nepal is the home of all Nepalese including the King and every one of us must be equally concerned about how this country could maintain its independent existence and identity.
    Since, 2005, there has been a drastic rise of foreign meddling in Nepal Nepal’s present state is like just before the ‘infamous’ Kot parba (the mass killing of nobilities before Jung Bahadur established the Rana oligarchy) when foreigners give swords in our hands and inciting us to pull down the foundations of Nepal’s independence and sovereignty. That is why it is time for us to come to a consensus to establish the monarchy within a boundary and also the people’s representatives set a limit for themselves. There is a huge mass of people who still see the need and necessity of monarchy in Nepal.
    Therefore, going to the people with the question of whether the monarchy should be kept or removed would be would result in the Pyrrhic victory no matter which side wins and will become the starting point for disintegration of the country. Therefore, it will be absurd and tragic to raise the issue of whether Nepal should remain a monarchial country or a republic. Therefore, we, Nepalese are forced to live together in harmony and concord because of our geographical and ethnic diversity. The reinstatement (dead) House of Representatives of 2006 has degraded the status of the country by working towards converting it into territories and provinces. If this is allowed to continue, no one can say that there will not attempt to change the country’s very name and the national flag. It could be that there are other forces, which are conspiring against this country by putting the Maoists at the front.
    In 1999, there was a plebiscite in Australia whether to accept the British monarchy as its head of state and majority of the Australians voted for the existing arrangement. Even in Canada, the British monarchy has been accepted as its head of state. If they can accept the Queen of Britain as their head of state, why can’t we in Nepal keep monarchy, which had the principle role in unifying this country, and modernize it. It is true that all monarchs are equally good and monarchy is an institution, which primarily functions according to its limited circle, and it is also true that bad and evil advisors are the cause of the fall of monarchy. Therefore, all those who worked to isolate the King from all political parties after February 1, 2005 and put question on the existence and national sovereignty are liable to be punished. Why didn’t’ and couldn’t they aware the king of the real situation. Similarly, all those parties, UML, NC (D), RPP and Nepal Sadvabana Party and their leaders such as Madhav Kumar Nepal, Surya Bahadur Thapa, Sher Bahadur Deuba and Lokendra Bahadur Chand who accepted Article 127 of the constitution of 2047 and joined in the government must also take responsibility for this situation. In politics, everyone must be evaluated on the basis of their conducts and results. The cause of the country’s downslide is because of the intellectual cons and defrauders, smugglers, corrupt and those involved in nepotism and favoritism. Until such elements are sidelined from politics and government, the country cannot find a correct path.
    Nepal is called the Shangri-La, and the World Hindu Conference had passed a resolution that the earth of Nepal was worthy to be bowed down by Hindus all over the world. This is the highest honor Nepal could receive from the international community. Nepal is the country where both Hinduism and Buddhism originated and it is a scared land for more than a billion Hindus and Buddhists. Nepal’s prestige and honor would elevate further if this country is declared a Hindu and Buddhist country, instead of a secular one. Therefore, we must not take up anything that would become too burdensome to carry on. Nepal does not have any basis or foundation that could support republic. Carrying the slogan of a republic is not the solution of our country. I think, without Nepalese Hindu monarchy, the Indian religious culture, Hindu temples and Dams also can’t secure. So, Nepal needs a permanent institution that can shoulder the responsibility for Nepal’s independence, national unity, democracy and sovereignty. So, there must be reinstate the Nepalese monarchy. The country-Nepal can’t save by the traitors who are in leadership.

    I hope your non-baised commenmts.
    Thank you.
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

  18. HAWA Avatar


  19. volunteers Avatar

    mao said one step forwards 2 back, I was told by peruvian idiots, but we can always go backward, in serious I feel enough is enough.
    Terai unresolvable, tourism becoming like difficult it is a gloomy picture all are describing.
    But the truth is in the middle.
    I wish the maoist leaders would be more like the peace corps or humanitarian.
    Do they believe if they stop nonsense now they betray the revolution?
    They have betrayed their revolution by going on like a moron, exactly Tony Blair.
    When the resistance all over is predominnt manage but back off.
    The stories about Unions, yes salaries must go up, Italy is bankrupt so is Greece. UK does not look good.
    So what unions, right now to save a factory is a miracle.
    Inform the public.
    unions. Then unions come again, credit crunch in USA and Europe has cost us tons of jobs and businesses entire banking system collapsed, under the circumstances where tourists do not come like before, are unlikely to ever return do you want to on top of this close down Hotels, more schools. Confusion.
    In Germany I remember friends looking tired and complaining now nobody complains in a german train EVERYBODY works all laptops, telephones, quite annoying so called reality.

