Political Stagnation and Maoists

In textbook of science in high school, we used to read the scientific definition of ‘work’: using a force to move an object to a certain distance. Or, using force is not enough to define work. It seems our leaders have been putting excessive force but no progress in distance front. Their efforts have failed to deliver any results and their relevance in the country’s politics has expired though they think that the country cannot move ahead without them.

Siromani Dhungana

UCPN Maoist chairman Prachanda roared at his party’s seventh General Convention in Hetauda: ‘I will come up with a formula’ to end current political stagnation that opposition parties cannot disagree with.’

He did it. He floated the idea of Chief Justice (CJ)-led government for holding elections. Top guns of other political parties admired his idea and followed him in a submissive manner. Leaders of so-called democratic parties even did not discuss the idea within party mechanism.

And, even after putting ‘tireless’ effort since the first week of February, they have failed to show the result. Accordingly, CJ Khil Raj Regmi denied to lead the election government citing possible unwarranted pressure from political parties.

Neither could they convince the chief justice to form an election government nor could they float any alternative idea to move the country ahead. In fact, top guns of political parties have created a situation of political stagnation putting citizens at the receiving end.

Peoples’ hope for political reforms have faced a severe obstacle due to and their decision to give Maoists a try (during Constituent Assembly election in 2008) have gone futile.

It has been proved that Maoists are good players of blame-game. During decade-long bloody insurgency, Maoists used to blame ‘expansionist’ and ‘feudalist’ forces including royal palace for wrongdoings and malpractices in politics. And, during CA election, they came down heavily on Nepali Congress (NC) and UML.

In rabble rousing speeches, they tried to persuade people saying peoples’ lifestyle would change if monarchy were abolished and a Maoist-led government was established in Nepal. People were told that they could be master of their own destiny and their dream of prosperous life would come true once the Maoists held power.

Maoists came into the power and have been holding absolute power for some time now. The question is: where are their promises now? Forgetting insurgency-era promises, all leaders in the party have been doing nothing more than creating an era of political stagnation.

First, they forgot the ‘Prachanda Path’ — the brain child of Prachanda — and they also forgot their own promises which were made during decade-long insurgency and they forgot their political consumers, that is, faces of ‘proletariat’. In sum, they forgot the entire political philosophy and ideology based on which they had started decade-long insurgency. They are now a deviated communist party clever enough to betray people.

Immediately after their entry into peaceful politics, deputy of UCPN (Maoist) Dr Baburam Bhattarai dubbed CPN (UML) ‘Hing Badheko Talo’ and had claimed that the relevance of CPN (UML) had expired since Maoist was real ‘Hing’. Comrade Bhattarai aka Laldhoj, can you claim your party ‘Hing’ at this point of time? If your party is still ‘Hing’, what about break away faction or Baidhya-led Maoist?

It has been proved that Maoists are far ahead in creating catchy jargon to persuade people. It is for sure that they will create dozens of jargon to be sustained in the politics. But, I know they will lead us into nothing than political stagnation and perennial vacuum.







