The Maoist Idea of National Productivity: More Cash for the Party

King Mahendra reportedly said in the mid-1960s: “Communism does not travel in a car.”

Some say he used the word ‘truck’, not ‘car’. Whatever. I think, communism does not but communists do. Communists travel in the most luxurious vehicles according to their availability. Nepal’s ruling UCPN (Maoist) is an example how controversial communists can become when they struggle to maintain a balance between their ideology and lifestyle. The party floated new jargon in its just concluded seventh General Convocation, that is, national productivity.

Is this concept a major paradigm shift in ideology of UCPN (Maoist)? What is the covert intention of chairman Prachanda? Can Maoists translate concept of national productivity into action? And can they bring about any changes in lives of ‘proletariats’ for whom they claim to be engaging in politics.

By Siromani Dhungana

Surrounded by Pulsar-riding cadres of Young Communist League (YCL) and party leaders who have already elevated themselves to the elite class from the proletariat that they were until recently, and flanked by his Mustang-rider deputy Dr Bhattarai talks about austerity but indeed encourages corruption, nepotism and favoritism in his government, comrade Prachanda announced in the Hetauda Convention that his party will be focusing on national productivity.

That announcement didn’t come at a surprise to those who are familiar with inherent nature of UCPN (Maoist) – which is popularly known as ‘cash Maoist’ (as opposed to the dash Maoist, the Mohain Baidya led CPN-Maoist) due to the party’s excessive focus on amassing ‘cash’ through intimidation, forced donation and brazen corruption.

I do not think, the concept of national productivity will bring any differences in ideological front of the ruling party. His concept of national productivity neither supports capitalist economic system nor socialist. Rather, I think, there are two implied meaning of Prachanda’s proposal: to maintain a hold on all economic/financial resources and to divert attention of his cadres from political issues to other less contentious issues.

Following the restoration of democracy in 1990, Nepal Congress-led government introduced liberal economic system which intensified economic activities and helped shape up country’s economy in modern world scenario.

Nepal’s entire economy after 1990 is the result of the new and progressive policies adopted and propagated by NC-led government. The entire economic regime after 1990 is continuity of NC-introduced economic policy. And it is to mention here that even Dr Baburam Bhattarai who assumed the charge of Finance Minister in 2008 also continued the policy adopted by NC-led government. He was a Maoist finance minister who performed well inside the economic system put in place by the NC.

If Dr Bhattarai was a successful Finance Minister in 2008-2009, the reason behind it was nothing more than NC-created policies. He was successful to implement the economic policy formed by NC-led government effectively.

After assuming the post of Finance Minister, guerilla-turned-minister Barsha Man Pun has been advocate of privatization and liberalization (though many think his stand as a mask to assure the international community).

In this context, I do not think Prachanda can bring any drastic change in ongoing economic system. After floatation of idea of national productivity, many think that Maoists are trying to impose socialist economy whilst others argue that it is paradigm shift in ideological front of UCPN (Maoist).

I think, as aforementioned, Prachanda wants to shift attention of his cadres to control possible anger and criticism against him and his deputy Dr Bhattarai.

On the other hand, Maoists are trying to maintain their hold on all sources of income and resources. Allegedly, Maoists have channeled their investment by picking up some investors at present (Ajay Sumargi, for example, who is said to be the personal portfolio manager of the Chairman). And, in the name of national productivity they want to institutionalize their extra-legal hold on resources.

After their emergence as a formidable power during peace process, lifestyle of Maoist leaders who were in forefront of the ‘janayuddha’ has drastically changed. Maoist have started the culture of institutional corruption (remember the party swallowing up a large chunk of money that was meant for former guerillas) and created an environment where corruption in the name of party was acceptable (seeking forced donations and not having to be accountable to anyone). Increasingly lavish lifestyle of its cadres has compelled the party to amass more money at any cost. In the name of national productivity, they will distribute resources to their cadres and its headquarter will be commission collector.

And, Maoists are now trying to ruin whole economy in the name of national productivity. It is likely that they will curb all efforts of genuine business if businesses don’t fulfill the party’s demands.

It’s an irony that Maoists had provoked dozens of gullible villagers to die or to kill others saying they (villagers) were fated to live in poverty due to feudal-led government and the Maoist was a force that could change their lives for better. Maoist also sold the dream of political dominance of the poor and proletariat.

