Contradiction, Evidences Suggest, is the Communist Religion in Nepal

Temple hopping CP Gajurel (You spotted him! Silver-haired and in white kameej) of the Maoist party at the Doleshwor Mahadev temple.
Temple hopping CP Gajurel (You spotted him! Silver-haired and in white kameej) of the Maoist party at the Doleshwor Mahadev temple.

By Siromani Dhungana

Communist movement in Nepal is full of controversy and contradictions. Nepal has seen communist leaders who once called parliament a “butcher’s shop, where dog’s meat is sold by displaying the goat’s head” got elected in the same parliament to lead a government. This country has also seen communists who waged a bloody war against parliamentary democracy join the mainstream, got themselves nominated to the parliament and take part in elections of a parliament to be the largest party in the House.  The country has also seen atheist communists who condemned religion as opium turn into devotees and companions in temple hopping.

Maoist leader CP Gajurel is the latest example. The hardline Maoist leader was recently spotted standing in line with his devotee wife at a temple in Bhaktapur. According to Budhabaar Weekly, CP Gajurel went to the Doleshwar Mahadev temple at the pressure of his wife.

Maoists threatened, thrashed and even killed many religious people during the decade-long insurgency. They killed Pandit Narayan Prasad Pokharel  (six Maoist gunmen shot him dead) while he was attending a religious festival in Dudrakshya village, Rupandehi District, in 2005.

Eight years down the line the story has taken a dramatic twist. Maoists leaders have started to appear in various religious functions.

UWB decided to repost the piece by Budhabar Weekly not to infringe right to privacy of any person but to expose hypocrisy of Nepal’s ultra-left leaders.

(Disclaimer: Budhabaar is a politically motivated tabloid that is close to CPN UML leader Madhav Nepal- ex PM who is a moderate communist if one is to compared him with Comrade Gajurel. We, of course, don’t agree with the sexist tone of the piece that blames Gajurel’s wife for being “ignorant about her husband’s political life and objectives” and subjecting her husband to criticism.)

काठमाडौ । नेताकी श्रीमतीले आफ्नो पतिको राजनीतिक जीवन र उद्देश्य बुझिनन् भने श्रीमान्ले राजनीतिक यात्रामा कतिसम्म आलोचनाको भार सहन गर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ भन्ने उदाहरण नेकपा–माओवादीका उपाध्यक्ष सीपी गजुरेल बनेका छन् ।

सानै उमेरमा बाहुनकी छोरीसँग वैवाहिक सम्बन्ध गाँसेका गजुरेलका लागि त्यही नै अभिसाप बनेको छ। कल्याणी एक त बाहुनकी छोरी, त्यसमाथि कट्टर धर्मभीरु र कडा मिजासकी छन्।
अनि गजुरेल परे– श्रीमतीको एक वचन पनि काट्न नसक्ने। पछिल्लो पटक गजुरेलले गत साउन २६ गतेको देखाएको क्रियाकलाप यतिबेला पार्टी पंक्तिभित्र चर्चा र आलोचनाको विषय बनेको छ ।

नागपञ्चमीको अघिल्लो दिन श्रीमतीको आदेश उल्लंघन गर्न नसकेपछि उनी साथ लागेर पछिपछि भक्तपुरस्थित डोलेश्वर महादेवको दर्शन गर्न पुगेका थिए। श्रीमतीको पछिल्तिर घन्टौं लाइनमा बसेर उनले पनि महादेवको दर्शन र प्रसाद ग्रहण गरे। धेरै हल्लाखल्ला हुने डरले उनी अंगरक्षक र सवारी चालकलाई पनि पत्तो नदिई मन्दिर गएका थिए।

सासूकै कारण बुहारीले सम्बन्ध विच्छेद गरिदिएपछि एक्लो बनेका छोरा सञ्जीवलाई गाडी चलाउन लगाएर त्यसदिन उनीहरु मन्दिर पुगेका थिए। पार्टीको महाधिवेशनका बेला गगल्स लगाएर गाडीमा ओहोरदोहोर गर्दै गजुरेल पत्नीले देखाएको रवाफको चर्चा पार्टीपंक्तिमा सेलाउन नपाउँदै डोलेश्वर मन्दिरको चर्चा सुरु भएको छ।