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  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Since 2006, Nepal is captured by the traitors. We Nepalese people are suffering from the traitors. The Nepalese people don’t want communism. Although the parliamentary systems in practice around the world vary in their nature, they are run adjusted into the nation’s situation. However, in Nepal the leaders of the so-called big parties- Congress, UML, Maoist have not shown any concern on the type of parliamentary system relevant for Nepal.People are so aggressive against the leaders of Maoist, Congress, and UML.Such leaders(traitors) should punished.
    The interim constitution of 2006 has automatically become obsolete in the case of failure of the CA to formulate a new constitution. As its legitimacy has been lost the President and Prime Minister, who are former in real sense, are only trying to turn the nation into systematic corruption. To give the nation a solution we must honor the unchangeable provisions of the 1990 constitution. There is no alternative to move ahead in consensus for change on foundation of the 1990 constitution. Nepal should operate under the authority of Narayanhiti Palace but not from Delhi..
    The agents of RAW, CIA and EU the party leaders are in confusion. Now they have decided to offer the power to the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice. Supreme Court’s Chief Justice. Kilraj Regmi also can’t give the solution. It wiil be totally unconstitutional. The chief justice of Supreme Court Kilraj Regmi is also a nonsense, week-minded person and sycophant .
    It is memorial accident that the time of tenure of CA the verdict given by Supreme Court’s five-member bench of which included the honorable Chief Justice (CJ) Khilraj Regmi on 25 November was politically motivated against constitutional values.
    The bench has stipulated Constituent Assembly (CA) tenure, decided on referendum issue and asked the parties to hold another CA election or seek alternative path. The duty of the court is restricted to suggest whether the term can be extended or not. We advocate for a firm legal state. We have believed that SC protects citizens’ right.
    But the controversial decision has rendered all sectors chaotic. This verdict has also tarnished the trust invested on such an honored institution as the Supreme Court (SC). Where would we go to seek justice if such honored institution as the Supreme Court and judges indulge in political gambling and calculations? We believed that the SC would not support traitors and criminals that are bent on draining state coffer by extending the CA term- unconstitutionally. We waited for a long time on 25, Nov-2011, thinking on what the court would decide. After the hearing I was depressed as to why judges gave such a verdict. Can this be called a verdict? In fact, a verdict is supposed to remove ambiguity from the writ petitioned by petitioners and the subject must remain free from legal restrictions.
    We should not keep the world in illusion by creating various debates. We cannot afford to waste time by blaming one another. We all have to live here. We may make mistake in the working process. But, the human beings realize the blunders. The constitution will not be formed no matter how much the CA is extended. The nation is on the verge of failure. In such a situation we have no other alternative to apply the ‘Doctrine of eclipse’ and return to the 1990 Constitution and adopt a legitimate path. We must form an inclusive cabinet and expedite the process of giving right guidance to the nation with the participation of patriotic citizens including Nepal Army and other state organs. We can decide on a common policy. We must not let this holy land lie on a ditch.
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Email: dirgharajprasai@gmail.com