But in practice they could do nothing due to their greed and deviation from ideology and principles. And now they are trying to give clear sign that running a business without being affiliated to the Maoists is not possible in Nepal.

In my opinion, Maoists will continue current concept of mixed-economy in principle but in practice, they will introduce an economic system having no base and philosophy and push the country into further uncertainty and financial anarchy.





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    Dirgha Raj Prasai

    Indian Conspiracies- The Main Reason for Nepal’s Retrogression
    By Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Since 1950, Indian leadership started the conspiracy to bring Nepal under its umbrella. The 1950 Nepal India treaty and 1950’s Delhi agreement were the beginning of Indian retrogression. The 1950’s Delhi agreement and Constituent Assembly (CA) 1950 became the poisonous fruit for Nepal. The nationalist force in Nepal was against the Delhi agreement and CA. At that time communism in China was at its peak under Mao’s rule. India was aware of the strength of the nationalist force in Nepal and the CA would be the counterpart for India. The CA could not manipulate to its interest. This is why it back tracked on the agenda of CA and the CA was abolished. Then, in 1958 King Mahendra proclaimed the constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal under recommendation from the Constitution Drafting Commission. According to the 1959 constitution the general election was held on 12 February 1959. Nepali Congress (NC) rose to majority and formed a government headed by the leader of Nepali Congress-BP Koirala.
    In the time of elected government of NC, India attempted to exploit its old friendship with BP and tried to influence Nepal’s politics, water resources and natural heritage. After many incidents of conspiracy then came the event of 1960-step by king Mahendra. Due to the conspirator roles from Indian leaders, King Mahendra dissolved the parliament according to the constitution article-55, in 1960 and took the leadership of the country. Actually, the action was not directed against the NC but the Indian intervention. People say-‘If King Mahendra had not taken the step in 1960 India would have annexed Nepal before Sikkim’ Regardless, after 29 years, the multiparty system came back in 1989. But, due to the corrupt and culprit leadership of NC and UML, multiparty system could not move ahead. Then the Indians became active to retrograde Nepal with the help of Nepalese traitor the Maoist in the name of Loktantra (India’s Tantra)
    India played on with many conspiracies in the period between these events for democracy. In 1988 India initiated economic blockade on Nepal causing much suffering to the people. In the meantime, India reached out power hungry and demoralized political leaders to initiate uprising in Nepal. Indians had tried to threaten the then King Birendra through the India sponsored uprising and bring him under the Indian grip. India wanted to take over the Nepal’s defence and foreign policy by rendering it into such ranks as of a failed nation. But, King Birendra denied the demand of India and then, there happened Royal Palace. That massacre may be hatched by RAW- provoking Debyani to ready the Crown prince Dipendra to slaughter King Birendra and family. At that time, there was Chief PK Hormis Tharakan in Indian embassy who was promoted to the post of chief in the Indian intelligence ‘RAW’ after the palace massacre-2001. His Royal Highness Prince Gyanendra, according to the constitution, was proclaimed king of the Kingdom of Nepal.
    After the royal massacre when King Gyanendra was at the throne India tried to lure NC leader Girija and UML leader Madhav Nepal with attractive incentives. These leaders had been deprived of power during the King’s rule. On the other hand the Maoists’ rebellion had started against the corrupt rule of NC and UML. The Nepal chief of the Indian intelligence, P Harmish, and Maoists’ leader Baburam Bhattarai were on good terms. Through Baburam the Indian intelligence won the support of Prachanda and devised the 12 point deal in 2005. Since 2002, the India intelligence ‘RAW’ had trained these contractors from Maoist, NC and UML. They were herded single file into initiating the 2006 uprising. The Maoist party had become trustworthy warriors of India. In the other hand, NC leader Girija Koirala had hijacked a plane carrying Rs. 3 million with the support of RAW in 1973. So, Girija had already won the Indian confidence. Madhav Nepal was also under Indian influence for a long time.
    India felt that it could not benefit from the democracy established in Nepal and later looked to influence the Maoists’ that rebelled against the corrupt rule of NC and UML. P. Harmish became the chief of RAW. As Harmish and Baburam were both Christians, they maintained a cordial relation. Harmish was in search of contractors to end Nepal’s existence. He found Baburam and through Baburam Prachanda. SD Muni, the Guru of Baburam, weaved a net around the Congress and UML senior leaders and brought out the scheme of 12 point understanding in 2005. That determined the future course–a new constitution through a CA. The uprising started. An agreement was reached with the King. After the election of CA, the new constitution was not formulated. India could not manipulate as it had wanted. China increased its interest in Nepal in regards security point of view and anti-Indian sentiment was increasing. India feared. Baburam Bhattari became the PM under Indian support abolished the CA. The creator of all these conspiracies is India. The interim constitution also is dead with the dissolution of the CA. However, PM Baburam and president Rambaran are sticking to their post even after the expiry of their term.