  20. jaganth mishra Avatar
    jaganth mishra

    many points are well said. when absolute monarchy was there people were harrassed by kaji. every nepali loved nepal but the uncontrolled brutalities by the monarchy based anarcy had caused nepalese to leave their dear nation in search of peaceful regions. advent of democracy had brought hope in all Nepalis that nepal could be actually theirs. this was sattered. monacrhy abolished. the unseen but true power of monarchy is just felt. the voice of disintigration abouds. the greatest killers are rulers. this is a very sorry seen. a unique nepali culture and tradition, preserved so dearly in all ups and downs of history is being questioned by these well calld” traitor” but actually I prefer “dogs”.Itis because these dogs have forgotten:
    how nepal was created,
    why nepal was created,
    who at first dreamt nepal;
    who are the enemises and friends of nepal.
    the meaning of nepali food
    meaning and in depth reason of daura suruwal, gunew choli, and all our culture,
    nepali blood drawn boundaries,
    the actul nepali soul and so on
    peoplewere and are fooled. there is a total mockery to democracy.
    the word secular sounds good but there is blood shed in itself. India is an example. there isalways some blood in any religious occation. this is secularism.
    I feel deep inside that nepali people are searching some way that punshes all the political parties, reinstation of ceremonial monarch and the birth of peaceful democracy,ie govt bythe, of the and for the people.

  21. Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar Avatar
    Ram Bahadur Thapa Magar

    To the blogger,
    I’m quite impressed by the article presented, It is a matter of fact that the destiny of this nation lied in the hands of the monarch and the people and should lie in their hands in the future as well. It is very well understood that it was a large scale conspiracy of the southern demons to eradicate the monarch from this nation and try to impose their influence upon this wonderful nation of ours, and they have been successful in doing so by luring some national level leaders of the nation. Republic has been established now, although it is a big curse for the nation. It is the want of every nationalist Nepali to have monarch int he nation and every nationalist nepali wants the nation to function with the co ordination between the people, the monarch and the democratic forces, but, is it possible to re establish the monarch and this system of which we have dreamed of again?? Will the people adapt with the situations if such things happen now? Moreover, this activity will be largely opposed by the southern demons and we know they are unfortunately capable of playing bad tricks in the political affairs of Nepal. To sum up everything, is it possible to re-establish the monarch and the system in which the nation functions in equal co ordination between the monarch, the people and the democratic parties?

  22. Deepmala Avatar

    Dear Dirgha Raj Prasai,
    Do u really understand the Nepal’s socio political structure. What kind of reallty u r talking about. In my opinion Monarchy have nothing to do with democracy. It is true that hindusim(monarchy) was the source of nationalism but it was never the source of equality and fraternity. In highly diversified society like Nepal, democracy based on equal representation is must. Can u really answer the question, how hindusim or monarchy will deal with the aspiration of dalits and janajati. It is theoriticaly correct that 80 percent population is hindu. But u can not ignore the fact that 32 per cant janajaties is not part of hindu religion. why u included them as hindu and 14 percent of dalit population is away from basic needs. What is ur perception about this 50 percent population which was discriminated and excluded from every gain. This 50 percent community was voiceless in the regime of monarchy. Dear sir plz try to be democratic and stop using the sentiment of mass on the name of national unity, soverignty, security and identity. Nationalism and hindusim is not same and it is not only concern with hindu sentiment. The success of a multiethnic nation is inhearnt in the concept and faith of inclusive democracy.
    Thank You.

  23. trinitysubas Avatar

    No Nepal is freedom from any religion. Actually we are backward due to our religion and society. Hindusm is not correct its only folk story. How other developed countries are so developed day by day but we are….due to nation on pashupatinath. Its evil called “Srapit Desh”. we have to call real god not evil.Keep in mind One day evil destroy country

  24. one nepal Avatar
    one nepal

    our country nepal should follow a constitutional monarchy system. just like u.k. and japan. where the head of state is the king, which represents are unity and culture and then there should be an elected leader as prime minister so that the people of our country can also voice there opinion. and we must not fall in maoist propaganda. these maoist will make another tibet out of nepal . maoism is against democracy . they may also start a cultural revolution like they did in china and demolish our culture.
    please watch this :
    they will destroy everything we are proud of and make us follow the ideology of mao .

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