  2. Jiwan Tamang Avatar

    i think they cannot do anything

  3. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Great Betrayal Against Nepalese Nationalism
    By Dirgha Raj Prasai
    No one will keep on tolerating if limits of injustice are crossed. It is well said- ‘If you try to beat up a cat confined within four walls it will attack your neck.’ Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists in name of Loktantra (Indian democracy)) have betrayed Nepali people, which have created similar circumstances involving the cat. Some treacherous leaders have come under the influence of the foreigners by accepting their money provided in sufficient amount, and dared to kick this holy land. They are supporting the foreign agendas that include ‘Christianization’ of Nepal through establishment of secular state, and disintegration through republic and federalism. They will not feel any shame if this nation drowns. They (especially, Maoist, Congress, UML leaders) have trapped Nepali people and institutionalized inflation, insecurity, murder, kidnapping, theft, rape, anarchy and so on.
    No one is secure in Nepal. But these leaders think they are protected by foreigners. They always speak by rehearsing anti-nationalist agendas. They know that secularism will invite terrorism; republic disintegration, and federalism is the foundation of feudal rule. Some leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist are still advocating these agendas. The political activists inside the parties and free Nepali people have been annoyed by the leaders of the so-called big parties that are bent on drowning Nepal. There are majority number of nationalists in the Maoist party, UML and Nepali Congress. In Madhesi parties there are many patriots except the existing leaders. However, people of Terai are aware of the fact that the leaders inside the Madhesi parties are Indian’s agents; most of them are paid agents. They are also aware that they are creating rift among Terai people. The patriotic Nepali people, regardless of where they live, are now alert to fight against such traitors. For how long can this injustice meted out by the traitors be tolerated?
    Time has changed its course. Yesterday, India contrived various schemes to capture Nepal. Nepali Congress leader Girija Prasad Koirala was irked when King Gyanendra did not hand over the government to him after 2001. Girija assured government leadership to UML leader Madhav Nepal, Maoists’ leaders Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai and drew them into the uprising, and subsequently into signing the 12 -point agreement in Delhi-2005, as designed by RAW. The Maoists had fought against the corrupt rule of the Congress and UML, but later ended up joining their hands. What can be more shameful and degenerating issue in politics than this? The Indian anti-Nepal leaders understood that it could not keep Nepal under its control until the monarchy existed.
    Then, India had been conspiring since 24 April, 2006 when the political parties reached consensus with the King, and subsequently betrayed Him against the aspirations of the Nepali people. The leaders of the uprising were ready to support the Indian intelligence wing. On 18 May these leaders under the influence of Indian direction took a decision to discontinue the royal institution, and declared Nepal a secular nation. It was the direction of the Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’ that sowed the seeds of conspiracy based on the belief that it would be easier to disintegrate the people and sideline the King after the declaration of secularism. Secularism will only affect negatively the illiterate people, enticing them away from their religious with the futile hope of economic benefits. Then, inter-religious conflict will begin, also affecting the stability of neighboring countries. With the break in the existing harmonious terms between the religious sects many followers of Christian and some Muslim religion would obviously support secularism. Foreign and national Christians gave monetary incentive to the ethnic groups as Sherpa, Tamang and some Muslim that eat beef, and urged them to support secularism against the interest of Hindu and Buddhist religious sects. What a conspiracy?
    As the Nepali saying goes- ‘Even when one utters the name of the actual criminal or murderer unfortunately that person is caught on basis of the notion if he is the culprit.’ (Hatyara Aparadhi ko Nam Linda Matra Pani, Pakru Parcha Nirdoshi Dos Yesko Chha Bhani.’) Like the gist of the poem written by the great poet Bhawabhuti when one openly speaks of the traitors one risks inviting blames upon one’s own head. It is crime to talk of saving Nepal and keeping Nepal’s identity intact. Nepal faces darkness in the day. All lies have turned into truths and all truths into lies.
    Since 2006 the media fraternity has not scrupled to publish even trash if it were spoken by some 25/30 traitors and 7/10 civil society activists. The journalists do not care what lies are spoken by these people. Media has played an important role in transforming daylight into darkness. May be the journalists are forced to write such things spoken by those who have eaten foreigners’ food for fear of losing their jobs. Down with such traitors and bastards! The situation has been molded into such a frame. No matter how rightly we nationalists’ speak our pleas go unheard. What can be worst than such a nature of betray to the nation?
    This is how the history of American intervention started in Nepal. The King would have naturally lent his support to the Hindu nation. So, after the declaration of secular state America openly supported the Indian design. America was aware of the fact that when the King was removed the people remained silent. Now America wants to use Nepal as a base to support Free Tibet movement against China’s interest. The capitalist nations decided that it will be easy to convert Nepal into a Christian state. Then Britain including other European nations has also lent their support to republic and secular system in Nepal. How easy it was for Congress, UML and the Maoists to declare secularism, republic and federalism with the foreign support without the consent of more than 90 % population? King Gyanendra had no other alternative than to accept the desire of the world power and leave Narayanhiti palace.
    Political character is nothing compared to foreign stance and money. Our leaders have also taught the world how to deceive the nation by accepting the foreign fund. Let alone the issue of drafting a new constitution these leaders are eager to declare republic, secularism and federalism. Can they deny traditional power excluding the King and majority people. The political parties betrayed the king in RAW’s design with was against the natural justice.
    What kind of constitution will be made? How can we move ahead? It is anticipated that the so-called constitution will be fired in the whole country. There should be discussion to find ways to save Nepal’s identity and prestige. Before we move ahead with any declaration we must firstly take the vote of confidence of the people. What the party leaders have done than rob the nation, promote extensive corruption, kill the people, kick the dignity of the nation and end the existence of the sovereign Nepal? One day the people will punish such culprit so-called leaders. Is there any nation that has not punished such traitors?

