Cooking Gas Price Hike: Maoists Take People for a Ride

It seems ‘people’ is one of the most sellable words for Nepali communists. So what about war? Nothing more than a business strategy for the hammer and sickle lovers. ‘Proletariat‘ are their clients whom they can easily sell their product, that is, ‘false hope of prosperity’. Activities of UCPN (Maoist) in Nepal are glaring evidences.

By Siromani Dhungana

In yet another controversial decision, the Maoist-led government has decided to jack up price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by Rs 630 on a cylinder which will certainly hit the consumers’ lifestyle who already has been facing rampant inflation.

I do not mean that the government should not hike the price of LPG. But, my point here is the price hike by Rs 630 at once this time is irrational and illogical. It is to mention here that the government has apparently failed to rein state-owned fuel supplier Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) and has put consumers at the receiving end to mask failure of corrupt government officials and NOC management.

In the latest days, syndicate of nearer and dearer of ruling parties has been common phenomenon in petroleum business. Corruption, like other institutions, has been open-secret in the NOC and promises of reform of fuel market has been elusive.

Nexus among commission-oriented dealers, corrupt NOC official and greedy government has fuelled black marketing and corruption in institutionalized way.

For instance, secretary at Ministry of Commerce and Supplies had openly announced that the government will hike price of LPG and did the same a week later which gave chances of hoarding to commission-oriented businessmen. This is not first time. Information leakage of price hike of petroleum products is a common practice in NOC.

On the other hand, communist-led government has once again betrayed to the consumers. It has decided to provide Rs 550 subsidy on a cylinder of cooking gas. You know what our communist government did? In what appears to be a complete fake and deceptive decision, it has decided that consumers should possess consumer cards to be subject of subsidy but has distributed consumer cards to only around 100,000 consumers out of 1,200,000 consumers.

Now think, keeping 1,100,000 consumers out of subsidy scheme, what is our Mustang-rider PM trying to do? Does he want to convert entire country into a resident of proletariat to expand market of his political product ‘people’ ‘war’ to finish ‘feudal and agents’?

What Maoists have been doing is just opposite to what they have been saying. During insurgency period, they urged other political parties to identify the ‘root cause’ of every problem. But now it’s their turn to identify the root cause.

Leaders from ruling political parties, do not you think that you have made people compelled to take burden of unprecedented inflation. Still, rather than implementing reforming agendas, you are trying to add more burdens. Do not you have shame to be portrayed as a leader of ‘proletariat people’? Dr Mustang rider PM, do you still think that your deceptive philosophy is relevant in the country?

Irrelevant price hike is an example, incumbent government is far ahead in policy corruption (and real corruption too). Accountability to the people and transparency in activities has been a far cry in this communist-led rule.





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