    The traitors that came to power after 2006 are bathing in the blood of Nepalese people in name of the uprising. India had started a master plan in 1950 through the Delhi agreement to subjugate Nepal. India played on with many conspiracies in the period between these events for democracy. India was able to easily manipulate these leaders. So the uprising in 2006 was an Indian design to drag Nepal into its umbrella and destroy the country’s nationality and democratic values. The uprising came to an end after an agreement with the King on 24 April, 2006 based on the 1990 constitution. Gradually the agreement with the King was broken. Due to the points incorporated in the interim constitution that the nation cannot withstand, those involved in this are considered as traitors. Then, gradually the degradation of Nepalese nationality and identities started since 2006.
    In the name of people’s war and the uprising the contributions of the creator of the nation Prithvi Narayan Shah were disgraced. His statue was vandalized. The provision to mark the national unity day was abolished. The values of the martyrs that sacrificed themselves for democracy were attacked. King Tribhuvan who led the struggle for democracy was insulted. It is already disclosed that the Maoists’ rebellion was directed by Indian intelligence– a dangerous plan. Although the leaders in the NC and UML are well aware of the conspiracy of India and Maoists’ party they are still running after the 12 point agreement and the dead interim constitution. They will end up in a quagmire set up by India. They are betraying the Nepalese people in spite of such awareness. It could only mean that their end of days has arrived. Maoists are nothing more but Maoists. The leaders in NC and UML are even worse than Maoists for being nonsensical and selfish. The Congress and UML invited the virus of Maoist terrorism and they are called more criminal than the Maoists. China was also infuriated with the Maoists after coming to know that they were a herd of contractors directed by India. China has enlisted Baburam and Prachanda in its black list for selling the name of Mao in forming the Maoists’ party and disgracing communism.
    Now the war of Nepalese is with India. The Maoist rebellions are the agents of India. The reality is that India will not start an open war with Nepal in fear of loosing its good image in the world community. It will move its agents forward. The contractors are the leaders in Maoists’ party, Congress, UML and the Madhesi parties. The amount of the dirty attitude of the Indian leaders shown to Nepal is seen in the article of Arun Shrivastav, son of the late Prof. Dr. Upendra Narayan Singh of Trichandra College. If the reader searches in the >< the Indian conspiracy will become clear. The Indian plan to annex Nepal by using Baburam and calling Rambaran to India will be clear.
    If those culprits are thrown into prison India will lose and run away. In such a situation after loosing the backing of India and Maoists, NC and the UML may try to save their dignity by returning to the 1990 constitution. Then if we are successful in capturing the remnants of the Indian contractors and RAW agents there should impose the policy that was seen in Bangladesh in 1975 the sovereign Nepal will have no danger from anywhere else. In this war if we punish the Indian contractors India will never be able to attack Nepal. The parliamentary parties like Congress and UML, trapped in the Indian net, will again take the side of 1990 constitution for the reinstatement of the constitutional monarchy and multiparty democracy.
    In such a scenario India will loose automatically. Then India will never target Nepal again. Out of compulsion India will become Nepal’s good friend. China will also become satisfied. India, Nepal and China will be encouraged with the ideal of co-existence and they will learn to respect each other.
    The agendas of republic, secularism and federalism are the agendas of Indian intelligence RAW to show similarity of Nepal and India as they have open boarder and differences of religious autonomous monarchial system to republican, federal and secular state. It is only the design hatched by Sonia Congress regime of India. It is their agendas to end the sovereign existence of Nepal and turn it into a Christian state; to attack China in name of Free Tibet. But India has also understood that these agendas are tainting the image of India. After 2006, the parties, particularly the Maoists are disgracing Nepal’s nationalism. Now the country is governed by the corrupt leaders and traitors. There is no constitution, no parliament and no Constituent Assembly in Nepal. So, there is only one alternative and that is to return to the 1990 constitution to free the nation from traitors and find an outlet. Let us be determined on developing the country, coordinating and balancing the Nationality, Monarchy and Democracy together.

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