    Nepal had not faced such situation before. Foreigners are manipulating the party leaders, which has resulted in decisions that favor them. China in view of these activities is preparing to enter Nepal with necessary resources and tools. We fear if Nepal will turn into a battle ground in the ensuing tussle between India, China and America. In the end Nepali people will be trapped in the height of injustice due to these selfishly driven acts of foreign brokers and foreigners. The patriotic King Gyanendra in awareness of this fact gave a heart-touching statement on the occasion of his birthday on 7 July- last year. The King’s statement made the foreign agents inside political parties and outside agitated. They have started to use a threatening tone- ‘The king should not speak such things.’
    What the King confidently spoke in front of the journalists on 7, July is as follows: ‘More than five years after the declaration on 24 April, 2006 I have not found that my sacrifice and my magnanimity has been fruitful among the people. It is my inner desire that Nepali people should carve the future and fate of Nepal and Nepalese people. However, in the past five years the aspirations of dignified Nepali and his respective ancestors has not taken a complete shape. I had not left the throne in anticipation of such a situation. At the time when I had left the throne I had not believed that such a situation would arise. I have love for an independent Nepal. Regardless of my status I will remain committed to Nepal’s independence and integrity.’
    The King should have had said that he left the throne in compulsion to avoid bloodshed after being deceived by the naïve leaders moving under foreigners’ direction. It is true that the declaration of republic has not any legal grounding. But the King did not want to say this. People call King Gyanendra dictatorial, but we don’t find any such traits in him. He does not want people to suffer. Like the agenda in Mahabharata- ‘Ashoksthama Hatohat’, national and international conspirators had turned King Gyanendra into a dictatorial figure, but now it has all been proved wrong.
    Now only the reinstatement of King Gyanendra will make possible the process of bringing the chaotic situation into an ordered track. King Gyanendra is well aware of the situation of the nation, and has experience of how to handle it. One happy side of the matter is that King Gyanendra does not have any prejudice against anyone. He has the capability of uniting all sides. All the political parties must accept King Gyanendra’s nationalist pledge. The political parties and those outside it should accept the 1990 Constitution, and under the mediation of King Gyanendra, a new cabinet should be formed to give solution to the nation.
    Nepali Congress leader Prakash Koirala (B.P’s eldest son) had given his opinion in the People’s Review weekly on 7 July 2012- ‘As the Nepali people understand that the royal institution is a matchless source of sovereignty, unity, peace and security they will bring it back. There will not be any new constitution. There is no alternative to reviving the 1990 Constitution and saving the nation.’ The Constituent Assembly and its Interim constitution is dead simultaneously. So, it is necessary to implement for the sake of country’s stability. It is our common desire that we reach an agreement to form a new democratic system along with the King, and hold the parliamentary election after which the elected parliament and the subsequent cabinet must rid the nation of corruption and foreign intervention and this holy land will be saved. . So, there is no alternative except to implement the Constitution of Nepal 1990 to save the country.
    Email- dirgharajprasai@gmail.com

  4. Dirgha Raj Prasai Avatar
    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    The Nepalese U-Maoists & Madhesi have Got Fizzle out from the CA Election
    By Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Nepal is a sovereign ancient nation with its traditional identity. Nepal is known as the place from where world civilization started. The Maoists’ party and Madhesi have been trying to divide the nation by advocating federalism by the hints of the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW. But, in the CA election the Maoist and Madhesi have got fizzle out in the election. The Maoist leader Prachanda has lost his position in Kathmandu booth in the 2nd CA election and he said that he and his party do not accept the results of the election. Nepal has languished in political deadlock since the Maoists laid down arms seven years ago, with six governments failing to forge a constitution. Nepal’s giant neighbors, India and China, as well as western donors, have grown increasingly concerned about the prolonged struggle to build a stable nation may be to replace the Nepal’s old monarchy. Without effective government with constitutional, the country can’t save its sovereignty and not to be able to utilize the natural resources and develop internal production.

    In this election, Congress and UML got top votes challenging the ‘One Madhes, one Pradesh’ Limbuwan, Khambuwan and ethnic-based federalism including the U-Maoist’s notorious egoistic challenges. We know, the leaders of Congress, UML are also almost corrupts and traitors. The Congress leaders- Sher Bahadur Deuwa, Ram Chandra Paudel, Krishna Sitoula and UML leaders- Madhavb Nepal, Jhalanath, Subash Nembang, Bamdev Gautam are corrupts and no so good. The Congress and UML’s corrupted regime had created the Maoists’ war. After all, it became the people’s compulsion to chase away these anarchists and ethnic based federalists. Then, it became necessary to vote among the evil elements of Congress and UML also. Now and then, we hope, the Congress, UML will join their hands with the nationalist forces like-RPP-Nepal for the stability and unity among the Nepalese people.

