Contradiction, Evidences Suggest, is the Communist Religion in Nepal

By Siromani Dhungana Communist movement in Nepal is full of controversy and contradictions. Nepal has seen communist leaders who once called parliament a “butcher’s shop, where dog’s meat is sold by displaying the goat’s head” got elected in the same parliament to lead a government. This country has also seen communists who waged a bloody war against parliamentary democracy join the mainstream,Continue reading “Contradiction, Evidences Suggest, is the Communist Religion in Nepal”

Politics of Religion and Conversion

By Dinesh Wagle A conference of Nepali and Indian ultra-Hindu rightists in Mumbai last week has decided to launch “a coordinated campaign to re-establish Nepal as a Hindu state”. Kamal Thapa, who sees his future in religion-based politics, participated. Thapa said the conference expressed concern over sinister plans being carried out in Nepal to wipeContinue reading “Politics of Religion and Conversion”

Royalists want referendum on monarchy and Hinduism in Nepal

Earlier this week they organized a protest program that partially shut down Kathmandu (see at the end of the post about that). They were demanding a referendum on the monarchy and Hinduism in Nepal. They are using religion as a tool to further their political interest and it seems ultra rightist groups in India areContinue reading “Royalists want referendum on monarchy and Hinduism in Nepal”

Ex-King Gyanendra Does in Nepal What His Ancestors Never Did

Keeping track of the former king Almost two years after he was stripped of his crown and became a commoner, Nepal’s deposed king Gyanendra himself has broken a centuries-old taboo by attending a religious fair in a town till now considered out of bounds for the royal family. Escorted by bodyguards and aides, the 62-year-oldContinue reading “Ex-King Gyanendra Does in Nepal What His Ancestors Never Did”