चालकको रहस्य बेग्लै श्रीमती कल्याणीको धार्मिक कट्टरता त्यतिमा मात्र सीमित छैन। आफैंले पकाएर मात्रै खाना खाने अर्थात् स्वयंपाकी उनले सवारी चालक पनि बाहुन थरकै खोज्न लगाएकी थिइन्। श्रीमतीकै दबाबपछि गजुरेल बाहुन थरकै ड्राइभर राखेका छन्। काभे्र घर भएका उनका ड्राइभर नवराज मैनाली हुन्। ‘मैनाली’ भन्ने बित्तिकै बाहुन नै हुन् भन्नेमा गजुरेल दम्पती ढुक्क छन्। नागरिकता, शैक्षिक प्रमाणपत्र पनि उनको थर मैनाली नै छ। तर वास्तविकता भने अर्कै छ। उनी निकट स्रोतका अनुसार, उनी बाहुन नभएर विश्वकर्मा हुन्। उनले आफूले नै साथीभाइसँग ‘विश्वकर्मा’ भएको बताउने गरेका छन्।

Sharing the photo that Budhabaar editor Bishnu Rijal posted on his Facebook timeline, columnist Jainendra Jeevan Sharma commented: “The hypocrisy of Communists!!”

Krishna Bahadur Mahara receives much needed blessings from a pastor KB Basel of the Gospal Assembly Church in Nepalgunj on 27th July.
Krishna Bahadur Mahara receives much needed blessings from pastor KB Basel of the Gospal Assembly Church in Nepalgunj on 27th July. Maoists are perceived to have received monitory assistance from various Christian missionary agencies to push the agenda of secularism in Nepal.

Call it deviation or pragmatism (did you say pragmatism!) this tendency among Nepali communists is not unique to Gajurel of the CPN-M that broke away from the UCPN (M) last year. Recently, another communist leader from UCPN (Maoist), Krishna Bahadur Mahara who describes himself as an atheist, visited a Church to receive blessing from a pastor.

Evidences have shown, time and again, what communist leaders preach to their cadres is not always that they practice. Their preachings are primarily for their cadres who don’t use their brains to what most people do: to think. May God bless our Comrades.

(Siromani is the Editor of UWB. He  tweets @siromanid and can be contacted at

Published by Siromani Dhungana

I am a Kathmandu-based economic journalist (currently with The Himalayan Times), researcher and lecturer of Journalism and Mass Communication at Tribhuvan University. I have also been appointed by the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Development Center to revise the journalism syllabus for grade nine and ten as well as to rewrite journalism textbooks for the secondary level.

One thought on “Contradiction, Evidences Suggest, is the Communist Religion in Nepal