    It is necessary to point that RAW has been defaming ‘INDIA’. The Maoists, who revolt to overthrow the Nepalese monarchy and Hindu nation by the hints of RAW, emerged as the single-largest party during the last CA election (2008). But during this year CA election, while the vote counting was in progress during midnight of 20th Nov 2013, the anti-Maoist parties- Congress and UML was in leading position at almost all the CA seats then the Maoist uttered an immediate end of vote counting and a review of the whole process of the election. The U-Maoist would be boycotted before the CA election. After 24 hours, The Madhesi parties also followed the path of U-Maoist boycotting the vote counting after losing the seat of CA election. But, after 36 hours, the Maoist Prachanda is elected from Seraha and Upendra Yadhav and Bijaya Gachhedar are elected in another booth. Then, why they are going to boycott? It is very shameful for Nepalese voters and the international communities to hear such news.

    I think, RAW has imposed to boycott the CA counting to terrorize Nepal because the Indian notorious Intelligence Agency- RAW Chief Aalok Joshi is in Kathmandu investing money and equipments to the Maoists and Madhesi. I think, if India does not dismiss RAW-the conspirator institution, Indian can break. We Nepalese people hate the RAW’s nefarious activities. So, I request to the Indian government to dismiss the notorious Agency-RAW who is creating defaming India day by day. due to the RAW’s nefarious activities. So, I request to the Indian government to quit such notorious Agency-RAW who is creating defaming India day by day.

    In that context, Nepal’s chief election commissioner said-‘I urge all political parties, media, and observers to show restraint until the final results from the counting come,’ European Union observers said voting had been conducted in “an orderly and generally calm atmosphere”. Former US president Jimmy Carter, who led a separate monitoring team, said he was very disappointed to hear that the Maoists had rejected the count and he called on them to respect the will of the electorate. “They must refrain from violent protest, and I urge them to allow the electoral process to continue,”

    Actually, the 2nd CA election was not necessary in Nepal and itself it is unconstitutional. The parties could not format the new constitution in four years in the past CA. During the last seven years, the leaders of ruling parties-the so called republicans especially the U-Maoists seemed disoriented in institutionalizing the state organs. They have totally failed on all counts of national integrity and social harmony to maintain law and order to good governance to the country development and ignored the demand of common people. They are engaging in power politics for looting and earning the sate money undermining the democratic norms and values. Actually, due to the anarchist, dictatorial and non- political activities, the U-Maoists have got fizzle out.

    Let is be, due to the recklessness and nonsense activities of the parties, the country is in dangerous position. If the elected 2nd CA members have sense of Nepalese nationality and democracy, to save Nepal it is necessary to keep its sovereignty intact, they should join their hands with monarchy restoring the Hindu nation.

    Due to the looters and traitors’ regime since 2006, the situation of Nepal is in danger position. ‘Let the darkness of ignorance be replaced by the light of knowledge.’-(Sanskrit) This message is for every individual and enriches one’s own knowledge and enlightenment. We must make our efforts to illuminate ourselves, society and the country with the intellectual light. Nepal is now facing several problems like mistrust, conflict and confrontation. If we enrich our level of understanding, many of the problems would be automatically resolved. First of all, the traitors and corrupts from 2006, should be punished. Then, we Nepalese people can adjust our way of life prosperous keeping sovereignty intact reinstating the norms of 1990 constitution for the sake of Nepalese stability.

    In the context of Nepal, in the absence of democratic constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system, Nepal can’t move. In Nepal, where nationalistic democratic norms with constitutional monarchy are widely respected, a democratic system is more likely to be characterized by greater freedom, more responsive government, predictable behavior, and successful conflict resolution. Actually, the dysfunctional attitude of culprit leaders thwarted the constitution making and is the result of illegitimate prolongation of the power for their benefits. The ever lasting crisis is the result of the Maoist conspirator tactics, it continuing to be used by criminal gangs. So, due to the traitor’s regime, the government has no capability to control large scale eruption of violence. The 2nd CA also can’t format the constitution. So, to give the nation a solution the new 2nd elected CA must proposed and decide to implement the articles of 1990 constitution to honor the unchangeable provisions of constitutional monarchy with Hindu nation.

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