  1. Thanks Shiromani Dungana jee !
    You have exposed the Hindu face of CP Gajurel and Christian face of the Maoist-Krishna Bahadur Mahara.
    The Maoists’ leader Prachanda is a Protestant, Baburam Bhattarai a Catholic and Krishna Bahadur Mahara is extremist Christian. Whether the Mohan Vaidya faction is also Christian is still a matter of research. May be, there are majority of Christians in the Maoists’ party. In this situation, foreign powers see an opportunity. It is easy for them to turn Nepal into a Christian state with the help of Maoists whom they would not oppose. The misfortune of Nepal is the wrong policies of political parties reared by foreign money. The American government had enlisted the Maoists in its terrorists’ list, but contradictorily American intelligence agency – CIA, is known to support the Maoists. American double standard is manifest. This is meant for Christianization. The American senate has given green signal to mercenaries to proselytize people in any part of the world. Though not mentioned in the constitution the justices of America regard their country as Christian.
    American President takes oath holding onto a bible instead of the constitution of America. Only a Christian can become the president of America. In spite of America’s rodomontade on democracy and human rights it is one undemocratic and intolerant nation. The creation of United Nations became possible due to the pressure from the Church. The UN became the protector of Christian terrorists. So we Nepalese people oppose the activities UN carried out in Nepal after 2006. They brag about human rights and democracy but in action they are contradicting in a way they attack other nation and their religions. The Protestant and Catholic Church are jealous and cannot tolerate scriptures, community and ideology of other religions around the world.
    The Christians pretend to support indigenous groups by donating money. The mercenaries in this way destroy the religion and culture of the indigenous groups. In Nepal the forerunners of the rights of indigenous groups in and outside the political parties are divided and given economic support. So the churches built after 2006 without any agreement must be razed down. We must then appeal to all former Hindus and Buddhists who have turned into Christians to return to their former religion and rituals. If they do not comply we must strip them off state facilities. The state should responsibly stop forceful conversion of poor and victims into Christians. It is the duty of the state to keep them in national discipline.
    A Hindu, and those others who are proud of their Hindu past and origins, must know the correct history of their original land. Hindus must prefer to lose everything they possess rather than submit to tyranny or to terrorism. A good Hindu must have the mindset to stand up to tyranny and terrorism. The Hindus must have a mindset to retaliate when attacked. The retaliation must be massive enough to deter future attacks. We Hindus must safeguard this legacy with all the might and moral fiber that we can muster. Amongst Hindus, even though there are classifications made by way of Verna and castes and sub-castes, they were made purely for efficient working of the society; Vedas say that all are equal; but many Hindus have forgotten it and commit atrocities on others of lower classes. Hindu organizations should take steps to educate such Hindus to forget class differences which are no more valid in the present era and to treat everyone as equal.

    A cultural analyst Vasanta Sardesai writes-‘The first task will be to educate the Hindus about the fundamentals of Hindu Unity and prepare their mindset without which it will not be possible to achieve the goal; simply holding periodical conventions will not suffice. Hindus do not believe in religious conversions and that is why there are no provisions under Hindu religion for conversions. But due to such activities of the Christian missionaries and other in converting Hindus especially illiterate and poor tribal and other castes, time has now come to consider re-conversions of those who are converted from Hinduism to Christianity back to Hinduism and that too in a large scale.’
    In Christian religion, the bible supports slavery. The bible says – all slaves must be turned into Christians, in that way they will not rebel against the master and serve without grudge. In reality Christianity is not a religion but a poisonous tree that bears fruits which when taken will actuate a diabolic process in human beings. Christians are much strict in discriminatory approaches. They do not like to mingle with the lower class or black community. Although Christian. India’s constitutional expert Ambedkar (Harijan) says- ‘Christians discriminate inside church. We are separated by a railing inside the church. Our children who have turned into Christians are discriminated as untouchables, which are also seen at schools, hostel and hotels.’
    American former President Jefferson has said- ‘The Christian religion subjected many to inhumane torture in course of proselytizing them– many were imprisoned; many thrown into fire, and given mental torture. The Christian religion deceived and tricked half the population of the world to keep them in illusion. Other half were made naïve.’ Similarly, South African leader Nelson Mandela has said- ‘In Africa, previously the Christians had the bible we possessed the land. Today we have the bible while Christians possess the land.’
    They are seizing the properties and land of those unwilling to become Christians and those willing to do so. People had been turned into slaves and are still turning into slaves. This proves the wickedness of Christians. The brothers and sisters of Nepal especially- poor Bahuns and indigenous people who have become Christians must understand this fact. The Christians are giving us false assurances in a conspiracy to drown this country.
    I would like to request Pope of Vatican City and Christian missionaries round the world not to attack on dignity of other religions. If our voices are not responded we must commit ourselves to oppose them and keep our mother-religion and tradition alive and intact in Nepal. If we do not chase away such sinners and destructive elements, Nepalese will converted like refugees shedding tears of blood. May we hope such a day will never come! Long Live Nepal as a Hindu and Buddhist nation.
    Thank you
    Dirgha raj Prasai

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